Battle Frenzy
1133 The Collapse of the Crystal Person
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1133 The Collapse of the Crystal Person

Cheers erupted from the Arena. The battles that Aiolos participated in were the most popular. This Void Core free being had created miracles time and again. Furthermore, Aiolos was especially fierce recently, as if he was on steroids. His true-form abilities also increased greatly, causing many supporters to feel as if they had made great contributions.

"Aiolos! Aiolos!"

The entire arena was cheering. They were releasing the excitement that was accumulating in their chests for a human. They were also witnessing a great slaughter!

In the Arena, Aiolos's opponent was panting heavily. It was a Spirit Dragon and the first peak Void Core that Aiolos had encountered. Of course, the Spirit Dragon was not an actual dragon. Any dragon, even the weakest earth dragon, could only be matched by peak Solid Cores. The Spirit Dragons were creatures that were similar to dragons. They had very similar characteristics and were also very powerful. They were classified as a level-7 civilization and did not have many members in their group. They were extremely beautiful yet dangerous. They could also manipulate techniques and be immune to them. Under their manipulation, energy was like the needle of a seamstress, controlled and weaved by them.

For the entire battle, the Spirit Dragon had been controlling energy. Countless techniques charged towards Aiolos, but Aiolos was like a lofty mountain that did not move. Energy was destroyed in front of him, while techniques were eliminated by his fists. His defense was not dazzling, but it was as direct as a punch to the heart!

The Spirit Dragon felt that Aiolos was troublesome. With the pressure that continued to accumulate, as well as the cheers for Aiolos from the spectators, the Spirit Dragon felt a sense of fatigue that he should not feel. He was really tired!

"You scum human. You are the first to force me into such a situation. Your trash-civilization members should be proud of you. Did you know? Once I get rid of you, I will turn all the humans I meet into slaves. Then, I will tell them that it was all because of you." The Spirit Dragon took a deep breath before letting out a long sigh. Profound energy surged and circulated in his dragon eyes like nebulae. His spirit wings were covered in energy that resembled shooting stars, and profound techniques brewed in front of his body.

The Spirit Dragon was also a free being. In life, there were also times when free beings were in a difficult spot, and battles were a quick way to legally solve problems.

Aiolos picked his eyebrows, and his gaze turned icy cold. This was not the first time he met an opponent who liked to speak rubbish, but he was the first to use other humans to threaten him.


Aiolos stretched out his hand and picked up the Pampas Spear amidst the electricity and pointed it towards the Spirit Dragon that was creating an attack. This was a simple opponent. With an icy cold gaze, his killing intent shot towards the Spirit Dragon like a blade.

The Spirit Dragon suddenly flapped his magnificent wings, causing energy to surge and drop from them like falling snow. A wave of massive energy brewed in his mouth. Then, it took shape and shot out!


The Spirit Dragon discharged a white flame from his mouth, and it shot forward like a ray!


This was a ray of light that directly attacked Aiolos. His God of Combat Armor instantly melted from this flaming light. Lightning flashed, and liquid gold dripped down from the surging black smoke.


Aiolos stretched out his hand and pointed at the Spirit Dragon. Behind him, lightning suddenly burst forth, and his melted armor immediately came off before being tossed to the ground. Electricity burst forth, and a new God of Combat Armor covered Aiolos's body. This was a spiritual power creation! This was one of the abilities that Aiolos had regained after achieving the Void Core Realm. Needless to say, the thunder techniques were a perfect match with his attributes. Furthermore, unlike the Titan's use of lightning, he had found a new path that was completely different and belonged to him alone.

The Spirit Dragon let out a resonant wail, and angry flames built up in his mouth once again. Once his energy reached its peak, shhhhh! A second flaming ray shot out from his mouth. It was no surprise that once again, Aiolos could not dodge the flaming jet that streaked forward like a ray of light. However, in the next second, the Spirit Dragon would widen his eyes in shock. This time, Aiolos's God of Combat Armor simply displayed a faint red light. The Spirit Dragon's flaming ray had produced heat that was not even worth mentioning for Aiolos. When he saw the calm smile on Aiolos's face, he suspected that the "burn" he had caused was probably only slightly more than one from a hot spring to his opponent.

How was this possible?!

It should be impossible!

Aiolos smiled. His most powerful ability was creating objects! At any time or place, he could create sets of God of Combat Armor with different attributes, changing according to the abilities of his enemy. When faced with a Spirit Dragon who was skilled in fire-energy attacks, he instantly turned the armor into a fire armor that had high resistance against flames. —— Of course, this was not unlimited. He first had to endure a flaming attack before his object creation abilities could deconstruct this power. Then, he could create a set of armor that possessed corresponding attributes.

"If there's nothing else, then it's my turn."

The Spirit Dragon let out a terrifying shout, and his techniques activated with the flap of his wings. Then, 32 layers of defensive energy appeared in front of him.

However, this was a futile effort. The lightning burst through everything, and the following Pampas Spear pierced through his defenses. Then, the sharp shriek of the Spirit Dragon came to an abrupt end.

"Aiolos! Aiolos!"

The entire Arena was cheering. That Spirit Dragon was almost a legend in the competition circles. His numerous techniques had caused countless powerful gladiators to bear a grudge against him. Gladiators that many of the supporters present once admired had been ended by this Spirit Dragon.

Now, it was the Spirit Dragon's turn!

However, he had encountered the most irrational Aiolos! A monster gladiator that was able to defeat a Golden Titan! He was a hero, a king, a champion!


In the Arena that was filled with his name, Aiolos raised his Pampas Spear high in the air. The Spirit Dragon was still hanging from the spear. Then, Aiolos signaled to all the spectators.

"Will he live? Or —— die?"

The excited cheers throughout the Arena lowered in volume and gradually stopped. They noticed Aiolos speaking.

All their gazes focused on Aiolos. They were waiting for Aiolos to repeat his words that had been drowned out by the cheers.

"Will he live or DIE?!"

In a flash, a powerful feeling surged through the bodies of all the spectators. They trembled and looked at Aiolos, the God of Combat who was standing in the Arena. Had he handed the fate of his opponent to the spectators?

A sense of delight, as if they had stolen the authority of a god, surged into their heads. They were spellbound and swayed their bodies, as if they had been injected with the poison of the Demon race. They shouted the word that they had held back and accumulated in their chests —— DIE!!

The Pampas Spear burst forth with a destructive electric spark!



On the podium, the Crystal person held his head as he watched the death of the Spirit Dragon. He let out a wretched shriek. Then, anger rose from the depths of his heart, and he flew into a rage. The chair he was sitting on was corroded by his power and formed terrifying and sharp crystal clusters.

Aiolos's reputation was becoming more and more widespread. A miraculous human was very rare. He was a gladiator who had regained his status as a free being through battles and a monster who had defeated a Golden Titan. Almost no one was willing to battle with such a gladiator.

However, the Crystal person was not satisfied. To him, killing Tsarilorhuan was not enough. He had actually wanted to see the two of them die. However, the scene where neither side won did not occur. Furthermore, Aiolos's cold and emotionless self had surpassed the Crystal person's inhumane plans. He thought that Aiolos was a human who would focus on friendship. However, in the end, Aiolos had killed Tsarilorhuan without any mercy. Tsarilorhuan was his brother, his best friend, and his teacher. Without Tsarilorhuan's teaching and friendship, the current Aiolos would not exist!

He would have died on the emotionless competition grounds!

Thus, the Crystal person continually arranged powerful opponents for Aiolos. As a result, he continued to pay exorbitant prices as few were willing to send their champion gladiators against this monster. It was no different than sending them to their death!

Even those who had confidence in winning were not willing to send their champions against Aiolos. They evaluated that even if they won, it would be a tragic win and would not be beneficial to the reputation of their champions. There was even the possibility that their champions would lose many profitable battles because of injuries.

"Aiolos is uncontrollable and dangerous. You should understand how much effort is spent to create a champion for the Arena. Thus, the answer is no. We reject a battle with him."

The Crystal person was continually rejected, and it was very difficult for him to find willing gladiators that could threaten Aiolos's life. Most of those who actively asked for a battle were trash bastards that were no match for Aiolos. They wanted to take a risk and earn a reputation using Aiolos. Perhaps there were some decent opponents, but they definitely would not be able to kill Aiolos.

What he wanted to do was to squeeze dry every bit of Aiolos's value before sending him to his death.

Aiolos's reputation rose as a result, and more and more people admired him. In particular, after Aiolos regained his freedom and still chose to remain in the Arena, even more fans started to support him. All of these caused the Crystal person to feel extremely uncomfortable.

He had never expected Aiolos's mercilessness. Tsarilorhuan's corpse was supposed to deeply affect him, and he should not have been able to recover from this setback. However, looking at his current state, he was too comfortable! Malicious weeds of hate grew in the Crystal person's heart.

Back then, an old friend had finally agreed to his request and put forth the Spirit Dragon. The Crystal person was extremely confident. This was a gladiator killer that had ended the lives of countless experts. The Spirit Dragon was almost considered a legend!

However, this was on the condition that the Crystal person paid out lots of Star Coins!

That damned vampire. The Crystal person did not curse like this only once. Furthermore, there was nothing wrong with this curse. His old friend was a vampire. The Blood Race was broken apart. There was a rumor that they had once participated in the initial construction of the divine territory, and their civilization had broken apart as a result. Thus, even though they did not form a complete civilization, the divine territory still treated them like an aristocrat race due to their contributions. At the very least, their power was much stronger than many aristocrat civilizations. The only problem was that their population numbers were extremely small.

In short, since the Spirit Dragon had the strength of a Spirit Dragon, the Crystal person agreed to the vampire's conditions. He paid out a large amount of resources and Star Coins in exchange for a battle with the Spirit Dragon.

He had repeatedly urged Aiolos to not kill the Spirit Dragon if he was able to win. The final condition from the vampire was that if the Spirit Dragon died, the crystal person would have to pay 10 times more Star Coins in compensation. This was a tyrannical and unfair clause, but the Crystal person had agreed to this condition because of his confidence in the Spirit Dragon and his desire to see Aiolos's death.

But now, everything had collapsed.

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    《Battle Frenzy》