Battle Frenzy
1134 Challenge
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1134 Challenge

Aiolos had actually blocked all the attacks from the Spirit Dragon, even causing the Spirit Dragon to feel tired first, and forced the Spirit Dragon to unleash its most powerful flaming ray. This was a destructive fire that could turn most peak Void Cores into ashes in an instant!

However, Aiolos's reaction was as normal as if he had his hand burned in a barbeque!

The Crystal person was thoroughly disappointed, and he was pained by the Star Coins he had lost. However, when he saw Aiolos pierce through the Spirit Dragon and raise him into the air, the Crystal person stopped breathing.

What was he intending to do?

Was he going to leave the Spirit Dragon's fate in the hands of those foolish spectators?


The Crystal person's eyes turned back. He turned around and rushed out from his private room. Then, he angrily headed towards the backstage of the Arena.

When he arrived backstage, Aiolos had already completed his performance. He had returned to his resting room amidst the cheers of the spectators. The Crystal person charged in without a care and glared at Aiolos. "I told you that you could not kill your opponent this time!"

Aiolos calmly looked at the Crystal person. "You did say so."

"Then you still dared to…"

"But I never agreed."

"I saw you nod your head," said the Crystal person angrily.

Aiolos looked at the Crystal person as if he was looking at an idiot. "In the divine territory, there must at least be language used to form a basic agreement. Weren't you the one who told me this?"

The Crystal person widened his face. At this moment, he felt as if he had been attacked by a hundred dogs.

"If there's nothing else, please go out." The smile at the corners of Aiolos's lips was obviously 30% wider than before.


The Crystal person slammed the door as he walked out. He now knew that Aiolos was retaliating against him! Furthermore, Aiolos knew what he was thinking!

This damned, cunning, and heartless human. Why wasn't he the one who died then? Compared to him, Tsarilorhuan's dumb brain would have been much easier to deal with.


Elsewhere, Wang Zhong, who had returned to the mushroom house, immediately saw the so-called "fierce man" sitting crossed-legged on the ground. His eyes were closed in meditation, and he had a cold expression on his face. It was Pavaro.

Nearby, the Flying Pig looked extremely bitter. He was hiding in the house and pretending to read.

The external appearance of the bone demon seemed rather ferocious. He was slightly thin, but it was no match for the thick deadly murderous aura that surrounded his body. The contours of his face were clear, and he had a grave and stern expression on his face. At first glance, he looked like a fierce figure who had climbed out from a mountain of corpses. Jhonas had wanted to talk with him and relieve the nervous atmosphere, but it was obvious that the bone demon was not the kind who liked to talk to strangers. He only replied with an "Nn" since Jhonas was Wang Zhong's dorm mate, and the coldness in his voice almost froze the lively Flying Pig. Thus, he no longer had the thought of chatting with Pavaro.

"I was just wondering who it was." Wang Zhong laughed out loud, and his eyes were radiant. He could see that Pavaro seemed to have transformed within a short period of a few days. His Solid Core that had just formed had now completely stabilized, and the spiritual influence throughout his body felt rich and solid. "How come you're free to visit me?"

Pavaro stood up. Unlike the coldness he displayed towards Jhonas, a smile appeared on his bony face. It was a tough job for a bone demon to flash a smile. "I wanted to drink with you and learn from you at the same time."

Pavaro's voice was full of confidence and excitement. He probably best understood Wang Zhong's current skills in the Heavenly Gates. Earlier, when he had just broken through to the Solid Core Realm in the Illusion Sea World, he did not have the confidence to challenge Wang Zhong at all. However, after coming back, he stabilized his Solid Core. Furthermore, since he had broken through to the Solid Core Realm, he had obtained the immortal combat techniques from his race, and his strength rapidly increased. He was impatient to find someone to practice his skills with. Meanwhile, Wang Zhong was obviously the best choice he could think of.

"Ha ha. Sounds great!" Lao Wang had been itching for a fight. After resting for a few days, Pavaro was just the opponent he was looking for to scratch that itch. "Let's go to the Combat Cultivation Hall. Whoever loses will treat the winner!"

"Damn, you two really know how to play. But I like that!" When Jhonas heard that they were going to fight, he was happy. This fellow had given him the cold shoulder all this time. If Boss was able to defeat him and take his money to treat them, how could he miss out on this opportunity? Furthermore, with Lao Wang by his side, Pavaro did not seem as terrifying as before. Jhonas anxiously urged them and was more impatient than the two main players. "Go, go, go. Let's go! I will be your referee! Whoever loses has to treat us to the best food. We can't possibly spend our time at some random roadside place!"

Other than the Life and Death Arena, there were many other places in the Combat Cultivation Hall for pupils to clash and learn from each other. There were several dozen standard training-grounds, and there were many ordinary battlefields along the roads. There were no special or luxurious decorations, just some random flat ground by the roadside. The battlefield would be given a simple reinforcement, and equipped with runic arrays that blocked off combat noises and reduced the transmission of shocks. These were considered one-on-one battlefields.

The two of them had no intention of publicizing this private "learning" session. They chose a remote battlefield that was distant from the heart of the Combat Cultivation Hall. It was wilderness all around them.

Jhonas spent 10 Gold Star Stones to equip this battlefield with a runic array. The runes around them dazzled, and a thin blue energy hood formed. Meanwhile, Wang Zhong and Pavaro were already standing in the middle of the battlefield.

There was no nonsense between them. In reality, as the two former most powerful people in the Combat Cultivation Hall, they knew that there would definitely be a battle between them. However, they never thought that it would be in this friendly and amiable learning atmosphere.

They had just returned from the Illusion Sea World a few days ago. With their experiences in the bone dragon world, they understood each other very well and were familiar with the other party. At that moment, they looked at each other and could see an aura that was slightly different from before in their opponent's eyes.

Wang Zhong's expression was extremely calm. He could clearly see the changes that had occurred in Pavaro's body. Half a month after experiencing a breakthrough, stabilizing and understanding the foundations of one's realm was also an opportunity for a practitioner's strength to rapidly increase.

The most obvious change was in Pavaro's eyes. At that moment, his originally white eyes now had color in them and dazzled with a silver light. This change had not occurred when he had just advanced to the Solid Core. This was not a natural change that occurred with an increase in realm. It was obvious that he had cultivated a new secret technique, causing him to seem as if he had been reborn.

Meanwhile, in Pavaro's eyes, Wang Zhong was still the Wang Zhong from a few days ago. He was a peculiar being whose use of power broke conventions. Yes, he was truly peculiar. Pavaro was even… slightly envious, but he could not say so.

"Come!" Pavaro's pupils were at full attention, and he clenched his fist. His Solid Core released its power, and spiritual power suddenly rose from the surface of his body.

Voom voom voom voom~~

It was the sound of spiritual power being released and burning. One could see the boundless spiritual power turning platinum on the surface of his body and soaring into the air. Some broken stones near his feet started to shake and roll as a result of his power.

A wave of invisible and stern aura suddenly spread in the battlefield.

Kill, kill, kill!

There was no doubt that Pavaro was going to use his true strength. The aura that he displayed at the beginning had shown his attitude. This was how Wang Zhong liked it!

Jhonas, who was standing far away from the battlefield, was instantly influenced by this killing aura. His entire body started to tremble slightly without pause. It was as if his eyes were about to pop out, and countless blood vessels filled his eyes.

This roadside battlefield was different from the Life and Death Arena. The simple runic array could only reinforce the land, reduce destruction, and block off some of the noise. After all, pupils did not want the noise from their training and their interactions to attract the icy cold law enforcement squad.

Thus, such places did not provide any protective facilities for surrounding observers. The killing aura that Pavaro emitted easily covered an area of 1,000 square meters, and Jhonas was naturally affected.

Lao Wang waved his hand, and a wave of gentle power naturally rose up, pushing Jhonas several meters outwards. Jhonas only suddenly awakened from his bloodthirstiness when he passed the boundary of the killing aura.

"This…" Jhonas, who had recovered, shivered in fear. When he recalled the previous moment, goosebumps rose all over his body, and he was extremely scared after this experience. Just a second ago, he was watching the battle with boundless joy, but in the next second, he was hit by the killing aura and became frantic. It was as if he was suddenly in a world filled with mountains of corpses and oceans of blood, and his surroundings were filled with corpses that he had killed himself…

Damn, how brutal, how fierce…! How comfortable. The more this was the case, the more delight he felt from observing the battle. He started to understand the supervisor's vile interests. During times like these, all he needed was a cold glass of black beer from the Babi family.

Pavaro's eyes were fixed on Wang Zhong. It was obvious that the clear-eyed Wang Zhong was not affected by his killing aura at all. Then, Pavaro's pupils suddenly contracted.


His silver eyes suddenly shone, and silver threads started to intertwine within them. The dense killing aura seemed to be affected and instantly materialized into an aura that was visible to the naked eye and looked like steel bones.

His killing aura already covered the entire battlefield. At that moment, the killing aura had taken form. Countless sturdy and sharp white steel bones had surrounded Wang Zhong.

"Be careful!" Pavaro put his hands together.

Ghost Jail of 10,000 Refined Silver Bones!

Whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh!

The countless white silver bones rapidly darted towards Wang Zhong like a dense rain of spears.

This attack resembled a technique. Wang Zhong could see the shadow of this attack, which clearly resembled the white bone jail that the bone dragons had unleashed, but only in its form and not its elegance. Even though there were some changes in Pavaro's attack, his use of the rules was still very crude. He was still at the foundational stage where one purely used spiritual power to attack. Thus, it could not yet be considered a technique, but a new form of attack. It was obvious that Pavaro was heading in the direction of forming a technique, but since he had just entered the Solid Core Realm, cultivating his own technique was definitely not an easy task.

Between combat practitioners that mastered techniques and those who did not, there was a large difference in their ability to gauge the battlefield.

Without the disruption of any rules or techniques, an attack at the material level was too simple in Wang Zhong's eyes. It was enough for him to just rely on his prediction abilities that had emerged when he accumulated his Core. All of the attacks were like upside-down shadows in his eyes. The attack seemed dense without any gaps, but there were many flaws. Wang Zhong simply charged forth. It looked as if he was running forward, but he changed directions countless times throughout. However, his movements were too fast and could not be perceived. In a flash, he appeared behind Pavaro.

He stretched out his hand. Without using the power of his divine cells, he simply used a typical Void Core attack and slapped the back of Pavaro's neck.


Pavaro exploded into pieces from the impact.

Wang Zhong was not shocked but laughed instead. He had intentionally held back, but he was played by his opponent. With Pavaro's strength, even if he did not reveal his true form, he could not possibly be this weak.

However, since he was able to trick Wang Zhong's eyes, it seemed that he had reached the threshold of a technique. This technique was not so simple, and he had underestimated the bone demon. After all, Pavaro was a genius among geniuses. Even a particular person like Supervisor Tsargesimon treated Pavaro differently.

As expected, that "Pavaro" had exploded into pieces, but the killing aura in the surroundings did not disperse.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

At that moment, the countless bone thorns that had materialized were all covered in silver light, as if they had transformed into thousands of Pavaros in that instant. They surrounded Lao Wang, and every clone had the exact same aura as Pavaro. At first glance, it seemed as if there were thousands of Solid Core experts. This was a qualitative change that would occur in one's control of spiritual power after advancing to the Solid Core Realm. He was now much closer to being a "god".

If a Void Core was surrounded by thousands of Solid Cores, they would instantly wet their pants. However, Wang Zhong was extremely calm. An expert with a truly firm mindset would see their opponent's true intentions and not allow any external influences to affect their emotions and judgment. One did not have to think to know that there being thousands of opponents was impossible. These were simply clones that had formed from his opponent's killing aura.

"Wang Zhong! Take on this attack!" Thousands of Pavaros spoke at the same time. The layered voices surged like a tsunami and incessantly reverberated throughout this space.

Countless Pavaros dazzled at the same time, and his Solid Core spiritual power rose as an arrogant aura soared to the sky. All the clones had rage in their eyes, and their power burst forth.

Rumble! Bam, bam, bam, bam, bam…

Then, countless platinum bone thorns fell from the sky. Every thorn seemed like a full-bodied attack from a Solid Core expert. The might of this attack was shocking and had a Spiritual Energy Value of at least two million!

Wang Zhong focused his eyes. Before Pavaro accumulated his Core, his Spiritual Energy Value had already reached 1.5 million. This current value was definitely not his peak.

However, even though Wang Zhong clearly knew that most of the attacks from the sky were fake, he could not differentiate the real attacks from the fake ones with his vision. The clones were an accumulation of Pavaro's killing aura and were not a completely illusionary attack. It was definitely not possible for Pavaro to actually clone himself either.

Since Lao Wang could not see the attacks, he would launch an arbitrary move. He was also in the mood to enjoy this.

Suddenly, a vast air current rapidly spread from his body, and golden light burst from his eyes. The mighty air current surged with Wang Zhong in the center and rose to be over ten meters long, like a scorching flame!

The invisible killing aura in his surroundings was instantly dispersed by this surging air current that sparkled with golden light. One could not get close to the air current. Even the attacks from the countless Pavaros in the air instantly dispersed when they came into contact with this air current. After all, they were fake attacks produced by the clones. They had the same aura and might as real attacks, but their power was definitely on a completely different level from actual ones.

He could see it!

The countless attacks from the clones were blown away, and Wang Zhong instantly found the true Pavaro mixed among the clones. His silver pupils were filled with combat intent, and spiritual power was accumulating all over his body. Then, the spiritual power surged towards Wang Zhong below him like a shooting star that was about to crash into the earth. There was no uncertainty in his eyes from his clones being broken through.


This was a good attack!

Lao Wang smiled, and a clear seal had formed in his mind. The vast power had finished accumulating throughout the process of his observation. Coupled with this boundless power, the seal in his mind turned into a massive golden dragon in his thoughts.

Wang Zhong did not dodge the shockwaves and faced it head-on. All the power in his body and the golden air currents were guided by him in this moment. Suddenly, a fist soared into the sky.

A massive roar that was even more terrifying than the howl of a bone dragon reverberated from Wang Zhong's body. The phantom of a massive golden dragon suddenly soared into the air.

Born From the Heart —— Rise of the Dragon!


Just this terrifying roar alone somewhat suppressed Pavaro, who was diving downwards. The impact between the terrifying air current and the dragon soaring into the sky was more unstoppable than the eruption of a volcano.


Two terrifying waves of power clashed, and it was as if this entire space froze in this moment with the powers locked in a stalemate.

Veins popped out from Pavaro's forehead. He had seen Wang Zhong's technique in the bone dragon world, and needless to say, this power had been enough to kill bone dragons. However, Pavaro felt that the strength of his spiritual power did not reach its previous level. The only explanation was the mutual enhancement and inhibition among the elements. The qualities of Wang Zhong's spiritual power must be causing some impairment to his deathly aura.

This time, Pavaro had truly felt it. This power was much more powerful than what he had seen previously!

He was already attacking at full strength. The killing-aura clone was a new secret technique that had emerged after he obtained the Ghost Flower. This was his first time using this technique, but Wang Zhong had easily discovered and deciphered its weakness. Furthermore, the seemingly simple bone-thorn attacks were the accumulation of his combat abilities and Solid Core powers. Although it did not reach the level of a technique, it was definitely his most powerful attack without using his true form.

However, even though this was the case, he was still unable to endure the attack! The golden soaring dragon was like an actual member of the terrifying Dragon race and seemed to have powerful vitality. It did not seem like a phantom.


The last bit of strength that Pavaro had held back was also exhausted.

He could no longer withstand it…

Closely after, golden light burst forth. At that moment, the results of the clash between the two contrasting waves of power revealed itself.

The surging dragon was more powerful!

The bone thorns had been broken apart, and terrifying golden energy formed a massive pillar of light that soared into the sky, pushing Pavaro from below and causing him to soar into the sky!

Pavaro simply felt as if his face was misplaced. As the power of the soaring dragon pushed him from behind, terrifying wind pressure was pressing against his face. As a result, he could not even open his eyes.


Silver light burst forth, and the skeleton grew.

"Undying Skeleton True Form!"

Pavaro had summoned enough energy and revealed his true form after much difficulty.

His body grew, and his power instantly multiplied. His body spiraled through the air with great strength. Then, he turned his body, and bone thorns slashed through the air.


The charging dragon was finally cut open by this oppressive power.

"Hu, hu, hu…" Pavaro panted with fear still fluttering in his heart. Everything had happened in just the blink of an eye, but he was now at least several thousand meters in the sky. Wang Zhong and Jhonas, who were on the ground, looked like ants…

Wang Zhong looked up at Pavaro, who was in the sky. There was only "killing power", but no murderous intentions in his attack. If not, that attack would have caused Pavaro to completely vanish. This power did not stem from his Spiritual Energy Value. Instead, from the battle with the bone dragon, Wang Zhong realized that his dragon techniques had a natural advantage against this negative energy, causing the killing power to multiply. If he had not held back, the bone demon would have been at a great disadvantage.

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    《Battle Frenzy》