Battle Frenzy
1135 Highly Proficien
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1135 Highly Proficien

Pavaro was not dejected at all. In essence, he did not care about victory or defeat. At that moment, his spiritual power was activated, and a deathly silver aura spread throughout his body. However, his deathly aura no longer took the form of silver threads that randomly climbed all over his body. Instead, silver runes appeared on the surface of his white bone true form.

At that moment, his aura that had burst forth after revealing his true form increased rapidly! This was a secret technique from the bone demon race. Only bone demon experts that had achieved the Solid Core Realm had the qualifications to cultivate and perform this technique. Matched with his improved body after using the Ghost Flower, this technique had undergone advanced changes.

Pa pa pa pa pa!!

After the silver runes completely formed, they turned into layers of silver armor that covered his entire body. Meanwhile, his spiritual power aura continued to increase rapidly. Even Wang Zhong and Jhonas, who were standing several thousand meters below him, could sense it.

Immortal Combat Technique —— Bone God Armor!

A dazzling silver light lit up in the sky. In the clear day sky, he was like a humanoid moon that could be seen easily.


He burst forth with a silver light and dove down from the skies while emanating a surging spiritual pressure. The massive air resistance formed countless sparks on his body, making him seem like a shooting star that was plummeting downwards.


The power of the airborne attack was shocking. It was still far away, but the spiritual pressure that pressed downwards was so strong that Wang Zhong could not even open his eyes. Even the corners of his clothes fluttered as a result. This attack was like a high-altitude hurricane!

Jhonas's face was pale. Even though he was not in the center of the attack and was several kilometers away, he still subconsciously stepped backwards from the shock. His legs trembled, and he almost fell down.

On the other hand, Wang Zhong was very calm. He immediately activated the power of his divine cells. His spiritual power burned and formed the source of his power that resisted the solidifying space and spiritual pressure around him that was squeezing him continuously.


The solid space finally loosened up from the terrifying power that burned constantly. Wang Zhong took a step forward with his left foot and seemed to have broken the balance of this space, instantly dispersing the pressure around him. Then, he stretched out his hand.


The shooting star crashed into the ground, and a massive earthquake surged across the surface of the ground. Large pieces of the ground rippled in all directions like waves with Pavaro at their center, and a terrifying air current spread into the surroundings. Jhonas, who had already retreated several kilometers away, simply felt a wave of great power crashing into his face, sending the fearful him flying outwards!

Meanwhile, the situation had changed rapidly. There was disbelief in Pavaro's eyes. He was not surprised that Wang Zhong was able to break free from his spiritual pressure restriction. He was shocked that Wang Zhong did not activate his true form when he broke free! Just how much potential did this fellow's Void Core have?! Just how much power unknown to Pavaro did Wang Zhong have in his body?

Killing aura that was as effective as divine sense instantly spread, and Pavaro instantly noticed Wang Zhong, who was already above him.

He was rapidly forming arrays with his hands, and a golden light dazzled between his eyebrows.

He still did not activate his true form! Was he going to use his ordinary form to defeat him?

Pavaro was definitely unwilling to give in. Even though their relationship was good, Wang Zhong looked down on him a bit too much!

At that moment, the silver bone armor all over his body "burned", and runic vortexes that resembled spirals appeared on the silver armor. Killing aura condensed in all directions once again and formed countless clones. They seemed exactly the same as the technique that Wang Zhong had broken through. However, since the aura and the level of energy activated were different, the entire technique had changed qualitatively.

Countless terrifying bone demons that were 10 meters tall filled the entire battlefield. All of them soared into the sky and used completely different methods of attack.

Some used bone thorns; some arbitrarily delivered strikes; some used silver flames, while others used their white bony fists… There were numerous attacks of all kinds.

Wang Zhong simply felt a pressure that was 100 times stronger than before overhead. The solidifying space that was previously present appeared again and was even firmer than before. He simply gave up on the Rise of the Dragon technique that he was halfway through preparing.

There was no need to try using the technique as they were on different levels. At that moment, Pavaro's attack had far surpassed his limits.

He did not want to use his true form, but it seemed too arrogant not to. He definitely could not casually defeat an expert like Pavaro.

Since this was the case, then…

A glimmer of light flashed past Wang Zhong's eyes.

A golden layer of energy instantly appeared on the surface of his body and condensed into a dazzling set of armor as if the energy had materialized. Closely after, two massive wings suddenly spread from his back.


When Wang Zhong spread his wings, a mighty air current rapidly spread into the surroundings, instantly pushing back the pressure that Pavaro filled the battlefield with. Golden light burst forth from Wang Zhong's body, and scorching flames soared over ten meters high.

Pavaro, who was below, was not shocked by Wang Zhong's true form as he had already seen it. At this moment, he was even slightly happy. He had been waiting for Wang Zhong's true form!

"Raaahh!" He gave a ferocious roar.

Immortal Combat Technique —— Bone Demon Combat Soul Destruction!

At that moment, the seemingly messy bone demon clones all turned into an invisible killing aura. This aura was invisible but displayed more unrestrained transformations and greater power. It accumulated in the sky and was about to kill Wang Zhong, who had spread his wings!

However, before this unhindered killing aura could slaughter, a brilliant ray had descended.

In the air, Wang Zhong pressed his hand downwards.

It was the same dazzling gold light and the same rising dragon, but unlike how the surging dragon had soared into the sky, Pavaro only saw a monstrous golden dragon claw falling from the sky as it struck him like a massive palm.

Born From the Heart —— Descending Dragon


Not only was there great power, there was even a prohibiting force. Pavaro simply felt as if all his power had been destroyed like a moth darting into a flame from this attack. It was not that Wang Zhong's power had outdone his, but there was a terrifying restraining effect and blocking of the rules. As a result, he could not display the divine power in his body and was simply suppressed.

All the surrounding killing aura instantly dispersed, and Pavaro's entire body was suppressed. He could not endure this attack even with his true form and was firmly pressed against the ground, unable to move. This peculiar prohibition even obstructed him from activating his spiritual power.

This was another "technique"…

The rumbling sound of the ground shaking continued for a very long time before gradually subsiding. Wang Zhong floated to the ground from the sky and put away his true form wings.

Meanwhile, Pavaro, who had also put away his true form, was panting heavily while sitting on the ground in front of him. When he saw Wang Zhong walk over, Pavaro laughed out loud. "How satisfying! How satisfying! You accumulated your Void Core, collected the Ghost Flower, and obtained the secret records of the bone dragons. Why did I think that I could battle you? I was soundly defeated!"

As a bone demon, it was rare for him to be so unrestrained. He was happy for Wang Zhong!

Wang Zhong smiled. This dragon technique was an outcome of his comprehension and a discovery by his soul. It was indeed powerful. To be honest, the soul essence he had displayed was much stronger than that of level-8 civilizations. However, Wang Zhong felt that something was weird, especially his experiences in the Illusion Sea World. It was as if some secrets were being revealed.

"The loser treats the winner."

"No worries. You can randomly choose a place in the Heavenly Gates…" As Pavaro spoke, he remembered that a "referee" seemed to have come with them, but he was missing. "Hmm? Where is your friend?"

Wang Zhong only recalled Jhonas at this moment. He had been too focused on the battle just now.

He looked around. With his vision, he naturally saw Jhonas, who was standing over ten kilometers away, immediately. That fellow was already standing so far away but was still standing behind a large stone and hid safely. His expression was odd and full of despair. He was muttering something Wang Zhong could not hear.

Lao Wang did not know whether to laugh or to cry. "He's over there. Let's go there together."

The two of them were extremely fast and naturally traveled the distance of several thousand meters in a matter of moments. Jhonas only poked out his head after he heard the combat noises cease. When he saw the two people flying over together, the Flying Pig instantly felt wronged.

The two participants in the fight were not injured at all, but at that moment, he was badly beaten up! It was all because of Pavaro's landing that sent him flying and tumbling. How painful!

Jhonas's expression was full of pain. Even though he was not crying, inconsolable grief was written all over his face. "Damn it! Boss, when you fight in the future, please don't ask me to be a referee or something. You're too difficult to deal with! Too difficult to deal with!"

"Your friend's words are quite interesting." It was rare for Pavaro to nod his head at Jhonas. Not only was he satisfied after the battle, he had also completed a "mission" that he could not mention.

Jhonas, who had an expression full of despair, immediately perked upwards. Boss was on his side, and he had no choice but to accept this. However, from the look of things, he seemed to have a chance to win over this impressive-looking bone demon. Although the bone demon could not defeat Boss, the more friends he had who were good at fighting, the better it would be for him! Who disliked friends with great skills?

If he wanted to reach his goal, he had to be willing to take risks. If he did not come over to watch them fight (while trembling with fear), the bone demon would not have formed a good impression of him.

When he thought about this, his immeasurable grief did not seem that bad anymore.

Where they would drink was a small matter, and Wang Zhong and Pavaro did not care much about this. Regardless of whether it was a good place or a poor place, it was fine as long as they had suitable friends with them. However, Jhonas was different. This fellow was not easy to deal with. When they allowed him to do the arrangements, he simply dropped a huge bomb on Pavaro…

Lao Wang was rather surprised at this. Jhonas was not the kind who liked to take advantage of others. He was born to a family of merchants and was actually particularly skilled in this aspect. If he were to choose a place, he would definitely understand the circumstances. After all, the bone demons were not rich…

"Boss, you don't understand." Jhonas, who returned to the mushroom house comfortably drunk, was no longer trembling with fear like when he was watching the two people fight that afternoon. He was now self-indulgent and bold. He talked idly about important matters and wanted to give Wang Zhong some tips. "When it comes to favors, you cannot be choosy about who to ask favors from or be afraid of asking anyone. You should be afraid of the complete lack of communication! He will remember you because you made him bleed this time and will remember to make up for it the next time. This matter can only continue. Over the course of time, as you communicate with each other, you will start to build a friendship. This is called socializing…"

"Oh…" Lao Wang was rendered speechless by this. Although this was a fallacious argument, it made sense after some careful thought. He could only say that the essence of a merchant was deep in Jhonas's bones, as expected of the heir of the wealthiest family in the Land. "You win."

Flying Pig was exultant and added on a few more sentences. "But Boss, I don't think that Pavaro came to learn from you on a whim. He exposed himself when we were drinking. I think he had another objective."

In reality, Pavaro had not revealed anything and had a very normal conversation. They had also exchanged their interpretation and understanding of the battle. At the very least, Wang Zhong did not feel that Pavaro was hinting at something else.

Did someone else ask him to come?

Lao Wang was somewhat suspicious. This was because he understood Jhonas very well and knew that with his personality, he would not speak without thinking. If not, his words could sow discord between them. However, he also trusted Pavaro as they now had a history together. Thus, Lao Wang did not suspect him at all. If Pavaro was instructed by someone, what was their objective? Furthermore, why did they hide themselves?

"No, no." Jhonas seemed to have realized that his words were slightly ambiguous and did not want discord between them. He instantly turned half-sober. "I'm not saying that Old Bones has any evil intentions. I feel that he almost exposed himself because he was happy for you. It's just that when you did not understand the combat methods of the bone demon race, he was aggressive in his explanations and did not hold back. But don't you think that he was just going through the motions? As if he was doing it for someone else to hear."

Lao Wang rolled his eyes at him. He really did not know how Jhonas's brain worked. There were times when he was extremely confused, but there were also times he was more meticulous than anyone else.

Needless to say, the intuition of the Babi race was rather accurate. In the morning after, Wang Zhong received a special letter. The contents of the letter were very simple. It instructed Wang Zhong to immediately head to the Internal Gates, and attached was an unrestricted token that would allow him to enter the Gates. Furthermore, the letter was sent by the Heavenly Gates superintendent, Erza.

This was slightly unexpected for Lao Wang. He had never thought that the dignified superintendent of the Heavenly Gates would pay attention to such a minor figure like him.

There was completely no reason for this. It would have been easy to justify this if it was from Elder Yimo since he was in the limelight during the elder's pill refinery lesson. However, he had never interacted with Superintendent Erza. Furthermore, with the status and the responsibilities of the Heavenly Gates superintendent, she would not care about matters regarding the Three Great Halls. How was it possible that some minor pupil would come to her attention, and she would even specially summon him? Furthermore, what did the superintendent call him for?

Wang Zhong did not dare to delay the summons from the boss of the Heavenly Gates. He directly headed to the Internal Gates of the Heavenly Gates.

The Internal Gates was the core area that surrounded the source of the Heavenly River.

The Three Great Halls surrounded the Internal Gates and formed the first barrier guarding the Internal Gates. The Three Great Halls were considered the central area, while the areas where the various pupils were active in and the cultivation areas were considered the outer regions of the Heavenly Gates. As for the commercial areas, like the Heavenly Gates Street, that were the most prosperous in the Heavenly Gates, they were no more than the outskirts that the Heavenly Gates had developed.

Strictly speaking, this was not the first time that Wang Zhong had entered the Internal Gates. Back when they were traveling to the Illusion Sea World, they had passed through the transmission pathway in the Internal Gates. However, back then, he was inside the Titan supervisor's artifact, and the supervisor had traveled quickly. Thus, they could not clearly see the true appearance of the Internal Gates.

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    《Battle Frenzy》