Battle Frenzy
1136 Celestial Honors Class
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1136 Celestial Honors Class

He passed through Furnace Mountain of the Pill Refinery Hall. There was an enormous patch of area overflowing with vibrant colors and brilliant lights at the back of Furnace Mountain. There were at least millions of beams of colorful and dazzling light, endlessly rotating around the Internal Gates. Countless beams of light converging together formed a spectacular scene, just like a multicolored galaxy. Although he was nowhere near it, Wang Zhong could sense the terrifying power that this light beam barrier contained. Any single beam of light could possibly shred him into pieces easily.

"Multicolored Crystal River!" Wang Zhong couldn't help but marvel. One of the most important treasures of the Heavenly Gates, it was way beyond the classification of artifacts, and even a level-1 artifact could not compare to it at all. This was a gift from the four races in Heaven, dedicated to guarding the Heavenly Gates.

If Gold Core experts were directly hit by a beam of light from the light-beam barrier, there was a 90% chance that they would immediately die, let alone Wang Zhong! Because the Multicolored Crystal River was located here, the Internal Gates was the safest place in the Land. Countless rebellions and wars had happened throughout the years, and numerous level-8 civilizations were exposed to challenges time and time again. However, no one dared to challenge the Internal Gates, all because of the terrifying power the Multicolored Crystal River wielded.

No one could enter the Internal Gates without authorization, which involved a token given by the superintendent.

Wang Zhong walked closer to the Multicolored Crystal River with the token in his hand that was emitting a faint glow. The terrifying power that the light-beam barrier exuded suddenly felt more gentle to Wang Zhong, as if the token had achieved some kind of resonance with the Multicolored Crystal River to let him pass through.

Lao Wang raised his hand to touch the barrier, but the killing intent and power that he sensed from it previously was gone now. On the contrary, he felt as if his hand was bathing under the hot summer sun at the beach. The warmth felt very comfortable, making him feel a mix of emotions.

This barrier was a treasure indeed. Other ordinary artifacts that could be classified into levels could not compare to it at all. The gods of Heaven must wield unimaginable power to be able to easily retract this terrifying power at will.

"Come in, Wang Zhong." A mighty voice sounded, interrupting Lao Wang's thoughts of exploring the Multicolored Crystal River. It was Erza, the superintendent.

The Multicolored Crystal River had been located in the Heavenly Gates for a long time, and someone was required to control it. The successive superintendents had taken on that role. Ezra had sensed Wang Zhong's presence the moment he came near and called out for him.

Lao Wang didn't dare to delay any longer and moved forward in long strides. The Multicolored Crystal River was extremely wide, spanning a breadth of at least two to three miles. A vast area of open plains could be seen after crossing the wide Heavenly River at the center of the open plains. It looked like it had descended from the skies, resembling that of an inverted galaxy. The majestic Heavenly River seemed to be neverending. Although Wang Zhong was dozens of miles away, he could clearly hear the whooshing sound of the flowing water.

The views on the left and right sides of the open plains were different. On the left, there was a mountain range with seven unusually prominent mountain peaks. Those were the seven treasure mountains that the higher-ups of the Heavenly Gates lived at. On the right side, there was a magnificent palace hall that served as a venue for official affairs, such as business discussions and sacrificial ceremonies.

Lao Wang was slightly startled. He just remembered that Erza didn't mention which side he should go towards. Just as he was feeling worried, he felt a powerful force emerging from underground. In an instant, he was teleported to a spacious and bright side-palace hall.

Erza was standing right there, and it was obvious that she was behind the teleportation. She was holding a book of data in her hands and seemed to be reading it. She closed the book slightly and sized up Wang Zhong carefully with her bright eyes.

This was the first time Wang Zhong had seen the superintendent after the welcome ceremony. She was one of the strongest experts in the Land and the leader of the Heavenly Shell race. She had a god-like aura, which, combined with the royal air she gave off, made her appear more holy and elegant. Even if she restrained her spiritual power without revealing any trace of it, one wouldn't dare to stare straight into her eyes. Those who had weak wills would even feel ashamed by merely standing in front of her.

Lao Wang wasn't one of those people. Nonetheless, he didn't dare to act cool in front of such a powerful presence and greeted her respectfully. She didn't respond, but Lao Wang just waited calmly.

"Wang Zhong." Erza finally spoke in a voice that wasn't cold, but not exactly gentle either. She sounded rather indifferent, exuding a pure aura. "Earthling, Element Affinity: A+, Pill Refinery Talent: A+, Equipment Refinery Talent: A+…"

This was the new evaluation results that Lao Wang received when he entered the Pill Refinery Hall. He had to go through an evaluation test again in order to join the Pill Refinery Hall, making his inaccurate evaluation results from the welcome ceremony seem like a joke.

Lao Wang didn't know what the superintendent was trying to get across by reading out his evaluation results but listened closely nonetheless. Clearly, she wouldn't waste time complimenting him. Not taking into account his hidden Fate Stones, his current power was nothing compared to the top-tier bosses here.

"…Attained Void Core Realm a month ago. Based on observational data, Void Core potential: A+ and Physical Body Strength: A+. Able to create his own 'technique' at Void Core Realm. Combat Skills Evaluation: A+. Three A's!"

The superintendent spoke with fervor while Lao Wang listened quietly. His basic background information could be easily accessed by the Heavenly Gates, including his Void Core status, divine cells potential, and his dragon technique. He could fool ordinary people but not the higher-ups. Unless he completely hid himself like Grai and Mu Zi, it would be impossible to hide this information from the higher-ups. After all, Earthlings were just newcomers here.

Thinking about this, Lao Wang was suddenly a little worried about Mu Zi and Grai. Was their plan really foolproof? Were the Netherworld River Factions so dumb? However, now wasn't the time for him to think about this.

At this moment, Wang Zhong realized what Jhonas was talking about. Pavaro's challenge yesterday was probably induced by the superintendent. The root cause of this was probably the Titan supervisor, who seemed to have realized something at the Illusion Sea World.

Whether this was a blessing or a curse, it depended on luck. Frankly speaking, if the higher-ups didn't have a favorable opinion of him and thought that Earthlings were a threat, it would be the end for Earthlings. However, it would be an entirely different story if they had a favorable opinion of you and wanted to groom you.

Sometimes, emotions alone could determine a civilization's fate.

"It has only been around a year since you came to the Land?" After the Heavenly Shell race superintendent finished reading out his evaluation, she suddenly changed the topic to ask about his past.

"Yes. As of today, it has been a year and three months since I arrived here." Wang Zhong answered truthfully. It would be dumb to try to play mind games with someone of this power and status.

Erza nodded. It was extremely easy for her to access this information. Starting from the first day Wang Zhong entered the Land and registered his citizenship at the transmission area, Erza could track almost all of his general whereabouts and actions thereafter. "You were only at the Foundational Stage when you arrived, yet you managed to attain this level of power in just over a year. I'm rather surprised."

She stared at Wang Zhong. "Earthlings do not have a standard method for forming their Cores. Can you tell me how you managed to form your Core? Did someone teach you?"

"I managed to form it through some self-reflection, and not by a standard method," Wang Zhong said in a manner that was neither haughty nor humble. If others asked him this, it would be overstepping. However, if Erza was interested in knowing this, it meant that things were heading in a positive direction. Celeste owed him a favor indeed, which might come in handy, but it would be better if Lao Wang didn't offend the higher-ups unnecessarily. His attitude was very important now. "I was able to monitor the condition of my Void Core at the Heavenly Treasures Street and also received guidance from Senior Lavel when I was helping her refine equipment. I guess I was very lucky."

"You received help from the Spirit Flower Garden, huh?" Erza smiled. "The elemental spirits seem to be especially fond of you."

Wang Zhong nodded, a little embarrassed. "They like my smell."

"That means your soul is of good quality. In the divine territory, one's soul is the foundation of everything." Erza nodded and cast a neutral glance at Wang Zhong's direction. "However, it would better if you try to stay away from there as much as you can. The elemental spirits and World Tree might have taken a liking to you because of special factors, but the owner of the Spirit Flower Garden may not welcome you."

"Noted." Lao Wang wanted to keep a low profile too. He had considered that before, but at his current stage, he didn't have much of a choice. He had to grasp any life-saving straw he could find.

Erza was very satisfied. He was talented and smart, knowing not to probe into matters. "Wang Zhong, there are a lot of stereotypes against lower-level civilizations in the Land, and they are usually considered to have low potential. However, you are an exception. I have analyzed all your information. Based on your excellent performance, I have decided to let you enter the 55th Heavenly Gates Celestial Honors Class."

Celestial Honors Class?

Lao Wang was stunned and had a dazed look on his face. What was that? What kind of game was the divine territory playing at?

"It's normal that you haven't heard of it. 'Celestial Honors Class' is just a title. Selected students will still be learning at the Three Great Halls, just that additional special courses and benefits would be available to you, such as supplemental instruction from some of the elders and more resources…" The Heavenly Shell race superintendent smiled. "Those who are selected to join the Celestial Honors Class are all elites among the Heavenly Gates pupils and future leaders. There is also a high possibility that you guys can enter Heaven in the future."

Lao Wang's eyes shone. This sounded like a good thing. He would be able to gain more resources and cultivation opportunities… Even an idiot wouldn't refuse this. However, it was too early for him to be happy. Such a golden opportunity probably carried danger with it as well.

"Of course, as a member of the Celestial Honors Class, you are required to protect the dignity and interests of the Heavenly Gates. You should understand that every vacancy we fill in this class is carefully selected, and we do not judge solely based on your potential," Erza casually said.

Lao Wang was not an idiot. Ma Dong had been giving him lessons on this when they were at Tianjing. Clearly, the Heavenly Shell race had helped him in obtaining this placement, and Celeste probably put in many good words for him too. There must be something about the Earth civilization that moved the Heavenly Shell race, or this was possibly some kind of unknown strategy. Nonetheless, Wang Zhong had to keep up a good attitude.

"Thank you, superintendent. I would like to express my thanks to the Heavenly Shell race too. I know that given Earth's current situation, this may sound like an empty promise, but I hope that I can return your kindness one day," Wang Zhong said earnestly. This seemed like the politically correct thing to say, but he truly meant his words.

Erza nodded. Frankly speaking, she didn't expect him to be able to repay them. According to her investigations, Wang Zhong was very loyal and faithful to Earthlings and his friends, such as that bone demon. Someone that could gain the recognition of a bone demon was definitely reliable.

The superintendent waved her hand. "There's no need to stand on ceremony. You and Celeste are friends, and you have helped her many times. You should thank the Machinery race and Insect race too. They have a very favorable impression of you, especially the Machinery race. Frankly speaking, without their strong support, it would have been hard for you to obtain this position."

Wang Zhong was rather touched upon thinking about those lovely and upright guys. He wouldn't have been who he was today without the help of the Machinery race. He could live so "wilfully" because he had the peculiar Machinery race to back him up.

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    《Battle Frenzy》