Battle Frenzy
1142 Celestial Honors Treatmen
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1142 Celestial Honors Treatmen

There were many libraries in the Heavenly Gates. There was one at the Combat Cultivation Hall, one in the Furnace Mountain at the Pill Refinery Hall, and one in the Creation Star Ring in the Equipment Refinery Hall. These were the foundations of the Three Great Halls and were specialized libraries. However, besides these three libraries, there was another larger library in the Internal Gates of the Heavenly Gates. It was said that the cultivation records — as well as scholarly collections of pill studies, equipment refinery, and various other fields — from all the civilizations in the Land were found there. It would be here as long as one could think of it.

However, the threshold for entering this place was also very high.

Those who were able to enter this place were the Heavenly Gates elders and overall supervisors. Ordinary supervisors had to go through various application processes before they could get extremely limited reading privileges. The ordinary pupils of the Three Great Halls could not even think about entering; they did not have the qualifications to enter the Internal Gates, let alone the library in the Internal Gates. However, as a special group of pupils and the group of geniuses that were favored and nurtured, the Celestial Honors Class had the privilege of entering the Internal Gates library.

This time, he was not being summoned by Superintendent Erza. However, the Celestial Honors space ring certified his identity. Thus, he was able to receive the approval of the Multicolored Crystal River to enter.

He passed through the Multicolored Crystal River. Then, he followed the directions on the map and headed directly to the library region.

This time, he did not travel with the superintendent. It took over one hour to complete a journey that did not seem very distant. The Internal Gates of the Heavenly Gates was a very mysterious place. Geographically, it was only several dozen square meters in area, but it was the source of the Heavenly River, and the Internal Gates was an important place. With the added support of the Multicolored Crystal River, this place was like a special area that was independent of the outside world. An area that only seemed to occupy several dozen square meters from the outside covered an area of over one thousand square kilometers on the inside. It was extremely spacious.

Spatial techniques were a cultivation rule, but they could also be quantified as technological crystals. Of course, only the Machinery race could turn rules into technology. It was obvious that the mystical interior transformation of the Internal Gates had the style of the Machinery race.

The library in front of him was rather far from the surging Heavenly River and was considered a rather remote part of the Internal Gates. Unlike the ancient palace he had imagined, the entire library seemed rather technologically advanced from the outside. Many massive towers that reached the sky were spread out over this area. There were several hundred floors in each tower, and they were so high that Wang Zhong could not see the top.

Furthermore, the spaces that were between each tower were extremely expansive and were filled with glowing roads going in all directions. These glowing roads were mysterious and seemed complex and messy. However, the different colors represented directions to different types of places.

There was even a directory that explained the different categories at the entrance. These roads could lead to the pill studies section, the equipment refinery section, the history section, the secret techniques section, the miscellaneous section… Each color represented a category.

Almost all the academic fields that Wang Zhong could think of could be found in this directory. There were many fields that Wang Zhong did not know about, as well as many special sections that were only indicated by mysterious codes, such as the regions marked with an X.

When he received the Celestial Honors space ring, he had read a basic introduction of the library. The sections that were indicated with codes were all classified sections. There might be some important information regarding the various races in the Land, research on special secret techniques, or other resources. One could not casually walk through these places. Of course, one could not even enter. The entire library was managed by the Machinery race, and they were absolute professionals in dealing with those who broke the rules. Furthermore, every section had a corresponding ward and guards that were at least Solid Core experts. Some important sections were even occasionally guarded by Gold Core experts. This was a truly important place in the Internal Gates.

Today, Lao Wang only planned to come and take a look. The section nearest to the entrance was the pill studies section. He followed the red twinkling lights underfoot that acted as a guide and walked. Soon, a massive tower that represented the pill studies region was in front of his eyes.

Even though he was still a distance away from the massive tower, he could sense the energy from the ward surrounding it. He could now use his divine sense to explore it although even his heaven-defying vision seemed to have become weaker here. The massive tower before him was blurry, as if it was enshrouded by a layer of fog. As Wang Zhong walked, he observed the tower. However, before he could get close to the massive tower, he was stopped by a shout.

"Human, this is the pill studies library. No entry for visitors. Please do not be mistaken!"

This voice was mighty and vast, and it reverberated over a long distance. Wang Zhong raised his head and looked over. He saw three Silver Titans, and each of them had a trident in hand. They stood right in front of him with a solemn expression on their faces while blocking his path.

These were the library guards. Other than those who had submitted special applications, they were obviously very familiar with everyone who had the right to enter this place. They had never seen Wang Zhong before, and it was very normal for them to stop him. Lao Wang could sense that their strength was comparable to that of top or even peak Solid Cores. Experts of such strength would definitely be bosses outside in the Land, but they were only guards here.

Wang Zhong smiled. He stretched out his hand and flicked his finger, removing the invisible energy on the Celestial Honors Ring. "Brother Titans, can I enter with this?"

After all, his impressions of the Titans had always been very good. However, because of the Titan supervisor, Lao Wang was extra polite.

The three Titans were slightly dumbfounded. Their eyeballs almost popped out.

They definitely recognized the Celestial Honors space ring. It was solid proof that one could enter a majority of the book towers. It was much more useful than the identities of a large majority of supervisors would be. As for the members of the Celestial Honors Class…

"You are that legendary—"

"Master Wang Zhong?" The expression of the Titan leader was respectful. They had heard many rumors about this human in the Internal Gates.

The Celestial Honors Class had a special status in the Heavenly Gates, and they could be seen as its future leaders. Thus, other than the higher-ups in the Heavenly Gates, most of the people who worked there would respectfully address the pupils of the Celestial Honors Class with "Master".

"Master Wang Zhong, since this is your first time here, you must be unfamiliar with this place. Here, let me lead the way," said the Silver Titan leader respectfully.

This courteous reception was both because of his identity as a pupil of the Celestial Honors Class and due to Wang Zhong's current reputation that had spread throughout the Internal Gates over the past little while. It was not that the bosses of the Internal Gates were shocked by this new pupil in the Celestial Honors Class, but because he was able to join the Celestial Honors Class as just a Void Core, he had become rather famous. Even throughout the entire history of the Heavenly Gates, the number of pupils who had done so could be counted on one's fingers. They truly stood out like oil that had dripped into water.

The Titan leader pointed the trident in his hand forward, and a small gap split open in the space in front of him. The massive tower that seemed blurry before became extremely clear through this opening. Furthermore, unlike the standard tube-shaped tower he saw from the outside, the massive tower was extremely majestic and dazzled with a golden light. Every window on the tower had extremely exquisite and ingenious decorations. Furthermore, they had different patterns. It was as if they formed various complex runic constructs and faintly had signs of rules spread among the patterns.

When they walked into the massive tower, he saw an open circular hall inside. Each floor was 20 meters tall, and the entire hall was filled with bookshelves with tall ladders beside them. After all, some low-leveled pupils could have been awarded special dispensations and had the privilege of going in to borrow books. Some ordinary Void Cores or even the occasional Foundational Stage could not fly to read the books placed on bookshelves that were 20 meters tall with the spiritual pressure here…

The Silver Titans simply brought him in, and a Natural race elder welcomed him at the entrance. This elder had transformed into a humanoid and had an unusually dense beard. He should be a plant goblin from the Natural race. However, from his appearance, Wang Zhong could not tell what his original form was. On the other hand, his strength was normal. He was a Solid Core, but he was probably not a combat-type. He was the manager of the first few floors of the pill studies section.

"Master Wang Zhong, the pill studies region has a total of seventy-two floors." The elder manager smiled as he introduced the library to him. "With Master's privileges, you can borrow the books on the first thirty floors without any restriction. If you want to bring them out of the library, you will need to pay a secured loan and some fees. However, if you want to read the books in the library, there are no fees.

"This is only the first floor, and there are more than 1,398 billion books here. The east and west sections mostly include level-9 prescriptions, and there are over 730 million prescriptions here. The north and south sections include introductory pill studies records. Of course, these are either the valuable handwritten copies of some Great Masters or their annotated versions. The ordinary versions have no qualifications to be included in the library. Of course, there are various miscellaneous pill studies resources, interesting pill studies news, the history of pill studies, quotations from Great Masters, and so on. These might just seem like interesting things, but they can easily become the key to breaking through bottlenecks encountered in pill studies. One can also walk along the roads that Great Pill Studies Masters have taken, which can provide rather great inspiration to an individual's pill studies cultivation. Master Wang Zhong, if you are interested, you can look at these books."

When Lao Wang heard this, he simply widened his eyes.

The pill studies section had a total of 72 floors, but the first floor alone had 1,398 billion books? It was no wonder that such a large room was needed. With the densely packed books on the shelves all around, those with claustrophobia would probably feel faint looking at them. By extrapolation, there were probably over a hundred billion books in these 72 floors of the pill studies section! Furthermore, they were all classics. Furthermore, there were 730 million level-9 pill prescriptions on the first floor? Lao Wang thought that he had learned the foundations of pill refinery and had gone to the pill market with Uncle Sea before, but he could not even name a hundred level-9 pill prescriptions. However, there were 730 million prescriptions here, and it was only the first floor. According to the manager, the first 10 floors were filled with level-9 prescriptions, and there were almost ten billion prescriptions! With his current Celestial Honors Class privileges, he could borrow books from the first 30 floors. Thus, he could only casually read up to level-6 prescriptions… Were there so many pills in the Land?

"The same pill might have more than one prescription. For example, the library has a total of over 3,600 different level-9 Vitality Supplement Pill prescriptions. Furthermore, they all have special characteristics and are all different. They are all relatively outstanding refined treasures." The white-bearded manager had been here for a very long time. In terms of his comprehension of the books here, even an elder of the Pill Refinery Hall was no match for him. "Thus, it is very important to learn how to choose them."

He followed the manager and walked one round. When he listened to the manager talk about various general knowledge regarding the library, Lao Wang understood some things. The elder seemed extremely close to Wang Zhong and pointed to an important section. The practical section was arranged in the front. The serial numbers of the practical records all had a symbol that resembled a small comma at the end, proving that they included rather outstanding ways of thinking or methods, as of present verification. Most of the other books were historical records or research on some difficult and complicated cases.

It could be said that the privileges enjoyed by the Celestial Honors Class were rather high. In the Heavenly Gates, even the elders could only borrow books from the first 30 levels without restriction. The books on the higher levels were high-leveled pill studies books that involved level-6 pill studies and higher. They were extremely precious, and many of them did not completely belong to the Heavenly Gates. Instead, it was the accumulation and collection of pill studies knowledge from all the civilizations and races in the entire Star Alliance.

The Heavenly Gates managed the pill studies knowledge that was level-6 and higher. Correspondingly, there were very few restrictions on resources that were level-7 and below. Although external circulation was banned on the surface, this was mainly to prevent book theft. If one learned the knowledge and taught others, as long as one did not do it openly and brazenly, the Heavenly Gates would not investigate it. Even if they knew about it, they would close one eye. After all, anything that was level-7 and below could not be considered as particularly valuable items and were knowledge that various top powers would definitely have, albeit much better. Furthermore, those who had the privilege of entering the Internal Gates library were not ordinary people. Most people made little of this hidden benefit.

However, Lao Wang thought very highly of this privilege. These types of low-leveled knowledge were what the Earth was currently in severe lack of… Of course, he did not need to be anxious now. According to Uncle Sea in the Heavenly Treasures Street, they had not yet discovered an Earthling with natural pill refinery endowments. This made sense. After all, the majority of Earthlings were in the process of working hard and adjusting to the spiritual pressure. Pill refinery and the like were definitely things for the future.

Wang Zhong had chosen the practical pill studies section as prescriptions only came once one possessed pill refinery talents. The most basic book that was placed at the very front was an introductory-level book called Pill Studies Annotations. Lao Wang dived into the book. Very quickly… he was unable to pull away from the book.

The general knowledge and foundation of pill studies seemed ordinary, but with the annotations from these great "gods" of pill refinery, he was able to develop various bizarre new meanings. It achieved the same effects as the copies of Gateway to Pill Studies that Yan Moyu had given him, just through different means. However, in terms of insight and the accuracy of the annotations, this copy was a dozen steps ahead of Yan Moyu. This person had explained complex pill studies extremely simply and clearly. They had even explained how to adjust one's pill methods according to one's different talents. Everyone varied in their abilities, but in short, everyone had pill refinery talents!

After Lao Wang was done reading, he sighed with emotion. He simply felt a lot of pill refinery inspiration surging in his heart. He knew that this was because he was an extreme beginner, which allowed him to learn many things. He could not help but look at who had written these annotations. "Pill Idiot Nine Lamps" was clearly written.

Great Master Nine Lamps was a figure in the Heavenly Gates Pill Refinery Hall who had passed away many years ago. Even though he had disappeared along the flow of time, Elder Yimo occasionally mentioned his name and some of Nine Lamps' exquisite perspectives in his classes. Nine Lamps was definitely a legendary figure in pill studies and the Heavenly Gates. Wang Zhong never expected that the lowest level would include his pill studies annotations. Although this was a foundational book, it was enough to see how massive the collections in the library were.

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