Battle Frenzy
1143 Machinery Palace
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1143 Machinery Palace

Lao Wang completely abandoned his desire to read the books on the upper floors. His foundations were too weak, and reading books that were too high-leveled would not necessarily bring him much help. The manager had said that the division of floors in the library was carefully chosen. One did not necessarily have to read all the books, but at the very least, when one felt that the gains and improvements from reading the books on the first floor had slowed down considerably, one could go to the higher floors to obtain more advanced knowledge. This was the best way to make progress incrementally and improve steadily.

This visit took one week, and Lao Wang was simply like a fish back in water. Many small problems he often encountered during pill refinery seemed unavoidable, but after looking at these annotations, he instantly felt as if he understood what had happened.

Over the past week, not many people came to the library, and almost all of them went to the upper levels. When they saw Wang Zhong staggering on the first floor, they could not help but take a second look. After all, his aura seemed just too weak. However, they did not mind this as there were ordinary Heavenly Gates pupils who won special dispensations and had the opportunity to enter the library. Some Celestial Honors Class pupils sensed Wang Zhong's ring and nodded at him in greeting. Everyone who was able to enter the Celestial Honors Class was definitely not an ordinary person, and the members of the Celestial Honors Class could not possibly be fools like Balor from the Combat Cultivation Hall. This seemingly very weak pupil might possibly amaze everyone with a single feat.

Meanwhile, Lao Wang absorbed the knowledge in the books with great eagerness. The more powerful one's soul and memory were, the more their reading abilities and understanding abilities would grow compared to ordinary people. Once one reached the Void Core Realm, they became gods in the peripheral world that could not be explained by theories. The more knowledge that was available here, the more important it was for Wang Zhong to understand how to retrieve information. More was not necessarily better. Instead, he had to choose what was currently useful to him and the human race.

He was extremely calm when he arrived and was not perturbed when he left. This was destined to be a place that he would visit often in the future. Furthermore, the manager from the Natural race was extremely friendly to him. He did not know whether it was because he was from the Celestial Honors Class or because he was good-looking, but the manager had provided Lao Wang with a lot of help and saved a lot of his time.

When Lao Wang returned to the mushroom house, he simply slipped into the fragment world. Then, he planted the two portions of level-6 pill ingredients in the world.

There were two pieces of Heavenly River Dark Crystal Grass, six pairs of Dark Sun Purple Gold Fruit, and 12 Snake's Kiss Red Thorns… The most valuable ingredients were obviously the two pieces of Heavenly River Dark Crystal Grass, which were also the main ingredients for this level-6 pill. It was a standard peak level-6 medicinal ingredient, while the other ingredients were all level-7.

Lao Wang was not worried about the level-7 ingredients. After coming to the Heavenly Gates, the environment with rich spiritual pressure had clearly enhanced the fragment world. The surface area of the entire fragment world was expanding at an extremely slow speed every day. After almost one year, the fragment world that was originally only five or six square meters had now expanded to almost ten square meters. The spiritual influence in the space was also richer, and this was proven by the level-7 ingredients of the Glazed Crystal Life Extending Pill that he had nurtured here. The results then were not bad, but as for level-6 ingredients…

At that moment, the fragment world was filled with the rich smell of medicinal ingredients. The growth of the Dark Sun Purple Gold Fruits and the Snake's Kill Red Thorns was rather decent. Not only were they fully mature, the originally tattered leaves and fruits had now also completely recovered. The other supplementary ingredients showed good results as well. Only the two pieces of Heavenly River Dark Crystal Grass planted in the middle of the fragment world…

They had been nurtured in the fragment world for an entire week, but they did not seem to improve much from when they were first planted. The green grass that was supposed to be glittering and translucent was now greenish-yellow. It looked thin and yellow, and did not seem fresh at all.

An excellent alchemist could not simply wait for others to send ingredients to them. Using this method, they would be unable to meet some immediate need or have their process become easily disrupted; as well, if they did not have a thorough grasp of the medicinal properties and theories regarding the ingredients, wanting to become a pill refinery master would be no more than a dream. Understanding the medicinal properties of ingredients was only the most basic requirement. On a more advanced level, one had to understand the growing environment and the growing period of the ingredients, as well as their natural enemies, various changes, and so on. Only then could one know their medicinal ingredients off the top of their head and control the medicinal properties of the ingredients during pill refinery more perfectly.

"As expected, it's not much different from my predictions," Lao Wang spoke to himself. However, there was no dejection in his voice. On the contrary, there was some amusement.

One week ago, Lao Wang would definitely have been dumbfounded. However, during his visit to the library, he had paid special attention and did research on the properties of some medicinal ingredients, various planting habits, and so on. In particular, without such knowledge, he considered that he would definitely be helpless when it came to nurturing level-6 medicinal ingredients in the fragment world. Thus, Wang Zhong had looked for some information on the Heavenly River Dark Crystal Grass in particular. At that moment, he was well aware of the situation.

"When nurturing the Heavenly River Dark Crystal Grass, the spiritual influence and the soil are not the key factors. It needs some special assistance." Wang Zhong was not anxious to collect the matured ingredients. Instead, he simply retreated from the fragment world. "Let's go to the Heavenly Objects Pavilion."

The Heavenly Objects Pavilion was also in the Internal Gates, but it was in a completely different direction from the library. After joining the Celestial Honors Class, he enjoyed various benefits. Needing resources was something that practitioners would never be able to avoid.

From the outside, it seemed like a magnificent palace with retro colors. As he walked over, he sensed that the restrictions in his surroundings were becoming stronger. It was obvious that it was also equipped with an extremely powerful defensive barrier like the library.

The Heavenly Objects Pavilion in the Heavenly Gates was only open to those in the Internal Gates. It was said that this place had everything that could be found in the Land, and one could engage in trade, but not with money.

The Heavenly Gates was never in lack of money. The treasures here were only open to those who had made massive contributions to the Heavenly Gates, and the conditions for exchange were Heavenly Gates contribution points. Heavenly Gates elders and supervisors would obtain Heavenly Gates contribution points during their everyday lessons, and most Heavenly Gates missions would also have contribution points. However, teaching students was only a small part of the Heavenly Gates' responsibilities. The Heavenly Gates also had the important responsibility of supervising the Star Alliance. Furthermore, in many special circumstances, the jurisdiction of the Heavenly Gates was even greater than that of the Star Alliance. The Heavenly Gates had great authority. If this was not the case, upgrading the Earth civilization could not have been done with just some words from the Heavenly Gates superintendent.

Notably, the points that the pupils obtained in class could also be exchanged for contribution points. Of course, this was a privilege that only official Heavenly Gates pupils could activate. Currently, it had not been decided whether this batch of rookies would stay or leave. Thus, they could not unlock the privilege to exchange their points. However, Lao Wang was different. As a member of the Celestial Honors Class, he had surpassed the threshold of an official pupil. Thus, he had simply skipped over this step.

A member of the Machinery race welcomed Wang Zhong. Unlike with the Silver Titans who were dumbfounded for a bit before finally recognizing him, Wang Zhong was now a definite favorite of the Machinery race. As there were too many competition teams, the law enforcement game tournament had been delayed time and again. Now, they were about to commence the final stage of the last playoffs, and the finals would probably be held in a few days. As the creator of the law enforcement game, Lao Wang took on the role of the final judge. Everyone in the Machinery race knew about Wang Zhong…

"Master Wang Zhong." Although the Machine's expression was stiff, its voice was filled with warmth. They were rather quick at their work and did not waste even one second. It was said that the Machinery race was impartial and incorruptible, but they obviously gave preferential treatment to their own people. "I have converted your points to contribution points. This is the list of treasures. There are no exchange restrictions, and you can exchange your points for anything as long as you have enough contribution points. You can slowly choose your items."

A long classification list appeared in the three-dimensional projection beside them. There were medicinal ingredients, minerals, pills, equipment, rare materials, and various precious treasures. There were even various technological products and airships from the Machinery race, among other things. One could even exchange points for a planet, allowing one to play god. This place simply had everything that one could wish for.

When he thought about how humans had worried about being subjugated in the past, this was truly…

However, when he randomly opened the pill category, Lao Wang was slightly shocked. There were many level-1 and level-2 pills, let alone level-5 and level-6 pills. However, the contribution points needed were also shockingly high. A level-1 pill needed at least one million contribution points. Meanwhile, with his previous points and the initial contribution point rewards for joining the Celestial Honors Class, Wang Zhong only had over four hundred points… He could not afford it, he simply could not afford it.

His eyes hurt from looking at the prices. Thus, Lao Wang stopped his desire to seek novelty to prevent himself from being shocked. He looked at the rare materials that he needed and searched for a name. Then, an illusory projection of an item immediately appeared in front of him.

It was a can of spiritual power that was filled with rich energy, the Heavenly River Origin Water!

It was water from the source of the Heavenly River, and the spiritual influence and vitality contained in it were far superior to anything else in the Land. This was the most valuable treasure of the Heavenly Gates and happened to be the best supplement for nurturing most medicinal ingredients. Furthermore, the price was rather comical. A palm-sized can of this water cost 10,000 contribution points. The water in the massive lake at the source of the Heavenly River was almost boundless, and the surging Heavenly River was constantly replenishing itself, but the water was still sold for such a high price. The buying power of these 10,000 contribution points had surpassed 100,000 Gold Star Stones, and Lao Wang felt irritated. As a strategic material, this was obviously an item whose value could not be measured by its supply. This was a material benefit of the Heavenly Gates. In other places in the Land, one could not even possibly buy Origin Water.

Luckily, the Machine beside him immediately made out Wang Zhong's troubled expression and reminded him, "Master Wang Zhong, you can buy Origin Water by the gram. If Master does not need much Origin Water, you do not necessarily have to buy an entire can. This can has exactly 500 grams. If we divide the amount, each gram can be exchanged for twenty contribution points."

Lao Wang instantly sighed. "Then give me 10 grams…"

Nurturing a level-6 ingredient would only require one or two drops and would not even use up one gram of Origin Water. However, Lao Wang was making long-term plans. In the future, he would be refining many high-leveled pills, and he could not completely control the advancement of his fragment world. He was afraid that it would be very difficult to upgrade his fragment world to the point where he could casually nurture level-5 and level-6 ingredients. He would definitely need the Heavenly River Origin Water as a supplement. Thus, he bought more to store. Sooner or later, he would need to use them.

In an instant, his 400 contribution points were halved, and Lao Wang did not even have the mood to browse through the rest of the treasures. It was no wonder that Senior Lavel had mentioned the importance of the Heavenly Gates points. Back then, before coming into contact with the conversion system in the Internal Gates, he did not feel that this was the case, but now, it was truly… If he had known this earlier, he would have attempted many level-5 and level-6 bubble worlds in the Illusion Sea World, even if he had to risk his life, to accumulate points and convert them to contribution points without holding back. However, he no longer had this opportunity.

He hurriedly rushed back to the mushroom house and was impatient to test out the efficacy of the Origin Water. He lightly tapped on the small, thick bottle that was as large as his thumb and dripped two drops of the glittering Origin Water onto the Heavenly River Dark Crystal Grass. Then, the Origin Water slowly flowed down the leaves of the Dark Crystal Grass. At first, there did not seem to be any changes. However, when the Origin Water slowly flowed to the roots and came in contact with the soil of the fragment world…

There was a faint hum, and the two drops of Origin Water were entirely absorbed by the soil. Wang Zhong then sensed a shocking change in spiritual influence in that part of the soil that was as large as his palm. The originally thin Heavenly River Dark Crystal Grass seemed to have received some form of stimulation. Although it did not instantly become green, its thin body instantly "stood up straight". At the same time, he did not know whether this was a false impression, but Lao Wang felt as if the Fate Stone that illuminated the fragment world had become slightly brighter, making the entire fragment world seem even brighter.

Was the Origin Water able to improve the efficacy of this fragment world?

Lao Wang had a thought and dripped a few more drops into the soil before carefully sensing for any changes. However, this time, the fragment world did not seem to show any changes like before. Even after waiting for a long time, there was still no movement. As a result, Lao Wang did not know whether to laugh or to cry. What had happened previously was probably a false impression. Thus, he grieved over the few drops of Origin Water he had just wasted.

However, at that moment, the state of the Heavenly River Dark Crystal Grass was obviously completely different from before. When he used his spiritual power to carefully sense the changes, Wang Zhong could clearly sense the plant life within the Dark Crystal Grass being restored gradually.

The fragment world did not have enough energy, but with the possibility of supplementation by the Heavenly River Origin Water, Lao Wang was absolutely relieved. A few days ago, he was still worried about nurturing medical ingredients in the fragment world. But now, this problem would not trouble him, at least in the short term. This was also thanks to his status as a member of the Celestial Honors Class. He was able to access the library and the Heavenly Objects Pavilion, among other benefits. If not, it would have been extremely difficult for the current Lao Wang to solve this trouble.

This was until he received a letter that Celeste had sent over.

The daughter of the Heavenly Shell Crown Prince had invited him to refine the level-6 pill together. In reality, Celeste was slightly helpless. She had helped Wang Zhong out before. Furthermore, she was the dignified daughter of the Heavenly Shell Crown Prince with the looks of a goddess. They had even experienced life and death together… Why was there no action from Wang Zhong?

Celeste was helpless and had no choice but to be proactive. In any case, ever since she got to know Wang Zhong, her principles had been continuously changing and adjusting.

As for the naive boy Wang Zhong, he was naturally very happy. Celeste was able to provide him with a lot of help, and her pill refinery reserves were much better than his. However, since his ingredients had not yet grown fully, he had to delay this slightly.

Yiyi was the one who had delivered the letter. Nini would not go as she looked down upon Celeste. Even when Celeste's Roro came, she was made to keep a one-meter distance away from Wang Zhong. As a result, Wang Zhong felt slightly embarrassed.

Over the next two to three days, the Heavenly River Dark Crystal Grass recovered at a good pace and grew extremely quickly. It looked as if it was about to fully mature. Then, an invitation from the Machinery race arrived. It was the finals of the law enforcement game tournament.

This was something that he had promised Rhode D that he would do. The long system of competition had delayed the finals time and again. If this bronze invitation had not been sent, Lao Wang would have forgotten about this.

The competition was tomorrow. When he looked at the competition venue, it was not in the Heavenly Gates, but in the Machinery Palace.

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