Battle Frenzy
1145 Ruling Techniques of the Star Alliance
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1145 Ruling Techniques of the Star Alliance

To Wang Zhong, being the judge or referee for the finals was simply a formality. In the past, he had only heard of it from Rhode D, but when he experienced the craze of the Machinery race towards the law enforcement game, he sighed with emotion and felt as if he had unknowingly benefitted from an unexpected course of events.

The two teams engaged in a battle of wits, and the best of three matches would be the winner. The elite team led by a general from the Golden Fleet had lost. However, there was no dejection or unhappiness on the general's face. On the contrary, its expression was full of satisfaction. Even though they were all enthusiasts of the law enforcement game, this was simply a game among their race. Since they were able to stand on the highest-leveled competition grounds, victory or loss was not important to them. What was important was seeing the Machinery race have a rare grand gathering of their race.

The Machinery race did not have the practice of "feasting". The occupation of "chef" did not even exist in the Machinery race… After all, the needs of their body were different from bodies made out of flesh. Even towards guests that they respected like Wang Zhong, they had no intention of changing their racial practices at all.

There were many necessary ceremonies. Lao Wang used this competition as an opportunity to see many true higher-ups in the Machinery race, including Chief Judge Lyon, Arbitrator Wiggins, the Dimensional Generals that had participated in the competition, as well as many others. As the rulers at the very top of the Machinery race, the suffixes at the back of their names were eliminated. Their name became a unique glory that was carved in the Sacred Heavenly Pagoda of the Machinery race…

Of course, he simply looked at these bosses and greeted them.

There was no doubt that Wang Zhong was well-known among the Machinery race and had a special influence. However, this influence did not mean that he could overstep boundaries, but in some cases, no one was allowed to act against Wang Zhong.

Rhode D had arranged Lao Wang's following journey. Naturally, Rhode D wanted to bring Lao Wang and Lan Daier to roam around the Machinery Palace. Lao Wang was excited. In any case, he still had to nurture the Heavenly River Dark Crystal Grass for another two or three more days and was not in a rush to go back. As the headquarters of the Machinery race, the Machinery Palace was a true accumulation of technology. There were too many things to experience here.

Only, Lan Daier felt dizzy the entire journey. Throughout this trip to the Machinery Palace, since the moment they walked out of the transmission place to when they left on the second afternoon, she did not have the time to calm herself down and think properly. It was as if she was situated in the clouds. The entire trip felt both real and illusory. As a result, she was somewhat at a loss.

During this period of time, Wang Zhong did not look for her or even reply to her. It was not that Lan Daier did not have times when she thought about various things. Even though she was already used to solitude in the Holy City and was usually able to organize her feelings very quickly, it was inevitable that she occasionally felt frustrated.

Lan Daier seemed to have understood. The fellow who she had once seen as a young boy was standing at a very high position before she knew it, much higher than when he had broken through to the Heavenly Soul Stage and was invincible in the Holy City. He seemed to be in a different world from her. He was now worried about how to survive in the Land and how to establish a footing amidst the competition in the Heavenly Gates. He was worried about the future of the Earth and threats from powerful individuals such as Kakadinme.

When they were in the Holy Land, she had already realized this. Even though Wang Zhong had eventually returned to his hometown to live in seclusion, Lan Daier knew that Wang Zhong would definitely go. This was because Lan Daier was also a woman who understood Wang Zhong. If Wang Zhong could give things up for Scarlet, then Scarlet would also definitely let go for Wang Zhong.

Suddenly, Lan Daier understood why she was inferior to Scarlet.

The sky was dark, and Wang Zhong had escorted Lan Daier to the outside of the Anoma Club. As she looked at the familiar door, the emotions that she had spent two days feeling dizzy over had not completely calmed down.

Lan Daier gave Wang Zhong a hug with a tinge of satisfaction and peace. Her voice was clear and pure as she flashed a relaxed smile. "Let go and just do it. Remember, you are not alone."


Lan Daier's words touched Lao Wang slightly. Over the past year, he seemed to be hustling and bustling in the divine territory, but in reality, he was very cautious at every step. The frantic killings were not Wang Zhong's original intention. He simply had no other choice in order to survive. Now, he was quickly getting used to the divine territory and the Land, especially the cruelty that was hidden beneath the peace in the Heavenly Gates. Humans did not like loneliness. They could get used to it, but in the end, they still needed friends.

Her words were very warm!

Of course, once Lao Wang returned to the mushroom house, he had reorganized his feelings. He first went to the fragment world and checked on the condition of the Heavenly River Dark Crystal Grass. After the two-day outing to the Machinery Palace, the two most important plants had completely matured. They were no longer thin and greenish-yellow. At that moment, they fluttered in the direction of the Fate Stone in the fragment world. It was mostly green here, and spiritual influence filled the surroundings. The natural aura that peak level-6 medicinal ingredients radiated made Lao Wang feel as if the air in the entire fragment world had been cleansed and was extremely clear.

Lao Wang's eyes lit up. He adjusted himself slightly and waited for the time he had arranged with Celeste.

When Wang Zhong came to the pill house, Celeste had not arrived yet. Lao Wang simply summoned the two fellows.

"Master, Master, have you forgotten about us…?"

The moment Nini and Yiyi appeared, their faces were filled with bitterness. Nini pouted and had a sorrowful expression on her face. When Master said that he would not summon them, he really did not summon them. He did not even greet them. Nini felt as if the world had lost its color. Of course, she could not be angry in front of her master. She could only cry!

Lao Wang did not know whether to laugh or to cry. He was in a rush to console them.

"Aiyo! First thing in the morning and I hear someone sniveling." Roro's voice sounded from outside the door. She was as excited as a little witch. Recently, Nini had shown off enough in the Spirit Flower Garden. There would always be a small group of spirits that surrounded and fawned upon her. However, it was rather rare to see her cry. "I'm so happy! I love seeing clowns snivel."

Nini instantly stopped crying and put on a stern face. "Hmph. I was just wondering who it was. So it was the follower of that poop picker."

"Nonsense! Celeste stopped working there a long time ago!"

"Hmph. Once a poop picker, always a poop picker." Nini was rather disdainful. "She is not as tall and handsome as Master, nor is she as dashing and powerful!"

"You!!" Roro's eyes were as wide as saucers. This was the reason why she would never be able to gain the upper hand in her quarrels with Nini… Because she could not bear to scold Wang Zhong. Thus, she immediately lost.

When Lao Wang heard this, he started sweating profusely. If they wanted to fight, then they should just insult each other until they were satisfied. Why did they have to involve others? Wasn't this just creating trouble for him…?

Then, Celeste walked in and did not seem to mind. She simply smiled at Wang Zhong with a helpless expression on her face. These two fiery spirits always wanted to rip each other apart when they met, and Celeste was used to this. Poop picker or not, it would not affect her at all.

Lao Wang simply ignored the sparks that were flying from Nini and Roro's gazes. The two of them were in a completely different world. He walked towards Celeste and was about to greet her when he suddenly sensed an unusually familiar feeling from her.

Not only did Lao Wang sense this, but Celeste did as well. Her somewhat helpless smile instantly turned into shock. The two of them could clearly sense that both of them had the same special characteristic. When they looked at each other…

They saw a ring appear indistinctly on each other's fingers.

The two of them were not very experienced. After a moment of distraction, they only understood when they saw a ring. For those who had been in the Celestial Honors Class for a long time, the moment they felt this feeling, they would have understood what was happening.

They were both members of the Celestial Honors Class!

Celeste smiled knowingly. She definitely knew about this, but this was the first time she sensed this feeling as Wang Zhong had been selected before her. Even to someone with her identity, being selected to enter the Celestial Honors Class was a very glorious thing. Frankly speaking, she had a good background, but the Celestial Honors Class was the acknowledgment of her efforts.

Celeste faintly knew this but never expected that Wang Zhong had truly been selected. She could only say that the conditions were right, and a miracle had emerged. However, just as she predicted, joining the Celestial Honors Class did not bring about any changes in Wang Zhong. At least, she could not see any wild delight…

Lao Wang was relatively ordinary in this aspect. He had already sensed how impressive Celeste was when they were ambushed and almost assassinated by the underground world.

She had good natural pill refinery talents, great strength, and the special characteristics of the Heavenly Shell race. If anyone was able to enter the Celestial Honors Class, Celeste would definitely be the first choice.

"Wang Zhong, I can now call you Senior Brother." Celeste smiled sweetly. All along, her identity would have some impact. Even though Wang Zhong did not mind it, some distance did exist between them. However, since they had entered the Celestial Honors Class, this meant that Wang Zhong had freed himself from his civilization and had a completely new path of development.

"Should I thank Senior Sister?" Lao Wang smiled and ridiculed her. "But I'm still slightly nervous now."

"You're nervous? I don't believe that." Celeste could not help but laugh. Speaking with Wang Zhong usually made her feel as if he was very natural and casual, and there was no politeness for the sake of propriety from him. Perhaps this was different from the upper-class education she had received, but it made her feel very comfortable. "However, for a Void Core to join the Celestial Honors Class, you will indeed create much controversy, but I believe that you can do it."

"Speaking of which. Celeste, thank you so much, not just for helping me enter the Celestial Honors Class but also for advancing the Earth civilization. Without the help of the Heavenly Shell race, no one knows how long we Earthlings would have had to endure before reaching this stage."

Lao Wang was not foolish. He instantly knew that Celeste definitely put in a good word for him when usually speaking to the superintendent. At the very least, she frequently brought it up. In reality, he should have thought of this long ago. If not, someone extremely busy like the superintendent might not be able to notice a minor character like him in the Combat Cultivation Hall. Even if he had some outstanding qualities, this would also be the case.

"The superintendent was able to notice you because you are strong enough. It has nothing to do with me. At the very most, I simply mentioned you in front of the superintendent." Celeste smiled and had no intention of claiming credit for herself.

At her level, although she did not have the qualification to make many decisions in her race, she definitely had to participate and understand these decisions. After all, she was being nurtured as a future leader. Not everyone could pass through the Heavenly River Tide. Even beings who were as powerful as the superintendent could only ensure that they would not die if they failed and make alternative plans. Fewer than one in 10 people could succeed. Even if they had great confidence in themselves, most of the time, they had to be prepared for failure. For people like Celeste, their preparation for failure meant that they would do their utmost to ensure that they would not die if they failed and then take over the management of their race in the future instead. She understood many things about the Earth relatively well. Furthermore, she had no need to hide these from Wang Zhong.

"The tranquility in the Land only exists on the surface. Typically, every two or three eras, there will be an upheaval. There are many factors involved, including influence from the darkness civilizations outside, the level-6 and level-7 civilizations below, and even the ambition of level-8 civilizations. Occasionally, the four races in Heaven might also participate. It's said that it is the vile interests of the gods… These can all possibly cause massive turmoil in the Land. Furthermore, two eras have passed since the previous upheaval in the Land. By referring to history and calculating the time, we can guess chaos is about to descend upon us. Recently, this has been the case in the divine territory. It's peaceful on the surface, but beneath the surface, undercurrents are surging. Furthermore, the turmoil this time is unusually intense."

Celeste spoke about these as if she was talking about her daily life in her family, and there was no hesitation or avoidance. If she was talking to the past Wang Zhong, she would not talk about these, but since Wang Zhong had joined the Celestial Honors Class, as long as he did not die, he would have the qualifications to join the higher-ups in the Land in the future. Coming into contact with this information was not a taboo to him. Even if she did not tell him, someone would tell him sooner or later. Since Wang Zhong had actively asked her, she had no need to hide this from him.

"Internally, the conflict between many level-6 and level-7 civilizations and the upper management of the Star Alliance has grown deeper and deeper. Some restless people have also started to challenge level-8 civilizations. Externally, some darkness civilizations that have already disappeared from history started to stir up winds in the peripheral worlds. Before dealing with outside aggression, we must pacify the inside. Recently, the Star Alliance has acted ahead of time. Suppressing the most vicious level-6 and level-7 civilizations is a necessity. However, before acting against them, the roles that they fill in the Land will have to be filled by others. Thus, the promotion of some new civilizations has occurred at the same time. Furthermore, it is best if these newly promoted civilizations are not well established and vigorously developing in the Land. After all, there are too many of such civilizations, and there is not enough to go around. When it comes to balance, we do not worry about scarcity, but about uneven distribution."

When Celeste said this, Wang Zhong understood.

The Star Alliance was now dealing with both internal disturbance and external aggression. Thus, they had to act first and deal with some overly active civilization powers. This matter was probably already being arranged. After getting rid of them, they urgently needed new civilizations to take up these benefits and fill in the empty places. It would be best if these new civilizations that filled in the spaces were not established civilizations. If not, regardless of whether it was because of uneven distribution or because of excessive resources, the civilization would grow alone and unchallenged and break the equilibrium. This was not something that the Star Alliance was willing to see as it would only cause greater turmoil. Thus, they needed to promote completely new powers, and there was no doubt that the Earth was one of the lucky ones to be chosen. Of course, the higher-ups in the Heavenly Gates also happened to have Lao Wang in their line of sight. They saw his selection into the Celestial Honors Class and other contributions as the main foundation for their decision. In the end, this was the result of coincidences in many aspects.

"Wang Zhong, the Earth has to be careful. The benefits of the Star Alliance are not easily obtained. They are very troublesome." Celeste paused and gave a rather serious reminder.

Wang Zhong understood.

In reality, as long as one understood the whole story, they would know that this matter was definitely not as simple as imagined to the Earth. A civilization without any strength had been forcibly promoted to a certain position by the Star Alliance. They could occupy resources that surpassed the strength of their civilization, but was this really a good thing for them? This was equivalent to placing the Earth over a fire for roasting, making the Earth the target of admiration and envy from countless covetous eyes and the objective of jealousy from others!

Lao Wang sighed silently and was vigilant.

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    《Battle Frenzy》