Battle Frenzy
1149 Instant Suppression
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1149 Instant Suppression

Lao Wang and Celeste looked back and saw Wolf God Young Master Mutubauer who was dressed in silver standing in the field. His gaze was icy-cold, and there was boundless killing intent in his eyes. It was as if he was dying to swallow Wang Zhong whole.

"Move away from Celeste. Inferior males from low-leveled civilizations like you are not suitable to stand beside the daughter of the Heavenly Shell Crown Prince!"

Lao Wang was speechless and looked at Celeste beside him. Why did the Heavenly Gates have fellows with such low IQs? Such situations were rarely seen on Earth but occurred one after another in the Heavenly Gates. To be honest, Lao Wang was slightly shocked. He was too lazy to explain this. The more he explained to people with such thinking and logic, the more troublesome it would become.

Celeste simply laughed silently and did not say anything. She looked as if she was waiting to see a good show. Evidently, women were very strange creatures. Typically, if people like Mutubauer tried to woo her with words, she would immediately berate them. But with Wang Zhong… She wanted to see Wang Zhong's reaction. To women, this was a form of glory and was very common in the Heavenly Gates.

"Hmph~~'' It seemed as if Mutubauer had misunderstood Wang Zhong's and Celeste's silence as concession and "encouragement" respectively. A wave of Solid Core aura suddenly spread from the Wolf God Young Master's body. "Wang Zhong, you Earthlings are a bunch of cowards! If you feel unworthy, then move away from her! If not, fight a battle with me like a man. I will let you know what the difference is in our power and what you have no qualifications to touch!"

Lao Wang narrowed his eyes slightly, and the surroundings were quiet. Immediately after, the crowd burst into an uproar. Of course, these were all sounds of excitement.

Wang Zhong was now in the Pill Refinery Hall and had some reputation in the Heavenly Gates. But no matter what, he was only a very strong Foundational Stage. It was said that he seemed to have accumulated his Core, but regardless of the reliability of this information, he was no more than a Void Core. However, Wolf God Young Master Mutubauer was a Solid Core, which was a Realm higher than Wang Zhong. The difference between a Solid Core and a Void Core was much greater than the difference between a Void Core and a Foundational Stage! Everyone's trepidation towards Wang Zhong was mostly from his natural endowments in pill refinery, as well as the importance that Elder Yimo placed on him as he had personally invited Wang Zhong into the Pill Refinery Hall. Wang Zhong himself was no more than a lucky being from a low-leveled civilization.

"Heh heh. He doesn't dare to accept the battle."

"Mutubauer is very strong. The Wolf God Race have an irritable temper and would not be afraid of something like being reproached by Elder Yimo."

"How satisfying! That Earthling is an eyesore to me. Furthermore, this only involves passionate love and jealousy. There's nothing to reproach Mutubauer for. No matter how highly Elder Yimo thinks of that Earthling, will he care about such minor things?"

"That's right. Even though the Pill Refinery Hall mainly teaches pill refinery, they still focus on Core accumulation methods and nurturing Gold Core experts. Pill refinery is only supplementary. In the end, strength is still the most important. If Wang Zhong is thrashed here, Elder Yimo might look down on him from now on, let alone help him to stand out in the future."

"Heh heh. This Wang Zhong is really asking for death!" Pigolo had previously been cheated of some goblin-race techniques by Shannali and discovered that that woman was not a kind person. Recently, he had been much more low-key and did not dare to interact with Shannali. However, he still hated Wang Zhong very much.

There was an uproar in the surroundings. This was not the Combat Cultivation Hall. Even the Pill Refinery Hall pupils who had not joined the core members were elites from various high-leveled civilizations. Regardless of whether it was their individual status or their status in the Pill Refinery Hall, perhaps they were no match for Wang Zhong, but in terms of background, these people would definitely not fear Earthlings.

On the inside, Lao Wang was helpless as he looked at the excited faces around him. He did not like this enthusiastic scene, especially when he was the main character.

"Firstly"—Lao Wang calmly looked at his surroundings—"I have never undervalued myself, let alone think that I am not worthy. At the very least, not with you around.

"Secondly, Celeste and I are good friends. Who said that Earthlings and Heavenly Shells cannot become friends? I don't care if you talk behind my back for the fun of it. But if you try to ruin my friend's reputation, I will not be so polite."

A gulping sound could instantly be heard in the surroundings. They simply wanted to see how Mutubauer would fight this Earthling but forgot that one of the main characters was Celeste… However, surprisingly, Wang Zhong was not afraid. Instead, he took on the responsibility himself.

"Thirdly…" Wang Zhong stopped scanning the crowd and stared at Mutubauer, who was in front of him. A wave of killing intent surged from his eyes, causing the slightly distracted Mutubauer to instantly shiver uncontrollably. "I don't like challenges. Challenges are like playing house with children. What is there to fight about? If you want to fight, fight with me in the Life and Death Arena. I will satisfy you."

The—the Life and Death Arena?

The Wolf God Young Master was instantly dumbfounded. He indeed did have the confidence to bully a Void Core like Wang Zhong. After all, he was a Solid Core, so what did he have to fear? He could suppress Wang Zhong just by relying on brute force! However, the Life and Death Arena was a method used by lower-classed beings, and he had never experienced it before…

"Mutubauer." Kakadinme's voice sounded from the crowd with a hint of provocation and encouragement. "Since that Earthling is asking for death, you don't have to pity him."

"That's right! Kill him!" The surrounding spectators who were still quiet instantly flared up. They were definitely interested in a fight between Mutubauer and Wang Zhong. However, if it was the Life and Death Arena, it would be more entertaining.

"Mutubauer! You have to properly teach this arrogant Earthling how to respect a Solid Core expert!"

Countless people created a disturbance, as if they were not afraid that chaos would break out. They shrieked as if they were on steroids. Meanwhile, Mutubauer's face was slightly red.

He was not a fool. In particular, Kakadinme's instigating words at that key moment had obviously made him stand out. In reality, Kakadinme had instigated him early on. Mutubauer had realized this but still jumped out.

Frankly speaking, he simply wanted to show off in front of Celeste. It was naturally best if he could frighten Wang Zhong. However, even if he could not frighten Wang Zhong and they got into a fight, Mutubauer was not afraid.

Even if the Earthlings had outstanding combat techniques, with the difference in their power, Mutubauer had at least 60% to 70% confidence that he could beat Wang Zhong. However, he never thought that this Earthling would be so brutal. They were about to go to the Life and Death Arena! How honorable were his identity and life to risk them with this Earthling?

Damn, even if he had 80% confidence, Mutubauer was not willing to take this risk!

"I am only going to discipline you. I don't want to kill you." Mutubauer mustered his courage and said, "If you—"

"Stop the nonsense." Wang Zhong calmly looked at him. "Let's go to the Life and Death Arena. Either accept or go away."

Flowers that had been brought up in greenhouses might have their natural endowments, but when it came to actual ability, very few could make the cut. Mutubauer was instantly rendered speechless and could not utter the rest of his words. His entire face was bright red.

"Ha ha ha ha!" Kakadinme's loud laughter sounded from the crowd. "Mutubauer, this Earthling isn't even paying any attention to you. If I were you, I would definitely not be able to endure it."

"He is a Foundational Stage, a Void Core at the very most. Where is his confidence from? He is too arrogant. Young Wolf God, kill him!"

Wang Zhong looked at the crowd with disdain. Meanwhile, Kakadinme looked at him. Their gazes clashed for a moment in the air, causing sparks to fly in all directions.

Mutubauer took a deep breath. Even if he bitterly hated Kakadinme, who continuously egged him on, he had already reached this stage no matter how unwilling he was. If he was terrified now, he would not be able to survive in the Heavenly Gates in the future, especially when he saw the disdain towards him and the affection towards Wang Zhong in Celeste's eyes…

"Wang—!" He took a step forward and was about to speak.

"That's enough."

A massive figure blocked Mutubauer. It was Tsarisiya. His powerful hand simply gripped Mutubauer's arm.

Tsarisiya was helpless. He really did not want to care about such minor things, but the relationship between the Wolf God Race and the Titan race had always been good. Despite the fact that the Wolf God Young Master had low tolerance, they were usually friends. The Titans were not as evil as the Blood Demon race. "Mutubauer, you are no match for Wang Zhong. Don't send yourself to your death. Stop here!"

"Tsarisiya?" Mutubauer was now truly angry. If Wang Zhong had said this, it would seem like a provocation and nonsense from an enemy. However, as his friend, did Tsarisiya also look down upon him? He suddenly flung his hand and angrily chided Tsarisiya, "What gives you the right to say that?! I can't defeat you, but I can't defeat that little fellow either? Even if the rumors are true, he is no more than a Void Core. I'll rip him apart with just one hand!"

The surrounding crowd was also baffled. Who exactly was Tsarisiya helping?

"One hand?" Tsarisiya grinned. He had also thought this way in the past, but now, there was deep dread towards Wang Zhong in his eyes. "As the first person to enter the Celestial Honors Class in our batch, are you sure?"

Mutubauer's passionate emotions that were about to surge forth instantly froze. There was a dumbfounded expression on his face.

There was silence, dead silence! The noisy crowd had simply turned quiet.

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    《Battle Frenzy》