Battle Frenzy
1150 Celestial Honors Assignmen
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1150 Celestial Honors Assignmen

Chapter 1150: Celestial Honors Assignment

The Celestial Honors Class? The fabled gathering ground of abnormal geniuses where all the members were assured to achieve the Gold Core Realm? Damn, that Wang Zhong had joined the class? And he was the first to do so?

Shannali, who had been very low-key in the Pill Refinery Hall all along, had a devilish glint in her eyes. A Void Core who was also someone from a Playground of the Gods had joined the Celestial Honors Class. Everything seemed to be developing in an unimaginable direction. It was becoming more and more fun…

His “opponent” Mutubauer was instantly stunned. In the historical records of the Heavenly Core, being able to join the Celestial Honors Class meant that they had far surpassed almost all of their fellow pupils, be it in terms of strength or potential. So what if a Void Core was fighting against a Solid Core? Did he really think that Wang Zhong didn’t have the skills to abuse him from head to toe?

Becoming enemies with a genius from the Celestial Honors Class and even going to the Life and Death Arena with him… He would not cause any more trouble. He had not lived for long enough.

Lao Wang also silently sighed. Of course, he could tell what Mutubauer was thinking.

Why was it that high-leveled civilizations, who had resources that clearly far exceeded that of low-leveled civilizations, were unable to use them and fight properly? Their combat-technique foundations were extremely weak. This was not simply because they lacked training opportunities in practical combat due to the comfortable environment in the Land.

To be honest, these second-generation children in the Heavenly Gates had natural endowments but did not have much bloodthirstiness in them.

Kakadinme snorted through his nose and coldly looked at Wang Zhong. Meanwhile, Mutubauer, who did not know how to get out of this awkward predicament, stared fiercely at the Titan.

Tsarisiya obviously would not care about him. He did not even return the gaze.

“Go away, everyone. There’s nothing to watch.” Kakadinme’s calm voice sounded among the quiet crowd. “Only a coward.”

Mutubauer’s face turned even more red and purple. However, he just had no way to refute him.

At that moment, the expressions of the surrounding crowd became much richer. Their reactions were ever-changing. To be honest, they looked down upon Wang Zhong because they made little of his identity. He was from a level-4 civilization, and people would naturally form a lowly first impression of him from that. This first impression was already deeply ingrained in them and could not be easily changed.

However, if he was a member of the Celestial Honors Class, then it was different. The Celestial Honors Class was a symbol of one’s identity. It did not just mean that Wang Zhong’s strength was far above that of ordinary pupils. Regardless of his background and identity, since he was able to join the Celestial Honors Class, as long as he did not die, was there a need to fear that the Earth civilization would not advance in the future? Even though it was rare for an expert to safeguard a civilization and defy the heavens to rise up, it had happened before. The Heavenly Shell race was a living example.

“Senior, Senior Wang Zhong! Tell us about the Celestial Honors Class!”

“Senior Wang Zhong, joining the Celestial Honors Class is good news! Let’s gather tonight as pupils of the Pill Refinery Hall and properly celebrate for Senior Wang Zhong! I’ll do the work. You just need to show up, Senior.”

Many people in the crowd changed expressions extremely quickly, but most of them simply wanted to look good in front of others. Some chatty people who had mocked him too loudly and could not immediately change their words uttered some scattered words and acted out various expressions. In a few minutes, it became a big show.

Lao Wang was naturally too lazy to care about these kinds of people. Celeste had previously advised him to be low-key, and it was a tradition of the Celestial Honors Class to keep their entry secret. However, he was now high-profile even if he didn’t want to be, and it was announced even if he didn’t want it to be announced. However, Lao Wang did not complain. Why should he care? He simply had to adopt measures appropriate to this situation and go with the flow.

Of course, there were still many provocative gazes. Tsarisiya’s gaze had the most combat intent. He had advised Mutubauer, but this did not mean that Tsarisiya himself had accepted this outcome. He was also applying to the Celestial Honors Class and did not think that he was weaker than Wang Zhong, let alone think that he would be unable to pass. However, Wang Zhong was one step ahead and had joined the Celestial Honors Class before him. Thus, Tsarisiya was rather unhappy about this.

However, if he actively challenged Wang Zhong to a fight, it would seem as if he cared about this sequence. It would also seem as if he was particularly petty and lowly. Tsarisiya knew clearly that he was not the only one with such thoughts. Lilisy, tree person Nibaru, and Kakadinme, who had instigated Mutubauer to be the vanguard, definitely all had the same thoughts! They would definitely fight. They simply needed an appropriate occasion and stage to do so.


The small disturbance in the Pill Refinery Hall did not impact Lao Wang’s life at all. The topic of the Celestial Honors Class was recently trending in the Pill Refinery Hall. Many people followed this topic and discussed it passionately. However, it was obvious that with their qualifications, they only understood some superficial knowledge or just knew some legends about the ancestors in their races. Only a few peak experts like Tsarisiya had the qualifications to truly interact with the Celestial Honors Class, even if it was for a simple test.

Even though Wang Zhong had only refined two batches of the level-6 pill, he had accumulated many problems. Thus, Lao Wang went to the library and stayed there for a few days. This method of questioning, then finding a solution to the problem increased the speed at which he accumulated knowledge.

“So it was a much higher-leveled theory. The main points are completely different. If I used the knowledge from low-leveled pill studies to deduce a method, it would naturally be full of flaws.”

“Master Wang Zhong, my apologies.”

Wang Zhong was holding an annotated level-6 pill prescription that belonged to an expert Senior and was obsessed with it. He never expected that the manager would come and disturb him.

The elder from the Natural race smiled and bowed. He was respectful and polite. “There is an urgent letter from the Internal Gates.”

A letter from the Internal Gates?

Wang Zhong was doubtful as he received the letter that the Natural race manager had passed to him. He saw that there was a golden seal of the Internal Gates on the letter that represented the identity of a sender. Wang Zhong was no more than a mere pupil. Why did the Internal Gates have to send a letter to him?

When he opened the letter to take a look, he immediately understood.

Celestial Honors Assignment: Lead a group to evaluate the “Ocean Empire Planet”.

The Ocean Empire Planet was a level-4.5 civilization that had openly rebelled against the Star Alliance one year ago and killed the peace messengers sent by the Star Alliance. They had committed a great sin and had extremely despicable personalities! The Heavenly Gates and the Star Alliance both sentenced the Ocean Empire Planet for revolt and second-degree murder. According to the Star Alliance law, all the Foundational Stages in the Ocean Empire Planet had to be put to death, while all personnel who had contact with the management class of the Ocean Empire Planet were also sentenced to death. All the other members of the civilization would be sentenced to labor and slave roles, effective immediately. Wang Zhong was in charge of leading the team to execute this. The Internal Gates would send four Solid Core soldiers and a peak Solid Core deputy to provide assistance to this mission. No mistakes were allowed!

It was a Celestial Honors assignment.

“The Ocean Empire Planet, tomorrow morning…” Wang Zhong kept the letter. The timing given for the assignment was also very tight, and he had to set off the next day.

When one joined the Celestial Honors Class, they would face various life-threatening tests. Furthermore, one could not casually decide whether or not they would go. These were all compulsory assignments. Of course, not many compulsory assignments would be assigned to them, and this only occurred once a year. During other times, if members of the Celestial Honors Class wanted to earn points, they could apply for assignments in the Heavenly Gates.

According to the description of the assignment, this assignment should be considered a relatively easy one from the Celestial Honors Class. Perhaps there were many messy conditions involved in the appraisal of a civilization’s level. It was possible that some high-leveled civilizations did not deserve their evaluated level. However, there was no doubt that bottom-dwelling civilizations that had not even advanced to level-5 had not reached the stage where they could threaten true experts, regardless of whether it was their overall technology or the breadth of their cultivation. For example, the countless naval fleets from the Mizobudapi civilization that had once fought the Holy City were seen as a definite risk in the eyes of the Sacred Teachers back then. However, to some Solid Core experts, there was no meaning even if there were countless of such “paper” toys.

Civilizations like the Ocean Empire Planet had at most three or four Void Core experts, even if the situation at home was not good. With the strength of the experts that the Internal Gates had sent out, this assignment could be said to be of no difficulty. This was simply an indulgent giveaway.

Once one joined the Celestial Honors Class and enjoyed the rights and benefits, they would also have to fulfill their duties. Lao Wang was not surprised about this. On the contrary, he felt more at ease.

No matter what, this was his first Celestial Honors assignment. He had to do some preparations.

When he returned to the mushroom house, he packed his things. He still had one perfect Soul Moulding Pill from his previous refining attempt. He had planned to find a suitable opportunity to ask Jhonas to exchange it for some Gold Star Stones to help the Earth, but this was no longer an urgent matter. The function of the Soul Moulding Pill was to repair fragmented souls. Injuries to the soul or natural damage, even for Solid Cores, could only slowly recover. When wandering in the Land, one was most afraid of soul injuries. Unlike physical injuries, even slight damage to the soul was enough for one to lose all their resistance and recovery powers. However, having a Soul Moulding Pill could respond to this emergency. Other than that, he brought two level-7 Glazed Crystal Life Extending Pills and a large number of Vitality Supplement Pills…

Pills were recognized as essentials for adventures. When one had pills on hand, they would not panic. Meanwhile, Wang Zhong went to the Heavenly Objects Pavilion and greeted the Machinery race manager. Then, he opened up the category listings and took a look.

Equipment served to guide and increase one’s power. If a piece of equipment could allow 100% of one’s power to deliver 120% of the effects, then it would be considered to be up to standard.

First, he looked at the categories. There were various equipment categories, including attack-types, illusion-types, boosting-types, seal-types, territorial-types, defensive-types, and so on. They had different functions, values, and appraisals. The attack-type equipment was considered relatively cheap among all the equipment. Many people refined such equipment, and the success rate was also high. Thus, it was naturally cheap. The most expensive equipment were the territorial- and defensive-type equipment. Many random level-9 or level-8 pure defensive or territorial equipment had a hefty price that Lao Wang did not even dare to look at.

Among the attack-type equipment, there were the traditional close-combat equipment, invisibility equipment, long-range equipment, and so on. Lao Wang was not nitpicky about these. Before comprehending his own “technique”, perhaps he would be fussy about what kind of equipment to use. After all, it had to be easy to use. However, once he created a technique that belonged to him, the form of his attack would simply be for show and would not be important. What was important was the boost in power, the concept of his attack, and other factors.

Out of pure personal interest, Lao Wang opened the sword-type equipment.

The swords were divided by their levels. Level-9 and level-8 equipment could only be considered as beginner equipment. There were many swords, and just the long list of names alone caused Lao Wang’s vision to turn blurry. Many of these were the works of pupils from the Equipment Refinery Hall. The equipment that they refined could be given to the Heavenly Gates, and the Heavenly Gates would award them with a certain number of contribution points according to the value of the equipment. This was the only way the elites from the Pill Refinery Hall and the Equipment Refinery Hall could earn contribution points.

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