Battle Frenzy
1151 Falling Star
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1151 Falling Star

Chapter 1151: Falling Star

There were many types of equipment, and the conversion price was not very high either. Even the best level-8 equipment only cost around fifty contribution points, and such equipment was definitely enough for an ordinary Void Core to use. However, to elites like Wang Zhong, who even hypothetical enemies saw as a Solid Core, these artifacts were obviously not enough. Level-9 or level-8 equipment could not even keep up when facing against a true expert. It was just like the flying sword that Jhonas had helped Wang Zhong to refine and that was broken into pieces by a frequency wave from Wang Zhong. When experts clashed, using such equipment would be suicide.

He needed equipment that was at least level-7 or even level-6, but the price for such equipment was comical. The difference in level was not ordinary…

Just looking at the sword-type equipment, even the worst level-6 sword started from 1,000 contribution points. Level-7 equipment was slightly more reasonable, but most of them cost around three to four hundred contribution points. Only a very few swords cost 100 to 200 contribution points. After converting the points he had recently earned from the Pill Refinery Hall, he only added over a dozen contribution points. Including the points he had previously accumulated, he had 236 points and could only choose from a very limited range. After several rounds of selection, only two swords came into view.

The “Falling Star” was a heavy sword that seemed rather solid. The entire sword was made out of Black Flowing Gold, which was extremely rare and treasured. The weight of the sword alone was over two thousand kilograms, but this was relative to the gravity in the Land. If its weight were to be measured using Earth units, it would be at least 50,000 kilograms! Ordinary Void Core experts would find it tough to even lift it, let alone wave the sword. Furthermore, according to the description of the sword, as long as one channeled some spiritual power, its weight could multiply by 100 or even 1,000 times. However, its user would still perceive the weight of the sword as staying the same. Just as its name suggested, a slash of the sword resembled a falling star. A random and simple attack had the power of a nuclear weapon… It won in terms of power and could compare to some peak level-7 equipment. However, it was not very flexible, and the power requirements were very high. Thus, the price was relatively low, and it only cost 220 contribution points.

The second sword was called “Golden Rain Drizzle”. Just from the name alone, one could tell that it had completely different characteristics from the previous sword. It was less than five inches wide and less than two feet long. It weighed only a few kilograms, making it graceful and agile. It was also extremely sharp. The seemingly thin sword was made out of a substance produced by a famous alchemist. While it was extremely tough, it was also equipped with a special technique that was contained in the sword itself: the Golden Rain Drizzle. From the description, when performed, it could turn sword shadows into boundless storms that shrouded and washed everything. Those who were Void Cores or weaker would not be able to defend themselves against this. It was an ultimate technique that could kill enemies over a large area. Furthermore, it also delivered continuous follow-up attacks. It would be difficult for even Void Cores to defend themselves.

Its price was slightly more expensive than the Falling Star, needing 270 contribution points. He was short several dozen contribution points, but this was not a big issue. Every year, he had the right to exchange Gold Star Stones for up to 100 contribution points, which would only cost 1,000 Gold Star Stones. Even though the money he had previously given Jhonas had almost emptied his reserves, he was still able to pay out the 1,000 Gold Star Stones.

The swords contained unique sword techniques, but this was not rare. His previous Nebula Sword was also similar. When buying such equipment, not only was the equipment itself valuable, the sword techniques contained in the sword were also a benefit.

Lao Wang had slowly realized that his previous Nebula Sword was probably not an ordinary level-9 or level-8 weapon. Swords that contained three sword techniques were very rare. For example, the level-7 swords that he was looking at only had, at most, two sword techniques. If there were three techniques, the sword was either extremely high leveled, or it was an inherited item from some power. It was not something that was produced or bestowed upon for the ability tests in the Star Alliance’s assessments and missions. Regardless of which possibility was true, the value of “Sword One” was definitely extremely high. It definitely far exceeded the boundaries of a level-7 weapon. It was possibly a level-6 weapon, or even a level-5 one.

It looked like the Mizobudapi civilization had interacted with the Star Alliance many times, even before joining the Star Alliance. If not, such items could not possibly appear in their worlds. However, it was a pity that the Nebula Sword had been stolen when he was sleeping outside Old Cow’s shop in the Heavenly Treasures Street. Back then, he was only slightly distressed. He was more upset about the several dozen Star Coins that had been stolen… If the poverty-stricken Lao Wang back then knew exactly how valuable the Nebula Sword was, he would probably be so full of regret that his intestines turned green…

Choosing a weapon was mentally taxing, especially to members of low-leveled civilizations and “weaklings” who did not have much experience with such things… like Lao Wang.

There were two weapons. One focused on power and boosting power. Meanwhile, the other focused on agility and was extremely sharp and also had sword techniques contained in it. In the upcoming Ocean Empire Planet assignment, it was very likely that he would face a large number of low-leveled practitioners. Thus, the Golden Wind Drizzle, a killing technique that covered a large area, was rather suitable for facing a low-leveled civilization.

Lao Wang was slightly conflicted. Each had its own benefits, but the value of the Golden Wind Drizzle was obviously slightly higher, as seen from the price listed by the Heavenly Gates. However, this meant that he would have to empty everything he had, including contribution points and Gold Star Stones, without leeway.

After thinking for a long time, Lao Wang eventually chose the Falling Star.

The equipment bought at the Heavenly Gates could be sold back to the Heavenly Gates, allowing others to use the equipment you did not need. Of course, the price was definitely lower than what one had paid and would only be around 60% to 70% of the listed price. This was not simply a problem of a temporary rental. After all, it was a personal piece of equipment that recognized its owner. Thus, the Heavenly Gates had to cleanse the equipment and return it to a blank state, which would consume resources and the efforts of alchemists. However, pupils were only charged the cost price. This was a hidden benefit that the Heavenly Gates used to nurture talents.

Once he had decided on his purchase, the Machinery race manager helped to settle the related procedures and deducted his contribution points.

The Heavenly Objects Pavilion was only the place to choose treasures. After “purchasing” the item, there were still many processes to go through. The treasures were not directly stored in the Heavenly Objects Pavilion to be taken out at any time. After finishing the processes, Lao Wang returned to the mushroom house. After less than one hour, a disc-shaped aircraft was outside his door. Then, a Machine carried a box that was as tall as a person and knocked on the door.

“Master Wang Zhong, this is the treasure that you have exchanged for in the Heavenly Objects Pavilion. Please check and accept it.”

“Boss, Boss, what good stuff is that?!” Beside him, Jhonas excitedly came over. When he looked at the words “Heavenly Objects Pavilion” on the large box, he suddenly felt very classy. Even though he also had the right to enter the Heavenly Objects Pavilion and exchange points for treasures, he needed to submit various applications just to enter the Internal Gates. Furthermore, with his points from class, the number of contribution points that could be converted was pitifully small. Even if he could convert Gold Star Stones into contribution points every year, he could only obtain up to 20 points… The conversion frequency of ordinary Heavenly Gates pupils and pupils from the Celestial Honors Class was completely different.

Lao Wang smiled and pulled open the box. He saw a fully black sword lying quietly in the box.

The large sword was as tall as Wang Zhong and was as wide as his shoulder width. The surface of the sword was frosted black. At first glance, its outer appearance did not make it seem mighty and powerful. It seemed very ordinary, but this was obviously because the heavy sword had concealed itself well. The surface of the sword was covered in countless abstruse secret patterns. Upon detailed inspection, one could see that the secret patterns seemed to be slowly pulsating, as if they were alive.

Lao Wang tried to pick it up. After advancing to the Void Core Realm, many heavy objects that would normally have felt heavy became light and almost weightless in Lao Wang’s hands. However, when he carried this sword, it felt relatively heavy. It was not very taxing when he picked up the sword with one hand, but it felt somewhat difficult to swing it around as he wished. He channeled a wave of spiritual power from his arm into the sword, and the ownerless heavy sword did not seem to reject this spiritual power. A black ray of light was stimulated by this spiritual power and rapidly circulated around all the secret patterns on the surface of the large sword.


Wang Zhong sensed a wave of information being rapidly sent by the sword into his mind. It contained particulars about the dimensions of the sword and its weight, as well as the enigmas behind each secret pattern and their function. It also explained the internal makeup of the sword, its ability to resist pressure, and other information. Countless pieces of information instantly appeared, as if a three-dimensional hologram of the Falling Star had appeared in his mind.

Then, he tried to change his Soul Power waveband frequency. This was the basis of performing various techniques. For a piece of equipment, the Soul Power waveband frequency was the “password” for it to recognize its owner. Changing one’s waveband frequency meant that the password was constantly changing. This method was possible, and the equipment would be able to recognize its owner, but the equipment itself was typically not strong enough to handle this. It would be very easy for the equipment to explode from one frequently changing the “password”…

Firstly, he slowly explored using this method. He could clearly feel the internal parts of the sword violently shaking. As a result, Lao Wang’s heart tensed up, and he stopped the changes in his Soul Power waveband frequency. Luckily, the trembling stopped very quickly, as if the sword had adjusted to it. Thus, Lao Wang continued to change his waveband frequency. He continued this seven or eight consecutive times. At first, the sword trembled and adjusted to these changes. Later on, when Lao Wang changed the waveband frequency, his Soul Power could pass through without any obstacles.

“Good!” Only then did Lao Wang completely relax, and he could not help but praise the sword. He had been on tenterhooks throughout the entire process just now. If this level-7 Falling Star was destroyed, he would have lost a lot of money and contribution points.

He had given up on the Golden Wind Drizzle and chosen the Falling Star partly because the durability of this heavy sword was much higher. When using equipment that had not reached level-6, randomly changing the Soul Power waveband frequency was rather dangerous, and it would be very easy for the internal parts of the equipment to collapse, just like the level-9 weapon that Jhonas had previously refined. However, it was obvious that the Falling Star had endured this pressure. After all, its entire body was made out of the sturdiest and most heavy-duty material that was below level-6, Black Flowing Gold. Furthermore, the technology inside the sword was better than average. As long as he adjusted to this weapon, there would not be any issues in the future.

He could not help but conveniently wave the sword. It was only a casual wave, and he did not activate any secret patterns on the sword or his spiritual power, but an extremely powerful wind blew past in the house. In an instant, it felt as if the weak mushroom house was about to collapse. It started to sway and produced a “breaking” sound. Clear cracks then appeared on the walls of the house.

“What a handsome sword!” Jhonas’s eyes had turned into slits. This power felt comparable to many level-6 weapons. Most importantly, its shape was very eye-catching. It was very big and seemed bold and powerful. “Boss, Boss, let me play with it too!”

He excitedly asked for the sword.

Wang Zhong laughed out loud as he was in a good mood. He conveniently passed the sword over. “Take it.”


Just as Lao Wang let go of the sword, he heard the heavy sword simply falling to the ground. Jhonas had fallen down head-first. There was a large bump on his forehead, and his eight fingers were firmly pressed against the ground by the heavy sword. Meanwhile, his face turned purple.


He gave a blood-curdling shriek that was filled with inconsolable grief.

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