Battle Frenzy
1153 Fishy
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1153 Fishy

Chapter 1153: Fishy

On the contrary, Lao Wang did not know how to respond to their attitudes and amiable warmth. It seemed as if his relationship with the Blood Demon race was not particularly good. Of course, he was not narrow-minded.

“Since this is a Celestial Honors Assignment given by the Internal Gates, I do not dare to slack off.” Since the Fire Demons did not mention the Balor incident and simply displayed a friendly attitude, this was obviously a hint that it was all in the past. They were in a different position and had to look forward. Naturally, Lao Wang was happy to reconcile with them. Regardless of how his situation was, having more friends was much better than having more enemies. “When the time comes, I will naturally fight alongside everyone and dauntlessly kill our enemies. I will not slack off.”

“Ha ha ha! Yiheluo, you look down on Master too much. Any experts that come from the peripheral worlds have climbed out from mountains of corpses and seas of blood. Can you compare Master Wang Zhong to those useless greenhouse flowers?”

“Captain is right. On the contrary, Master is going to laugh at me.” Yiheluo smiled and shook his head. “However, Master, the rewards for this assignment are indeed good. Even I will receive fifty contribution points after fulfilling this errand.”

“Assistant Captain Yiheluo should receive that.” Wang Zhong laughed. Since they intentionally built friendly relations with one another, it was hard to avoid exchanging some greetings. However, they could not delay their official business. “Everyone, it is getting late. Let’s set off.”

“Let’s set off.”

They stepped into the dimensional space, and the black whirlpool of energy around them flourished. He had felt this when he was in the supervisor’s equipment, but the feeling was genuine this time. The wormhole energy that spread throughout the surroundings was violent and devastating. They were faced with countless backward-flowing air currents that resembled wind blades. An ordinary Void Core expert would not have been able to endure standing here, even with full defenses, for three to five minutes, let alone go into the depths of this area.

It was as if the surging energy was about to spread throughout the Heavenly Gates and engulf it! However, every time this terrifying wave of energy charged towards the boundaries of the dimensional gate, an invisible barrier would intercept it lightly. Wang Zhong could feel this surging energy continuously brewing and accumulating.

“Every ten years, the dimensional gates will explode as too much energy has been accumulated. The power of the explosion would be enough to flatten the entire Heavenly Gates. Luckily, we have the great elder to guard this place. Every time the wormhole energy explodes, the great elder uses his body to endure it…” Gelawentu sighed.

Wang Zhong was stunned. He knew how sturdy the environment in the Land was. Even a battle between Gold Core experts would not be able to cause large-scale destruction. However, the explosion of wormhole energy had the power to destroy the entire Heavenly Gates. Even more surprising, the great elder could forcibly endure this suppression using his body. Such strength was unimaginable.

Lao Wang could not help but look up at the figure of the Karlo Race elder, who was sitting cross-legged in the air.

After accumulating his Void Core, even though Wang Zhong could not tell exactly how strong some Gold Core experts were, at the very least, he could sense the gap between them, such as with Supervisor Tsargesimon and Senior Lavel. However, when faced with the great elder, he could not sense anything. He could not even sense any living aura from the surface of his body, making him seem like a statue hovering in the air. Who would have thought that he was this powerful?

“Wang Zhong is here to visit the great elder. We are applying to travel to the Ocean Empire Planet.”

At that moment, the eyelids of the corpse-like old man moved slightly. Then, he only opened his eyelids a little.


A terrifying light leaked from his slightly opened eyes, as if a corner of some ancient and mysterious world had opened up. The surrounding environment that had been lit up like day by the Heavenly River had now lost color. Regardless of whether it was Wang Zhong or Gelawentu and the others, they immediately lowered their heads, not daring to look directly at that terrifying light.

“A new Celestial Honors member…”

Wang Zhong could sense the terrifying gaze staring at him. It felt as if the gaze could look through all of his internal organs. Not only could the gaze see through him, it could even easily discover his fragment world!

Lao Wang was slightly shocked. However, as the terrifying wave of power continued to permeate into his fragment world, the Fate Stone in his fragment world started to dazzle slightly. Closely after, the Fate Stone disappeared, and the infinitely rich spiritual power was concealed as a result, causing his fragment world to appear like an ordinary storage space.

The great elder did not seem to have noticed the movement of the Fate Stone. He was only somewhat curious that a member of the Celestial Honors Class, who was a mere Void Core, had an independent fragment world.

“You’re called Wang Zhong? Not bad…” There was some kindness in the vast and mighty voice. In the Land, the space ring could be said to be a symbol of status. However, things like the fragment world were a symbol of absolute strength. After all, the space ring could be forged by others and only needed wealth and power. However, the fragment world was born in the body. As a carrier, one’s physical body had to have enough endurance, and had to provide enough spiritual power and energy to maintain the stability of the space. It was not something an ordinary Void Core or even a Solid Core could use. It was the standard of a Gold Core.

“The Ocean Empire Planet? Go.” A vast and mighty voice sounded throughout the area. Meanwhile, countless stars twinkled in the pitch-black gate behind him. It was splendid and dazzling.

Even though Wang Zhong felt that the great master had no evil intentions and he would probably not cast greedy eyes on Wang Zhong, to be honest, Lao Wang’s heart was still fluttering with fear until he passed through the dimensional gate. The great elder’s methods were far too unimaginable and allowed him to easily infiltrate Lao Wang’s fragment world using his divine senses. Even the Heavenly Shell superintendent had not realized that he had a fragment world.

“This is my first time seeing the great elder speaking so much.” Gelawentu was shocked and could not help but observe Wang Zhong. In the past, even when other Masters from the Celestial Honors Class walked through the dimensional gates, it would be very rare for the great elder to talk because of them. This Wang Zhong…

The direction and the position of the wormhole had obviously been set up by the great elder. As the controller of the dimensional gate and the suppressor of the wormhole, the natural wormhole that was extremely dangerous to even Gold Core experts was like a toy that the great elder could randomly knead in his hands.

After passing through the surging wormhole, the six of them directly appeared on the surface of a blue planet.

Even though the distance to the Ocean Empire Planet from the Land was only slightly closer than to the Earth, it was not a world that was on the extreme periphery. The Star Alliance did not completely occupy the entire Fifth Dimension and was only able to control two-thirds of it. The Ocean Empire Planet was slightly closer to the blank region that had not been dominated by the Star Alliance.

At that moment, they were floating above the atmosphere and could sense that the level of spiritual power on this planet was not low. The surface area of this planet was about two times that of the Earth, and the gravity was 10 times higher than on Earth. The entire planet seemed to be covered in a blue sea. According to their understanding, more than 95% of the Ocean Empire Planet was water, and the oceans reached a depth of almost a hundred thousand meters. The Ocean Empire Planet had a long history but had only joined the Star Alliance for a short time, about two or three eras worth…

It was said that before they joined the Star Alliance, they had reached the standards of a level-5 civilization. However, they lacked mediators from the Star Alliance and did not have many allies there. Furthermore, other powers created difficulties for them domestically. Thus, they had never achieved approval to become a level-5 civilization. This had dragged on for two full centuries until they recently announced that they were leaving the Star Alliance…

Du Du Du~~~

Just as Wang Zhong and the others appeared, the powerful aura of a Solid Core spread. Then, a deep and distant sound of a conch shell sounded from the sea area below them. This sound reverberated throughout the entire planet.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh…

Following the sound of the conch shell, the peaceful surface of the sea started to surge with waves. Then, a large number of black shadows floated to the surface of the water.

“They seem to be prepared.” Gelawentu looked at the world below them with a relaxed smile on his face.

These black shadows covered almost half the surface of the planet. They were sturdy fortresses that rippled with massive magical energy. They were like small-scale castles that stretched several dozen kilometers. They evenly divided the surface of the ocean with a gap of 100 kilometers between each fortress.

Meanwhile, surrounding these combat fortresses was a dense mob of massive crab-whales that rose from the bottom of the ocean, covering the entire sea! The massive crab-whale was a species unique to the Ocean Empire Planet. The physique of a massive crab-whale was shocking, spanning several thousand meters long and a thousand meters wide, making it seem like a massive mothership.

Moreover, each of their backs was covered with a dense army of soldiers from the Ocean Empire Planet. A minority of them seemed like extremely noble humanoid creatures, but most of the rest were of various strange species, such as four-limbed vicious fish, sea snakes, crabs and prawns, and so on. There were a total of one billion species!

Furthermore, their overall aura was not weak, and even the weakest was comparable to the Heroic Souls in the Holy City. Most of the backbone forces were comparable to ordinary Heavenly Souls.

Lao Wang scanned this mass of beings and arrived at an initial estimation of at least one million Heavenly Souls.

“I heard that the Ocean Empire Planet was rich, but I never thought that they could secretly accumulate so many Machinery Race combat fortresses throughout their years in the Star Alliance.” A greedy glint uncontrollably flashed past Yiheluo’s eyes.

“Heh heh. In fact, they are rank-D combat fortresses.” There was also a glint in Gelawentu’s eyes. “They have gone beyond what’s allowed by buying so many private Machinery Race combat fortresses. Their punishment will be doubled.”

The combat fortresses of the Machinery Race were rather famous in the Land. Regardless of whether it was their aircraft, combat fortresses, or even their various large-scale hot weapons, none of the countless civilizations in the Star Alliance could reach the level that the Machinery Race had reached. Thus, the Machinery Race formulated the standards for such products. The price was definitely high, but more importantly, the Star Alliance controlled these special goods.

The combat fortresses below them were one of the controlled goods in the Star Alliance. It was not that people were not allowed to purchase them, but they would be limited in number.

Furthermore, different civilization levels would be able to purchase combat fortresses of different ranks. A rank-D combat fortress was made of rank-D metal, which was equivalent to level-9 materials that could be used for refining. It had impressive hardness and was equipped with the special technology and internal systems of the Machinery race. It could definitely ignore most attacks by Void Core experts. Furthermore, it was also equipped with attack-type hot weapons of the same rank. Even if only a few Heroic Souls were controlling the fortress, it was enough to give a Void Core expert a headache.

As a rule, level-4 civilizations like the Ocean Empire Planet did not have the qualifications to buy such goods. If they possessed so many fortresses, they had definitely used a special channel to buy them for a high price. Of course, this was obviously smuggling and violating this ban.

While they discussed these in a low voice, they heard a long cry. Then, several waves of powerful auras soared from the bottom of the ocean. Then, seven or eight sea dragons with strange appearances broke through the surface of the water and soared into the sky. They hovered in midair and faced Wang Zhong and the others from a distance.

Their external appearances resembled snakes. Their snake-like bodies might have been unusually large, but their heads were simply massive. Their bodies were wide and flat, and they had four short limbs that resembled sprouts.

This was the Zaja Race, also known as the Sea Snake Race. It was said that they had the bloodline of the Dragon Race, and this was their greatest source of pride. It was said that another reason they had joined the Star Alliance was because of the Dragon Race’s recommendation. However, it was a pity that this happened two eras ago. In the past two eras, it was hard to find traces of true dragons in the Land. They had become an extinct legend.

“Lords!” The sea snake from the Zaja Race with the biggest head had a dazzling gold crown on his head. He was the King of the Ocean Empire Planet. He seemed to have a powerful aura and was probably a peak Void Core. He charged towards Wang Zhong and the others in the sky before shouting loudly, “The Ocean Empire Planet has officially left the Star Alliance. These are private borders. What noble errand brings the lords here?”

If they could join the Star Alliance, they could naturally leave as well. At the very least, on the surface, the Star Alliance did not ban any civilization from leaving.

After all, they were once allies, and the Star Alliance was simply an alliance formed by various races, not a centralized dynasty. Their control of the peripheral areas was insufficient. Furthermore, who was not related in some way to other civilizations in the Land? These others would likely have scruples against fighting their old friends, so as long as they did not provoke others while leaving or owed the Star Alliance too much, it would be rather peaceful for the next several decades or centuries.

However, even if this was the case, very few chose to leave the Star Alliance. Only a few civilizations that simply could not bear the exorbitant taxes and levies in the Star Alliance would choose to do so. Even if they left, it was only for a temporary recuperation.

Furthermore, they would definitely bribe the higher-ups they were directly under in order to retain their rights to rejoin the Star Alliance. After all, despite the mirage offered by several decades of peace after one left the Star Alliance, if one joined and betrayed the Star Alliance, the Star Alliance would definitely remember this.

If they immediately put aside all considerations of their image and killed, this would make the governing methods of the Star Alliance seem too bloodthirsty and not humane enough, bitterly disappointing many people. Instead, they would wait for several decades after a civilization left. When their influence in the Land slowly vanished, it was enough for them to casually send a few experts to destroy the entire civilization.

However, the Ocean Empire Planet had dared to silently deal with the Messengers that the Star Alliance had sent over to understand the situation. This was not a separation in its ordinary sense. It was treachery, and they had to be killed as punishment.

However, since the Ocean Empire Planet dared to do such a thing, they had obviously predicted today’s results. Why were they surprised about the arrival of Wang Zhong and the others?

Lao Wang felt that something was fishy. However, before he could speak, Gelawentu beside him laughed. He had no intention of acknowledging the Ocean Empire group. Instead, he respectfully said to Wang Zhong, “Master, there is no need to speak much with these criminals. Please give your judgment, and we can immediately take action. The resistance forces below and these Void Cores are no cause for anxiety.”

Wang Zhong furrowed his eyebrows. What did it mean that he had to give his judgment? When he looked at the doubtful gazes of the Ocean Empire group below him, his heart skipped a beat.

If someone else was in his place, he would definitely have directly announced his judgment. There was no need to doubt the judgment of the Star Alliance. Furthermore, it was only a level-4.5 civilization. It was not easy for them to rise, but it was very normal for them to fall. No one knew how many of such level-4 civilizations would disappear in the long river of history every time the new era arrived. There were various methods by which they could disappear, and no one would think of investigating the truth for them.

However, Celestial Honors Master Wang Zhong was different. He was from the Earth, which was also a level-4 civilization. The Holy City even had the intention to suspend the entry of immigrants into the Star Alliance. This was a sign of collapse.

One should not think that they could slowly recover from the taxes. When they lost those personal connections to the Land, and with their weak influence, the bullying from various powers would become more and more severe. In the end, the result of this vicious cycle was being forced to leave the Star Alliance or simply announcing that their civilization had gone bankrupt. Then, they would lose all their rights in the Land, and all their resources would be swallowed up by other civilizations.

Furthermore, even if he were to take action, it had to be sensible. Lao Wang did not have an irritable personality.

“We are judges and enforcers from the Star Alliance,” said Wang Zhong loudly and clearly. “The Ocean Empire Planet has slaughtered Messengers from the Star Alliance and has betrayed the Star Alliance. You should have predicted that this day would come. Do you know your sins?”

He was still announcing their crimes, but an announcement with a question and a judgment were two completely different things. Beside him, Gelawentu and the others furrowed their eyebrows slightly and observed with cold gazes.

The Ocean Empire King’s expression changed slightly. “My Lord! We were forced to leave the Star Alliance due to some special reasons. Since then, we have followed the rules and even prepared to participate in the assessment to rejoin the Star Alliance in several hundred years. We are afraid that our civilization members will cause trouble outside and have sealed the Ocean Empire Planet for the past two years. We have not stepped out even once. Where did you hear that we slaughtered the Star Alliance Messengers?”

“You dare to resort to sophistry? The Star Alliance sent Messengers to investigate the reason why the Ocean Empire Planet left the Star Alliance, but they disappeared after entering the Ocean Empire Planet. If you did not slaughter them, then did they vanish into thin air?” Wang Zhong shouted in a loud and clear voice. “Look at your numerous rank-D combat fortresses. They are all considered banned goods, so your punishment will be doubled. Do you have anything else to say?”

“We have been treated wrongly!” the Ocean Empire King shouted in fright. “How could the Ocean Empire Planet, a mere level-4 civilization, dare to kill Star Alliance Messengers and place ourselves in a position of definite death? If we knew that the Star Alliance Messengers were paying a visit to us, the Ocean Empire Planet would definitely welcome them warmly. We would not neglect them at all, let alone mention killing them? As for these combat fortresses, we have been infiltrated by external powers in the past. Furthermore, if My Lord takes a closer look, you would know that these are substandard and defective goods from the Machinery Race. As a former level-4.5 civilization, the Ocean Empire Planet has the qualifications to possess these. We have completed the purchasing procedures with the Machinery Race. We only have so many because we have saved up for two eras! The Ocean Empire Planet is willing to open up everything for the Machinery Race to investigate! In return, I, the Ocean Empire King, want the clear truth! My Lords, please render your fair judgment!”

“Investigation by the Machinery Race?” Wang Zhong muttered to himself.

There were civilizations who had been forced to leave the Star Alliance due to various reasons. However, for them to kill the most ordinary civilian in the Land, let alone a Star Alliance Messenger, was extremely rare.

Most civilizations were like the Ocean Empire Planet that had sealed off their civilization as they were afraid that if they caused any trouble in this precarious situation, it would give the Star Alliance a reason to deal with them. This was also why Wang Zhong had asked them the question. With the King’s statement, there was no doubt that they knew what would happen if they actually did such a thing.

If the Ocean Empire Planet had truly gone mad and publicly antagonized the Star Alliance by killing their Messengers, there was no need to put on a hypocritical disguise now, let alone ask the Machinery Race to investigate. If the Machinery Race actually stepped in to investigate, this matter was not something a level-4 or level-5 civilization could cover up, even if it had happened in their territory.

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