Battle Frenzy
1156 Chapter 1156: a Not Easy to Deal With
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1156 Chapter 1156: a Not Easy to Deal With

Chapter 1156: Chapter 1156:<sup>[a]</sup> Not Easy to Deal With

A fiery red flame slowly bloomed from Gelawentu&#x2019;s body, making his whole body look vibrant red. Compared to the nature of the three Blood Demon&#x2019;s violent and uncontrolled energy, Gelawentu&#x2019;s release of spiritual energy was sturdier and more explosive in nature. In just a few seconds, Gelawentu&#x2019;s whole body seemed to shine like a mini sun, with dazzling light tinting the entire independent space in red. Compared to the three Blood Demons from before, it was like the difference between heaven and earth. Gelawentu was on a much higher level, whether in degree or quality of spiritual power.

Two incredibly huge horns slowly grew from his head, and his original appearance could no longer be seen. It felt like he became one with the fire element, his whole body burning with fire and turning into a human-shaped flame!

Legends said that the Fire Demon Race was the offspring of the Native Race and the Wilderness Race from the Heaven. While possessing the terrifying elemental talents of the Native Race, they also had a body filled with the terrifying vital energy and blood of the Wilderness Race. Their inborn talents were very strong and could be considered one of the best in the Land[b].

&#x201C;My original self will be enough to destroy you.&#x201D; Gelawentu&#x2019;s voice was no longer how it was normally, and it resounded in all directions of the entire space. All the energy in the entire space rushed towards him as if he was the master of the space.[c] &#x201C;What&#x2019;s more, this is my space and my territory. Everything is under my control here. In here, I am God! I can even battle it out with a Gold Core here!&#x201D;

He lifted his finger and casually pointed.


A fire arrow instantly appeared from that direction. The power of this attack rivaled that of the combined attack of the trio previously, with the speed even faster.

The moment Wang Zhong saw the fire from a distance, he could already feel the immense threat and danger it posed to him! He subconsciously raised his heavy sword.


There was a heavy muffled noise from Falling Star, and the huge impact directly pushed Wang Zhong back dozens of meters! Numbness filled the palm of his hand that was holding the heavy sword.

&#x201C;Not bad. You could actually block that attack.&#x201D; Gelawentu&#x2019;s laughter echoed; disdain and contempt could be heard from his tone.

Wang Zhong was still too weak! Being trapped in an enclosed space and having to face the all-out attack of a Solid Core, this was simply bullying. Whether in strength or skills, Wang Zhong was like a three-year-old child in front of him, someone that could be easily crushed without much effort!

Killing one from the Celestial Honors Class was a big matter. How could he act without full confidence? Normal Gold Cores would not bother with this kind of mission, and thus, such a job landed in his hands. Even though he was mocking Wang Zhong, he never stopped attacking him.

Sou Sou Sou~

Tens of fireballs shot towards Wang Zhong at the same time.

The corners of Wang Zhong&#x2019;s mouth slightly lifted. With the wings of ice and fire spread out behind him, the spiritual power of his real body erupted. The giant heavy sword seemed to be light and weightless in his hand, and with a few swings, he placed a sword screen in front of him.

Dang Dang Dang~

&#x201C;Behind you, kiddo!&#x201D;


An overwhelming force had already hit Wang Zhong from behind by the time he managed to block the fire attack from the front.

Gelawentu was simply too fast to be seen. This was his domain, and he had full control over it. In here, he could move however and wherever he wanted, as if he was teleporting around.

More attacks arrived simultaneously. If Wang Zhong blocked the first, he would definitely be unable to block the second.

However, Wang Zhong did not even turn his head. He stretched the pair of wings of ice and fire to its extreme limits, and a surging airflow spread wildly out of his body. Golden light flashed in his eyes, and with him as the center, the surging airflow created a raging flame wall tens of meters high!

This was not just the power from unleashing his true form[d].

The clear imprint in his mind had condensed, and the surge of power had already been accumulated during the process of conscious observation. The fist imprint in his mind seemed to be wrapped in seemingly endless power, and it directly transformed into a golden dragon in his consciousness.

Draconic Spiritual Power![e]

Unlike in the past where it was used in a huge burst, he turned the golden dragon into Draconic Spiritual Power and integrated it into his own spiritual energy.

The same technique was used in a different way. This time, instead of pursuing an instant burst of attack, it managed to help him have an all-around increase in strength.

Be it Rise of the[f] Dragon or Descent of the Dragon, both of these ultimate killing moves had just come to form and were not fully completed. Thus, the lethality of the attack was not strong, and Wang Zhong was unable to control it fully.

However, through his continued practice and accumulation of experience, as well as his increase in spiritual energy over the past few days, he felt that he had faintly seen the next realm. It was only because of his integration of Draconic Spiritual Power into his defense previously that had allowed him to easily deflect the combined attack of the three Blood Demons.

With the success from his previous attempt, he managed to integrate it fully into his body this time in one try.

The original red and blue energy wings now had traces of a golden glow on them. His spiritual energy underwent a qualitative and quantitative change that instant. Although there was only an increase of a million Spiritual Energy Value[g], the damage it could do was much higher than that.

Wang Zhong did not even turn his head or body. Neither did he unleash Rise of the Dragon. He merely flapped his wings, which encompassed the energy of the golden dragon.


A terrifying typhoon formed out of thin air, and it blew away Gelawentu who was behind him.

Not only that, the typhoon did not stop there. Under its terrifying power, the fire arrows in front of him and the pressure coming from the space were swept away!

Gelawentu could only feel that all his attacks were disintegrated in that instant, and his control over his independent space was rapidly weakening. In the face of this attack, the level-5 magical artifact that created this independent space and could trap and pressure even peak Solid Cores showed signs of breaking.

Gelawentu&#x2019;s face changed drastically, with shock finally filling it.

&#x201C;Your space? You&#x2019;re God in here?&#x201D; Wang Zhong&#x2019;s faint voice could be heard accompanying the typhoon, with more than a hint of sarcasm.

&#x201C;Impossible!&#x201D; After managing to stabilize himself with difficulty and dissolve the typhoon&#x2019;s attack, Gelawentu felt a mixture of shock and anger.

He simply could not imagine how a Void Core from a low-level civilization, with its genetic talent cap, could have such a terrifying spiritual energy burst, no matter how talented he was. Thinking back to when Wang Zhong easily broke the joint attack of the three Blood Demons, Gelawentu realized that it was not due to the large black sword.

After personally experiencing it, he finally understood that it was not the power of a magical artifact but purely the power from Wang Zhong&#x2019;s true form. Even when compared to the geniuses across the entire Land, Wang Zhong&#x2019;s true form could be considered one of the top. Even in a top-level civilization like for the Fire Demon Race, only a handful in his entire civilization could measure up to this Earthling.

No, he had definitely hidden part of his strength! He is not a Void Core. He was definitely a Solid Core! Everyone had been tricked by him!

Gelawentu&#x2019;s pupils shrank violently, and he could feel the qualitative change of his opponent&#x2019;s spiritual power. No matter the grade or the level Wang Zhong was at, it made him feel a trace of fear. Wang Zhong had already unleashed his true form before. The only possibility for his increase in strength was that he had been hiding his strength all along. He was a Solid Core, not a Void Core!

&#x201C;Nothing is impossible.[h]&#x201D; Wang Zhong lifted the heavy sword in his hands. The feeling of integrating the Draconic Spiritual Power into his body was simply too good. Not only did his Void Core get a qualitative change, it even connected all the divine cells in his body&#x2026;

This was also a special characteristic of the divine cells and its most basic skill &#x2014; Replication!

Originally, the amount of Draconic Spiritual Power was too little and was unable to cause such a qualitative change in his spiritual power.

However, when the Draconic Spiritual Power met his divine cells, something amazing happened. One must not forget that every biological cell had the function of self-replication. For divine cells especially, its self-replication ability was at an extreme level, thus allowing him to rapidly heal due to this quick replication. Under the replication of millions of divine cells, the original strand of Draconic Spiritual Power accumulated to a very high number! If not, he would have been unable to reach this level of spiritual energy that even Solid Cores found hard to reach.

The combined effects of the Draconic Spiritual Power and his divine cells were astonishing!

In Wang Zhong&#x2019;s eyes, there was no longer any hesitation. Actual combat was the fastest way to improve himself. If it weren&#x2019;t for the pressure of Gelawentu and the three Blood Demons, god knew how long it would have taken him to understand how to use the Draconic Spiritual Power.

Gelawentu did not give up. At this moment, a sword attack came at him. He thought little of it and did not care much. However, the sword light took his arms away from him, and all he could feel was the pain.

His Solid Core body was cut like tofu?

In the next second, another golden light flashed, and Gelawentu dodged immediately, losing his ears this time. Cold sweat was all over his body. If he had been a fraction of a second late, he would have lost his head!

What kind of power was this?!

&#x201C;Human, you must die today!&#x201D; Gelawentu&#x2019;s eyes became blood-red. His body which was already burning with fierce flames erupted crazily and burnt even more violently. The independent space shrank in that instant, like how a balloon would deflate.

Although Gelawentu did not know what kind of attack was coming, he was not allowed to fail this mission. He wanted to drag Wang Zhong down together with him. In such an extremely small space, the self-destruction of a Solid Core powerhouse would result in an extreme amount of destructive power!

But in the next second, the heavy black sword swung in the air, and the independent space that was shrinking got torn open like a rag.


With the destruction of the magical artifact, the independent space vanished, and both of them appeared on Ocean Empire Planet again.

&#x201C;Huh?!&#x201D; The face of the Blood Demon who had been ordered to stay on Ocean Empire Planet changed suddenly. Of course, he recognized that one of them was Gelawentu, but who was the other person? It was so powerful that it overpowered Captain Gelawentu! Isn&#x2019;t the captain killing Wang Zhong with Yiheluo and the others? Did they fail? Where did this powerhouse come from?

Gelawentu&#x2019;s face also changed. Although he wanted to maximize his self-detonation power and gave up control of the independent space, the level-5 spatial artifact still had incredible stability. How could it be directly destroyed by Wang Zhong? Losing the favorable terrain in the narrow space, he was afraid that his own self-detonation would not even kill Wang Zhong with the strength Wang Zhong had displayed. Was he going to die in vain?

Within that moment of hesitation, the attack of the heavy black sword had already reached him. He wanted to resist, yet he felt he was unable to do so.


The heavy sword had no sharp edges, but under the infusion of the Draconic Spiritual Power, Wang Zhong felt like he could cut through iron like it was mud. The defense of Gelawentu, a strong Solid Core in his true form, was definitely not weak, but he was sliced through without effort at this moment!

The immense spiritual energy gathered in Gelawentu&#x2019;s body was suddenly released, erupting around him like a hurricane, causing huge waves to form on Ocean Empire Planet. The turbulent waves even seemed to surge into the sky. At the same time, a powerful hand grasped the upper body of Gelawentu.


&#x201C;The Fire Demon Race is just so-so.&#x201D; As Lao Wang[i] spoke, he pressed his thumb into Gelawentu&#x2019;s body, and his spiritual power poured in. Not only did it instantly stop Gelawentu&#x2019;s bleeding, it even directly sealed his Solid Core. Being unable to even react to his Sword One, Wang Zhong felt disappointed at Gelawentu.

Gelawentu&#x2019;s heart sank to the bottom. The moment he was captured, he had wanted to commit suicide, but it was now too late. Wang Zhong was just too fast, and he had obviously planned everything from the start. Stopping his bleeding and sealing his Solid Core and spiritual powers without killing him, did Wang Zhong want to humiliate him?

&#x201C;Kill me!&#x201D; Gelawentu roared without fear. &#x201C;You are dreaming if you want to force things out of my mouth!&#x201D;

&#x201C;Oh? But I have already asked all I wanted to know. And you have already told me everything.&#x201D;

Gelawentu&#x2019;s face froze for an instant.

&#x201C;It doesn&#x2019;t really matter whether you are alive or dead.&#x201D; The wings spread out behind Wang Zhong, like a war god spreading his wings. He then said faintly,[j] &#x201C;I believe the Superintendent will have ways to learn more about this.&#x201D;

Gelawentu&#x2019;s pupils shrunk. Soul Searching was an easy matter for people as powerful as the Superintendent.

Although the Fire Demon R[k]ace&#x2019;s plan this time was aimed at Wang Zhong and Ocean Empire Planet, it was actually also to test the bottom line of the Heavenly Shell Race. If Gelawentu had completed the mission, even if someone suspected it later, no one could say anything if there was no actual evidence. It would at most result in an argument between the Heavenly Shell Race and the Fire Demon Race.

But now, not only did he fail to assassinate Wang Zhong, he was even captured alive. Gelawentu immediately realized that Wang Zhong must have recorded a video of when he was telling him about the Fire Demon Race&#x2019;s plan! He thought that Wang Zhong was bound to die and thus didn&#x2019;t care, but now that Wang Zhong was the victor, if he was handed over to the Heavenly Gates or even directly to the Heavenly Shell Race, what would happen to him?

Gelawentu just needed to think for a bit, and he could already predict the result, causing his face to instantly turn pale white.

He was finished!

[a]a colon follows the chapter #.

[b]we&#x2019;ve been going with &#x201C;the Land&#x201D; and &#x201C;the Heaven&#x201D;.

[c]You tend to use semicolons before the start of dialogue. It should either be a comma (if a verb that indicates speaking is used) or a period (if it was just a description/action).

[d]although capitalizing the term might be better, we&#x2019;ve been going with small letters for it.

[e]this is what I meant by those odd exclamation marks. Please change this one as well since I left it.

[f]prepositions and articles for titles/terms are not capitalized (unless they form a phrasal verb or in titles, they&#x2019;re the first or last word)

[g]we&#x2019;ve been capitalizing this unit of measurement.

[h]without an attribution/dialogue tag (a verb indicating speech somehow) following this, you shouldn&#x2019;t use a comma.

[i]alternate name for WZ.

[j]comma, not a colon.

[k]we&#x2019;ve recently decided to capitalize &#x201C;Race&#x201D; along with the name of the race.

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