Battle Frenzy
1172 Specialty
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1172 Specialty

Chapter 1172: Specialty


There were qualitative changes in addition to quantitative changes. In an instant, the blue copper mirror produced a strong reaction, and the spiritual power that was channeled into the mirror simply pierced through into the artifact as if it was breaking through bamboo.

Unlike the slow process previously, the mirror seemed to have sensed the increase in its user’s spiritual power. This time, the artifact activated at a much faster speed. Blue runes along the sides of the blue copper mirror were being activated by this spiritual power and rapidly appeared. They continuously stretched along the sides of the copper mirror until two shining runes met each other at the top of the copper mirror…


A rapid sucking force suddenly started. Even though Lao Wang was mentally prepared and felt that his strength had improved significantly, allowing him to easily endure the sucking force this time, he was still unable to control it. His spiritual power that was connected to the copper mirror was instantly pulled firmly, and the sucking force even stretched to within his body. The power of this sucking force was more than twice as powerful as before!

In the blink of an eye, his Void Core was exhausted, but the sucking force did not stop, as if it was about to suck his entire Void Core and reduce it to powder!

This sucking force was too tyrannical! It seemed like the previous activation of the artifact had been rather restrained. As expected of an artifact that was at least level-4, and even though it was an object for communication, it was controlled by a simple but intelligent artifact spirit and could adjust the strength of the sucking force depending on the strength of the user. It was rather unusual.

However, Lao Wang was also exceptional. His divine cells instantly activated. A thought flashed past his mind, and all his divine cells suddenly opened like pores that could be controlled. Then, boundless spiritual power burst out from various places in his body in an endless stream. Furthermore, every divine cell followed his Void Core like countless planets revolving around a star. They illuminated each other, and each had a continuous stream of regenerative powers. But even though this was the case, he still could not quite keep up with the speed of the sucking force.

Lao Wang was silently worried. This object seemed to be bottomless, but it was only used for communication… Lao Wang had now interacted more with the higher-ups of the Heavenly Gates and gradually understood that the Machinery Race obviously had various technological methods for daily tasks such as communication and interaction that were more convenient, but the higher-ups of the various high-leveled civilizations liked to use such strenuous instruments.

Partly, it was because of the habits of their civilization, and the other part was that they wanted to train their children. For example, when one’s spiritual power was sucked dry by this copper mirror, the process of recovery was a form of cultivation. Not only could it expand one’s spiritual power, but it could also allow one to accustom oneself to such extreme fatigue and lethargy. There were many benefits to practitioners.

What about convenience? If one wanted convenience, then how would they achieve higher Realms and enter Heaven? The technological methods of the Machinery Race could not help one to pass through the Heavenly River Tide. If one wanted convenience, the races in the Land would no longer need to cultivate…

Jumbled thoughts flashed past Lao Wang’s mind. This time, he sustained this consumption of energy for a full three minutes. His spiritual power once again dried up. At that moment, a clear thought happened to be transmitted from the copper mirror.

“Activation achieved. Would you like to stop the transfer of spiritual power?”

“Stop!” Lao Wang felt that it was almost complete. He did not want to be sucked dry once again. Even though he could recover very quickly after this by relying on pills, going too far was just as bad as not doing enough. Being sucked to that extent was no longer cultivation, but a punishment.


A faint sound echoed in his mind. Then, the rapid sucking force disappeared as Wang Zhong’s thoughts were transmitted.

His nerves that had been stretched to their limits finally relaxed. Then, Lao Wang hurriedly tossed a few Vitality Supplement Pills into his mouth and allowed them to slowly dissolve and disintegrate in his mouth. He could not even manage to adjust his breathing.

The activation of this artifact consumed energy very quickly, so he should not waste his effort. At that moment, his mind immediately sank into the copper mirror. His surroundings changed slightly, and time flew past. When he opened his eyes again, just like last time, he was floating in a massive and vast starry sky. A continent that was floating in this starry sky appeared in front of his eyes. It was a model of the Land in the divine territory.

“Let me try to contact Mu Zi.” Wang Zhong had an idea, and his thoughts swept past the continent. Very quickly, he locked onto an upside-down world that was located under the dense continent.

The world seemed very strange and was completely opposite from the surface of the Land. However, it was obvious that there was a gravitational force present that the people of the Land could accustom themselves to. At this moment, the white flowing Heavenly River could no longer be seen. Instead, it was replaced by the black Netherworld River that flowed downwards from where the Heavenly River originally flowed in an alternating cycle.

There were also various dense lights from creatures in the Land. This time, it was much more convenient than when he had tried to find Aiolos. Lao Wang did not recognize anyone else in this “Land”, and only two personal links connected to him in the entire Land. He easily focused on the two figures in the depths of the Netherworld River. Their auras were so familiar and so unique.

For them to be in the depths of the Netherworld River, have a personal relationship with him, and be in a group of two, there was no doubt that it was them.

Lao Wang was excited and connected with them following this thought. “Mu Zi! Grai!”

Buzz~~~~ Whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh…

“I feel like someone is calling me?” In the depths of the Netherworld River, the rowing Wanderer suddenly raised his head and looked at the sky with some uncertainty.

“Did you feel it too? I thought that it was a delusion on my part.” Beside him, Grai furrowed his eyebrows. It seemed to be summoning his spirit, but it was too vague. Furthermore, it had just appeared before suddenly breaking off, as if it was simply an illusion.

Mu Zi’s uncertain expression suddenly froze. Immediately after, the corners of his lips curled into a strange smile.

“It should be an illusion.” He smiled and said to Grai, “Who could reach us in this kind of place?”

They were in the depths of the Netherworld River where a terrifying underworld aura filled the entire area. Even the thoughts of a Gold Core expert could not possibly be transmitted over long distances amidst this underworld aura, let alone sound.

“But…” As Mu Zi spoke, he suddenly furrowed his eyebrows, as if he was doubting his own words.

Closely after, Mu Zi answered his own question. “There are no but‘s. Focus on what is ahead of us. We cannot forget our mission, let alone the future of the Earth.”

After he finished speaking, Mu Zi fell silent. Grai, who was beside him, was also quiet.

Mu Zi had recently been speaking to himself more and more frequently. Grai could sense some things, but he knew that he could not say them as they were very dangerous to Mu Zi.

The two of them deliberately maintained silence and did not say anything. They simply rowed the oars on the boat. Other than the flowing water, their surroundings were silent. Very quickly, their figures disappeared in the dark depths of the Netherworld River as they headed towards a place that had never appeared on the Netherworld map. This was the destination they were traveling towards.


Lao Wang also felt that this was rather mysterious. He clearly felt that he had connected with Mu Zi and Grai and even sensed their state of silence in that moment. However, the underworld aura and the spiritual pressure present were too heavy, to the point that the energy consumed when the artifact’s consciousness passed through suddenly increased. Furthermore, there was a mysterious and strong power disrupting the process. As a result, the connection was simply cut off and instantly used up all the energy that the artifact had accumulated.

This situation was completely different from when he had contacted Aiolos. Was there really an unknown powerful existence disrupting this process? Or was it simply because of the environment?

Lao Wang did not know. However, the energy accumulated by the artifact had been completely used up. When he retreated from the copper mirror, the Vitality Supplement Pill in his mouth had not even dissolved, let alone taken effect on his fatigued body.

Lao Wang had no energy to continue and could only stop for now. He would try again once he regulated his state.



Carolyn woke with a start. The lights lit up, and her room came to life as she woke up. The joyous voices of gentle Spirits reverberated throughout the room. Then, the fresh air of the early morning was like a healing technique, allowing her to let out a long sigh.

It was just a dream.

Carolyn pushed back her long hair, which was as soft and smooth as cotton. She moved her long and smooth legs from the bed to the ground, and her bare feet stepped on the carpet in the room. She walked into the bathroom and immersed herself in a bath filled with flowers. She closed her eyes, as if she had returned to the terrifying dream she had seen just now.

However, the awake Carolyn was no longer the weak and powerless girl in her dream. She turned off the tap, and a wave of energy burst forth from her fingertips. She turned her finger slightly, and the water droplets on her body instantly evaporated, turning into mist that covered her beautiful body. The steam brought about a coating of moisture that allowed her skin to relax. She used her other hand to lightly tie up her hair, leaving two seemingly weak-looking strands of hair on both sides of her face.

Carolyn looked at herself in the mirror. She opened the makeup box beside her and nimbly touched up her appearance. In reality, she did not need to do much. She only prettified herself slightly, with some lip gloss and light eyeshadow. At “Paradise” where she was working at, this makeup was the most basic form of politeness.

These decorations were like adding stars to the night sky. Carolyn was already extremely pretty. Even among the Spirits, her beauty was unique. Ever since Wang Zhong had saved her and brutally rejected her once again, she had understood completely. She threw her pride and her remaining dignity away. Everything then became vast and boundless. There were times when the field of vision of an ordinary person was narrow, but there were times when it was like another world. This understanding caused Carolyn’s disposition to change as if she was a whole new person. As a result, she became unique, like a flower that bloomed after a thunderstorm.

Knock knock.

There was a knocking sound, and a pleasant voice sounded through the door. “Manager Carolyn, Grand Manager Zhonya has invited you to visit her.”

Carolyn blinked, and the mist immediately surged from her body to the mirror, causing the beautiful woman in the mirror to blur from the steam. She grabbed a towel beside her and wrapped her snow-white body with it. Then, she walked into her bedroom and changed into a Spirit’s dress that was stylish and fitting for the occasion. She stepped into a pair of pointed silver high heels that were made out of leather, making her as elegant as a gentle breeze.

When she opened the door, two sharp-eared Spirits looked at Carolyn with enthralment. Then, they rapidly lowered their heads. “Manager.”

“Let’s go.” Carolyn nodded her head. Then, the two Spirits immediately led the way ahead of her.

This was the “Paradise” that was run by the Great Spirit Race in the White “Horse” District, which was located in the inner circle. This was a land of warmth and tenderness for the aristocrats, and everything that aristocrats wanted was here. Idling away one’s time in pleasure was the most basic requirement here. This place was stylish and high above the masses. The difference in quality between the noble and the ordinary people was the reason why aristocrats valued this place greatly.

Carolyn was one of the Managers of Paradise. This was a position that she had obtained with her abilities. It was not easy, but this was also reasonable. Perhaps humans were weak in terms of strength, but the human civilization had experienced a high level of development in the cultural domain, which was unique. Most importantly, as compared to the specializations of other civilizations, humans were rather comprehensive in their culture and arts. They had great achievements in various aspects, including music, art, performance, and so on.

Carolyn had foundations in these aspects. Furthermore, she understood the routines of the aristocrats very well and was able to easily discover their deepest desires. When she lowered herself and gradually used various natural methods to lure and excavate the desires of the aristocrats, she very quickly became a genius that was rare in Paradise. Not only were aristocrats attracted by her methods, there were even celestialoids who were attracted as well.

Great Spirits did not easily break their rules, but there was no doubt that Carolyn was an exception.

“Look, it’s Manager Carolyn! She’s become more and more beautiful! I no longer remember what she looked like when she first came to Paradise.”

“Back then, she was still slightly young and inexperienced. Her disposition was also gloomy. However, once she regained her confidence, ah. I almost suspected that they were two different people.”

“All those are secondary. No one has been able to advance as quickly as her in Paradise. Even Her Majesty the Queen thinks highly of her. I’m so jealous. I heard that the Queen personally requested to see her.”

The Spirits looked at Carolyn with a gaze that was filled with half admiration and half jealousy. However, the Spirits could not seem to withstand beauty. They were more willing to put their jealousy aside and enjoy the atmosphere that beauty brought about. This was their happiness.

Of course, as a result, when Spirits saw something ugly, they easily became irritated and even aggressive.

Carolyn smiled and greeted every Spirit that she saw. Her beauty brought her popularity. Her appearance was not more elegant and moving than the outstanding figures among the Spirits, but the aura that she possessed made the high-leveled Spirits willing to lower themselves and interact with her. They acknowledged her beauty. Not only did they speak to her, they also discussed their feelings and worries with her.


A pleasant-sounding voice called her. Carolyn turned around and smiled as she saw two girls taking quick and short steps towards her. A light breeze and clouds accompanied them as they walked, and a faint fragrance rejuvenated everyone’s Spirits.

“Yahwu, Siaja. Good morning.”

The two ladies were female aristocrats from their race. At this moment, they pulled Carolyn from the left and the right. “Carolyn, hurry and take a look. Which is better looking, this white lotus or that blue lotus?”

It was very obvious that these two ladies were having a conflict.

“Hmm, let me guess. Yahwu, you like the white lotus. And Siaja, you also like the white lotus.”

“Carolyn is amazing!”

“You got it again. You definitely didn’t guess that. Hurry and tell us how!”

“Oh, it’s actually very simple. Someone once said that everyone has their preferences. Different ornaments suit different dispositions. Yahwu’s disposition is like a snow-white mountain. A blue lotus would give you clarity, like a clear spring on a mountain.” As Carolyn spoke, she placed the blue lotus in Lady Yahwu’s hair and conveniently did her hair.

Then, she turned, smiled, and said, “As for Siaja, your lively and touching personality is like a rosy sky. A bright white lotus will make you like the central focus of the world. Look, in reality, you both know what you are suitable for. Thus, you like different things.”

Yahwu and Siaja looked at each other and admired each other’s beauty greatly. Then, they sighed and said to her, “Carolyn, hurry up and teach us how to do our hair. Without the hairstyles that you do for us, we would not be this good-looking.”

Carolyn smiled and nodded. “Then ladies, how about going for hydrotherapy? Once I’m done with my business, I’ll come and look for you. How about that?”

“That would be the best!”

The two ladies left happy and satisfied. Meanwhile, Carolyn walked into Grand Manager Zhonya’s office amidst a sea of admiring gazes.

Ever since Carolyn became a Manager, more and more female aristocrats came to Paradise. Correspondingly, the male aristocrats who were pursuing them swarmed over. However, the relationship between Carolyn and the ladies was something everyone was jealous of. However, they could not become the trusted friends of these ladies like her.

She had an endless stream of techniques. This was not a problem that could be solved by combat. Instead, Carolyn had diligently researched the history and habits of high-leveled civilizations. She thoroughly understood the likes and habits of every high-leveled civilization. Furthermore, she used this knowledge to guide and nurture these female aristocrats to have new hobbies. She introduced them to new things and moved them, allowing them to take delight in this.

This was also the reason why Carolyn occupied a high position despite her identity as a human, and what the Great Spirit Queen admired and valued her for.

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