Battle Frenzy
1186 Double-Layered Soul
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1186 Double-Layered Soul

Chapter 1186: Double-Layered Soul

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“Mu Zi’s remaining consciousness is no more than a small snake in the grass to me and not much of a threat. I will choose to stay safe, but this does not mean that I cannot use force,” the Netherworld King calmly said. “I can give you a bit more time to think about it carefully. But remember, when I reach the Netherworld Palace, you have to make a decision.”

The Netherworld Palace was the palace that was hidden in the deepest part of this forest. The Netherworld King could sense his past memories and his hidden power in the palace. Ever since he occupied the dominant position, he sensed that there was a secret hiding in his consciousness. If he wanted to completely come back to live and recover his prosperous times, he had to obtain everything in the Netherworld Palace. But before that, he wanted to slaughter some more and use this bloodthirstiness to completely devour the remaining consciousness hiding in Mu Zi’s body. Only then could he become the only owner of this body and possess everything that was related to his identity as the Netherworld King.

“Of course, you can choose to run away,” said the Netherworld King as he continued to advance into the depths of the forest. He was not walking straight to the Netherworld Palace but was instead finding the places where the monster races lived temporarily. “However, without Mu Zi’s aid, even if you can get out of Hell Island, can you cross the Netherworld River? Ha ha ha ha…”

Grai’s expression was particularly ugly. He knew that the Netherworld King was not lying when it came to matters regarding Mu Zi, and all the hard work he had put in was for nothing. As for him, he could not possibly escape. Just as the Netherworld King had said, without Mu Zi’s Life and Death Coffin, he could not go anywhere as he was stuck in the middle of the Netherworld Sea. Furthermore, he would not run away from the Netherworld King either. For every day the Netherworld King did not step into the Netherworld Palace to receive his past memories and inheritance, it would mean that Mu Zi’s consciousness had not completely vanished. As long as the last wisp of Mu Zi still existed, it meant that hope was still present.

It was very possible that Mu Zi’s remaining consciousness was observing the outside world. If he saw that Grai had given up, it would be the final straw that broke the camel’s back. There was no doubt that Mu Zi would sink into complete despair and no longer have the chance of freeing himself.

As he watched the Netherworld King about to disappear into the forest, Grai took a deep breath. Closely after, he caught up to him with quick steps.

As long as an extremely dim hope existed, he would still be able to see light in this darkness.


The Jiuli Warship could resist the decay and onslaught from the Netherworld River water. A large portion of this success was due to the unique material, the Jiuli Wood. However, it was only the ship that did not decay or spoil. In the end, one had to rely on their individual power to challenge the boundless hate and fatal Netherworld aura from the Netherworld River.

Lao Wang did not know how long he had been traveling in the Netherworld River.

The darkness surrounding the Netherworld River was boundless, and he could not see any light at all. Furthermore, the layers of fog were dense, and he could not see anything. His compass was also in extreme chaos. As a result, he could not determine the direction he was traveling in nor his current position.

Thus, Lao Wang’s only solution was to continuously use the copper mirror to lock onto Grai and Mu Zi’s coordinates. He used their coordinates to determine the position of Hell Island and adjust the direction he was traveling in.

Every time he used the copper mirror, more than half of his spiritual power would be consumed. Then, he would use a Vitality Supplement Pill to slowly recover. After he fully recovered, he would use the mirror again to adjust his route. Lao Wang had used the copper mirror at least thirty times this way. Furthermore, he would take at least four Earth hours to recover every time. With this cycle, he had traveled along the Netherworld River for more than five days.

This had exceeded Lao Wang’s prediction slightly. He had estimated that with the distance between Hell Island and the Netherworld River Town, he would take at most two to three days if he paddled the Jiuli Warship at full speed. However, the more he advanced into the depths of the Netherworld River, the more powerful the pressure in his surroundings became. The water had also become “thicker and denser”. Thus, it was already not easy to maintain an optimum speed even as he paddled his hardest. Being able to easily brave the waves like when he was at the beach was simply an extravagant wish.

Furthermore, the further he traveled into the depths of the Netherworld River, the denser the surrounding Netherworld aura became. He thought that with his strength, it would not be difficult for him to travel on the Netherworld River. However, when he approached the depths of the Netherworld River… The water there no longer had a rotting and bloody smell like the water in the ordinary Netherworld River, but felt extremely “pure” instead. In fact, the miserably pathetic screams had also vanished and were replaced with a dead hollow silence. It was as if all the sounds in the water had disappeared as he could no longer hear them. Besides empty silence, there was only more empty silence in his surroundings. It was as if he was the only one left in this world.

Since there was no rotting stench, then there were no hateful voices either. However, this was simply another extreme kind of purity. Lao Wang could clearly sense that the evil Netherworld aura and power in the surroundings had gathered to reach an unimaginable peak. As a result, he could not sense anything else. It was as if someone had descended into boundless darkness for 10,000 years and had forgotten about the radiance of the sun and its colors. Only when one lost all ability to differentiate evil did one shudder in fear.

Even someone as strong as Lao Wang started to feel somewhat suffocated in the face of this terrifying Netherworld aura. However, this was only the repression of his power by the mighty Netherworld pressure, but what was truly more terrifying was the environment. There was clearly some boundless evil in his surroundings, yet it was empty and quiet. It was as if one was in hell surrounded by boundless darkness, while countless pitch-black eyes filled with hate stared at oneself without blinking. They did not make any noise or disturb one in any way. They simply looked at one, as if they were waiting for one to become part of them…

However, this was Lao Wang, whose state of mind and soul were extraordinary. Even though he felt a terrifying chill traveling down his spine, in the end, he was able to stabilize his heart and not be misled by this.

Over five hours had passed since his last course correction. The speed at which his spiritual power recovered had obviously slowed down. However, he was able to see that they were only a short distance away during his last check. Lao Wang had just been planning to use the copper mirror and confirm Mu Zi and Grai’s coordinates when he suddenly saw a mystical scarlet light faintly dazzling above the pitch-black and empty surface of the water.

That was… Hell Island!

After floating on the Netherworld River for so many days, Lao Wang’s fatigued spirit was roused by this.

It was called an island, but when he approached it, he discovered that this did not seem to cover the scope of an island. Instead, it was more like a continent.

Ever since Lao Wang saw the mysterious scarlet light in the distance, he spent a full three or four hours before he approached the light. The closer he was to Hell Island, the more obvious the scarlet red light became. The red light filled the entire sky yet seemed rather dim. When he got closer to the island, only then did he realize that the red light reflected in the sky was the color of the soil on this continent.

He had finally arrived!


Just as he arrived at the shore, the intense smell of blood and decay wafted over with the sea breeze.

Wang Zhong looked over and saw that this vast scarlet-red shore was filled with corpses that were torn apart. Most of them were various kinds of beasts, as well as low-leveled creatures from hell that were mentioned in legends, such as hell hounds, blood bats, ghost’s kiss beasts, bone demons, and corpse demons that were seen everywhere. However, all of them had lost their lives. Their limbs were broken and scattered everywhere. He surveyed the entire shore, and there were probably over one thousand corpses. The extremely dense Netherworld aura here caused an intense rotting effect on the corpses here. However, since the limbs of these corpses were still left behind, they should have died in the past few days.

As he picked up the Jiuli Warship, he spread his divine sense throughout the shore to investigate.

One kilometer, five kilometers, ten kilometers… The more he spread his divine sense, the more Wang Zhong’s heart sank.

When he was in the Mizobudapi World, Lao Wang had seen hundreds of thousands of corpses forming mountains. However, he had not felt the palpitations that he did now.

Within the area of 10 square kilometers that his divine sense could cover, this shore was completely filled with bloody corpses!

Five thousand corpses? Ten thousand corpses? Just how many creatures had been killed? This was supposed to be Hell Island, which was abundant in beast races. However, at this moment, it seemed to only be filled with corpses. Scarlet-red blood had hardened in the soil, and boundless hate was shrouded and absorbed by the Netherworld aura. The entire island was shockingly quiet, and not even a bird could be seen flying.

Even though the strength of these beasts was unknown, since they were able to survive under the high Netherworld pressure on Hell Island, at the very least, they could rival Solid Core practitioners. However, they had been slaughtered so easily. Besides the Netherworld King that controlled Mu Zi’s body, Lao Wang simply could not think of anyone who would be able to do this. Furthermore, the strength contained in this slaughter was much more terrifying than how the Netherworld King had eliminated the Ninth Shade Faction in the underground world.

It seemed like the strength of the Netherworld King was continuously rising, perhaps because Hell Island was his territory. However, Lao Wang felt that this was more related to the level of control he had over Mu Zi.

Thoughts rapidly flashed past Wang Zhong’s mind. Over the past few days of traveling along the Netherworld River, he had imagined the various scenarios that might have happened on the island.

Looking at this situation, Mu Zi’s soul should not have been completely eliminated. If not, Grai would not still be following the Netherworld King. Furthermore, this bloody slaughter was probably a part of the Netherworld King’s preparations to seize Mu Zi’s body. He probably wanted to use this killing intent and the hate from these creatures to erase Mu Zi’s remaining consciousness.

He should have a chance, but he would have to hurry!

Wang Zhong did not use his copper mirror to look for Mu Zi and Grai’s position and could confirm that the Netherworld King had undoubtedly disrupted his connection with Mu Zi and Grai several times by force. The Netherworld King was vigilant and on his guard. If Wang Zhong used the copper mirror again, he would simply expose his position.

Luckily, the countless corpses on the ground were his best guides.

Lao Wang’s divine sense continued to spread. Then, he rapidly dashed forth while following the traces of blood.


Rumble! Bang, bang!

A Zhuyan1 with one eye and carrying a massive spear collapsed with a crash. Its head that was as large as a round table had been easily twisted around. Its massive eye widened and was filled with fear and unwillingness.

The Netherworld King casually waved his hand. Then, a gray fog-shaped substance that resembled a soul was sucked from the one-eyed Zhuyan and was absorbed by the Netherworld King’s body.

He comfortably stretched his arms and closed his eyes as he enjoyed the process of the fog-shaped substance integrating with his body, or more accurately, being devoured. A few seconds later, he slowly opened his eyes.

“Truly a delicious soul.” His voice was full of joy. “Using a human body to devour souls gives another taste. As compared to devouring those dirty souls in the rotting Netherworld River, I truly feel as if I’m in heaven now.”

“You should go to hell,” said Grai coldly. He could sense that the power of the Netherworld King had increased slightly. This was the usual pattern every time he devoured a powerful soul. This Zhuyan had terrifying strength and was not inferior to the Gold Cores from the various great Factions in the underground world. However, it still could not fight back in the face of the Netherworld King.

Grai did not care about the life or death of that Zhuyan. However, he knew that the stronger the Netherworld King was, the weaker Mu Zi would be.

“Ha, ha ha ha ha! You seemed to have forgotten that I am hell.” The Netherworld King laughed out loud. From where he was standing, he could see that the Netherworld Palace was less than five kilometers ahead of him.

“As I said, when we arrive at the Netherworld Palace, you will have to make a decision.” The Netherworld King smiled and turned around. “Grai, tell me your decision. Will you submit, or will you choose to die?”

Grai stopped in his tracks.

He thought that he would still have some time. However, the speed at which the Netherworld King advanced into Hell Island was much faster than he had imagined. They had made a dozen rounds around Hell Island and killed their way through. It was now extremely difficult to find any living creatures on Hell Island, and the Netherworld King’s blood sacrifice was complete. Back when he was at Dragon’s Head Shore, Mu Zi had only killed several dozen people, and it had been very difficult for him to control the power that the Netherworld King burst forth with. But this time… after the battle with the Ninth Shade Faction, as well as the thousands of sacrifices, the power of the Netherworld King had continued to increase. Furthermore, he had finally decided to enter the Netherworld Palace. Grai knew that this time, Mu Zi might truly disappear completely.

This was sad and regrettable. That baldie who loved to laugh was about to silently leave just like that…

“Before I answer, I’d like to ask you a question,” Grai calmly said. “This is also a question that Mu Zi wanted me to ask.”

“Oh? That little fellow had a last wish?” The Netherworld King laughed. “I’m starting to miss Mu Zi’s voice.”

“After completely controlling this body, what do you plan to do?”

“You’re smart. You should be able to guess even without me saying it.” The Netherworld King laughed some more and did not seem willing to conceal his stark, bloodthirsty killing intent. “I control death, and all living creatures stand opposite me. Furthermore, I only vanished for a period of time, yet even the underground world lost its reverence for me. I feel that there is a need to give them a punishment that they will never forget, just like in Hell Island. These fearful dead souls are the best gifts for me when I climb back to my peak!”

“As expected…” Grai sighed. This was the reason why he and Mu Zi absolutely did not dare to strike a compromise with the Netherworld King.

In the end, he had reached this stage. Even though Grai had expected this result when he stepped on Hell Island, he still could not help but sigh silently when this moment arrived.

“Ever since I came to the underground world, I have been fighting alongside Mu Zi for a very long time. We are as close as brothers… This should be a battle fought by Mu Zi and me.” There was unusual peace in Grai’s gaze. There was no longer the anxiety that he had shown over the last few days of waiting. It was as if he had thought this through and put down everything. “But I never expected I would be the final soldier left. I didn’t even see Mu Zi for the last time.”

“From your tone, you don’t seem to have the intention to submit yourself.” The Netherworld King smiled. “Indeed, you Earthlings are creatures with great individuality and guts. You have never learned to respect experts, even when faced with death.”

“You’re wrong. We respect any expert, but we just don’t have the habit of being slaves, let alone selling our souls to demons.” Grai’s voice gradually turned colder and was less sentimental. His gaze also became more determined. Suddenly, a brilliant light shot out. “Furthermore, you are too confident. I am definitely not the only person who does not fear death!”

As Grai spoke, he opened his palm, and a rune that had been carved into it suddenly flashed!

It was a gray runic array. When the runic array in his hand shone, a similar gray runic array started to blaze on the Netherworld King’s chest and on the Life and Death Coffin that he carried on his back. The moment the three gray runic arrays dazzled, they formed a line, as if there was an invisible thread connecting them.

The Netherworld King furrowed his eyebrows slightly.

Meanwhile, Grai felt as if his body had suddenly been fixed in place by an invisible power. He could not even move his finger, but he did not seem to mind. He simply stared unblinkingly and nervously at the Netherworld King standing opposite him.

This was a sacrificial technique that originated from within the Life and Death Coffin. Mu Zi had silently fixed up this technique when he was awake. The bodies that had the runic array carved on them would have their souls sacrificed to the Life and Death Coffin, as well as to the nation of the dead.

Even though Mu Zi had never displayed the true power of the Life and Death Coffin, he knew the mystical value of this object. Its power was not at a level that Gold Cores on the Land could resist. Borrowing the power of the Life and Death Coffin was the only method Mu Zi and Grai could think of to counter the Netherworld King. The three runic arrays were one entity, and when one of the runic arrays was activated, the other two would naturally activate as well. The runic array had been carved on Grai in order to activate the sacrificial rune when Mu Zi was no longer able to control his body.

This was their last and most powerful method, but it was also a method of certain death. Once the sacrifice was activated, it could not be stopped. Regardless of whether it was Mu Zi the host or Grai who activated the sacrifice, they would definitely be completely devoured by the great power from the Life and Death Coffin, including their bodies and their souls. However, even then, both Mu Zi and Grai did not have absolute certainty on whether this would eventually be able to conquer the Netherworld King during the actual trial. They would only know the results through actual combat.

“You and that little fellow actually had such a technique. Why did you only use it now?” The Netherworld King seemed to have tried to break free but had failed. Even then, he did not panic. Grai continuously observed him, and the Netherworld King had obviously not even moved a single finger. They stood opposite each other without moving, but the roulette of life and death had started to spin! Not only were the two of them unable to move, but even the Netherworld aura in this space had retreated and vanished, and the surroundings were empty and quiet. This was an extremely strange scene.

It was done!

No one wanted to die. Grai did not want to die, and he wanted to give Mu Zi the opportunity to break free. Thus, he had waited until the last moment. As for the future of the Earth, their preparation time would simply be delayed slightly. Grai and Mu Zi understood the Netherworld King very well, and once Mu Zi’s soul completely vanished, the Netherworld King would not keep his promise.

“Cut the nonsense!” When Grai saw the Netherworld King in a predicament where he could not move, a glint flashed past his eyes, and his confidence rose. Even though Grai could not move, he could still use his spiritual power to hasten the activation of the sacrificial rune without any obstacles. At that moment, he shouted in a stern voice, “Today is your day of death!”

The sacrificial rune activated much more quickly with his spiritual power. Then, a small gap appeared in the Life and Death Coffin on the Netherworld King’s back, and a powerful sucking force instantly surged from within the Coffin.

The three of them were connected. Grai simply felt the power throughout his body rapidly passing through. His moist skin was drying up at a visible speed, as if even his vital energy was being rapidly absorbed by the Life and Death Coffin. Meanwhile, the Life and Death Coffin standing opposite him was obviously not much better off. At that moment, his body was being swept away by the boundless Netherworld aura.

The Netherworld King was much stronger than Grai and was temporarily unaffected. However, a gray soul was continuously being sucked from his body by the Life and Death Coffin and being devoured…

Grai was overjoyed. The power of the sacrificial rune in the Life and Death Coffin was much greater than what he and Mu Zi had predicted.

His anxious heart finally calmed down. It seemed as if the Life and Death Coffin was indeed able to conquer the Netherworld King. This artifact defied the heavens, and its grade was probably much higher than what Mu Zi had originally predicted. However, it was a pity that the Life and Death Coffin was destined to fall on Hell Island and be covered in dust, only to be discovered many eras later.

The gap in the Life and Death Coffin grew larger and larger, and the devouring force exerted on the human bodies also grew stronger over time. In the short span of three to five seconds, Grai felt that his spirit and will had started to turn vague and weaken as they were sucked in by the Life and Death Coffin.

You killed Mu Zi, and now, Mu Zi will kill you!

However, before Grai could complete this thought, he felt the sacrificial rune in his palm turning dim. Then, it rapidly vanished, as if someone had used an invisible eraser to “wipe” it off his palm.

It was the Netherworld King!

Grai panicked as he discovered that even though the Netherworld King could not move, the Netherworld aura he controlled was just too strong. Clouds of gray Netherworld aura condensed and took shape, forming a small hand. It had continuously used Netherworld power under the control of the Netherworld King to wipe his palm. Then, the light of his sacrificial rune rapidly dimmed when it was covered by the Netherworld aura.

“I was just playing with you.” He heard the Netherworld King laugh beside his ear. “This is child’s play. A dead thing actually wanted to deal with the great me.”

The moment he finished speaking, the sacrificial rune in Grai’s hand and the rune on the Netherworld King’s chest had completely disappeared! Closely after, he heard a cracking sound. The open Life and Death Coffin closed, and its devouring force immediately disappeared.

Grai’s pupils suddenly contracted. Some of his lifeforce had been drained by the Life and Death Coffin, and he was now relatively old and weak. At that moment, he was in complete despair. His body turned limp, and he sank to the floor.

He already knew that he would definitely die. If he had been able to get the Netherworld King to disappear with him, he would have taken revenge for Mu Zi and himself, and saved the Earth from a great disaster. He was not worried that the Netherworld King would actively look for the Earth. After all, the Earth was not eye-catching, and the Netherworld King could not possibly make a journey there. However, he would use Mu Zi’s identity and execute a mass slaughter in the underground world… Regardless of whether it was the underground world or the powerful civilizations that would be affected by this, these debts would be borne by the Earth. Then, it would definitely lead to their death.

However, Grai never expected that the combined sacrifice of both their lives could not even hurt the Netherworld King’s hair. Power would always be superior in this world.

“I gave you a chance to make a decision, but you did not know how rare such an opportunity was, and you did not treasure it.” The Netherworld King sighed and shook his head, but in reality, he was in a good mood as he sensed the resistance from Mu Zi’s will completely vanishing. “It’s time to send you to your death.”

The power of the Life and Death Coffin disappeared, and the Netherworld aura in the surroundings shrouded them once again. The Netherworld King’s figure had appeared in front of him. His body was not very tall, but at that moment, he was as lofty as a mountain that could not be overcome.

With death knocking on his door, Grai was unusually calm as he closed his eyes. He did not have the time to look back on his life. At this moment, he thought about the idle life he had once lived in Tianjing. Those had been the happiest times in his life.

“Die.” The Netherworld King raised his hand, and gray Netherworld aura suddenly wrapped around Grai’s neck.


Whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh!

Before the Netherworld aura could come into contact with Grai, several sword glints rapidly shot towards the Netherworld King from a distance. These sword glints reached him very quickly. Not only did they possess extremely strong power, but they also contained the power of the rules, as if they were able to ignore all the defenses in this space and pierce through everything!

The Netherworld King was not willing to use his body to forcibly endure this attack. After all, it was a body he had just seized, and he had not even finished the final integration of its original soul or gone through the actual Netherworld King Revival Ceremony. If he was not careful and allowed the body to be damaged, it would be extremely troublesome to recover.

At that moment, he was shocked as he instinctively moved back. He heard a whooshing sound flash past. The extremely sturdy rock stratum on Hell Island was as soft as tofu when faced with this sword glint, and 17 or 18 holes instantly formed in the ground. Furthermore, the Netherworld aura that had wrapped around Grai’s neck was forcibly dispersed by this sword glint.

Grai was suddenly shocked and opened his eyes, but before he could see the source of these sword images, a swift sound had rushed over.


A black shadow charged forth and instantly stood in front of Grai.

This was…? Grai was shocked and uncertain. At that moment, an extremely small and thin Black Titan was standing in front of him.

There was a Black Titan on Hell Island, and he had even stepped in to save him? Grai could not quite imagine this as he did not have any friendships with the Black Titans. Furthermore, this Black Titan was rather special and used a sword… Didn’t these crude Black Titans love to use ferocious heavy-duty weapons?

“It’s you!” However, the Netherworld King instantly recognized him. It was not because of his appearance as a Titan, but the aura from his body.

The Netherworld King knew about the master of this aura several months ago when it had secretly probed them through the ancient spiritual mirror. This aura even wanted to contact Mu Zi, but it was secretly disrupted by the Netherworld King every time.

The Netherworld King recognized him?

Grai suddenly sensed something and looked at “Old Black”, who was famous for having an irritable temper in the underground world.

Old Black wiped his face with his hand, and a mask fell. It was not an ordinary mask, but a mask that could transform the entire body. The tall figure of the Black Titan rapidly shrunk to half its size, transforming into the figure of an ordinary Earthling. His face was also revealed.

It was Wang Zhong! Wang Zhong wasn’t dead?

Grai was pleasantly surprised. He was on the terrifying Hell Island, and only he knew exactly what kind of pressure one experienced facing a boss like the Netherworld King while isolated and cut off from help. Being able to see Senior during a time like this was like suddenly returning home after a long journey. The warmth and fullness he felt were unparalleled. As a result, he was overjoyed.

“Wang Zhong! Mu Zi is already…”

Even without Grai finishing his sentence, Lao Wang understood everything just by looking at the current situation.

Was he scared? Nervous? Anxious? Not at all. Instead, he was filled with a rage that did not tolerate any other emotions.

He was too late. Regardless of whether it was because of the books on souls he had flipped through in the library out of interest or his own understanding of souls, Lao Wang knew very well what seizing a soul meant. Since the Netherworld King had dared to attack Grai and did not seem to face any disruption from the will inside his body, then Mu Zi’s will that lingered inside his body might have completely vanished. If not, the Netherworld King would not have made a move against Grai.

“I’m Mu Zi. I’m a baldie, not balding.”

“Wang Zhong, did you bring cola?”

Several familiar scenes flashed past Lao Wang’s mind. This fellow who loved to laugh had vanished just like that? Furthermore, he had been seized by a being like the Netherworld King and might not even have the opportunity to reincarnate. This was definitely the complete elimination of his soul!

Lao Wang had been restraining himself, but at that moment, someone like him who would not be shocked by anything he saw felt his hands trembling from anger. He even almost forgot the difference in strength between him and the Netherworld King, who could eliminate the entire Ninth Shade Faction. He did not even turn back to look at Grai. He simply spoke while his back faced Grai, “My boat is by the shore. Hurry up and leave. If I don’t return in the end, report everything that happened here to the Star Alliance and to Ma Dong. He will know how to help the Earth prevent a great disaster.”

“Senior—” Grai was slightly dumbfounded.

Even though Wang Zhong seemed completely different from when Grai had met him at the Heavenly Treasures Street, the one standing in front of them was the terrifying Netherworld King, and even almighty Gold Core experts could not stand a single hit from him. If Senior faced him…

Grai had recovered from his wild excitement and did not dare to imagine it. If even Wang Zhong died here, then the Earth would truly be done for. They would no longer be able to bounce back.

“Don’t hesitate,” Wang Zhong interrupted Grai. “The Star Alliance has already stepped in. If the Earth does not know about the soul takeover and if the Star Alliance does not know the Earth’s position on this matter, then Earthlings will only face death!”

“Even if one of us leaves…” When Grai spoke until there, he shut his mouth. He wanted to say that if one of them had to leave, Wang Zhong should be the one. However, he also knew that he did not have the strength to help Wang Zhong hold back the Netherworld King. Both of them would die together then. Wang Zhong should not have appeared to save him, but since Wang Zhong had appeared, then only he had the small possibility of holding back the Netherworld King and giving Grai enough time to leave.

“Such deep brotherly feelings.” The Netherworld King laughed. “However, it’s a pity that it will all be in vain. If it was you who relied on a broken ship made out of Jiuli Wood, you could have probably resisted the Netherworld aura and hate to cross the ocean. But Grai? Ha ha ha ha, he doesn’t have the power.”

The Jiuli Wood boat? He was probably referring to the Jiuli Warship.

Grai understood the artifacts in the underground world that were able to cross the Netherworld River rather well. He immediately knew that the Netherworld King was right, that he did not have the strength to cross the Netherworld Sea alone. After all, he had gone deep into the Netherworld Sea with Mu Zi’s protection… This was fine too. Even though he would be wasting Wang Zhong’s kind feelings and even place the Earth in a precarious situation as a result, at the very least, he was no longer conflicted.

He dragged his old and weak body, stood up, and silently stood beside Wang Zhong.

Meanwhile, Wang Zhong furrowed his eyebrows. One look at Grai’s expression and he knew that what the Netherworld King had said was probably true. Furthermore, since he knew about the Jiuli Warship, the entire Hell Island was probably under his sway. When he landed on the shore, he had probably already exposed himself to the Netherworld King’s senses.

“You should’ve known that I would come.”

“Of course. Furthermore, I already knew that even before you arrived at Hell Island. As for the rest, including when you landed on this island and what you did, did you think that you could escape my senses?” the Netherworld King calmly said. “Perhaps you were even wondering why I chose this timing to attack Grai? I had only wanted to give you a gift before you arrived. However, it was a pity that you were faster than I expected, and I allowed you to save him…”

Wang Zhong’s gaze was cold, but a thought flashed past Grai’s mind. The Netherworld King had tricked him? The Netherworld King had attacked not because of Mu Zi, but because of Wang Zhong’s appearance? Did this mean that Mu Zi’s broken soul had not completely vanished?

“I can sense that there are many interesting things on you.” The Netherworld King’s thoughts did not involve Grai at all. On the contrary, he observed Wang Zhong with great interest. In reality, besides extinguishing Mu Zi’s broken soul, he had also been waiting for Wang Zhong over the past few days.

This was an Earthling that he was very interested in, and his relationship with Mu Zi was only secondary. More important, he was once a mere Void Core, yet he was able to activate the “Sky Reflecting Mirror”. He had intentionally placed this mirror in the Netherworld River for Mu Zi to pick up. Even though it was only a toy that some figures in Heaven used, this did not mean that ordinary people could use it. In fact, it had nothing to do with the strength of one’s spiritual power. He had prepared this for his future self, but never thought that Mu Zi and Grai would give it to Wang Zhong and that Wang Zhong would be able to use it. This Earthling definitely had many secrets.

“Since you know so much, you definitely must have sensed the most exciting thing about me.”

“Oh? Tell me about it.”

“My desire to kill you.” The moment Lao Wang finished speaking, the Hidden Dragon Sword in his hand started to whistle and tremble. When faced with the chief offender who had killed Mu Zi, he would not even wait for one second!

The invisible Netherworld aura and killing intent in his surroundings suddenly condensed, as if they were drawn in by the power of the Hidden Dragon Sword. The large space fell under Wang Zhong’s control.

However, he only sustained this control for a brief second. Closely after, the sense of control was completely gone.

This situation was simply unprecedented. Even when he faced Elder Hades at a less-than-prime state, the Elder had to use a lot of effort to break through his three sword techniques. Furthermore, he could trace the sequence in which Elder Hades had broken through his techniques. It was nothing like the current situation, where Lao Wang did not even know how exactly the Netherworld King had broken through his technique. He simply felt that his sword power had simply disappeared due to the disruption from a mysterious power. In fact, the sword power could not even travel outside the Hidden Dragon Sword! It was as if his sword techniques had been sealed.

“He’s able to control the Netherworld aura. Everywhere filled with Netherworld aura is his territory of laws!” Grai’s voice rapidly sounded behind Lao Wang.

The territory of laws was a realm that went beyond the realm of Gold Core experts. It was said that when one spoke, rules would follow. Gold Core experts were only able to control a small range, so their use of the rules was limited. However, within the range of a territory of laws, the owner of the territory could truly dictate the rules! He could decide the rules with just his words. If he said that sword power did not exist, then sword power would not be produced in this territory!

“Ha? Ha ha ha ha, many people want to kill me, but in the end, they are the ones who die.” The Netherworld King did not seem to have moved. “You all never understood how massive the difference between gods and ordinary people is!”

As his voice echoed, the surrounding Netherworld aura shrouded Wang Zhong without any warning. Lao Wang’s true form suddenly activated, but before his dazzling energy wings could spread, he was completely trapped and repressed by the dense Netherworld aura.

When the Netherworld King spoke, the power of the rules would follow!

The surrounding Netherworld pressure rapidly rose by 10 times… 100 times… and even 1,000 times!

Lao Wang, who had just broken through to the Solid Core Realm, could even slaughter Gold Cores, but at that moment, he sensed absolute suppression even before he made a move! The rapidly increasing Netherworld pressure instantly went beyond the limit that his body could endure. The Netherworld aura in his surroundings was so dense that it felt as if solid iron was pressing against him. Meanwhile, the gravity made Wang Zhong feel as if he was carrying a load of 1,000 tonnes on his back!

From the very beginning, the Netherworld King, who was gradually controlling his body and will, had been playing with Wang Zhong. He had just revived and felt very playful. When it came to strength, he could completely suppress these ants, but on the other hand, he had a weak body. Even though it was rare for his life imprint to match a body, if he used his power excessively, this rare body would collapse. However, the shrine on this island would definitely have what he wanted.

Wang Zhong’s expression suddenly changed. He felt that his body was suddenly fixed, and he could not move.

His estimation of the Netherworld King’s strength stopped at the battle where he had extinguished the Ninth Shade Faction. Even though he had borrowed the power of the Netherworld River to break through their gate, according to the descriptions from survivors that had spread in the underground world, the combat power of the Netherworld King was not particularly strong. Furthermore, he had to use Mu Zi’s body. Thus, the strength of his power and his body had to match. Even then, Wang Zhong had underestimated the Netherworld King’s power.

Just the terrifying Netherworld aura caused Lao Wang to be unable to move. He could not even activate the spiritual power in his body or spread his wings in his true form. Beside him, Grai was crawling on the ground and was firmly pressed against the floor by the powerful Netherworld aura. Even breathing became difficult for him. The Netherworld King seemed to intend to preserve Grai and not allow him to die so easily.

However, waiting for death was not something Wang Zhong practiced. No matter how powerful the Netherworld King was, Wang Zhong would definitely not abandon Mu Zi and neglect him. Thus, when Wang Zhong was traveling here, he did not think about life and death. If death was his final destination, then at the very least, he would choose how he died!

Every muscle and every bit of spiritual power in his body had been bound by the Netherworld aura, but his Soul Sea was still free. He did not rush here without any preparation at all. His dragon’s breath naturally repressed evil aura, deathly aura, and Netherworld aura. Furthermore, this resistance was extremely targeted. This was the trump card that he would use!

A dragon imprint that took the shape of a half-dragon head formed in his mind with great difficulty.

This was too difficult. The pressure that his physical body and his Solid Core were enduring was too large, and he had consumed too much mental strength and energy in this. The half-dragon head vanished amidst his pain just as it was formed.

“Oh, it’s a double-layered soul. Interesting, interesting!” There was a hint of playfulness and rich interest in the Netherworld King’s mocking gaze.

As the owner and the controller of this space, he could clearly sense what struggle Wang Zhong was experiencing. In this world, soul levels could be counted using one’s fingers. Many Gold Cores would not even see an increase in their soul level. However, this pitiful fellow in front of him actually had a hidden soul level.

However, Wang Zhong’s use of power was too low-leveled. On the other hand, this fellow’s physical body was of top quality. Even though his affinity with the Netherworld aura was no match for Mu Zi’s, at the very least, it was better than Grai’s. Furthermore, his body did not repel Netherworld aura and could actively absorb it! This was very rare. There were many creatures in the underground world, but only a very few who could do this. The Netherworld King had only found two people who could — Mu Zi and Grai. But now, he had found another one. Furthermore, all three of them were Earthlings. As a result, the Netherworld King could not help but form a deep interest in the Earth.

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