Battle Frenzy
1190 Machinery Hear
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1190 Machinery Hear

Chapter 1190: Machinery Heart

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“For the Earth to have the Netherworld King as one of them is an advantageous matter that will benefit generations to come.” Elder Yimo smiled slightly. “We shall end this matter here. For Earth to have groomed talents like Wang Zhong and Mu Zi, I feel that they should no longer be considered a level-4.5 civilization. They should be promoted to a level-5.5 civilization instead. Furthermore, the strength of the Earth itself has already reached the threshold for promotion.”

Both the Natural Race and the Soul Race had agreed on the matter. It was now a certainty that the Earth would be promoted.

Everyone leaned in favor of the Earth. Those who could not see the current state of affairs could only be considered fools.

Miehill could only sigh secretly and speak with a smile on his face, “Earthlings are extraordinary people. It is naturally best that this matter was resolved this way. The Heavenly Gates is flexible and not stubborn about such matters. I agree with Elder Yimo and Elder Baifan. The Fire Demon Race supports this decision.”

“Okay!” Superintendent Erza waved her hand. “Since all three of you have agreed, this matter is decided! The Celestial Honors Assignment meant to take down the Netherworld King will be canceled. The punishments levied on the Earth will also be removed, and it will be promoted to a level-5.5 civilization. Wang Zhong, do inform Mu Zi to come to the Heavenly Gates. The many elders present will be very happy to see the legendary Netherworld King. I, too, want to see how outstanding is the Earthling who had managed to tame the Netherworld King. Once this is validated, Earth will be officially recognized as a level-5.5 civilization.”

“Understood,” Wang Zhong bowed as he replied. Although he had already predicted the result, today’s sudden “trial” still made him feel uneasy. It was not until when he heard Superintendent Erza’s verdict that he felt relief in his heart. He instantly felt much more relaxed. “But there is one more thing that I would like to seek approval from the Superintendent and the elders seated here.”

“Hehe, you have handled the Netherworld King matter well. It is considered a significant contribution towards the Heavenly Gates. If you have any requests, please do say. We shall not refuse it.”

Lao Wang seemed to relax and turned around to look at Elder Aikesi of the Blood Demon Race next to him. “The Blood Demon Race instructed the Ninth Shade Faction to assassinate me. I would like to seek a clear explanation from them right here right now.”

“Wang Zhong!” As soon as he uttered his words, Aikesi’s face instantly turned pale. “Do you have any evidence to prove that it was my Blood Demon Race that instructed the Ninth Shade Faction to assassinate you? You have also killed people from my Blood Demon Race before. For the sake of the overall situation of the Heavenly Gates, our race had endured it. Don’t you dare push our boundaries!”

“All those that I have killed were those that deserved it. It was reasonable and legal. How could you say as if it was all my fault?” Wang Zhong said contemptuously. “As for the evidence of my assassination, I neither have it nor do I need it.”

“Oh?” Aikesi almost laughed at him. What could you do without evidence?

“I want to challenge the Blood Demon Race,” Wang Zhong said lightly. “I want to formally apply for the Blood Sacrifice War from the Heavenly Gates! I want to use the blood of your Blood Demon Race to calm my inner anger!”

Blood Sacrifice War! Just like the battle of life and death in the Heavenly Gates, if some people felt that they had been treated unfairly and were willing to fight to the death with the other party, they could choose to have a battle to the death to seek justice for themselves.

It was just that the scale was much larger! The battle was not against a single person, but against a whole civilization!

Anyone had the right to apply for a Blood Sacrifice War as long as one was brave enough. This was because the other civilization could send any powerhouse to the battle, and they could also send up to three people! They could be the three most common and weakest tribesmen, or they could be the three strongest Gold Cores!

This rule was way too unfair. Thus, the Blood Sacrifice War had not appeared in the Star Alliance for a long time.

After all, for higher civilizations, with countless Gold Cores, who would dare to say that they were able to fight against the three strongest members of those civilizations?

For the lower-leveled civilizations, when facing the strong who were on a whole other level of power, they would choose to send three insignificant members to die, to calm the opponent’s anger. However, this would just make the entire race lose their face.

“If you are too scared, just send three of your insignificant ones up to die,” Wang Zhong said coldly. “Let the entire Star Alliance see how the Blood Demon Race only bullies the weak and fears the strong.”

“Little kid, don’t be too arrogant!” Aikesi shouted in anger.

The Blood Demon Race had a fiery temper, not to mention that he was a dignified Gold Core. In front of so many higher-ups in Heavenly Gates, he was being humiliated by a member of the younger generation!

“I initially wanted to give Earth a chance, but since you’re looking to die so eagerly, I shall not stop you!” He had cut all pretense and turned his head to look at Superintendent Erza and then to the many elders around him. He clasped his fist towards them. “Superintendent! Fellow Elders! It’s not my Blood Demon Race who bullies the weak, but this kid here is pushing me way too much. It’s tolerable or unbearable!”

“Then there is no need for a Blood Sacrifice Battle!” He stared at Wang Zhong fiercely. “Since you’re so confident, then my Blood Demon Race will give you and the Earth a fair chance by having a Civilization War with us! How does that sound?!”

Everyone in the hall couldn’t help but change their expressions.

The Civilization War was another level higher.

A war between two civilizations did not necessarily mean they needed to decide the victory or defeat on the battlefield. For a civilization that had reached level-7, those who had top combat power were the embodiment of the true strength of the entire civilization. Whoever had more or stronger Gold Cores would have the last laugh.

Therefore, to avoid unnecessary bloodshed, if a truly powerful civilization wanted to decide victory or defeat, it was enough to just rely on a battle between the top few powerhouses of their respective races in the arena. It was good enough to send the nine strongest people in the entire civilization to the duel. It did not matter whether it was a one-on-one duel or a team battle; whoever won the match could take everything from the other party! The winner could make the opponent’s entire civilization become their slave and could even have all their accumulation of wealth and resources!

“For a level-7 civilization to launch a Civilization War against a level-4.5 civilization, hahaha!” Supervisor Tsargesimon laughed. “Aikesi, you’re certainly shameless, aren’t you?”

The Titans had been somewhat biased towards the Earth throughout the entire conflict. Supervisor Tsargesimon decided to stand by his favorite disciple now as he was a little worried that Wang Zhong did not understand the seriousness of a Civilization War.

“Earth is not a level-4 civilization,” Elder Miehill, who had never expressed his opinion, finally said indifferently. “Didn’t the proposal for Earth to be promoted to a level-6 civilization just pass?”

“Does that mean a war between a level-6 and level-7 civilization is fair?” Tsargesimon asked. “Come on then, let us Titans have some fun with you, Aikesi!”

Tsargesimon was famous for stirring trouble and was known for talking however he liked. The Blood Demon Race was too lazy to reply to him. However, they were still a bit surprised by Wang Zhong’s influence.

“Supervisor Tsargesimon, please do not interrupt. This is a matter between the Earth and the Blood Demons,” Elder Miehill said with a smile. “The Star Alliance hasn’t had a Civilization War in a long time. It just happens that Chief Judge Lyune and Arbitrator Wikans are both here. I sincerely ask for the two of you to handle this matter fairly and justly.”

A Civilization War was not so simple nor declared because of some mere personal grievances.

Higher civilizations could not arbitrarily initiate Civilization Wars against lower civilizations. Although it mainly protected the interests of higher-level civilizations, the Star Alliance would also give the lower civilizations some room for survival. If higher civilizations were able to declare a Civilization War against lower civilizations at will, the Blood Demon Race would not have needed to use so much effort to annex Ocean Empire Planet. To put it bluntly, the laws of the Star Alliance would give higher civilizations some space for them to take advantage of, but it was still necessary to maintain a superficial balance. Otherwise, who would join the Star Alliance? It would have fallen apart long ago.

However, if a series of complex conditions could be met, such as this time, where Wang Zhong had already severely “slandered” and “harmed” the dignity of the Blood Demon Race and the contradictions between the two sides had become irreconcilable, they would be able to declare a Civilization War.

Under such a circumstance, the Blood Demon Race was qualified to initiate a Civilization War, and the Earth did not have the right to directly reject it. The Earth could only submit the matter to the Machinery Race to judge the rationality and legality of the Civilization War.

To be honest, the Machinery Race was on Wang Zhong’s side, and all those that thought that the Machinery Race was just and fair were only those at the bottom of the Star Alliance. The elders present all knew this was not very true. It was difficult for one to gain a friendship with the Machinery Race, but if one managed to do so, it would mean boundless benefits.

Aikesi was infuriated but had thought through the matter carefully. If Wang Zhong had initiated a Blood Sacrifice War, then the Blood Demon Race could not send the ancestral-level figures in their race for a battle to kill a mere Solid Core. They had their pride and dignity to maintain.

Bullying a Solid Core three to one was something that ancestral-level figures would not want to do. Even if they managed to kill the Solid Core, they would still be considered to have lost. After all, the Blood Demon Race was on a whole other level and had their dignity to maintain. It would be fine to send three less powerful Gold Cores, but since Wang Zhong had such confidence to launch a Blood Sacrifice War, it meant that he was very confident of his strength. If they just sent some random Gold Cores, they might lose the battle.

To put it bluntly, the Blood Demon Race also had a headache. They were put in a tough situation by Wang Zhong. Even if they won, it would do more harm than good, let alone if they lost.

The current situation was the best for them. It was tantamount to solving the problem in the guise of something else. If Wang Zhong did not agree, it meant he was afraid of the Blood Demon Race. If he agreed, then it could be considered a free win for the Blood Demon Race.

Aikesi’s face was gloomy, but his eyes were a little expectant.

Everyone in the hall immediately turned their eyes to Chief Judge Lyune and Arbitrator Wikans. The powers in the Star Alliance had layers of checks and balances. This matter was said to be an internal dispute in the Heavenly Gates. After all, the Earth and the Blood Demons were considered as part of the Heavenly Gates. However, once a Civilization War was initiated, the judgment power lay not in the hands of the Heavenly Gates, but in the Machinery Race’s. Even the Heavenly Shell Race could only listen to the Machinery Race.

One could only see Chief Judge Lyune and Arbitrator Wikans whispering. After discussing for a full seven or eight minutes, Chief Judge Lyune stood up. “This matter involves a level-7 civilization and a rapidly rising civilization. Both parties are pillars of the Star Alliance. Once the Civilization War starts, many things will be affected, and thus, this matter should not be hastily decided. I need to collect some data to make a judgment. I will announce the results in three days!”

The Machinery Race did not directly reject the Blood Demon Race’s application? There was silence in the hall and all kinds of weird expressions.

A strange color flashed in Aikesi’s eyes, and he became ecstatic. The power gap between the Earth and the Blood Demon Race was immense. The Machinery Race had always been bad at putting on a fake show. If they were biased for the Earth, they would have immediately rejected the matter now with the reason that the strength gap between the two races was too large. They had the right to do it. But since there was no such public announcement, it meant that the Machinery Race would be impartial in this matter and would go by the book. What did it mean by going by the book? Of course, it was to count and adopt the opinions of all races in the Star Alliance!

Thinking about the various races of the Star Alliance, most of the races would not choose to offend the Earth. Moreover, the potential of the Earth was indeed very high. Who would dare to say that they would not have the chance to soar into the sky in the future? Creating an enemy over nothing was something that no race would do. But if there was a chance to secretly push the Earth off the edge of a cliff, Aikesi believed that nine out of ten civilizations would agree without hesitation! After all, no one would want to suddenly have a powerful race emerge to divide everyone’s interests.

Superintendent Erza was also surprised. Before Wang Zhong came, she had already talked a lot about the Earth with Chief Judge Lyune and Arbitrator Wikans. It was clear that the Machinery Race was on the side of Wang Zhong and the Earth. However, they had made such a decision instead. The Chief Judge and the Chief Arbitrator were the absolute authority of the Machinery Race and were also the absolute controllers of the entire Star Alliance legal organization. Since they had spoken, there was absolutely no possibility of them taking back their words.

“Then I shall wait for the results in three days!” Wang Zhong said lightly. His face didn’t seem to panic, causing many in the hall to look at him in respect.

Originally, everyone came to divide and sanction the Earth this time, but unknowingly, the original matter was no longer important. This Earthling seemed to have the rhythm of the discussion in his hands. Where did his confidence come from?

The Netherworld King?

Not to mention that the Netherworld consciousness was just born, so what if it was nurtured and grown fully? It still had a weak flesh body. If it left the underground world, it would just become a normal Gold Core.

This Earthling was truly naive! The Blood Demon Race who had been around for so long had many methods to deal with the Netherworld energy easily.


Questionnaires were sent to the mailboxes of many senior civilization officials in the Star Alliance.

“Earth Civilization? Blood Demon Race? Although it has nothing to do with my Kaman tribe, if one such powerful civilization is exterminated, there would be one less to divide the Star Alliance ‘cake’. Why not?”

“Blood Demon Race? Starting a Civilization War with a level-4 civilization? Huh, this bully is bullying people again… It doesn’t matter. Letting them have some fun is better than them coming to trouble our race.”

“This Earth civilization has indeed risen very quickly, but it was too arrogant for them to engage in a Civilization War with the Blood Demons… But it’s interesting. Let’s watch the excitement.”

“It is rare for the Blood Demon Race to apply for a Civilization War. Regardless of whether the two parties’ strengths are equal or not, it is already rare to have this qualification. Earth has risen too quickly within the few years it had joined the Star Alliance. I heard that they are currently staying in the Catanlyke District, not far from my Fleckmi District. Since it has become the base for the Earth, if they do manage to rise in the future, the land they would get in the inner ring would be near my Fleckmi District, and they could become a threat to my Three-Eyed Race.” A senior of the Three-Eyed Race ticked the questionnaire with a smile. “Anyway, it is an anonymous questionnaire. Such a civilization that could threaten my Three-Eyed Race should fall as soon as possible! ”

“Isn’t the Machinery Race friends with the Earthlings? Why were they still so official by adopting the opinions of all parties? What are they trying to do?” A short figure covered in blue light floated in front of the questionnaire. The normal book-sized questionnaire was two or three times larger than this figure’s entire body. She was hovering in the air while reading and thinking the matter through. Then, she frowned and muttered, “For a show? Or some superficial affair? The Machinery Race does not do such things… I don’t understand this. My race should just give up the right to choose. At least we will not offend anyone then.”


Blood Demon City

In the Land, the areas that could be called cities were typically dominated by a race, such as the Mechanical City, the Heavenly Shell City, the Fire Demon City, etc.

This was the base camp of the Blood Demon Race, located in the Heavenly River area numbered TH019. The number of this area was representative of the power of the Blood Demon Race in the Star Alliance. Counting the level-8 civilizations at the top, the strength of the Blood Demon Race was enough to rank in the top 20 of the Star Alliance. Among the level-7 civilizations, there were not many that could overwhelm them. The Titans and the Sirius Race that was ranked above the Blood Demons were both recognized as top-notch powerhouses.

As one of the central cities in the Land, the Blood Demon City had always been known for being prosperous. In recent days, there had been rumors that the Civilization War was about to start, causing the Blood Demon City to become even livelier. Although the opponent was a mere level-4 civilization, the Civilization War itself was a grand event that would be watched by countless people from the entire Star Alliance. Moreover, although their opponent, the Earth, was weak, there were many topics worthy of discussion: Wang Zhong from the Heavenly Gates, the Netherworld King from the underground world, and even the Solid Core Blood Demon Lyon who was killed on the Earth not long ago for trespassing.

The grievances between the two races could be said to have a long history. Many discussed this matter, whether it be those in the high-levels or the common folk. The people at the bottom might not know what made the Earth special or valuable, but after being put in tough positions and troubles by this small level-4 civilization, the Blood Demons were now all stirred up. The voices shouting for war were extremely loud, and the city even had lights and banners with large slogans asking for a fair judgment and letting the Blood Demons defend their dignity. The situation in the city could be considered very lively and boisterous.

“Old Ancestor.”

In the castle hall, Elder Aikesi was standing respectfully. On the throne in front of him sat a towering and huge figure. Although he had the same humanoid shape and double horns on his head, he looked completely different from ordinary Blood Demons. Not only was he huge, but the aura that permeated from his body also made Gold Cores such as Elder Aikesi feel an invisible pressure even while standing three meters away from him.

This was the ancestor of the Blood Demons. He had lived for many epochs. Although he had not been able to break through the shackles of the Gold Core, and because he was too old, he had lost the potential and opportunity for such breakthroughs, but he had been able to travel throughout the Land for many years. Over the years, he had been able to lead the Blood Demon Race to the higher end of a level-7 civilization. The strength of the Blood Demon ancestor was far beyond that of ordinary Gold Cores. It was said that he was one of the strongest king-level Gold Cores in the Land.

“How are the responses from the various parties?” the Blood Demon ancestor said with a stern and dignified voice.

“The questionnaire from the Machinery Race given to the various races should be supported and passed in our favor. There have been some discussions, and a few timid ones have given up the right to choose,” Aikesi respectfully said with a relaxed tone. The ancestors would surely be pleased to hear such good news. “Now it depends on the attitude of the Machinery Race. If they were going by the book, they would have no reason to veto this battle. Otherwise, if they go against everyone’s will and forcefully reject this matter at the last minute, they will become a joke in everyone’s eyes.”

“How’s the investigation regarding how Wang Zhong managed to enter the Heavenly Gates?”

“It has been confirmed that Wang Zhong, a human being from the Earth, was introduced to the Heavenly Gates by the Machinery Race. The Machinery Race and Wang Zhong have a special relationship. I suspect that Wang Zhong may have entered the evaluation of the Machinery Heart.”

“Machinery Heart? No wonder.” The Blood Demon ancestor smiled slightly. “There are always a few people who enter their sights in each epoch, but there would only be a few successful ones. There may not even be one in several epochs. Furthermore, it was merely entering their sights. It is not sufficient for the Machinery Race to protect him. If the matter is as such, it explains the behavior of the mechanical clan.”

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