Battle Frenzy
1194 Battle of Life and Death
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1194 Battle of Life and Death

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But so what if that was the case? Wang Zhong was the rock and reassurance for Earth. Even though everyone still didnt know what cards Wang Zhong still had hidden, but as long as he said that Earth could win, they would win! Even though the entire Star Alliance looked down upon Earth, the Earthlings were still confident of the match because of Wang Zhongs promise.

Ma Dong and the others had a grudging look on their faces. It was nothing much if the people talked bad about Earth. It was a fact that Earth was indeed weak when compared to the advanced civilizations. However, it was intolerable for someone to speak badly about Lao Wang!

Everyone raised their brows, their eyes looking at the clamoring crowd.

What do you think you are looking at? Look at this group of people, everyone. They are the Void Cores from Earth! Some in the stands became amused. The Earthlings are here! And they seem to be very unconvinced that they are going to lose.

Why do they need to be convinced of their loss? Anyways, they are all going to die soon. Hehe, its not worth explaining to them.

A lot of people all around suddenly looked over. They were seated relatively close to the front. Those who were able to sit here were either nobility or a tycoon in the Star Alliance. There were also many representatives from high-level civilizations seated here. If it were in the past, these people might have been afraid of Earth because of Wang Zhong who was in the CHC. But now? Who would fear a race that was about to die off?

What was more, the rise of Earth was simply too fast. In the eyes of Wang Zhong and the other higher-ups of Earth, the strings of data presented to them were considered good information, but in reality, they had infringed on the interests of many other races and on their personal space. Earth had offended many parties because of this, but with Wang Zhong and the other powerhouses guarding Earths interests, those parties had been wary of taking action against them.

But after todays Civilization War, Earth would become history. Perhaps the weaker ones would be enslaved by the Blood Demons or sold as laborers, but the talented powerhouses like Wang Zhong and Mu Zi would inevitably be killed by the victors. This was the tradition of the Civilization War; even the Heavenly Shell Race and the Machinery Race could not do anything about it, let alone intervene.

Now that Earth was in deep trouble, those who had suffered at the hands of Earthlings before would naturally spring out and laugh at Earths impending destruction. Even if some sympathized with the weak or simply sympathized with Earth, they would not dare to speak up for Earth at such a time.

In the Star Alliance, few dared to be the outlier. Following the mainstream opinion had long been the only choice for most races. With most people standing on the opposite side of Earth, if one dared to not choose nor make a stand against Earth, they would be considered an enemy of all other civilizations in the Star Alliance.

They would then be excluded by the other races and be picked on or, even worse, be directly labeled as an ally of Earth, allowing the greedy Blood Demon Race to eliminate them as well.

Apart from the Illusion Race and Ocean Empire Planet who had been completely tied to Earth, who would dare to speak up for Earth? What was more, even for these two races, they should be filled with regret now.

Hahahaha! I just cant stand the sight of you lowly natives looking as if you are all brave and majestic! How can you turtles be worthy of being part of the Star Alliance? Not just you, after today, all of you can roll back to Earth together with the corpse of the one surnamed Wang and eat shit! A Frogman seated close to the aisle of Ma Dong and the others was frantically taunting them, his voice mixed with the peculiar and unpleasant croaking sound of the Frog Race.

But before the Frogmans laughter even ended, a loud pa could be heard. It was a loud slap that resounded hundreds of meters in radius even in such a noisy stand.

The Frogman was immediately slapped flying away. The bloated and awkward body flew up to a height of five meters before falling on the stands. A bunch of people who were hit by the dirty body shouted angrily.

With such a big commotion, it caught the attention of those in the surrounding area of the stands. The Frogman immediately jumped up from the ground. Although the slap was fierce, the Frog Race had thick skin and amazing defensive power. Although there were five red fingerprints printed directly on his face, he didnt seem to be in much pain. He just yelled frantically with a gong-like voice, Who did that?!

The surroundings immediately quietened down.

The Frog Race was not a race in the Star Alliance that was well-liked. They were dirty, despicable, and big-mouthed. Any cultured civilization would think of them as dirty and unsightly. However, the strength of this race was not weak. They had thick skin by nature and were one of the more powerful warrior groups in the Star Alliance. Compared to the countless level-6 civilizations in the Star Alliance, they would rank above average.

And this Frogman who could sit in such a relatively high position to watch the battle did not have a simple identity. He was either a noble or a tycoon. To be slapped so openly in front of so many people had made him lose face. Although he was not injured, he had lost his dignity. How could he not be angry? Those copper-bell-like frog eyes stared roundly, searching everywhere for the culprit. His Solid Core spiritual energy enveloped his body as if there was going to be an eruption.

In the hallway, a white and tender-looking human woman was feeling disgusted and wiped her left hand with a towel. Her face was filled with the dirty mucus of the Frog Race. So disgusting!

It was Emily! Even though she had condensed her Void Core and had a high status on Earth for a long while now, her temperament from the past was still unchanged. She didnt care about what other people said, but if anyone dared to talk bad about Wang Zhong, she would let them see blood.

The surrounding area was quietened in an instant. A female Void Core from Earth could slap a Solid Core of the Frog Race away? Although the Frogman was not injured, and even though it was a sneak attack, the actual combat power of the people from Earth was still astonishing. It was said that these guys from a boundary world could fight well once they had mastered their powers. It seemed that it was not just a rumor. However, how could a civilization that was about to fall and be destroyed dare to be so rampant? She even dared to beat up a level-6 civilization higher-up in public so unscrupulously?

Earth was truly lawless and disrespectful. It had only risen in the ranks the past one or two years, yet even a small Void Core of their race dared to be so arrogant. If they were allowed to grow for a few more years, what would they become? Wouldnt they just ride over the heads of the major civilizations and do whatever they liked?

The Earthlings are way too arrogant and rude!

Someone merely said a sentence, and she slapped the other party. What do they think this place is? The slums of the Star Alliance?

They do not even have respect for any of us here.

Wa Ah Ah! The Frogman was in a daze for a while before it became furious. He didnt care about the accusations around him.

The one who beat him a moment ago turned out to be an Earthling?! On top of that, she was just a Void Core?! No, no! And it was a female who slapped him?

An aura of a Solid Core powerhouse was madly overflowing from him. While exuding the unique smell of the Frog Race, he was so angry that it made many people around him cover their noses.

You damned female, I will kill you!

He soared into the sky as if he was crazy. The Frog Race had always been violent. Only they could bully people, not the other way around. What was more, it was a Solid Core from the Frog Race.

Although the leap was short, it was very explosive. The speed he was traveling at was breakneck, and the momentum was terrifying! Before even reaching the front of the party, the pressure that resembled a violent tsunami had already engulfed them. Except for Emily and the other Void Cores, Wang Zhanfeng and the others were all unstable as their complexions changed drastically.

But this time, without waiting for Emily and the others to take action, a silver energy shield had already appeared before them and blocked the Frogman from approaching the party.


The Solid Core powerhouse charged with all his strength and with terrifying destructive power. However, only a loud noise could be heard; even though he had merely hit the protective shield, it still made the sturdy spectator stands tremble, garnering the attention of more people.

One could only see that the powerful Frogman was stuck to the transparent energy shield like a snail, and the entire shield, which was initially protecting the party, suddenly shrunk and turned into a ball to constrict the Frogman. He was tied up, and no matter how hard he struggled, he could not move at all.

During the period of the Civilization War, citizens of both parties would be protected by the laws of the Star Alliance. Anyone who dares to provoke them will be severely punished by the law. Rhode Ds cold voice resounded from the silent stand. This Frogman knew about the law but still broke it, aggravating his crime! Because he has not committed any major mistake before, he will be assigned to the battlefield for a year to do manual labor. Depending on his performance, he will then be released. Come, take him away!

As soon as the voice fell, a law enforcement team that emerged from nowhere grabbed the energy shield, which had squeezed the Frogman into a space the size of a washing basin, and then disappeared in the blink of an eye.

The surroundings were silent for a moment, but for all matters involving the Machinery Race, no one in the Star Alliance dared to rebel. It was just that the penalty just now was a bit too much. Although there was indeed such a clause in the Star Alliance law, shouldnt he have asked for the reason first?! Didnt this mean that as long as the Earthlings wanted, they could beat anyone up during the Civilization War? Whoever fought back would become a provocateur and a lawbreaker?

People gossiped that the Machinery Race had given up on Earth and that the two races were in conflict What rubbish!

Look at how the Machinery Race was defending and protecting the Earthlings, and look at the unlucky Frogman. The Machinery Race and Earth definitely still had a good relationship!

Such a matter was still considered a small commotion in the stands. For a huge arena that could accommodate a million people and was hundreds of thousands of square meters in size, such a matter was a mere splash in the sea and did not even spread out.

At this time, Superintendent Erza, Arbitrator Wiggins, Chief Justice Lyune, and the high-level leaders of the Heavenly Shell Race, Natural Race, Soul Race, etc., were all gathered at the most central seats of the stands. The spacious seats were not only widely spaced, but also huge. It was not only about the seat, it was also to display a high-level image and the hierarchy. Even though Superintendent Erza was petite, while sitting on the chair, she naturally exuded a wisp of divine power, making people feel that she had a very majestic aura, as if she was a deity spectating the match. Those who sat here were not only at the highest level of the entire Star Alliance but were also its face.

Superintendent Erzas perception was very keen. Although the number of people in the arena numbered a million, every move in the entire arena and even everyones voice could be seen and heard in her eyes and ears. Naturally, she was aware of the small disturbance caused by Ma Dong and the others.

She gave a slight smile. The Earthlings are here.

The many bigwigs sitting around her who were talking had already heard the commotion below, and they all looked towards its direction. After all, the Earthlings were one of todays protagonists.

An older male who was covered in flames lightly shook his red beard and said with a smile, That Earthling is a bit too rash.

The Fire Demon Patriarch, Kalidan, was also an ancestor-level figure. Although he was not very tall, sitting on the main stands meant that he had to stand tall in front of all the races. His flames naturally shone brightly around him as if he was a towering godlike existence.

Ever since Phumetheus was defeated by Wang Zhong, the Fire Demon Races attitude towards Earth had been neither here nor there. They laughed on the surface and seemed to not care about the past grudges, but behind their back, they were looking at Earth unpleasantly and hoped for them to be extinguished. They were merely trying to maintain the face of their race as one of the Star Alliances top civilizations. After suffering the loss of prestige in the match between Phumetheus and Wang Zhong, it would be weird if they merely laughed it off. They did so just to quell any rumors that might sprout. But now that Earth was about to be exterminated, the Fire Demons had to be secretly feeling good on the inside.

The other elders of their races all around him just smiled, understanding Kalidans little dissatisfaction with the Earth.

It was true that the Earthlings were a bit more irascible and were unable to maintain their calm when encountering things that triggered them. However, nearly all the civilizations that had just entered the Star Alliance were like this. There were not many rules in the Star Alliance, and with their pride, it was normal for them to be evaluated as such.

The Blood Demon Ancestor was sitting below Kalidan and held a faint smile on his face. Just looking at the little Void Cores attack just now, he knew that her combat power was far beyond that of ordinary Void Cores. These were just a few females trained by Wang Zhong and the others on Earth in a short span of time. This showed that the talents of the people on Earth were indeed not bad. Given time, they might threaten the Blood Demon Race and cause them a headache.

But after today, all these problems would be solved and would no longer exist. In todays battle, they would wipe out the powerhouses from Earth and, at the same time, take over this mysterious planet full of life. After which, they could slowly study the mystery and origin of the strangely high talent of Earthlings!

Although it was said that the people on Earth had mortgaged the planet to the Star Alliance Dimension Bank, when Earth was defeated and the Blood Demons were allowed to take over everything, they would also naturally take over its debts. Even though they had to pay the mortgage debts, which was a hefty sum, but compared to the many secrets of Earth, no matter how much money the Blood Demons had to pay, it would be worth it!

It has been eras since the Blood Demon Race separated from the Fire Demon Race. To breakthrough to a level-8 civilization, it had accumulated and prepared for dozens of eras. They had met all the criteria in terms of wealth, technology, influence, and population size. However, it had always been limited by the natural talent of their descendants. Their bloodline had a limitation that did not allow those of their race to breakthrough to become a Gold Core in large numbers. However, if they managed to gain control of the secrets behind the high natural talent of the Earthlings

Thinking of this, the Blood Demon Ancestor couldnt help but laugh. This was a great opportunity for the Blood Demon Race to advance to become a level-8 civilization. Whenever he saw Earthlings, he would feel happy. Its normal for people from a boundary world to be somewhat unknowledgeable. If they become a vassal of my Blood Demon Race in the future, I will teach them to be patient and enlighten them so that they will not be so rude again.

Superintendent Erza, Elder Yimo, and the others all gave him a faint glance. Everyone knew that the Blood Demons had long wanted to take over Earth. If they won this battle, Earth would become the private property of the Blood Demons without question. Earth would then become a research laboratory for the Blood Demon Race, making the living conditions miserable and devastating for Earthlings.

The strong preyed on the weak. There was nothing to say about the Blood Demon Race taking over Earth, but for them to proclaim that they would make Earth a vassal of the Blood Demon Race and enlighten the Earthlings was simply ridiculous. It was empty talk.

It was also partly due to the Blood Demon Ancestors personality that made him blurt out such nonsense without even feeling blushing at all. However, such words inevitably made the others sneer at him.

These powerhouses on the main stands communicated in their small circle. Their conversations were inaudible to everyone else, and no one could even see their true bodies at all, only some dim shadows. The people seated on the left and right of this group of bigwigs were the powerhouses from the level-7 and level-8 civilizations. Although their seats were not as dazzling as those of Superintendent Erza and the others, they were still much wider than ordinary seats.

This was a truly grand event, and almost all the races in the Star Alliance had sent at least a representative here.

Although Earth was only a level-6 civilization, as one of the civilizations participating in the war, there was also a row of seats in the main guest stand reserved for them. It was even closer to the main stands where Superintendent Erza and the others sat than the powerhouses from the level-7 civilizations.

Before they were even seated, they could feel a strong wave of aura engulf them from the main stands. Even the hot-tempered and bold Emily remained silent in the face of this and did not dare to make any trouble.

There were a lot of low voices around. Compared to the unscrupulousness of the ordinary level-5 and level-6 civilizations in the surrounding area, the level-7 civilizations seated around here cared more about their face. No one made any sarcastic comments about Earthlings, but there were all kinds of strange gazes directed towards the group from Earth. Their eyes held some sympathy and pity, but also contained disdain within.

Ma Dong and the others did not say anything but just sat down quietly. Everyone knew very well that no matter how much confidence they had in Wang Zhong, there were very few people here who were optimistic about their planet. Everyone had long been psychologically prepared for such a situation.

Before Wang Zhong went into closed-door cultivation, he had given Ma Dong a letter, and on it were the words: Earth will win this war!

Although no one knew where Wang Zhongs confidence came from when put in such a battle where the rules put Earth at a complete disadvantage, these words had already become the source of confidence for all people on Earth.

No one raised any doubts. One only needed to wait two hours for the war to begin and another two hours to see the result of the war.

Even though there were countless unusual gazes around, Ma Dong and the others maintained their calm. However, before they had even warmed their seats, there were already people coming towards them one after another.

The first was an envoy sent by Superintendent Erza, who extended a cordial welcome and greetings to the representatives of Earth headed by Wang Zhanfeng. Then, an elder of the Illusion Race with Jhonas and a prince from the Ocean Empire Planet came together to exchange greetings with the Earthlings. As people from a level-5 and level-6 civilization, their seats were obviously not here, which meant they had made a special trip to visit them. Even though they were only here to exchange a few polite words, it had already surprised Wang Zhanfeng and the others.

One must know of Earths current situation in the Star Alliance. It was almost a foregone conclusion to people that they would not survive past today. Some allies who had just established friendships with Earth had already turned their backs towards them. However, these two races had pledged their unwavering support and even interacted so openly with Earth on such a public occasion. This was something very rare.

Wang Zhanfeng and Shirley were both busy returning greetings, but Ma Dong immediately caught the eyes of Jhonas just from a glance. When he walked over to Ma Dong, he hooked up with him very affectionately and said, You are Ma Dong, right? I heard that you are my bosss buddy? You even used to live in the same dormitory as him and were as fat as me. How similar we are, this is all the works of fate! Thats right, the bosss buddy is also my buddy. I heard that you, Dongdong, are doing some business with my family. Not bad. We have so much in common. I admire you!

Although Ma Dong had lost weight in recent years and had become a lot more dignified, he still had a plump look to him and still hadnt broken away from the fat category. However, he was only considered slightly fat. Looking at Jhonass short stature and listening to him calling him Dongdong, Ma Dong became dumbfounded. How were his own fatness and this guys fatness the same? Also, Lao Wang was mean to have spread his dark history everywhere.

Low laughter sounded around. The people sitting here were all from level-7 civilizations in the Land. To be honest, their focus on this battle was completely different from the level-5 and level-6 civilizations seated further away. They did not care about whether Earth or the Blood Demons won the war. They did not need to support anyone. As a level-7 civilization, they did not need to take sides on such matters at all. They were just sitting here as if watching a show. Even if they thought Earth was overestimating themselves, they would merely laugh it off.

But now things were different. There were rules in the Land. Normally, whenever there was a grand celebration in the divine territory, the closer one sat to the top leaders, the higher the identity and glory it symbolized. Today, the Earthlings were actually seated in front of them. Even though the Earthlings were participants in todays war and it was considered a special circumstance, it still made them feel unhappy and wronged. On top of that, they were still talking loudly in front of them, destroying the peace and quiet the area had. They simply had no manners.

Looking at who they were talking with the Illusion Race and the Ocean Empire Planet sure enough, the weak only hung around the weak. Only these races would be friends with such a lowly civilization like Earth.

A male child from the Sirius Race sitting next to them said lightly, This is a place for nobles, and no noise is allowed. If you want to catch up with each other, go to a tavern near

Scram! Before he could finish his words, a fragile fist had knocked on his head, and at the same time, a delicate but fierce voice had sounded. Move aside! Make a place for this lady here! Are you blind?! How could a dog from a rubbish civilization sit so close to the main stands?

Who?! The youngster from the Sirius Race immediately went crazy and was about to jump up from his seat.

He was from the dignified Sirius Race. Which b*tch dared to scold him in public and even scolded him so badly?! It was lucky for her that this place was close to the main stands and had many elders on the side. Otherwise, this Sirius Race child would have tried to kill the person immediately.

But before he could jump up, a petite hand grabbed him by the furry ears on top of his head, and a cute but fierce face came over. Am I saying something wrong? Look at your dog ears, look at your dog hair. You are so thin that you look just like a puppy! It just so happens that I want to raise a dog recently. Should I build a kennel for you in the backyard of my Bifu Palace and raise you there for three years?

Bifu Palace! The Goblin Race!

Although it was not a level-8 civilization, it was still considered a pillar of fighting strength in the Star Alliance.

The Titan Race and the Goblin Race!

Although these two races were only level-7 civilizations in name, they actually had the strength to rival the six great level-8 civilizations. Whether it was in the number or quality of the Gold Cores they had or even the strength of the top king-level Gold Cores in their race, they were not inferior when compared with the level-8 civilizations. They merely lacked the recognition from the four races of the Heaven.

Although the Blood Demons and the Sirius Race were also known as level-7 civilizations, no matter if it was in their influence or their strength, they were still one realm below that of the Titans and the Goblins. Of course, if the Blood Demons managed to be promoted to a level-8 civilization first, then things would be different. After all, resources mattered the most in the Star Alliance.

The Sirius child only felt that he had suffered a great humiliation, and his ears were filled with pain. Before he was about to go crazy, he heard a surprise shout from an Earthling woman next to him.

Princess Ina! Lord Shalister! Lan Daier smiled and greeted them with intimacy.

With the help of Nini not long ago, Princess Ina had hooked up with an elemental spirit. She naturally took a liking to Nini and her master Wang Zhong as they had helped her a great deal. Her elemental spirit was also constantly praising Wang Zhong in front of her every day. It kept boasting that Wang Zhong was unparalleled under the skies.

If Princess Ina dared to express her objections, the elemental spirit would stare angrily at her! It even threatened to terminate their contract every time Princess Ina felt that she had even been brainwashed. Besides, Shalister often took her to the Anoma Club to taste the delicious food there, so she naturally met Lan Daier, and the relationship between the three females became better and better.

This shout of Princess Ina came as a shock to many, and people around who were waiting to watch the Sirius youngster go crazy immediately kept quiet. The Sirius child who was just about to hit back was scared to the point of peeing in his pants!

It was Kris Ina, Princess Ina, the little devil from the Goblin Race!

She was not only the most beloved jewel of the Demon King Musk, but she was also the granddaughter of Elder Yimo of the Natural Race and the Successor Disciple of the Soul Race Ancestor! Such an identity was definitely of a top grade even across the entire Land.

She had been domineering and lawless in the Goblin Race since childhood, and even those in the top-level races of the Star Alliance were all scared of this little devil! They had no choice. She not only had a distinguished status but also often claimed to have a brain disease. If they didnt agree with whatever she wanted to do, she would suddenly claim to have a brain attack and lose her mind, giving her an excuse to become lawless.

How many of the elders in the Heavenly Gates had not been played with by this little devil? Which elders medicine pot and refining room were not turned over by this little devil? Even the treasure of the Sirius Patriarch had been stolen by this female and thrown into the dung pit. Afterward, she just laughed and said, Im sorry, Uncle Sirius. I have a brain disorder, and I forgot what I did. This made the Sirius Patriarch not know whether to laugh or to cry.

In front of such a lawless existence, anyone in the Land would immediately run to hide when they saw her. What was a small Sirius noble in front of her?

Im scolding you. Are you not convinced? Princess Ina didnt have time to talk to Lan Daier. She hadnt seen anyone who dared to talk back to her for a long time, and there was a light of excitement in her big shiny eyes.

Convinced! Convinced! The young male lost his temper in an instant, and his whole body softened. The dignified Sirius noble could be regarded as one who had a high status across the Land. However, in front of this little devil recognized across the Land, he really didnt have the courage to go wild.

These people are just low-mouthed. The Sirius child had run away, but Princess Ina didnt care and just took Lan Daiers hand. Dont worry, Sister Daier. Even if Earth loses today, dont be afraid. I will cover you in the future and promise that the Blood Demon Race will have to detour whenever they see you.

The princess spoke without hesitation. Not only Lan Daier, but Ma Dong as well as Shalister who was standing next to Lan Daier, looked awkward.

Ahem. Ina, the Civilization War hasnt even started yet, Shalister reminded. Although she didnt understand Wang Zhongs confidence at all

Although the Earth had no right to refuse this Civilization War, there were actually many other ways they could have dealt with it.

For example, they could transfer their wealth in advance and then emigrate a large number of Earths elites away. Geniuses with super potential like Wang Zhong and Mu Zi were popular, and there were definitely many civilizations in the Star Alliance that would be willing to accept them, such as the Ocean Empire Planet or the Heavenly Shell Race. For the Heavenly Shell Race, accepting tens of thousands of immigrants was just a piece of cake.

By doing so, at least Earths main strength could be preserved. Of course, there were still many other ways to respond to such a situation.

But Wang Zhong didnt choose to do so or to retreat. Instead, he bound the entire planet with him and not only chose to fight head-on but also bet his entire planet on the War.

Both the judgment of the Heavenly Shell Race and the intuition of Shalister told them that Wang Zhong was not an idiot who did not know the importance of such a war. By choosing to go head-on, he had given the Heavenly Shell Race a little expectation, despite there being no basis for it.

After greeting everyone from Earth, the two and Lan Daier sat down, and the three females chatted non-stop. Although Ma Dong and the others knew that these two were future stars of the Star Alliance, it was awkward for them to just come over and start a conversation. However, it was obvious that with these two people sitting next to the Earthlings, the strange gazes around them had finally lessened.

Earth still had dependable allies.

But before the two of them sat down, more people walked towards the seats of the Earthlings.

Titan Tsarisiya from the Heavenly Gates, Nibaru the Tree person, Pavaro the young head of the Bone Demon Race, and Yan Moyu the master of the Alchemy Hall from the Natural Race all came to exchange greetings

One had to admit that Wang Zhongs reputation in the Heavenly Gates was considered to be pretty good, and the social circles he had kept in contact with were all at the top there. There were even two surprising visitors, Lavel and Phumetheus of the Fire Demon Race.

As everyone knew, the Fire Demon Race was the supporter of the Blood Demon Race and held some grudges with Wang Zhong. When they saw these two appear, many people felt that they would be hostile and here to make a disturbance. However, the two of them acted normal, and although they did not specifically come over to exchange greetings, they smiled and nodded at Ma Dong and the Earthlings when they sat next to them. This was definitely not just a show. The matter had long been over, and the Fire Demon Race would not bother making a show for such trivial matters. It could be said that these two people obviously did not dislike Earth and even had the intention to build a friendship with the Earthlings.

It was understandable for Phumetheus to be showing acknowledgment to Earth. His life had been spared by Wang Zhong when he lost to him previously in the Life and Death Arena. However, what was with Lavel the Witch? Did such a top-level powerhouse in the Land have a friendship with Wang Zhong? They were a generation apart!

What do you know? I heard that the Hidden Dragon Sword that Wang Zhong used when he defeated Phumetheus was forged for him by Master Lavel.

Ah?! Arent Lavel and Phumetheus both Fire Demons? How?

What do you think? This Earthling surnamed Wang has a huge force behind him in the Heavenly Gates. Otherwise, why would the Blood Demon Race pay so much attention to him?

In just 10 minutes, the seats around the Earthlings were full, and the top powerhouses of the younger generation of Heavenly Gates had gathered! People of the Heavenly Shell Race, the Titan Race, the Goblin Race, the Machinery Race, the Insect Race, and even the Fire Demon Race were all gathered together, making them look daunting. The Sirius male from before had his position repeatedly moved back with the continual influx of powerhouses, and before he realized it, he had already moved to the seats where the level-6 civilizations sat

No one dared to say anything in the surrounding area. On the contrary, in other seats further away, when they saw that the Earthlings, who were about to be exterminated, had allies all around them, they became green with envy and jealousy. Some even bore hatred, and the voices of discussion became even louder.

So what if they have so many allies? They are a civilization thats about to die. I dont even think they can win a single match today!

Nonsense! Who just said the Earth wouldnt even win a game? Earth must win one! I have bet that the Blood Demon Clan would only win after six matches!

Haha, dont worry, buddy. According to internal sources, I heard that many from the Blood Demon Race also bet that their side will win after six matches. The Blood Demon Race would let Earth win one even if they had to purposely throw a match away.

Earth will only win one match! The Blood Demon Race will win after six matches!

This seemed to be the limit of respect that the ordinary spectators would give the Earthlings.

How could they even fight against the Blood Demons?

The Civilization War was nine against nine, and the worst part was that one could not fight more than once! This was where the low-level civilizations suffered the most. Not to mention nine, Earth might not even have five that had the strength rivaling that of Gold Cores. No matter how strong Wang Zhong and Mu Zi were, it would be completely useless if they merely won two duels!

Thus, from their point of view, there was really no need to even fight to know the results.

There were many waiting to see Earth become a joke, but there were also those who had some guesses and expectations, such as Ma Dong and Shalister, who were waiting quietly.

Where did Wang Zhongs confidence come from?

No one knew. Ever since Wang Zhong went into closed-door cultivation, no one saw him again. All the answers could only be revealed when the war began.

Ma Dong only felt that his palms were filled with sweat. Since becoming a top-level figure on Earth, he had not experienced such nervousness and excitement in a long time. It was as if he had gone back to the times when he was a little figure in Tianjing Academy who was unable to control his fate and could only pray to the heavens for a miracle to happen.

Not only Ma Dong, but all the people from Earth had the same feeling. There was constant noise around, but only Earths area was silent. Laura, Emily, Sharmie, and the others were all staring nervously below at the arena though it was still empty at this time.

There were more and more people in the buzzing scene. Suddenly, a huge three-dimensional screen was suspended in mid-air. At the same time, a loud and vigorous voice suddenly sounded from under the stands. The Blood Demon Race VERSUS the Earthling Race! The Civilization War begins now!

The buzzing scene instantly quietened, and countless people looked at the arena below. There stood an extremely tall Silver Titan, covered in lightning. Coming from the Heavenly Gates, he was the emcee of todays Civilization War.

This Civilization War would be overseen by Supervisor Tsargesimon!

Can we please invite the participants from both sides out now?

It was finally starting!

Ma Dong and the others were all nervous. They sat awkwardly, looking down intently.

Ma Dong and the others had detailed information of the Gold Cores from the Blood Demon Race in their hands. The Blood Demons had more than twenty Gold Cores, ranging from ancestor-level figures to some that had just been promoted.

There was a big difference between Gold Cores. For example, the elder Bayan who was killed by Lao Wang in the Land belonged to the below-average category of Gold Cores. As for those from the CHC, as long as they were a Gold Core, they would be ranked in the top category, but they were very rare.

Among the twenty-odd Gold Cores of the Blood Demon Race, apart from the invincible Blood Demon Ancestor who was listed as a king-level Gold Core, the others were a mix. Except for some old ones that had long been in closed-door cultivation, with no one knowing whether they were still alive or dead, the Blood Demon Race did not have many outstanding Gold Cores on the surface. There were only one or two who were active in the battlefield outside the divine territory, and it was still unknown whether they could rush back in time.

If the ones that participated today were all average Gold Cores

Ma Dong felt his fists already being covered with sweat. Although he didnt know Wang Zhongs trump cards, he still hoped that the opponents would be slightly weaker and careless.

Voices resounded from the surrounding stands. Blood Demon! Blood Demon! Blood Demon!

The reputation of the Blood Demons in the Star Alliance was not very good, but they still had the strength of a level-7 civilization. Coupled with the huge bets placed by everyone on them, and even though the Blood Demon Race had a bad reputation, they still received much applause at this time.

The left door of the arena below opened, and an extremely young Blood Demon walked out.

He seemed to be in his early twenties, about the same age as Kakadinme. His face was like a crown jade, and although his body was not too tall, he was full of spiritual energy. On the surface, he looked just like an ordinary person. Obviously, he had long been in the Gold Core Realm.

The older Gold Cores were often the main pillars of their respective races, while the younger Gold Cores were the future of their race. The younger the Gold Cores were, the more potential they had, and it also meant they had extraordinary talents, just like the members of the CHC.

The Young Master of the Blood Demon Race!

Shai Lowhe! Shai Lowhe!

There was a clamor in the stands all around. People shouted his name the moment his identity was announced.
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    《Battle Frenzy》