Battle Frenzy
1195 Three King Brothers
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1195 Three King Brothers

Chapter 1195: Three King Brothers

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In the high-leveled civilizations of the Land, there would be one or two geniuses who had the ability to enter the Celestial Honors Class but did not join the Heavenly Gates. They were set to be the core heirs of the various wealthy races and were in no lack of the resources that they would have obtained from joining the Celestial Honors Class. At the same time, they helped to conceal the trump cards of the various civilizations.

Shai Lowhe was one of these people. As one of the genius young masters in the Blood Demon Race, he was already dazzling at birth, being born as a Solid Core! He had broken through the bloodline shackles of the Blood Demon Race, a mere level-7 civilization.

In the Land, many higher-ups from the Solid Core had fixed their eyes on the Blood Demon Race as their future successors. The Blood Demon Race also bore the weight of advancing to a level-8 civilization in the future.

Over the past few years, even though Shai Lowhe had been focusing on cultivation in the Blood Demon Palace and thus did not have any outstanding achievements, he was actually a heaven-defying freak that was born as a Solid Core and enjoyed countless cultivation resources from the Blood Demon Race. Even if he was concealed, one could well imagine his current achievements and strength. He was one of the strongest combat powers from the Blood Demon Race and was viewed as very likely being their first opponent among all the names on Ma Dong’s list.

At that moment, one could not see on his face the impulsivity that ordinary young people had. He simply smiled and looked in the direction where the Earth group was sitting. A wave of killing intent appeared in his eyes, and even Ma Dong, Wang Zhanfeng, and the others who were sitting thousands of meters away shivered as a result.

They did not shiver out of fear, but from suppression by that powerful might. It was as if they were ants facing a deity!

“He’s challenging them. Ha ha ha, the Blood Demon Young Master is intimidating. He’s probably targeting Wang Zhong.”

“After concentrating on cultivation for so many years, he had to reveal himself eventually. After all, the confirmed future heir of the Blood Demon Race needs some reputation. Right now, the Earth and Wang Zhong are at the peak of their power. If the Blood Demon Young Master slaughters him, his reputation will definitely increase.”

“That must be the case. When it comes to Civilization Wars, does the Earth have the qualifications to stand on equal footing with the Blood Demon Race? If not for Wang Zhong, it would have been enough for the Blood Demon Race to just send a few Gold Cores to suppress them. There would have been no need for the Blood Demon Young Master to step in.”

“Wang Zhong almost killed Phumetheus in the Heavenly Gates, and the Blood Demon Race and the Fire Demon Race support each other. The Blood Demon Prince must be planning to take revenge for his peer.”

Many people chatted and laughed. The life-and-death battle of the two civilizations was no more than a game to many of these spectators.

There was no end to these discussions. Then, an extremely strong Blood Demon followed closely behind Shai Lowhe and walked out from the door.

This Blood Demon also seemed very young, likely below the age of 30. He was topless, and the exquisite muscles all over his body swelled. His skin was the color of brass, and the pair of dark red horns on his head were sturdy and thick. His hands were empty and behind his back. His gaze was steady and ruthless, and his gait was forbidding. Even though he did not reveal the aura of a Gold Core, a wave of terrifying might rushed forth as his vigor soared into the skies. As a result, he did not seem like the three-meter tall figure that people saw, but a massive primeval beast from ancient times!

“That’s Blood Demon Beast Gollon.”

Not only did the other people furrow their eyebrows, even the many “allies” sitting beside Ma Dong and the others, such as Celeste, furrowed their eyebrows as well.

“That’s Blood Demon Beast Gollon, who has proven himself through combat! I heard that he failed to charge through the Heavenly River Tide and was injured. He has been unable to recover since then, but he’s able to fight now?”

“What terrifying vigor. I can feel it even from the distant stands, and my entire body feels hot…”

In an instant, there was a surprised gasp from the stands. If the appearance of the Blood Demon Young Master was within everyone’s expectations, then Gollon was different.

It was Blood Demon Beast Gollon!

The word “Beast” in his title was not derogatory at all. As one of the few almighty Gold Core experts in the Blood Demon Race, Gollon was one of their few experts who had already proven themselves through combat.

It was said that combat was useless as using combat to accumulate one’s Gold Core was just too difficult. However, if someone was able to advance to the Gold Core Realm using the path of combat, then their practical combat ability would definitely be powerful. This did not mean that Gold Cores who cultivated through combat were much more powerful than Gold Cores who cultivated through pills. However, since the path of combat was so difficult, inferior candidates would have failed early on. Thus, those who were able to remain and pass through this threshold were all extraordinary people with peak natural endowments, and their starting point was naturally much higher than many varied practitioners who had advanced using pills.

Furthermore, the Combat Cultivation practitioners from the Blood Demon Race were even more terrifying. The Blood Demon Race had inherited their bloodline from the Fire Demon Race, and it was rumored that the Fire Demon Race were the descendants of the Wilderness Race and the Natural Race in the Heaven. As a result, one-quarter of the Blood Demon Race’s heritage was from the Wilderness Race, which was a super-bloodline that relied on their physical strength. They used their power to prove themselves, and when they displayed their natural endowments, they were relatively terrifying.

Blood Demon Beast Gollon was a member of the Celestial Honors Class several dozen years ago and was the teacher of Lavel and several others. He was very famous and had attempted to pass through the Heavenly River Tide. Even though he eventually failed, he was able to survive the fall from the summit of the tall Heavenly River after failing to pass through the Heavenly River Tide and enduring the boundless might of the Heavenly River. His strength was absolutely shocking as he was one of their top experts among the Gold Cores. He could rank among the top five even among the Gold Cores in the Blood Demon Race.

However, he was severely injured after failing to pass through the Heavenly River Tide. Over the past few decades, he had been resting and recuperating among the Blood Demon Race and had not wandered throughout the Land. Many people thought that his injuries were too severe and that he was either unable to recover or his strength had reduced greatly.

However, they never thought that he would be among the first from the Blood Demon Race to appear in this civilization battle. Furthermore, looking at the terrifying aura that rose from Blood Demon Beast Gollon’s entire body — an aura that turned into a blood-red light that simply soared into the air — he did not look injured at all! On the contrary, he was even more terrifying than it was said in the rumors.

Blood Demon Beast Gollon’s name was included in the information about the Blood Demon Race that Ma Dong had on hand. However, he had been severely injured after failing to pass through the Heavenly River Tide several decades ago. Everyone thought that he would not come for this battle and never guessed that he would be the second to appear.

However, this was not considered much. Closely after, another being also shocked the entire arena.

An extremely skinny old male walked out. Unlike the other Blood Demons who were two or three meters tall, this old man seemed to be 160 to 170 centimeters tall at most. Furthermore, he was bending his back, making his figure even smaller than that of an ordinary Earthling. Even though he looked like he had one foot in the grave, this was Killing God Night Soul!

When the Blood Demon Young Master and Gollon appeared, there was a lot of chatting from the spectator stands, and people were at ease. However, at this moment, when they saw Night Soul, all the voices in the arena instantly softened greatly. It was not an exaggeration to say that they had turned silent from fear.

Such was the Blood Demon able to earn the name of Killing God in the Land. At the height of his power, Night Soul was even able to stop babies from crying at night. Of course, there was no need to mention the extent of his strength.

However, what was more terrifying was the abnormal heart for slaughter that this old and skinny male had. He had once spent several years personally killing hundreds of millions of lives while on an expedition to the civilizations in the peripheral worlds! It was not that ordinary Gold Cores did not have this ability. When one reached this Realm, if they wanted to go on a punitive expedition to weak civilizations, they could easily kill 100 million beings with a ranged killing technique. However, there had never been a Gold Core who spent several years slaughtering these creatures and enjoying the pleasure of killing like Killing God Night Soul…

Night Soul had returned to live in seclusion in the last era. However, countless people still remembered his abnormal killing reputation till the present day. When he stared at one from a distance, it was as if one was being stared at by death. As a result, one could not help but feel a chill down their spine.


Before everyone could recover from the shock they felt when they heard the terrifying name of the Killing God, three Gold Cores walked out closely after. Unlike the implicit aura that the Blood Demon Young Master and the Killing God emitted, the moment these three people walked out, the uncontrollable and powerful aura of Gold Cores assaulted the senses. Then, a dark red air current surged backwards. It was as if the sky had turned dim and dark with their appearance!

“Those are the Carloze Brothers! The three top commanders of the Blood Demon Race who fight in foreign territories…”

Everyone went into an uproar. There were voices of shock and surprise.

First was the Blood Demon Young Master, who was favored by the heavens. He was then followed by Gollon and Night Soul, whose reputation was spread far and wide. And now, even the three great commanders who were usually in distant, foreign territories had gathered! It was thought that it was enough for the Blood Demon Race to only send a few Gold Cores to deal with the Earth. Who would have thought that such a line-up would be assembled?

Did the Earth have the qualifications to be valued this highly by the Blood Demon Race? They did not even have an official Gold Core and were only conferred the title of a level-6 civilization purely based on their potential and strength. Any set of random Gold Cores would have been enough to defeat them, but they had actually gone to this extent!

The uproar turned into low whispers, which then turned into silence. As for the next two Gold Cores of ordinary reputation from the Blood Demon Race, no one cared about them.

Wait, eight of them?

Many people realized that only eight people from the Blood Demon Race had appeared.

Civilization battles were fought with nine people…

Before everyone could recover from their shock, a lofty figure sitting at the host’s seat in the spectator stands had stood up.

“I will be the ninth person from the Blood Demon Race participating in the civilization battle.”

A clear voice reverberated throughout the entire battlefield like a large bell that shook everyone’s hearts!

He was a lofty figure. Anyone who was able to sit at the host’s seat was like a deity in the Land! Even a god-like figure would take action today? How many years had passed in the Star Alliance since a king-leveled Gold Core took action before a large audience?

The entire arena instantly fell silent. The previous six people from the Blood Demon Race were enough for a level-6 civilization to fall into despair, but they just had to include another king!

Was the Blood Demon Race going to make the Earth suffer a crushing defeat?

“Blood Shadow Old Man, to deal with the Earth that is two levels lower than your people, not only did you call back Night Soul and the Carloze Brothers, you are going to step in too? Since when has the Blood Demon Race been so cowardly?” A calm voice rose from their circle of people. There was a hint of mockery in the voice. “You’re not afraid of being laughed at either.”

“A lion still has to use its full strength when hunting a rabbit. This concerns the life and death of a race. What does it have to do with cowardice?” The Blood Demon Ancestor smiled and did not seem to mind this. “I do not wish for weaklings like the Earthlings to take anything away from the Blood Demon Race.”

Back then, Aikesi had promoted Wang Zhong’s Blood Sacrifice War into a Civilization War to allow the Blood Demon Ancestor to step in! The Blood Demon Race usually resorted to unscrupulous means in order to achieve victory and reach their objective. What about the strong bullying the weak? The Blood Demon Race did not care about this as it would simply be a false reputation. It was enough as long as they managed to get through this.

“Heh heh, despair gives courage even to a coward. Don’t be too bold with your words yet. Be careful of being slapped when the time comes.” The person who had mocked the Blood Demon Ancestor narrowed his eyes. His physique was large and tall, and even though the people around him were tall, he was particularly lofty. He had a body that was eight to nine meters tall, and the golden light all over his body was dazzling. He was the current elder of the Titan Race, Karlos Tsarlo! He had a name and a surname. In the Titan Race, this was something that only Gold Titans with the purest bloodline could possess.

“There have always been many people who want to slap the Blood Demon Race.” The Blood Demon Ancestor calmly glanced at Karlos. The Titan Race was the biggest obstacle blocking the Blood Demon Race. The Blood Demon Race wanted to advance to a level-8 civilization, but they had to go around the Titan Race first. “Brother Karlos, if you’re interested, shall we make a bet? Shall we earn some profits from this?”

“…” To be honest, Karlos was only displeased with the Blood Demon Ancestor. However, if they were to place a bet, how could they do so? The Blood Demon Race had sent such a formation, but the Earth did not even have a Gold Core. No matter how one looked at it, the Earth was definitely done for. However, since they had reached this stage, he could not beat a retreat now. “Whatever, I’ll play along with you. I bet a hundred thousand Gold Star Stones.”

The Blood Demon Ancestor laughed out loud. “Karlos, since when did you become so petty? Are Gold Star Stones of any significance to me? I have a piece of Heavenly Dazzling Spiritual Gold that weighs 3.92 ‘kilograms’. I will place my bet with that. Brother Karlos, if you lose, you can just give me something of equivalent value.”

The Heavenly Dazzling Spiritual Gold was one of the meteorites that had fallen from the Heaven through the Heavenly River when the Heavenly River Tide was activated. Only two thousand tonnes from a massive meteorite that weighed several hundred thousand tonnes would remain after enduring the turbulence of the Heavenly River Tide. This was a top-quality material for refining equipment and was extremely rare in the Land. It was considered a top-quality spiritual mineral. The value of a piece that weighed 3.92 kilograms could not be determined. Even among the various rare items throughout the Land, it was rather difficult to find something of equivalent value.

He would have to gamble all of his assets. Even though Karlos’s expression did not change, the smile on his face had turned stiff.

Even though they were considered a level-8 civilization and their strength was among the best in the entire Land, the Titan Race was actually poor. There was no alternative as they were simply too frank. Doing business? This did not exist as they could not beat the other races at this. Furthermore, with the personalities of the Titans, they could not sit at a small shop and wait for business to arrive. Thus, a large majority of ordinary Titans were in charge of maintaining security or fought and killed in places like the Arena to make a living. These were old professions that were innate to the Titan Race, just like how they had served the Dragon Race in the distant, ancient past.

Thus, they were very poor. Even the Titan elder was poor. If he had not come into contact with the pill business of the Heavenly Shell Race, this Titan might still have continued with their racial habit of shouting and killing everywhere just to feed themselves.

They had developed some habits after getting used to poverty. Not only were they petty, they were not willing to suffer as well. Even though the Titan Race had accumulated many treasures, these treasures were items that they cherished the most. Furthermore, this gamble was obviously one-sided. Would he be willing to be roped in by the Blood Demon Ancestor’s words? Would he be willing to do so?

Karlos coughed slightly. Just as he was feeling awkward, he heard a voice beside him. “Heh heh, Elder Karlos might not be able to find a replacement for such a rare item. Luckily, I happen to have a complete elemental heart with me that I will bet with you on.”

The Heavenly Shell Superintendent was the one speaking. The Titans and the Heavenly Shell Race had always been on friendly terms. Thus, it was natural for her to save Karlos from this awkward predicament.

However, was she really only helping him?

Superintendent Erza’s calm smile interested many of the bosses around them.

“A rank-S elemental heart from the Heaven, how generous! This goes even further than the Heavenly Dazzling Spiritual Gold.”

“Heh heh, how interesting. Superintendent Erza seems to expect that the Earthlings will win.” There was a strange glint in the Blood Demon Ancestor’s eyes.

When one reached their level, things that could “grow” in the Land were no longer of much significance to them. Regardless of how good the item was, they were already stuck at a bottleneck, and it was difficult for them to improve through them. They would simply obtain these items for the rest of their race. However, these rare and strange items that had circulated from the Heaven were still extremely attractive to them. After all, the only pathway between the Heaven and the Land was the Heavenly River. Furthermore, any items that could withstand the impact of the Heavenly River Tide and flow to the Land all contained the might and power of the Heaven, which was on a completely different level from the environment found in the Land. In particular, to Gold Cores like the Blood Demon Ancestor who had completely stabilized and had no possibility of improving, if they were inspired and guided by such items, perhaps they had the slight possibility of breaking through their bottleneck. Thus, such items were far from being on par with any treasures or wealth from the Land. It was extremely rare for someone to be willing to bet using such items.

“It can’t be considered expecting them to win. I’m just playing,” said Erza calmly. “Blood Demon elder, you should be careful. Don’t fail when you least expect it.”

“Ha ha, Superintendent Erza is generous.” Beside her, Karlos laughed loudly. Erza had helped him escape this awkward predicament. Even if this was only for the reputation of the two races, he still had to express his gratitude. He simply said, “Since you have placed such a large bet, I will bet ten million Gold Star Stones in addition to that. Blood Demon Old One, do you accept this?”

Ten million…

Even though this was a rare “generous bet” for the Titan Race, to the bosses sitting in front of him, this was a laughable figure. Only a poor man like Karlos would suggest this number.

The Blood Demon Ancestor laughed. To be honest, being suppressed by a poor person like this was extremely embarrassing for the Blood Demon Ancestor. He looked down upon the Titan Race from the bottom of his heart. A brainless civilization with a simple head but developed limbs was like a group of country bumpkins who did not have the generosity a wealthy race should possess. They were now followers of the Heavenly Shell Race. Even when one traced the origins of the Titan Race, they were simply the lackeys and watchdogs of the Dragon Race! They had lofty figures and massive natural endowments in their bloodline, but they would always be followers.

He was different from those poor Titans. Unlike the Blood Demons who developed means to acquire wealth in the peripheral worlds or the other ancestors who shamelessly cheated and looted others, this Blood Demon Ancestor’s personal wealth could be considered among the top in the entire Star Alliance. He did not even care about 100 million or one billion Gold Star Stones, let alone 10 million Gold Star Stones. “Ha ha, since we’ve started gambling and are receiving bets, I will accompany you till the end. If the other lords are interested, why not come and play…”

Before he finished speaking, an ordinary voice sounded beside him. “Since this is a personal bet from a Blood Demon, I do not reject it… I bet five hundred million that the Earth will win.”

The Blood Demon Ancestor’s pupils contracted slightly.

The one speaking was Chief Judge Lyune.

Even though 500 million was not much for the Blood Demon Ancestor, he regarded the Machinery Race’s attitude towards this matter as important. The Machinery Race had always been uninterested in such matters, but he had come to participate in this as well. Was Lyune displeased with the Blood Demon Ancestor, or was he that confident in Wang Zhong? With the Machinery Race’s extent of supervision over the Land, as well as their relationship with Wang Zhong, did they really expect the Earth to win?

“It’s rare for Chief Judge Lyune to be interested.” The Blood Demon elder laughed. “I accep—”

Before he could finish speaking, another voice interrupted him. It was a voice that did not seem to have any emotions. There were only the coldness and numbness unique to the Insect Race. “I bet five billion that the Earth will win.”

It was Qin Min!

He was one of the Eight Great Kings who currently controlled the Insect Race! Unlike ordinary Brain Insects, who were too fat to move, Qin Min seemed rather slim and even humanoid. The Insect Race was the race that was best at evolution. Other races might need hundreds or thousands of years before they experienced some changes, but the Insect Race was continuously evolving with every generation. Brain Insects who were born in the same batch could develop different abilities and even outer appearances. There would be large differences across individuals.

The diligence of the Insect Race and the Machinery Race was known by all. Furthermore, these two races were on friendly terms with Wang Zhong in the Heavenly Gates. Since the Machinery Race supported the Earth, it was not strange for the Insect Race to show the same stance as well. However, this involved money…

The wealth of the Insect Race was acknowledged by the entire Star Alliance. They occupied almost 80% of the resources in the underground world and controlled many businesses in the Star Alliance. If they said that they were the second wealthiest, then no one would dare to admit that they were the wealthiest in the Star Alliance. However, this was a personal gamble, but it had put out five billion. Only one of the Eight Great Kings in the Insect Race, Qin Min, could do this.

In an instant, the game-like gambling suddenly and completely changed.

To be honest, even though Gold Star Stones and money were like floating clouds in the eyes of those present, if the amount of money was large enough, then it would naturally be different. They were all figures who were the ancestors of their respective races. Even though they did not think highly of mere Gold Star Stones, the development of their race still needed large amounts of money. For example, the rank-S elemental heart that Superintendent Erza had taken out and the Heavenly Dazzling Spiritual Gold that belonged to the Blood Demon Ancestor were considered priceless treasures. However, to a high-leveled civilization and their entire race, besides being considered treasures that were placed among the most-precious goods in their race, their value was still a far cry from several billion Gold Star Stones.

Five billion Gold Star Stones was almost equivalent to an entire year’s worth of taxes from a peak level-6 civilization. Even someone as rich as the Blood Demon Ancestor felt distressed by this amount. Furthermore, the Insect Race was famous for being good at gambling in the Star Alliance. Many casinos in the Star Alliance were founded by the Insect Race. Since Qin Min had dared to place such a large bet, did the Earth have some abilities that the Blood Demon Race did not know about?

Putting Wang Zhong aside, if the Netherworld King and Mu Zi had actually concealed their strength when they were tested in the Star Alliance, then they had a chance of winning even if they faced the six great Gold Cores from the Blood Demon Race. Did the Insect Race also think that the Earth could exchange a loss for two wins?

Since the bet’s result was clear, there was absolutely no reason for him to back out.

It was only five billion Gold Star Stones. He could play with this! Furthermore, as compared to the Earth that the Blood Demon Race would obtain, once the living planet that contained the secrets of their natural endowments and bloodline fell into the hands of the Blood Demon Race… Was this something that several billion Gold Star Stones could compare with?

“Ha ha ha ha!” There was a glint in the Blood Demon Ancestor’s eye. “Insect King, you are so interesting. Is there a reason for me to reject free money? I accept!”

Unlike the idle excitement experienced by these top bosses…

When the Blood Demon Ancestor said that he would be the ninth person from the Blood Demon Race participating in the Civilization War, the entire arena had fallen completely silent. It was as if everyone was digesting this explosive piece of news. Many people only recovered from their shock seven or eight seconds later.

An ancestor had stepped in! Just this scene alone was worth the price of their tickets. Suddenly, many people truly hoped that the Earth could be slightly stronger and allow the Blood Demon Race to feel threatened! However, did the Earth have such strength and qualifications?

The Blood Demons had nine great Gold Cores!

The images hovering in midair continuously broadcasted these nine people. They seemed very peaceful and were not nervous about life and death at all. After all, they had displayed the difference in power here. Furthermore, anyone who was able to achieve their Gold Core had a firm will. The cheers that filled the arena were no more than passing clouds to them.

At that moment, the gate on the Earth’s side opened slowly.

The first one to walk out was Wang Zhong.

The clamoring crowd was suddenly silent. They gave this genius, who was currently at his peak, a certain amount of respect.

Regardless of how many civilizations looked down upon the Earth, all the civilizations in the Land could not help but give him a thumbs-up and praise him for his extraordinary natural endowments. He had entered the Land as a Foundational Stage but was able to grow to a level where he could challenge several Gold Core experts, in the short span of two years. With such natural endowments, even though he did not have any background or accumulated experience to rely on as he was from a peripheral world, such genius could only be encountered every 1,000 years, even among the level-8 civilizations in the Land. What right did the Earth have to fight a civilization battle with a level-7 civilization today? It was because of Wang Zhong!

There was scattered applause from the spectator stands, but there was no shouting.


“Wang Zhong!”

“All the best!”

Ma Dong and the others, who were sitting at the spectator stands and had been keeping silent throughout, finally shouted at that moment. Emily, Laura, and the others had stood up. Even Princess Ina and the others, who were sitting beside them, were loudly cheering on the Earth. Even though their voices were very loud, they only had a few people, and these cheers seemed rather lonely in this enormous Arena. However, suddenly, waves of shouts rose from the spectator stands.

“Uncle Zhong, all the best!”

“Wang Zhong, it’s me, it’s me! Fight hard!”

“Master Wang Zhong, all the best! You have to win!”

“Master Wang Zhong, the Ocean Empire Planet supports you!”

These shouts were from the civilian stands in the south, as well as the level-6 stands and the level-5 civilization stands in the east. People from the Heavenly Treasures Street, the Ocean Empire Planet, and the Illusion Race were sitting there. They shouted even more wildly at the top of their lungs. They were already on the same boat as Wang Zhong, and their effort was within everyone’s expectations.

The battlefield was now more silent. Even if 100 more people cheered the Earth on, in the arena that could accommodate one million people, their shouts were like a drop in the ocean. These strained cheers did not give the Earth a sense of power; on the contrary, they seemed amusing and desolate.

Wang Zhong smiled, and his eyes swept across the platforms, consciously or unconsciously. He could see through the sealing runic array on the platform and made eye contact with the Blood Demon Ancestor.

Wang Zhong was a mere Solid Core, but his Realm was not low, and he could ignore many arrays on this platform… This was slightly interesting, but so what?

The Blood Demon Ancestor narrowed his eyes and wanted to laugh. He had experienced many things, big and small, throughout his lifetime, but this was the first time he had seen something with such low risks but high returns.

A large majority of people in the Land felt that the Earth’s trump card was the Netherworld King within Mu Zi. However, the Blood Demon Ancestor knew that the Netherworld King, who had left the Netherworld River, was not as terrifying as he was in the underground world. Their true trump card was Wang Zhong!

At that moment, he was not afraid. He carefully observed the young man who was called the top Solid Core in the Land. Two months had passed. Even though his power was approaching that of a Gold Core expert and he had made breakthroughs in the realm of his techniques and his path, the aura from his body was no more than that of a Solid Core.

If he was only a Solid Core, then there was nothing to be worried about. The low-leveled civilizations were probably thinking too much about exchanging a loss for two wins. Great attention was paid to one-on-one Civilization Wars, and the victor had the right to change their representative when the next candidate from the opposing team stepped up. The Earth would definitely want to do all they could to win the first fight. However, as their trump card, Wang Zhong could not simply step up. Thus, the one who was most likely to step up besides Wang Zhong was their second strongest expert, the Netherworld King and Mu Zi!

Furthermore, the Blood Demon Ancestor had made suitable arrangements according to this. The steadiest among their group, Gollon, would take the lead. He was someone who had survived the Heavenly River Tide. The Heavenly River and the Netherworld River shared the same origins, and how many experts had died from the Heavenly River Tide throughout history? The powerful spirits in the Heavenly River who had wrongfully died far exceeded those in the Netherworld River. Gollon was able to endure even the demons in the Heavenly River. Thus, the Netherworld King who had left the Netherworld River did not pose any threat to him at all! What if they fought with their actual abilities? Heh heh, could the mere Void Core Mu Zi challenge Gold Core Gollon?

As long as the Blood Demon Race controlled the initiative, even if Wang Zhong truly had a mysterious side that no one knew about, Gollon would then be the one to personally deal with Wang Zhong. Gollon’s natural endowments were extraordinary, and he had reigned from past to present. Would he still be afraid that he, a dignified king, would not be able to get rid of a mere Solid Core? If the Insect Race and the Machinery Race wanted to bet on the Earth’s victory to disgust him, it would just be a grand dream!

At that moment, Wang Zhong’s image had appeared in the massive three-dimensional projection for the arena, as well as an individual introduction. However, before the introduction ended, the second Earthling had walked out.

He was a young bald man who seemed simple and honest. He was not very tall, but he seemed very muscular. He carried a coffin that was condensed from gray fog on his back. Wisps of gray fog revolved around the coffin and faintly enshrouded the baldie as well. He seemed as if he was enveloped in mist and was full of mystery. Beside him was a handsome Earthling, Grai.

The Netherworld King and Mu Zi were present!

Needless to say, the Earth was able to enjoy its current reputation in the Star Alliance due to Mu Zi’s hard work. In fact, in the eyes of many people present, the Earth’s true trump card was not Wang Zhong of the Heavenly Gates, but the Netherworld King who had killed a name for himself in the underground world. Even though the arena was far from the Netherworld River, Mu Zi was still attached to the Netherworld King. After all, a starving camel was still bigger than a horse. Furthermore, just looking at Mu Zi alone, he was a fellow who was able to enslave the Netherworld King. Did anyone need to doubt his strength?

In the Land, the weak were the prey of the strong. Mockery of low-leveled civilizations and bullying the weak were common occurrences. However, when they faced true experts, everyone would respect them from the bottom of their hearts. No matter how much they looked down upon the Earth, when they faced these two experts who were so famous at such a young age, few people would mock them. Furthermore, the reverence that a majority of people felt towards Mu Zi was much stronger than that for Wang Zhong.

At that moment, a large majority of the audience quietly looked at the two geniuses that were about to die. There was no doubt that once the Blood Demon Race won, they would not let these two people off no matter what. Their potential was too terrifying, and the Blood Demon Race definitely would not allow any geniuses with such natural endowments to rise and take revenge on them. The arena was now much quieter. As a result, the voices of the Earthlings, the Ocean Empire Planet, the Heavenly Treasures Street, and the Illusion Race were even more ear-piercing.

On the whole, only 100 people out of the one million present were actual supporters of the Earth, right?

However, just as everyone thought this way…

“The Great Netherworld King!”

“The Great Netherworld King must win!”

A deafening sound suddenly rose from the level-6 civilization spectator stands on the right. There were at least several thousand people there! Most of them were from various rare races, such as the Succubus Race, the Black Flame Race, the Three-Headed Race, and so on. They had developed from succubi, three-headed hellhounds, and other races in the underground world and could be considered as surviving members of their race. Even though they were no more than random soldiers under the Netherworld King, the results of the Netherworld King’s research on bloodlines were extremely effective and successful. If not, why would the power of their bloodlines be so potent? Even though they were surviving members of their race, they had also reached the standards of a level-6 civilization over many years and were scattered throughout the Land in big numbers. If one traced their origins, the Netherworld King who created succubi and three-headed hellhounds was naturally the origin of their civilization as well.

Even though they had already broken away from the underground world to become a part of the Star Alliance on the Land, they could not forget their roots. All civilizations had an origin, and offering gifts to this origin was something 99% of the civilizations in the Star Alliance would do as the basis of their civilization. This also gave them a better image. However, only these civilizations “did not” have an origin. In fact, they did not dare to mention the Netherworld King, their “ancestor”.

After all, over countless centuries, the Netherworld King had always been suppressed by the Star Alliance and was an enemy of the Star Alliance. Thus, these civilizations that were only level-6 definitely did not dare to publicly support the Netherworld King. However, it was different now. The identity of the Netherworld King had been officially acknowledged by the Star Alliance, and they finally had the opportunity to feel proud of their identity. They could proudly announce to everyone that their civilization originated from the Netherworld King! It was an honorable bloodline!

Several thousand people from several dozen civilizations shouted and cheered in unison, bringing vigor to the arena that had quietened down greatly and causing everyone to look at them.

“This Earth… There are actually people supporting them.”

“Since when did these people go blind?”

“Do you think that this is real? They are all surviving members of the underground world bloodline. They are vainly attempting to use their relationship with the Netherworld King to raise the value of their bloodline.”

“Look, it’s only that group of people.” There were finally some discussions from the spectator stands. As for Grai, who walked out behind Mu Zi, almost no one paid any attention to him.

Grai’s expression was very calm. Being ignored by almost the entire arena did not affect his internal state of mind at all.

In reality, before this morning, he was still deeply worried. However, when he heard from Wang Zhong, who had completed his closed-door cultivation, and all the arrangements he had done… Grai was calm. He did not dare to say that Wang Zhong’s arrangements and judgments were perfectly safe, but he now believed that the Earth could go all out.

He did not even look at these eight terrifying opponents until he stood beside Mu Zi. Then, he could not help but turn around and look at the pathway behind him.

Would the people Wang Zhong mentioned appear one by one? Were they really as strong as Wang Zhong had judged? Were they strong enough to challenge these terrifying Gold Core experts from the Blood Demon Race?

A lofty figure appeared at the entrance of the pathway. At that moment, the cheers from the surviving members of the Netherworld King bloodline had not ceased. However, at that moment, an even greater wave followed closely and exploded forth.


“Ha ha ha, it’s Aiolos, the invincible god of combat!”

These were not shouts from only a small area. This time, the cheers simply spread through the entire arena. Even though the cheers were extremely messy and the slogans were not uniform, they won with numbers and widespread support.

The person who arrived was Aiolos. His influence in the Land was not as great as Wang Zhong and Mu Zi’s, but these cheers were much more resonant than those of the two before him.

Who cared about a civilization battle? After all, this was an Arena, and those who were able to come here were wealthy and respectable people. Furthermore, most of them were combat fans in the Land. As long as they were combat fans in the Land who were interested in fights and combat techniques, they would definitely have heard of Aiolos, the nouveau riche of the Arena. They might not think that Aiolos had the capital and strength to challenge these elite Gold Core Blood Demons, but at the very least, they acknowledged this person. They acknowledged this fellow who had inserted new blood, and added new elements and rules to the Arena, which had started to feel dry and uninteresting.

Crash crash crash!

At that moment, when Aiolos walked out from the pathway, there was a rich smile on his face. He ignored the respected higher-ups on the spectator stands, the crowd that filled the seats, and all the Gold Core Blood Demons who were waiting to slaughter them. At that moment, his gaze was focused on Wang Zhong and Mu Zi, who were already waiting for him.

Even though Wang Zhong had explained the details to Aiolos through the communication mirror, this was the first time the three brothers had reunited in the Land. Their eyes were full of joy.

“Second Brother, Third Brother!”

Aiolos’s hands were big. He was so excited that he tightly held Wang Zhong’s and Mu Zi’s hands with power that was comparable to that of a mountain. Luckily, he was with Wang Zhong and Mu Zi. If someone else were in their shoes, they would simply be crushed.

“Big Brother!”

They held one another’s hands tightly, and an incomparable confidence instantly surged in their hearts.

Back then, when everyone was still very weak, they had gathered and gone on an expedition in the Fifth Dimension where everything had gone smoothly! Furthermore, at this moment, the Blood Demon Race was no more than a “new secret realm in the Fifth Dimension” to these three people who had just reunited. Danger? There was danger, but as long as the three of them had gathered, they would definitely conquer everything!

Even though they had not seen one another for three or four years and had each traveled on their own path, their past mutual understanding had returned at this moment. They did not need to use many words. A moment of exchanging gazes was enough for them to understand one another’s intentions. Then, all three of them laughed out loud. “Ha ha ha ha!”

The refreshing and bright laughter had a mysterious influence. It gave the illusion that the main characters taking the initiative in this battlefield were these three weaklings, not the eight Gold Cores standing opposite them!

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    《Battle Frenzy》