Battle Frenzy
1196 The Miscellaneous Earth Troops
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1196 The Miscellaneous Earth Troops

Chapter 1196: The Miscellaneous Earth Troops

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“They are not far away from death. If they don’t go over the old days now, they won’t have the opportunity to do so after this.” The corners of Gollon’s mouth turned upwards in a smirk. A dignified Gold Core like him was standing in the arena and being watched as if he was an actor. This already made him very unhappy. If the Blood Demon Ancestor had not personally asked him, he would not have cared about such a boring thing like a Civilization War against a mere level-6 enemy. Now, he was even being ignored by these Solid Cores in front of him…

Gollon was truly amused by this.

However, his soft and low voice was heard by the Earthlings, who were standing several thousand meters from him.

Aiolos directly glared at Gollon and pointed his finger at him, with a disdainful expression on his face. Then, he used his thumb and made a slit-throat gesture at him…

The three-dimensional projections in the air captured this scene extremely clearly.

Gollon’s smile vanished. Meanwhile, the buzzing noises in the arena also instantly fell silent.

Was that a challenge? Aiolos, that Solid Core, was challenging the eight Gold Core Blood Demons in front of him?

“Heh heh, this fellow called Aiolos is somewhat interesting.” On the host’s seat, the Heavenly Shell Superintendent’s eyes lit up slightly. She looked over at the Blood Demon Ancestor, consciously or unconsciously, and happened to see him furrowing his eyebrows.

What kind of vision did these people have? One look and they could tell that this mere Solid Core was unusual.

To be honest, Aiolos was not a stranger to these bosses. Regardless of whether it was the Blood Demon Ancestor or the Heavenly Shell Superintendent, they had already done a detailed investigation and probe on him. Even though he had had consecutive victories against Solid Cores, he was only at the level where he could deal with other Solid Cores. Furthermore, according to some combat videos that had been recorded and circulated, his strength was comparable to Phumetheus’s at the very most.

When it came to people like him, he might have a way against ordinary Gold Cores who were slightly weaker, but he did not even have a 0.0001% chance of winning against the powerful lineup that the Blood Demon Race had sent. This was also the reason why the Blood Demon Ancestor dared to gamble that the Blood Demon Race would win.

However, right now, Aiolos, who had undergone closed-door cultivation for two months, was obviously completely different from how he was in the combat videos. His aura was too powerful and surged into the surroundings, as if every blood vessel in his body was filled with explosive power and every single cell contained frenzied vitality! Looking at his physical body alone, this body that contained exuberant vitality gave the impression that he was not weaker than an ordinary Gold Core! This was a genuine evaluation of his strength, not an evaluation of his near-unbeatable practical combat abilities. With such foundations, as well as his practical combat abilities from the peripheral worlds, his power had increased to a level that even the Blood Demon Ancestor noticed.

However, he had only noticed Aiolos’s strength. This was unexpected and surprising, thus causing him to furrow his eyebrows. However, he was far from being shocked.

The expression of the Blood Demon Ancestor instantly went back to normal. In fact, even Gollon, who had been challenged, smiled after being dumbfounded for a moment.

Frankly speaking, the Blood Demon Race had seen far too many fellows who had made such harsh yet empty gestures. Throughout the history of their civilization, the Blood Demon Race had encountered countless crises that involved their life and death, and had survived those crises to achieve their present strength and status. Could a wildly ignorant fellow from a random level-6 civilization move them?

On the contrary, they started to be slightly curious. The Earthlings were very arrogant, but it did not seem like they were experiencing a vicious cycle. However, besides these three brothers, who else was presentable for a fight?

The pathway was quiet. Then, a fellow who was looking around appeared on the large screen. He was dressed in clown’s attire. The moment his bright red and round nose, as well as his lost expression as he looked around, appeared on the screen, everyone in the arena instantly lost interest. It was as if he had walked into the wrong place.

However, closely after, the words and character introduction that appeared on the screen caused everyone to recover from their previous shock. So this was the fifth participant from the Earth?

It was Napier Mo.

“Ha ha ha! Did the Earth send this fellow to make us laugh?”

“Are they planning to make the Blood Demon Race laugh to death and win without a fight?”

They had been shocked by the power of Wang Zhong and his brothers, and the arena had felt oppressed for a few minutes. However, at that moment, after a brief silence, the crowd finally exploded into loud laughter, and the atmosphere instantly exploded. There was no end to the whistling and various disdainful mocking.

Many people felt this familiar feeling quickly returning. That was right; this was the treatment that weaklings should receive.

It was as if he had seen himself on the big screen and caused everyone to laugh out loud. Napier had a silly expression on his face and scratched his head as he smiled professionally. Then, he took small quick steps in his wide pants and jogged towards Wang Zhong and the others. When he arrived, he continuously bowed to his surroundings.

“Hey! Red Nose, you should go to a circus!”

“Is this fellow a Void Core? Or a Solid Core?”

“They actually sent such a fellow out. He’s like a clown and doesn’t seem like what an expert should be at all…”

“Ha ha, he was originally a clown. Hey, Mister Clown, I know the boss of an acrobatic troupe. When the Earth goes bankrupt, I can introduce you to a job!”

The surroundings went into an uproar as this clown who “walked into the wrong place” had injected some happiness into the crowd, making the arena full of joy.

However, Wang Zhong and Mu Zi smiled knowingly.

Back when Napier was still in the Holy City, he was often conflicted with his sense of self. The Mo Family did not wish to have a clown embarrass their family in the Holy City. They forced him to be someone he did not like, and suppressed Napier’s personality and natural endowments in the process. Thus, when he was in the Holy City, he was already very distant from Wang Zhong, the Mo Family, Grai, and the others.

However, Wang Zhong and Mu Zi understood him too well. After interacting with him from day to night in the Wanderlust Team, they knew that he definitely did not make empty promises. Napier had extraordinary natural endowments, which could even be said to be similar to Wang Zhong’s! This could be seen when he was learning Wang Zhong’s Soul Power Circuit.

Back then, Napier did not have any foundations in the Soul Power Circuit as he had received traditional education from the Mo Family. Thus, he was rather slow in learning new theories. In fact, his strength and realm were rather low compared to many other learners. However, he was able to be stronger than everyone else in the Wanderlust Team who had learned the Soul Power Circuit. In fact, he was able to learn it even faster and master it even better than Grai, who had studied the Soul Power Circuit before him! Back then, Napier was still conflicted with his sense of self and was being restricted by the rules and regulations of the Mo Family. Thus, it was difficult for him to truly display his full abilities, yet he was able to achieve such a level…

Furthermore, right now, even though he was faced with the life and death of the Earth, the pressure from millions of spectators from various great civilizations in the arena, and mockery from countless people, he was still able to maintain a calm expression on his face and the “bearing” that a clown was supposed to have… This was a kind of performance and his true self!

Of course, most importantly, Napier was the top Gold Core from Earth!

Wang Zhong waved at Napier, and Napier hopped over to him and the others. Thousands of words eventually transformed into this highly efficient accent, as well as that pompous expression.

“Wang Zhong, do we have enough people to fight?”

“We should be able to make do,” said Wang Zhong with a smile.

The wity were too far into their acting and could not be saved.

“Ha ha ha ha! This fellow is planning to make me laugh to death. All of them are acting like intelligent people!”

“These experts from the Earth are really unique!”

“Clown, I support you! I will cheer for you later on!”

The arena burst into laughter once again. Regardless of whether this fellow could fight, at the very least, his ability to make people laugh was not bad. Even the random action of kicking around and losing his temper caused everyone to split their sides laughing. He had only appeared for a few dozen seconds, but he already had many fans.

However, after laughing for a while, everyone realized that the sixth person from the Earth had still not appeared.

Wait. It was not that he did not come out but that he could not come out.

“Who said that I can’t? I’m also an Earthling! I want to go out too!”

Many people started to notice the clear and sharp argument that sounded from the entrance of the pathway.

“Immigrants are not allowed to represent the Earth and participate in the battle. These are the rules of the Civilization War.” The soldier guarding the entrance of the pathway was explaining this patiently.

“What immigrant? Vladimir is a genuine Earthling!”

“But you are—”

“Who am I? Vladimir is me, and I am Vladimir! Hmph, let me tell you, no matter what the reason is, don’t even think about splitting us!”

The arguments did not cease, and the projection on the screen finally shifted the view towards the scene, attracting the attention of many people.

This was a strange combination of people. One of them was a man who was almost bewitchingly handsome, as if he was a top-class male companion in the Goblin Race. Meanwhile, the other person was a furious loli who was pouting. She firmly pulled the man’s hand and argued with the guard at the entrance of the pathway.

Vladimir simply smiled. Not only was there no blame in his gaze, but there was an icy-cold affection in his eyes.

He had actually died before, and even his soul had almost shattered to pieces. However, the heart of ice awakened him and pulled out the memories of his past life from his physical body. These memories bore the weight of his mission and responsibilities that he could not escape from. However, in terms of feelings… Thus, in this world, he was both Vladimir from the Earth and Julienne’s only “relative”.

The arguing finally quietened down. The guard was obviously very troubled by the girl’s insistence and seemed to have requested for instructions from his superiors. After a stalemate of about two minutes, a stern voice sounded from the main spectator stands.

“They share a connection between their souls and bodies. They can be seen as the same person. Julienne from the Polar Planet and Vladimir are allowed to participate in the battle.”

It was the voice of the Heavenly Shell Superintendent.

Julienne from the Polar Planet? They shared a connection between their souls and bodies?

This seemed very fantastic. Perhaps those who did not understand were puzzled by this, but those who were slightly more knowledgeable all knew that this sounded very good. Sharing their souls and bodies… Didn’t that refer to the ice corpse puppets of the Polar Planet?

“A clown and a puppet? Ha ha ha ha!!”

“What a sorrowful Earth. Can’t they find even one normal soldier?”

“Look at the Earth lineup, then look at the Blood Demon lineup. My God, this is simply like using a cannon to hit a mosquito…”

“I thought that the Earth would give the Blood Demon Race some pressure, and I would be able to see the Blood Demon Ancestor fight. It looks like that will only be a personal wish now.”

It seemed as if the unhindered insults against the Earth had finally returned. The passionate discussions in the surroundings were absolutely unrestrained.

However, Vladimir and Julienne did not pay any attention. They held hands and pushed the guard away. Vladimir was at the back, while Julienne stood in front and pulled on Vladimir’s hand with the joy of victory all over her face. As long as she was with her Vla, regardless of whether she faced the Blood Demon Race from a level-7 civilization or anyone else, she would not care.

There was no surprise in Wang Zhong’s eyes. Having reached this level, he knew there were many diverse life forms out there. From a certain perspective, all elements of Earth had disappeared from Vladimir, but in terms of this lifeform, his memories and existence were most important. As long as these were still present, Vladimir was still Vladimir.

At that moment, the Ice Prince emitted an aura that felt familiar to Wang Zhong. It was the aura of the elemental spirits, which contained extremely pure elemental auras. This had no relation with one’s strength. In the words of Nini and the others, this was a perfect and flawless soul. At the same time, it also had a perfect and flawless smell…

This seemed to be a special characteristic of Earthlings… In reality, this was the origin of the first advantage among the five “Earth advantages” Lao Wang had determined — elemental affinity!

Why? Was it because the souls of the Earth were special? This was not the whole picture.

Earthlings possessed an elemental affinity that was different from the rest of the civilizations in the Star Alliance. Furthermore, their level of elemental affinity was rather high and could be said to be unique in the entire Star Alliance!

After Lao Wang thought carefully about this point, he was struck dumb with amazement. He should have realized that the Earth was unusual in this aspect.

Looking at the Star Alliance, even the Heavenly Shell Race who claimed to be from the same family as the elemental spirits or some of the extremely powerful races like the Fire Demon Race could only connect intimately with one kind of elemental power, either ice elemental power or fire elemental power. This was determined by the inheritance of their soul and was not something that one could nurture later on.

But what about the Earth? Back when Lao Wang was a mere Casted Soul on Earth, how many geniuses with elemental affinity had appeared in the Federation and the Empire? Furthermore, there were geniuses of all five elements, and some even nurtured their affinity later on in life, such as Lao Wang. In the past, he thought that this was natural. However, the Heavenly Shell Race had to choose to form an alliance with the Fire Demon Race by marriage before they could obtain flame powers to improve their pill studies, even with their existing natural endowments. He should’ve known that being able to nurture elemental affinity was simply a wild fantasy in the eyes of ordinary people in the Star Alliance!

Only Earthlings were able to do this! Earthlings were unable to control elemental powers when they first entered the divine territory and the Land because they were restricted by their level of power and physical bodies. As a result, this special characteristic was concealed. However, once experts emerged from among the Earthlings, this special characteristic would gradually reveal itself, and the Earth would eventually differentiate itself from every other civilization. As a result, the Earth reached a stage where the rest of the Star Alliance was dumbstruck by and could not help but look up to!

The Earth was definitely not a simple place.

There were now six Earthlings and Julienne. They quietly stood in a row in the arena, as if these were all the selected soldiers from the Earth.

Only seven people?

Not only were the spectators who did not take the Earth seriously shocked, but even the Heavenly Shell Superintendent on the spectator stands, Ma Dong, and the others had an unnatural expression on their face.

They believed in Wang Zhong. In fact, they were excited and overjoyed when they saw old friends like Napier and Vladimir whom they had lost contact with. However, when they calmed down… Seven people?

Furthermore, this included an outsider who could only be considered as the same person as Vladimir, which meant that there were only six people. Were these all of Wang Zhong’s cards? Was this the source of his confidence to win against the Blood Demon Race?

Putting aside the extremely lofty Blood Demon Ancestor on the spectator stands, even the eight Gold Cores standing in the arena were like mountain peaks that could not be overcome when they stood in front of these six young Earthlings. Not only was there a huge difference in terms of their aura, realm, and other aspects, they were even lacking in people.

“I’ll go!” Emily leaped up from her seat. Even though she knew that she was a far cry from the Gold Core Blood Demons in the Arena, one more person meant one more source of power and one more choice. Even if she was sending herself to death, it would be a form of assistance.

Beside her, Laura, Milami, and Gui Xinying all stood up as well. However, Ma Dong simply shook his head. He still believed in Wang Zhong even now. Of course, he had no other choice as he could not determine the name list. They could only silently support and believe in them now.

He wanted to calm the emotions of these people, but before he could open his mouth, he heard the sound of light footsteps.

“There are still people representing the Earth?”

A barefooted wanderer walked out from the pathway. It was another baldie…

Furthermore, unlike the baldie with the Netherworld King, this baldie seemed… slightly weak! There was a woman by his side. She had the appearance of an Earthling, but similarly, she seemed weak. They were only Void Cores?

First, a clown appeared, then a puppet emerged. Luckily, they were Solid Cores, but now, even Void Cores had arrived, and two of them had arrived at that.

Everyone could sense the laughter that was brewing in the arena. However, before anyone could laugh, people after people followed behind the baldie and the woman.

There were several Solid Cores with strong auras. Furthermore, they emitted killing intent that seemed about to overflow. One look at them and one would know that they were brutal figures seeking to kill. There was an ominous glint in their eyes as they stared at the spectator stands in the surroundings. As a result, many people who were prepared to laugh felt a cold chill down their spine and could not laugh.

However, this was only the beginning.

A Solid Core, a Solid Core, a Solid Core. A Gold Core! Another Gold Core! Another Gold Core!

Person after person appeared from the entrance of the pathway, and every person emitted powerful energy from their body. Furthermore, all of their gazes were fierce, yet extremely respectful to the two Void Cores.

There were over twenty powerful Solid Cores and nine terrifying Gold Cores! Was this… the power of the Earth?!

The entire arena instantly fell quiet, and everyone wanted to gasp in shock. The arena descended into absolute dead silence.

These Gold Cores definitely did not feel as if they were Gold Cores who had been put forward to make up numbers. In fact, every one of them had strength that was not inferior to the nine strongest Blood Demons in front of them.

Putting aside the other spectators present, even the Gold Core Blood Demons who had not been paying attention sensed some threat at that moment. They faced the formation of Gold Cores standing at the pathway opposite them in the distance and exchanged glances for a moment. Countless sparks rubbed against one another as they looked at each other.

The Blood Demon Race was extremely strong, but Mo Wen commanded the top Gold Core experts in the entire Mirror World. They were the accumulation of many dimensional races over countless years. Thus, it was not strange that they were enough to challenge the Blood Demon Race head-on when they were gathered together.

“No, they’re not Earthlings!” Even though they were shocked by the terrifying might of these experts, some people reacted very quickly. Someone from the Blood Demon Race was shouting angrily from the spectator stands. These Gold Core or Solid Core experts did not have the appearance of Earthlings. They had the clear characteristics of their respective races, and it was obvious that they were from different races.

That was cheating!

The arena was quiet, and not many people noticed the Blood Demon Race’s opposition. The attention of a large majority of the crowd was focused on the so-called Earth immigrants.

“That—that’s Dymas!”

“That’s Elephant person Hellerdi!”

“Ling Kong! Ling Kong is actually still alive!”

Very quickly, many people had recognized them. A majority of them were famous in the Land before they were sentenced to the Mirror World. Furthermore, as the protagonists of several major incidents, many people in the Star Alliance knew their names and recognized them.

“We are all citizens of the Earth, people who have migrated to the Earth.” Dymas stepped up. According to the rules of the Civilization War, even though they had been set free, immigrants could not participate in the war. However, their presence alone was a threat.

These experts stopped before the red line at the entrance of the pathway. Meanwhile, their strength was clear and shocked the entire arena. “My Buddha is the sole supreme, within and beyond the heavens! We are willing to live and die with the Earth.”

The Blood Demon Race kept silent. These people were not participating in the battle. What rules were they violating if they appeared at the pathway to scare their opponents?

At that moment, many spectators who were waiting to watch the destruction of the Earth fell silent. Meanwhile, Ma Dong, Wang Zhanfeng, and the others who were at the spectator stands could not help but stand up.

They had received a batch of immigrant applications through the Machinery Race. However, back then, the Machinery Race did not explain much about the situation and only said that it was a request from them. Later on, they seemed to have forgotten to explain the situation to Ma Dong and the others. In the end, only Wang Zhong had any weight in the eyes of the Machinery Race. What about the government class on Earth? They were no more than superficial beings in the eyes of the Machinery Race.

Thus, Ma Dong and the others knew that a group of people were migrating to Earth, but did not know that they were all Mo Wen’s subordinates nor that they were this strong. Furthermore, they had chosen to live and die with the Earth during a time when the Earth was this lonely!

Ma Dong’s mind was flexible, and he instantly sensed the significance of this group of people to the Earth. This was definitely not just a form of deterrence but also allowed the Earth to have the confidence to challenge the Blood Demon Race after this war.

The Earth did not seem as lonely as they had imagined.

“Ha ha ha. This is a bunch of absolutely lawless fellows.” No matter how one listened to these words, Elder Karlos’s voice was filled with ridicule and joy over the Earth’s misfortune. “And now, they are all immigrants to the Earth? Blood Demon Old One, even if your race wins today, it won’t be that easy taking in the Earth.”

The Blood Demon Ancestor’s expression was as usual, and no one could see into his thoughts. When one reached his level, it was very hard for anything to affect his expression unless it was a major event that involved the life and death of himself or his race. He simply said calmly, “Nothing has ever been easy. Ever since the Blood Demon Race was born, we have understood this.”

“Ha ha, I don’t know about that. I simply feel that your bet is destined to lose. The stranger these Earthlings are, the more variables are present.”

The Blood Demon Ancestor smiled.

These words were his inner thoughts. Indeed, those Earthlings seemed very weak, but they also seemed very strange, regardless of whether it was in terms of their identity or their behavior. Among the thousands of races in the vast Star Alliance, everyone understood that the stranger something was, the harder it was to control. The list of participants from the Earth had gone beyond the Blood Demon Race’s expectations. This meant that there would be more variables.

It was no wonder the Insect Race and the Machinery Race had dared to place a bet. With such variables, they might be able to destroy the Blood Demon Race’s hopes of five consecutive wins and invincibility.

But so what? Even if he actually lost this bet, he would only lose a precious item and a few billion Gold Star Stones. In comparison, if the Blood Demon Race was able to use the Earthling’s excellent bloodline, these results would be extremely great. Even if he was given several billion or even several dozen billion Gold Star Stones, he would not back down. Furthermore, the variables only existed, and this did not mean that he had lost.

“Heh heh, this small bet cheers the mind. These are simply material items to make everyone laugh. Win or lose, it is not worth mentioning.” He smiled and said, “Let’s properly admire the exciting performance from the Earthlings.”


When the terrifying “convicts” from the Mirror World sat down at the Earth’s seats as spectators and the actual participants returned to their waiting rooms, the unusual atmosphere in the arena finally relaxed slightly. Then, various gossip started to buzz.

Meanwhile, the Gold Cores and Solid Cores that sat beside the Earthlings pushed the unlucky Sirius youngster even further away. This time, the Sirius child did not even sit down. When he saw them come over, he simply moved away in advance. When faced with true Gold Core experts, especially such a group of devils, one look and he knew that they were brutal figures who felt nothing when they killed. Even if he had a better identity, he still would not dare to be unbridled with them.

Dymas and the others first expressed their respect to Wang Zhanfeng and his wife as they bowed to him.

Regardless of how vicious and diabolical they were in the past, they were Mo Wen’s followers and had been granted a special pardon due to their relationship to the Earth. Thus, these people were truly full of gratitude. This gratitude might not last for long, but at the very least, they truly saw the Earth as their reincarnated parents at this moment and were willing to live and die with the Earth.

Even Wang Zhanfeng and the others were caught unaware when a group of Gold Core experts with terrifying auras respectfully bowed to them and could not maintain their image as the rulers of the Earth. Ma Dong allocated them to sit at the sides of the Wang Zhanfeng couple and the few elders from the Patriarch Society.

When they sat down, they were rather polite to Wang Zhanfeng and the others, but were not as awkward as Ma Dong and the rest. In fact, they did not even care about the great beings sitting near them. Regardless of whether it was in their manner of speech or in their aura, they were completely unbridled. Dymas even frequently looked at the obfuscated host’s seat. His powerful discerning powers simply looked through the barrier as if it was nothing, and he looked straight at the Blood Demon Ancestor without showing any weakness. His gaze was extremely provocative!

King-leveled Gold Cores? What in the world was that? Could they be eaten? He was giving them some respect in consideration for the Earth, but if they provoked him, he would fight and kill that Blood Demon! If they were not this stubborn, with their identities as Gold Cores, regardless of what great crime they had committed back then, as long as they lowered their heads and acknowledged that they were inferior to some high-leveled civilization, they would not have been sent to the Mirror World and faced a 90% chance of death.

Since the representatives from both civilizations had revealed themselves, the name list was determined and could not be changed. The battle was about to begin. After all, a Civilization War involving peak competition could possibly last for two or three days, or even longer. If one could afford the admission fee, they could watch the battles for a few days. Thus, any unnecessary and overelaborate formalities were reduced as much as possible for such Civilization Wars. Of course, people did not believe that the Earth had the strength to last for more than a few days.

Speaking of which, the name list from the Earth had surprised the spectators. If they included Julienne, then the Earth had exactly nine people.

However, it was a bit too much of an overstatement to say that they had nine people. The combination of people was also very strange.

A monk, a baldie, a woman, a loli, a clown, and a puppet… Furthermore, good and bad people were mixed together, and there were both Solid Cores and Void Cores. Compared to the uniform Gold Core lineup from the Blood Demon Race, what kind of strange combination was this? Still, this was amusing and seemed rather interesting.

With the oppression from nine elite Gold Cores on one side, perhaps today’s Civilization War would set the record for being the fastest Civilization War ever in the Star Alliance.

Buzzing noises rose from the arena. Only Supervisor Tsargesimon, who was the judge, waited quietly. Very quickly, two name lists were handed in to him. These were the candidates for the first battle that both parties had sent out.

The battle was about to begin!

The arena quietened down slightly as everyone looked at Supervisor Tsargesimon.

“The first battle, with Gollon from the Blood Demon Race!” Supervisor Tsargesimon shouted out the first name. “His opponent, Aiolos from the Earth!”

The Civilization War was very similar to the rules of the squadron duels that often occurred in the Federation Academy on Earth. However, the number of people was different, and there were no group battles either. There would be nine one-on-one battles, and the first to achieve five victories would win. Furthermore, the first fight was a blind fight where both parties would submit at the same time a candidate for the duel. Then, the outcome of the first battle would determine which party would have to send out their candidate first.

Meaning, whoever won the first battle would take the initiative. Thus, the Blood Demon Race’s choice to send out Gollon was within the expectations of many people. After all, among the eight Gold Cores that the Blood Demon Race had brought out, Gollon’s strength was enough for him to rank among the top three. Furthermore, his foundations and physical body were powerful. Thus, he was one of their most stable figures in any type of battle.

On the contrary, even though the Earth had a full “nine” people, many people felt that only Wang Zhong and Mu Zi truly had the combat level of a Gold Core. The first battle was extremely important in the entire Civilization War, and one simply had to win it. Many people felt that the Earth would either send out Wang Zhong or Mu Zi, but who would’ve thought that they would send out the fellow called Aiolos? Even though this fellow had an undefeated record at the Arena in the Land, he had only faced Solid Cores and did not have prior experience fighting Gold Cores.

Did such a fellow actually have the qualifications to stand before a powerful Gold Core like Gollon?

People were not doubting Aiolos’s victory (they were already sure he would lose), but his qualifications.

The waiting rooms at the entrance of the pathway were completely transparent, and participants could clearly see the battle outside while sitting in their room. The good barrier completely cut off the clamour from the outside, and they were not disturbed by any guards or outsiders. There were only nine Earthlings—oh, no—eight Earthlings, plus a loli who was not even considered an immigrant.

“You’re Wang Zhong? Are you the one who arranged the participation name list for this Civilization War?” Julienne walked around Wang Zhong with an unhappy expression on her face. She did not have a good impression of this so-called leader of the Earth as she had seen all of Vladimir’s memories, as if she had experienced Vladimir’s life. When the high-spirited and vigorous Ice Prince was defeated by Wang Zhong at the CHF, he had been completely dejected, and thus, Julienne was very unhappy with Wang Zhong. She was not Vladimir, who was full of gratitude after rising up from his unfavorable circumstances. To this woman, whose heart was even smaller than the eye of a needle, her grudge towards anyone who attacked the person she cared about could last a lifetime.

“How ugly.” After carefully observing him, there was disgust on Julienne’s face.

“Cuckoo, cuckoo! How ugly, how ugly!”

“Let me say this first. Regardless of how your rules are, in any case, I want to be with Vla! If he goes, then I will go too!”

“Go together! Go together!”

The ice bird flew and shouted randomly beside her as it desperately cheered for her.

Wang Zhong did not know whether to laugh or to cry. After all, he did not determine the rules of the Civilization War. However, before he could speak, Vladimir beside him had smiled as he patted Julienne’s head. “Don’t worry. It’ll only be a few minutes.”

“But…” Julienne was not as grumpy as before. When faced with Vladimir, she just could not be fierce. There was only concern all over her face.

Before coming here, perhaps she did not quite understand what was happening. But now, when she looked at the terrifying Gold Core experts in the arena… These were not the ordinary Gold Cores from the Polar Planet, but top Gold Core experts who claimed to have come from a level-7 civilization. She was afraid that if Vladimir actually went up, he would never return. Of course, she knew that she could not stop him, but at the very least, she wanted to stay by his side regardless of life or death.

“I will be fine. Trust me.” Vladimir’s voice was very gentle. He was no longer like the extremely cold Ice Prince of the past. As a result, Wang Zhong and the others felt sentimental, but also happy for him. It was very difficult for one to actually find their other half in their lifetime. More accurately, it was already miraculous for him to be able to stand here alive.

“Cuckoo, cuckoo! Trust him! Trust him!” The ice bird was repeating itself again. This was its first time leaving the Polar Planet in its life, and it was not used to the warm environment here. On the contrary, it felt irritable and spoke more than usual. It was now shouting at Julienne. Of course, it obviously wanted to console its master, but it was greeted with Julienne’s killing gaze.

“Shut up, you noisy and ugly bird! Are you a repeater? If you shout again, I will melt you into water for my plants!”

Everyone laughed.

“But speaking of which, you Earthlings are rather strange. You are simply a group of Solid Cores facing Gold Core opponents, but you are still so confident… Where does your mysterious confidence come from?” Julienne pouted. This was what she was most curious about and what she wanted to ask most.

“I heard that Vladimir defeated a Gold Core ice puppet?” Wang Zhong smiled and asked.

“Heh heh, I didn’t boast about this. The Xeah Family—” When she spoke until here, Julienne suddenly stopped as she had realized a problem that she had never thought deeply about, but it was still extremely strange.

The Xeah Family’s ice-corpse-puppet refinery techniques were very powerful, but were they powerful enough to allow a Solid Core to defeat a Gold Core? Furthermore, Vladimir had already regained his memories. Essentially, he was no longer an ice corpse puppet. Thus, how could his strength be attributed to the secret techniques of the Xeah family?

A Solid Core defeating a Gold Core. This was something that the entire Ice Pole Faction would feel was bizarre. Even though there were many such examples, only the freaks from the Heavenly Gates were able to do so. But now…

She looked in her surroundings with some uncertainty. However, regardless of whether it was Vladimir or Wang Zhong and the others who she had just gotten to know, including the Void Core monk who seemed very weak, all looked at her with a smile. It was as if they all understood why it was the case, and she was the only foolish one.

“Why is that so?” she could not help but ask.

“It’s because we’re Earthlings,” Vladimir smiled and answered her. “I believe that all Earthlings who relied on themselves to reach the threshold for the Solid Core Realm would understand why this is the case.”

“Saying that is just as good as saying nothing…” Julienne pouted. However, this was Vladimir. If someone else had said this, she would have scolded them.

“Look at the battle outside.” Wang Zhong’s eyes were full of excitement. He knew that he was not the only person who had realized the secrets of the Earth. “Aiolos will show you what exactly is the difference between Solid Core Earthlings and other Solid Cores.”

Aiolos? The muscular man who was even burlier than her Vla?

Julienne took these words with a grain of salt as she looked out the window. It seemed as if that muscular man was the only one besides her burly Vla who fit her standards of beauty out of all the Earthlings in this room. The others were either uncles or young men. They were either too old or too immature.

At that moment, the door on the pathway was still tightly shut, and several soldiers were on guard beside Aiolos. Unlike with the Arena, no one would frequently come to check on the condition of his body, tell him about the rules, or check whether he had brought any prohibited items. The Civilization War had no rules, and there were no restrictions or prohibited items either. If one had the ability to obtain heaven-defying treasures from the Heavenly Gates and threw them out to smash a Gold Core to death, then this was their own skill.

It was quiet inside the pathway as the effects of the soundproof door were rather good. However, regardless of whether it was Aiolos or the few guards, they obviously knew what kind of clamor was occurring outside at this moment.

If anyone else were to stand in his place, where the fate of their entire civilization would be determined, perhaps they would have felt nervous. However, Aiolos’s expression was extremely calm. In fact, he closed his eyes and rested while waiting.

The soldiers who accompanied him by his side silently shook their heads in sympathy.

He was a Solid Core facing a Gold Core. Furthermore, he was facing Gollon, a top expert even among the Gold Cores. How was this fellow not nervous at all and even able to close his eyes to rest? He couldn’t have been terrified, right? It couldn’t be…

“Brother, prepare to go—” The soldier kindly reminded Aiolos and reached out to pat his shoulder. However, before he could finish speaking and before he could place his hand on Aiolos’s shoulder, he felt that he was blocked by an invisible force.

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    《Battle Frenzy》