Battle Frenzy
1197 War God Aiolos
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1197 War God Aiolos

Chapter 1197: War God Aiolos

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The guard raised his hand in amazement. He had even forgotten the second half of the sentence he was about to say. However, Aiolos suddenly opened his eyes and smiled at him. “It’s time.”

As if responding to Aiolos words…

Rumble! Bang bang!

The tightly-shut door opened, and the huge soundwave that followed rippled out like a hurricane, causing several guards to pause their steps in an attempt to stabilize themselves.

The huge crowd was no longer cheering for Aiolos like before. Instead, they were calling his opponent’s name overwhelmingly.

“Gollon! Gollon! Gollon!”

“The Blood Demon Race will win 5-0!”

“Mister Gollon, make sure to smash his brains and dismember his body! The dignity of our civilization can only be cleansed with blood!”

Even the strongest Solid Core in the CHC could not be confident when faced with Blood Demon Beast Gollon. After all, Gollon was also considered a genius among the geniuses and was close to the realm of king-level immediately after he broke through to Gold Core. Coupled with his powerful body, even existences like the Superintendent would find it hard to kill him. Although she might be able to win against him in a battle, it would be nearly impossible for her to finish him off. He had already reached a level where he was unparalleled in the Land and could ignore many of the Star Alliance’s rules already. For Gollon, it was a piece of cake to finish off his opponent which was a mediocre Solid Core.

At this time, the scene was being completely overwhelmed with the wave of cheers, and Aiolos could even feel the whole ground tremble slightly under the tsunami of shouts.

Many powerhouses might have long been accustomed to the life and death of people, but this did not mean that they were used to engaging in a fight under the spotlight. Although the fights they normally engaged in were also in life-and-death scenarios, fighting under the eyes of so many spectators was very different. The noisy spectators would make them feel impatient and bothered, and many idiotic comments would be heard from the crowd that tried to unsettle them. Unless one was able to control his state of mind well and was familiar with the competitive nature of the stage, it was not easy for the competitor to remain calm under such an environment, let alone when the cheers were so one-sided.

However, he was Aiolos.

Not only was his mentality strong, but his experience in the Arena also allowed him to be familiar with fighting in such an environment. It could be said that such an environment was one that he was most used to fighting in. Furthermore, with the entirety of Earth, the trust his brothers placed on him, and the entire fortune of Tsarilorhuan all on the line, it made him more excited to fight!

He was the king of the Arena.

He walked in large strides towards the center of the battle arena.

“Gollon! Gollon! Gollon!”

Gollon, who was on the opposite side of the battle arena, also walked out slowly amidst the cheers. When he walked out, he saw Aiolos who was already standing on the other side of the arena before him.

The battle arena was huge. The length of the arena measured a full three kilometers. However, such a distance was no different than standing face to face for the Gold Cores. Gollon could even see his opponent’s nose hair.

The ancestor had arranged for him to be the first to appear to deal with the Earthling who had tamed the Netherworld King. Gollon was a little interested in that Earthling. After all, he was carrying the reputation of the Netherworld King. Although he was only a Solid Core, he could be considered to have the strength to fight with him.

However, he did not expect to be matched with Aiolos…

Rumors said that he was merely a slave in the Arena before who later got his hands on the Thunder and Lightning Secret Art of the Titans, thus making him “invincible” in the arena and setting an unbeaten record of 200 matches.

He was the Earthling that the Blood Demon Race had the most information on. For the Blood Demon Race to further their status in the Star Alliance, the Titans were one of the opponents they had to surpass or even step on. Gollon was familiar with Thunder and Lightning Secret Art, perhaps even better than many Titans. However, he was also curious about what could happen when an Earthling practiced the Titan Race’s Thunder and Lightning Secret Art?

Thinking about the Secret Arts of the Titan Race, Gollon laughed. It seemed that this battle would be slightly interesting. Of course, no matter how the match was going to be like or who he was going to face — be it against Mu Zi, the Netherworld King, or Wang Zhong from the Heavenly Gates or Aiolos in front of him — the result was going to be the same. He was going to step over them to gain victory.

“I heard that you were learning the Thunder and Lightning Secret Art of the Titans.” Gollon crossed his hands behind his back and said, “I hope you can show me something different.”

“Is it for your appearance fee?” Aiolos asked indifferently.

Gollon was taken aback, then laughed. “Haha, how could you afford to pay for my appearance fee?”

“Of course I can afford it.” Aiolos also laughed. “Using your head.”

The conversations between the two were audible despite the hustle and bustle around, and the already lively arena once again erupted in cheers and discussions.

What had they just heard? The Solid Core from the Arena wanted to take the head of the Gold Core, Gollon?

Leaving aside everything else, one must know that the king-level Gold Cores seated in the main stands above might have the ability to defeat Gollon, but there were probably only a few who dared to boast that they could finish him off! He was a true powerhouse who had survived the tides of the Heavenly River. He could be described as a character who could move freely and do whatever he wanted in the Land. If this Earthling could really defeat him, he would already be famous across the Land. How would he still be a gladiator in the Arena?

But before the audience in the stands burst into jeers, Aiolos had already moved.

There were no rules in the Civilization War, and there were no hosts in the battles. This was a life and death match between the two civilizations. When a participant entered the arena, the battle would have already begun. The few sentences they had exchanged previously were already superfluous!

There were no fancy moves when Aiolos fought in the Arena. The first creed of the Arena was to fight practically. Speed and power, attack and defense, and close combat skills that were aimed at the vital areas were the instincts of the gladiator.

Just when most of the spectators realized that Aiolos had vanished from his starting position, a sharp weapon was already rushing to the place where Gollon stood. A delayed sonic boom could be heard shortly after, and most of the spectators could only see the afterglow and afterimage of this attack on the big screen display.

The spectators who were about to jeer at Aiolos were left tongue-tied.

Fast, too fast! Almost to the point where many of the Void Cores and Solid Cores in the stands could not react! They realized that if the one standing in the arena was one of them, the attack would have directly smashed them to pieces before they could even react to it! There was no need to doubt the power of the attack. To accelerate to such a speed in an instant, the speed and the explosive power of the Earthling were already beyond the level of the vast majority of the Solid Cores present. Even an ordinary Gold Core would have a headache when he encountered such an attack.

Although it was a fast and unparalleled lightning punch, it was still gently blocked by a mere finger of Gollon…

The noisy crowd instantly quietened down after the opening exchange between the two.

One could clearly see that Gollon’s left hand remained on his back; only the index finger on his right hand was stretched out as if he was pushing the small hand of a three-year-old child, blocking the bronze fist in front of him. His face remained calm and unbothered by the attack.

Aiolos’s fist bore the thunder and lightning power, which was a signature of the Titans. His sense of control over the thunder and lightning was also pretty good. For an outsider who was not a Titan, it was already incredible to be able to cultivate the Thunder and Lightning Secret Art to such an extent.

But that was merely it.

His understanding of the Thunder and Lightning Secret Art did not exceed that of the Titans, and there was nothing new and interesting to Gollon. The spiritual power Aiolos had was only at the standard of a Solid Core. Although it gave people a feeling that the attack was very strong, the maximum Spiritual Energy Value of the attack numbered only between four million and five million. As for the physical body of Aiolos, it definitely could not be compared to that of the Titans.

Simply weak.

Even if he still had some reservations about the previous strike, Aiolos was still weak in Gollon’s eyes.

“You have disappointed me, Earthling. Are you tickling me? This is not going to take my head.”

He smiled faintly. He never intended to give the other party a quick death. He wanted to see how the Earthling managed to cultivate the Titan’s Thunder and Lightning Secret Art and whether it brought any changes to the Earthling.

However, there was now another reason for him to torture the Earthling. His words were just asking for a beating! He not only wanted to destroy Aiolos’s body but also destroy his soul and will to the point that even if he reincarnated, he could only be a useless person!

The corners of Aiolos’s mouth were slightly raised.


The power of thunder and lightning was previously only contained in his fist, but now, a strand of electricity had emerged from Aiolos’s fist and climbed up his entire left arm, making crackling sounds as it made its way up.

At this time, Aiolos’s eyebrows and beard were erect as if they were shocked by the electricity, and all the lightning spiritual power instantly gathered on his fist into a ball. His arm had seemingly changed to become an electric arm.


The fist condensed with lightning pushed away Gollon’s fingers slightly, and shortly after, it turned into a lightning ball that hit Gollon’s face at close range.

The attack was unleashed at a very close position to Gollon. Furthermore, it was a pure lightning attack. This was an attack that reached the speed of light, hundreds or thousands of times faster than Aiolos’s fist attack just now.

This was true lightning!

Even someone as strong as Gollon was unable to flash away, causing his face to be hit by the strong lightning ball. Although the spiritual energy defensive barrier could easily offset the lightning power, the strong impact and the lightning contained in the attack contained a paralysis effect that made him feel slightly stiff.

“Lightning fist!”

“How was this Earthling able to practice lightning fist to such an extent? How could he control real lightning so easily?”

Most of the ordinary audience in the stands were dumbfounded; even the many bigwigs in the main stands were a little surprised. Of course, what surprised them was not the strength of Aiolos, but another unusual thing.

“If I remember correctly, the abilities that Wang Zhong demonstrated in the Heavenly Gates showed that he had an affinity with the two elements of ice and fire, right?” Titan Patriarch Tsarlozst looked at Superintendent Erza with uncertainty.

Superintendent Erza also had a look of surprise on her face and nodded. It was not surprising that Aiolos could practice the Thunder and Lightning Secret Art of the Titans. Many races could do it too, but none had managed to achieve the same level of control over thunder and lightning as the Titans. To do so, one must have a strong affinity with the lightning elements.

Wang Zhong’s talents in controlling the elements of ice and fire were well known to the people of Heavenly Gates. But now Aiolos, who was also an Earthling, also had the affinity and talent of controlling lightning? What was going on with Earth…?

Elemental control was also a law. It was well known that there were eleven laws in the Fifth Dimension: six of which made up the Heaven and were controlled by the four Races there. They were: Space, Order, Chaos, Fate, Light, and Darkness.

And the five elements that seemed to be of a lower level — Gold, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth — were the elements that made up the Land and the core of everything in the entire Land. Every civilization and every creature were composed of the five elements, so they would naturally have an elemental affinity.

But in the Star Alliance, there had never been a race that possessed more than three different types of elemental talents or, in other words, affinity with the natural laws! This was an iron law, an iron law that had never been broken by the countless races of the Star Alliance.

Even a race as powerful as the Heavenly Shell Race was only compatible with the water and earth elements. It could be said that they were compatible with the law of water and the law of earth. Even the Fire Demon Race was only compatible with the laws of gold and fire, while the Titans were compatible with the laws of wood and fire, with lightning being a branch from the law of wood. This was already considered some of the first-rate talents of the top civilizations in the Star Alliance, and most of the other weaker level-7 civilizations, or the level-6 civilizations and below, were only compatible with one of the five basic elements.

One example would be the Ocean Empire Planet. Throughout their history, the beings born on the planet were only compatible with the law of water. In the modern-day Star Alliance, there had never been a race that was compatible with the laws of three elements at the same time! This was a limit that all civilizations in the Land faced!

Therefore, there was even a period in history where people divided civilization levels completely based on the number of elemental affinities they had. Those who had an affinity with the six supreme laws were indisputably level-9 or higher. Those who only possessed affinity with the basic five elements were level-8 and below. It was said that when the Star Alliance was at its peak, there used to be a level-8 civilization that was compatible with the laws of three or even four elements at the same time, but it had long become a legend. Was Earth actually…?

Others might have been concerned about the battle itself, but the many bigwigs in the main stands thought of this in an instant. They could see the surprise in each other’s eyes. Only the eyes of the Blood Demon Ancestor were shining with anticipation.

The stronger the talent of the Earthlings, the happier he was! He couldn’t even wait to start investigating Earth immediately.

Gollon in the battle arena obviously had the same idea as his ancestors. Even though he had suffered a small loss under the lightning fist of Aiolos, he was not angry but instead felt joy in his heart.

“Earth is definitely hiding some secrets.” His hearty voice sounded in the arena. “It’s a bit rude to deal with you with just one finger. Purely based on the talents of the Earthlings, it’s worth it for me to use my true strength.

“I will be a little bit more serious then!”


In the arena, Gollon’s body suddenly burst out with a bloody red light. There was no other change. He didn’t need to unleash his true form to deal with a Solid Core. Merely the release of his spiritual energy had already resulted in a mini typhoon, the strong impulse blasting away the thin body of the Earthling.

It was immediately followed by a flash of red light!

Hong hong hong…

Different from Aiolos’s pure pursuit of speed and practical killing techniques, Gollon’s punches were beautifully violent, as if it encompassed a certain law or Dao. It was simply pleasing to see his punches, which flashed like a string of meteors flying past in the sky silently, leaving one shocked and amazed. Before one could have enough time to enjoy the sight, it had already disappeared and remained a memory to the spectators in the stands.

Speed had actually lost its meaning before this perfect fist that had merged with the Dao and the laws, causing the opponent to be totally unable to dodge the attack. The power of a Gold Core was on a completely different level compared to a Solid Core. After all, it was a leap of both quality and quantity in spiritual energy.

The strong muscles in Aiolos’s chest were recessed like plasticine, and three deeply sunken fist marks appeared on it. The terrifying impact sent him flying like a cannonball, slamming into the transparent barrier of the battle arena, the impact causing a violent roar.

But in the next second, Aiolos, who should have been injured, disappeared from the barrier.

A stream of electric current that was more violent than the lightning ball previously crazily condensed behind Gollon. This was followed by the flash of a figure, as if appearing from the electric current. The figure had the momentum of lightning and attacked Gollon from his back.

Gollon did not even turn his head around. As if he had eyes on his back, powerful spiritual power filled his five fingers, and he grabbed the figure in his hand by the throat!


The entire figure was instantly blasted to pieces by the power of his five terrifying fingers, but there was no physical feel of tearing flesh and blood.

A lightning clone?

Gollon could feel an even more violent current converging and forming at the top of his head.

He raised his head, only to see a huge lightning chain radiating hundreds of meters above him. Numerous lightning elements gathered there crazily. White lightning dragons and snakes danced around, winding around Aiolos in the air, continuously condensing on him, and turning into lightning-like armor!

Creating natural endowments? Spiritual power equipment?

The sky was covered by sounds of thunder, and the lightning actually formed an armor!

No, this was not simply creating natural endowments and spiritual power equipment.

Crackling electric current sounds resounded all over the stands, and the lightning chain controlled by Aiolos grew bigger and bigger, covering a radius of hundreds of meters like a terrifying minefield. Even the spectators that were seated a few kilometers away and were separated by the solid rune protective shield felt that they were also facing the terrifying thunder and lightning, which made their heads go numb.

This was already controlling all the elements of heaven and earth. One must know that the elements and laws were the most difficult to control in the divine territory because they were complete and powerful. One couldn’t just call upon them whenever they wanted. To achieve such a level of control, most of them would have to wait until they condensed their Gold Core.

A Solid Core? On top of that, a non-Titan? Could it be that in the divine territory, there was a race that was better at controlling thunder and lightning than the Titans? Or perhaps, this Earthling was already a Gold Core? But he obviously only had the aura of a Solid Core!

Not to mention the Void Cores and Solid Cores, but even the weaker Gold Cores in the stands felt the shock and terror of the attack. How could such power belong to a Solid Core? What were the people on Earth? Monsters?

The noisy scene became a lot quieter at this moment.

Currently, Aiolos’s pupils had completely turned into a shining electric light. Shortly after, a dull roar suddenly rang in the field.


The electric current that filled the air was fierce and violent. As if he was a lightning god, Aiolos pulled up the lightning chain that stretched hundreds of meters in the air and formed a sharp spearhead with it. Following the lightning god’s momentum, it stabbed down fiercely towards Gollon.

The attack was like a thunderbolt, unstoppable!


The terrifying lightning spear smashed down like a giant hammer!


The terrifying loud noise directly caused countless people in the stands to change their expressions. They even felt their eardrums about to shatter. At the same time, a huge wave of air blasted out from the exchange between the two, hitting the protective cover hundreds of meters away and blasting the entire transparent barrier into bursts of blue light. The million spectators on scene could even feel the earth shaking under their feet.

Gollon’s feet sunk into the ground, forming a concave surface tens of meters in radius and half a meter deep. This was the Fairy King Arena, dedicated to Gold Core powerhouse fights in a Civilization War. For such a hard ground to be dented so easily, one could imagine how powerful the blow was.

But even with such a heavy attack, Gollon still did not use his right hand, which was still held behind his back.

He had only lifted his left arm to block the attack. It was as if his hand was an iron bar. Let alone bending over, he did not even move from his original spot!

“Your strength is indeed high.” His voice was still full of mocking ridicule. “Unfortunately, you used it too stupidly. Why did you smash it straight down? Are you a mallet?”

Aiolos did not respond. Thunder and lightning always made people feel more excited. These surging electric-current particles were the most active and energetic among all the elements. When the lightning occluded his eyes, his fighting spirit had already reached its peak. At this moment, he just wanted to fight!

At the same instant Aiolos’s punch connected, his whole body moved like lightning and flashed away again. It was as if he was lightning itself, constantly flashing without a fixed path and without a fixed form.

Lightning was impossible to be caught and could instantly move thousands of kilometers in an instant, just like Aiolos’s fist. There was a majestic aura that came with the attack. With the supplement of spiritual power, his speed was extremely fast, almost as fast as the speed of real lightning.

One could only see white shining light interlacing back and forth in the arena, and in the blink of an eye, it left a beautiful picture that was made up of countless “silver wires” made from the shining light in the air, which surrounded the field like a star constellation.

But this perfect trajectory was destined to be only appreciated by a few people because what was even more frightening was that every punch of his was accompanied by a thunderbolt-like roar!

Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang!

The ground was trembling, and the entire arena was filled with vibrations from the attack. Although the protective barrier of the arena had a certain extent of sound insulation ability, it did not completely isolate the sounds in the barrier so that the spectators could fully immerse themselves in watching the battle.

Only about 30% to 40% of the volume was transmitted out. However, this had already made around half of the spectators unable to stand the noise. They were shocked by the loud roars of thunder that were unleashed right in front of them. Their eardrums were making sharp noises and giving off waves of pain. One by one, they screamed and covered their ears and felt as if they were going to go crazy.

He was too strong! Even those who had seen strong Gold Cores fight felt that this was of the same level. Regardless of speed or strength, this Earthling was not worse than any ordinary Gold Core!

Gollon seemed to be suppressed, yet he still stood in his original position. Facing the continuous lightning attacks of Aiolos, he had completely changed into a purely defensive fighting style.

Aiolos was in good condition, and the electric light in his eyes was already like two small suns, bursting with silver light.

Hundred Lightning Kill!

It was not just a terrifying fist. The chain of lightning in the air was completely mobilized by him at this moment, turning into hundreds of huge lightning balls and blasting towards Gollon.

Who cared if he was a king-level Gold Core? Who cared if he was a powerhouse who had overcome the Heavenly River Tide? Under the threat of the lightning, he would still be bombarded into pieces!

“Ahhh!” Aiolos roared loudly, seemingly turning crazy.

“Kill! Kill! KIll!”


The sky full of thunderballs mixed with Aiolos’s madness had completely submerged Gollon in an instant. The violent air waves and the debris that was thrown up instantly caused most of the arena to be plunged into a flurry of dust.

“A possible win?”

“Come on Aiolos!”

“Life and death in the arena is the rule. The higher-level civilizations have long forgotten the essence of fighting!”

“War god! War god! War god!”

A small number of Aiolos supporters were filled with excitement. They even forgot the identity and strength of Gollon at this moment. Because they had seen Aiolos in this state too many times in the Arena, they were confident about him. Every time Aiolos was faced with opponents who were of a higher realm and stronger than him or who had driven him into desperation, as long as he managed to enter the violent state of thunder and lightning, then his opponents would simply be torn to pieces by him. There was never an exception!

Couldn’t everyone see it? Gollon simply couldn’t keep up with Aiolos’s speed and could only defend. There was no room for him to even fight back!

“That’s it?”

An icy laughter overcame the ear-splitting thunder at this moment and spread across the noisy stands. The faint laughter had an invisible penetration ability that made millions of people hear him clearly despite it not being that loud.

It was Gollon’s voice, and it held no excitement. It was so cold that it was as if a bucket of cold water was poured directly on every Aiolos supporter. It instantly extinguished the hope of Aiolos winning.

Immediately after, a ray of blood-red light flashed into the sky, dispelling the countless currents that had originally plagued the sky.

The audience, whose eyes had focused on Aiolos’s attacks previously, realized that Gollon hadn’t even moved a step from his original position. His feet were still firmly imprinted on the ground, and there was no trace of movement from before. His hands were still behind his back. What was left was the blood-red aura that was continuously burning in the sky.

Immediately after, he moved his left hand slightly and stopped the ray of lightning that was continuously flashing.

“Caught you.” He smiled faintly, as if he had just caught a chicken.

The lightning current of the whole field swayed at this moment, and then Aiolos appeared in front of everyone’s eyes. His neck was being held by Gollon’s hand, and he hung in the air helplessly. He pressed his hands on Gollon’s left arm in an attempt to free himself from the opponent’s control, but it was like a worm shaking a tree. The effort was futile.

Then his whole body quickly bent and turned. With the support of his opponent’s arm, his legs pushed forward fiercely towards Gollon. However, before this kick that held all of Aiolos’s strength managed to connect with his opponent, Gollon’s spiritual barrier blocked the attack.


A muffled sound could be heard, followed by a harsh bone-cracking sound.

Crack crack crack…

The bones were coming out from Aiolos’s knee!

The ear-piercing thunder was gone, and the chaos in the field was gone. What was left was just a man who had a broken leg and was hanging in the air by his neck.

It turned out that it wasn’t that Gollon couldn’t fight back, but that he had no need to do so! Merely the spiritual protection barrier was enough to break his opponent’s limbs!

There was dead silence in the stands. Making fancy and good-looking moves did not necessarily mean that one was strong. This was a very simple truth… Their strength gap was just too big!

“This is your confidence? This is your trump card?” Julienne was going crazy. When Wang Zhong and this big group of Earthlings said that Earth was special and was sure to win, she had almost believed it!

She… was really silly! Were this group of Earthlings so dumb that they were so easily tricked? They didn’t know the terror of the advanced civilizations at all! Many of the Gold Cores from the advanced civilizations were close to the king-level. Was that comparable to the Gold Cores that they usually came into contact with on Earth?

These Blood Demons were too terrifying. Such power was impossible to resist against. If Vladimir could really do something for Earth, Julienne would definitely not stop it. She would accompany him through life and death, and even to reincarnation. But how could she just send him to die? Just for these big shameless fools?

No, I can’t let Vladimir go up, absolutely not! I will stop him, no matter what!

She couldn’t help but grab Vladimir’s hand tightly, but before she could speak, Vladimir seemed to have foreseen her thoughts.

“Look on. It’s not over yet.”

Julienne looked at her sweetheart in disbelief. It was okay if the Earthlings were all stupid, but was Vladimir also so stupid that he couldn’t see the difference between the two fighters at all? It was simply a match between an ant and the sun. There was no need to even compare. Under the dazzling light of the sun, one couldn’t even find the existence of the ant on the ground!

But Vladimir’s expression didn’t seem to be joking. Even the Earthlings in the room looked serious and looked into the arena with expectation, as if they were blindly believing in a faith.

“You…” Julianne couldn’t help but become angry. However, she also felt a little discouraged. “You’re all crazy!”

“Cuc—koo! All c—crazy, all crazy!” The ice bird’s teeth were shaking. It could feel the fear of its owner, and even seemed to be able to foresee its own future. For the first time in its life, it stuttered.

“What a fragile civilization.” In the arena, Gollon just smiled and shook his head.

He had initially thought that if Earth dared to face them head-on, there would be some form of surprise waiting for him, but now, it seemed that these people must have misunderstood something.

The gap between Gold Cores was much larger than what many people thought. It was no exaggeration to say that in the eyes of Gollon, the Gold Cores that had just been promoted were similar to the Solid Cores and Void Cores in the Land. They were merely all “ants” to him.

What was a Gold Core? Was it just the qualitative and quantitative changes of the Core? That was just a standard for distinguishing between a Solid Core and a Gold Core. The factor that determined the strength of a Gold Core was the realm of understanding of the law they had!

For ordinary people, achieving a Gold Core might signify the qualitative and quantitative changes of their own body, soul, and spiritual power. But in the eyes of truly top masters, none of these were worth mentioning. The realm of Gold Core was just a threshold for them to practice and comprehend the natural laws. In front of those who managed to comprehend the laws and integrate them into their attacks, the spiritual power of those who had yet to do so was simply puny.

Therefore, if one labeled a Gold Core who had just been promoted and merely started to comprehend the natural laws with a combat strength of one, then Gollon himself had a combat strength of a thousand, or even ten thousand!

As long as he wanted, he could call upon the power of heaven and earth at any time, which was infinite times the strength of one’s spiritual power! If he willed it, he could also ban the opponent from absorbing the power of heaven and earth, and even change the laws and rules to a certain extent. That was how top powerhouses fought.

Even the ordinary Gold Cores were no different from ordinary people in front of them, let alone this little Earthling person who was only a Solid Core. He didn’t even have the qualifications to comprehend the laws. Although it seemed that he was calling upon the powers of heaven and earth, it was only a small amount, and it was also limited by the natural laws and his physical body. It could be said that he was a toddler in the fight. The gap between him and a Gold Core like himself, who was close to reaching the king-level, was so big that he doubted they could understand at all. Yet, they even dared to fight and resist?

“Let me teach you,” Gollon said with a smile while holding Aiolos’s neck with one hand, “what the power to control the world is like.”

He just raised his hand slightly, and the remaining thunder and lightning around him disappeared without a trace in an instant.

“This is called sealing,” he said lightly. Immediately after, he released the five fingers that pinched Aiolos, but an invisible force replaced his hands, causing Aiolos to still hang in the air with his neck still being “held” by Gollon.

“This is control.”

Next, Gollon released his left hand and flipped it slightly, pressing down with his five fingers.


The invisible force holding Aiolos directly smashed him into the ground. A large area on it was pounded into a pit, and Aiolos’s entire face was stuck to the ground.

Then, with a flick of Gollon’s finger, it was as if a plow had appeared. He rubbed Aiolos’s face against the ground and “plowed” him forward fiercely on the extremely hard arena ground. A ditch that was tens of meters long appeared!


The gaze of the audience seemed to be frozen at this moment. All of their eyes were glowing red, maybe one of them was worried about Aiolos, but more of them were shocked by the power displayed by the Gold Core that was close to becoming king-level. Everyone’s eyes stared at the ditch and the limp figure.

Many people heard the sound of bones cracking when Aiolos was used to plow the ground. At this moment, the bones throughout his body seemed to be deformed, and his hands and legs were soft and lay there motionless. Even his elbows and knees were no longer visible, his limbs looking as if they were pieces of soft cotton candy.

And at this time, Gollon’s voice sounded belatedly. “Now, this is suppression!”


The invisible power dissipated, and Aiolos’s body fell limply onto the ground.

It could be seen that he had not died nor even given up. His limp body was still wriggling and struggling, but such struggle was obviously meaningless. Even those who were blindly obsessed with Aiolos already understood that he was gone.

The gap between a Solid Core and a Gold Core was already huge, let alone for a near king-level Gold Core.

“Challenging the Blood Demon Race.” Gollon smiled, and his voice faintly echoed. “Is Earth even qualified to do so?”


“Gollon! Gollon! Gollon!”

Many people supported Gollon originally, and there were even more people who bet that the Blood Demon Race would win. What’s more, this Earthling made such loud noises before, which made everyone’s eardrums hurt!

After a brief period of silence, a crazy wave of cheering broke out, and in the camp of the Blood Demon Race, more than a dozen of their subsidiary civilizations, plus the Blood Demons themselves, were cheering. The victory might have been guaranteed, but winning so joyfully using such a crushing method seemed to have finally made them feel the sense of glory as a member of the Blood Demon Race in this “shameful” Civilization War.

Strength! Victory!

Ma Dong’s palm was almost torn apart by his own nails. Not only him, but even Emily and the others beside him, including Wang Zhanfeng, his wife, and several elders from the Patriarch Society, all had gloomy expressions at this time.

They didn’t understand such a level of power, but at least when Aiolos was on Earth, he was the number one master and was also the most important and trusted combatant Wang Zhong relied on in this Civilization War. If Aiolos could match his opponent, even if they lost, everyone would still maintain confidence in Wang Zhong’s judgment, but now…

The gap was too big; it was too hard for them to witness! It was not that Aiolos was weak but that the opponent was too strong.

Wang Zhong’s judgment was wrong. Perhaps he had fought some Gold Cores during the Netherworld King incident, causing him to look down on all the Gold Cores in the Land. Pride always influenced one’s thinking. This time, Wang Zhong had absolutely made a wrong decision.

“Let’s go!” Julienne’s whole body was trembling. She wanted to pull Vladimir away.

These people from the Blood Demon Race were way too cruel. They were already powerful enough to easily end the battle, but they chose to torture their opponents in such a way. In a Civilization War, the battle was not stopped by a referee when one lost one’s ability to fight. It only ended when one died in the arena or if one surrendered himself. But looking at the current state of Aiolos, it was without a doubt that he could no longer speak. His mouth had become a rag due to the friction with the ground. His limbs were also completely broken by his opponent. He could not even make a gesture to surrender even if he wanted to! Gollon was going to torture Aiolos, the poor Earthling… Julianne couldn’t imagine Vladimir having to go through all this. She would have gone crazy.

However, Julianne couldn’t move Vladimir at all.

Vladimir stood there motionless, his eyes still glowing like before.

“Stand up!” he said softly.

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    《Battle Frenzy》