Battle Frenzy
1198 Undying Body
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1198 Undying Body

Chapter 1198: Undying Body

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The others remained very calm. It was kind of a weird atmosphere.

Was this group of people enemies with Aiolos? Julienne thought.

“Stand up! Stand up! Stand up!”

These were not the shouts from the room, but from the stands in the arena.

Suddenly, an unparalleled crazy roar could be heard. The volume was astonishingly loud as if a guy with full vitality was roaring into a loudspeaker with all his might.

“You promised me you’d come back alive, my brother! How can you fall now?! Stand up for me!”

The terrifying roar resounded through the stands, and the millions of spectators all heard it. They couldn’t help but look at the origin of the sound.

The roar had come from beside the main stands and was made by a giant nearly four meters tall.

Titan Race, Tsarilorhuan!

A Titan’s voice could be said to be a loudspeaker itself, and if they ever wanted to shout…

And he wasn’t the only one. With Tsarilorhuan’s roar, the Titans around him also started howling.

Needless to say, the Titans had always been united. Furthermore, they had a scarce population and were very affectionate with each other. Most of them formed friendships from fights with each other. Of course, what was more important was that the opponent of the Earthlings was the Blood Demon Race, a nasty and dirty civilization that was hated by the Titans.

Stand up! Stand up!

The roar of the hundreds of Titans was like a powerful “muffler” that covered the wanton laughter.

In the beginning, there were only their voices. However, after the Titans’ shouts shocked the audience, more and more of the spectators slowly joined the ranks of those shouting!

“Stand up!” “Aiolos!” “Stand up!” “Aiolos!”

The Earthlings, the Ocean Empire Planet, the Illusion Race, the factions that supported the Netherworld King, those who were originally fans of Aiolos, and even a considerable part of the neutral factions who did not participate in the gambling — they all started joining in.

Creatures that lived in groups would always have a herd mentality and were always easily infected by the atmosphere they were in. Moreover, people were always willing to see the birth of miracles. Without affecting their interests, there was no problem for them to cheer for the Earthlings.

“”Stand up, Aiolos!””

Their roars had already occupied the entire arena in an instant, forming an unexpected wave, completely suppressing the original cheers that had been overpowering!

Gollon smiled and looked around at the crowd who were cheering on his opponent.

He held disdain towards Aiolos’s supporters and even felt it was ridiculous for them to still cheer him on under such a situation.

Miracles didn’t happen by roaring and cheering someone on. It was understandable for those in the lower-leveled civilizations to have such a mentality Those monkey-like natives would never understand the difference between gods and mortals. However, how could a top level-7 civilization like the Titan Race also believe in a miracle happening? Sadly, the Blood Demon Race had been suppressed by such a simple-minded and idiotic civilization for more than a dozen eras.

But such days wouldn’t remain for long. The weakness of the Earthlings now did not mean that their potential was also weak. On the contrary, the talents they showed surprised even the level-8 civilizations. They actually had affinities with three different elements! As long as they won today’s Civilization War, as long as the Blood Demon Race completely controlled Earth and got to study the secrets behind their elemental affinity, the Blood Demon Race would immediately gain an improvement in their bloodline and could even become one of the top level-8 civilizations that would forever be remembered!

At that time, let alone these simple-minded Titans, even the Heavenly Shell Race and the Fire Demon Race would have to bow down to the Blood Demon Race! And if he could absorb the essence of this new bloodline, he could make a qualitative leap and step into a new realm, even possibly regaining the opportunity to break through the Heavenly River Tide!

Just by thinking of this, Gollon couldn’t help but feel a little excited.

It’s time to get rid of this ant. Time to— Huh?

Gollon’s brows wrinkled slightly, and he withdrew his gaze from the stands.

The guy in front of him who was dying actually gave him the feeling that he was gaining back his vitality.

Pi pa~~~

The soft sound of electric currents could be heard. Immediately after, a trace of lightning could be seen shining from the dying body.

Pa Pa Pa Pa!

The broken bones were suddenly and incessantly repairing themselves.

Gollon felt his opponent’s vitality recovering inexplicably and at a very fast rate. His opponent’s spiritual energy sea, which had been wrecked and even dried up, was actually flowing again, quickly turning from a trickle of spiritual energy into a torrential spring. Shortly after, it was already like a surging river.

This was…

The only way one could recover so quickly after a serious injury was to unleash one’s true form. The surge of heaven and earth spiritual power at that moment did have an excellent healing effect.

Wait, isn’t the true form of this Earthling the spiritual power equipment he displayed earlier? But currently, he had no spiritual power equipment on him at all. Was this his second stage true form? His second physical form?

Spiritual power equipment was a type of true form for some. Such a true form was vastly different from those that enabled one to transform into a fixed physical form. The essence of the spiritual power equipment’s true form lay in combat. It was born to battle and had no fixed form. When one needed to defend, the spiritual power equipment would transform into armor. When one needed to attack, the spiritual power equipment would manifest into a weapon suitable for one.

Such a true form might be considered an excellent one in the eyes of lower-leveled civilizations, but in the eyes of level-7 and level-8 civilizations, its capabilities were average. To put it bluntly, although it could transform into many different forms, it had no distinct characteristic. It merely increased one’s attack or defense capabilities by a small extent and was useless for the strong powerhouses who fought mainly with their understanding of natural laws.

Thus, Gollon did not care much about his opponent’s true form. However, what he did not expect was that his opponent actually had a second stage true form.

Moreover, the healing effect on Aiolos when he unleashed his true form was way too exaggerated. He had managed to recover his broken spiritual energy sea and repaired all his broken bones at a speed visible to the naked eye. There was only one type of people that would have such healing capabilities.

Those with an undying body!

Aiolos already had an undying body long ago, even before the time he got to know Wang Zhong and Mu Zi. When Aiolos was still in the Heroic Soul Realm, his Heroic Soul Dharma Idol was the undying body!

And this was the second unusual thing about Earth.

Both the Heroic Soul Dharma Idol of the Earthlings in the Heroic Soul Realm and their Void Core true form were manifestations based on their soul. The essence was the same as the other races in the Land — the starting point where the powerhouses evolved to become stronger. It was something that all true powerhouses cared strongly about.

In most of the high-leveled civilizations in the Land, the newborns were already at least of the Foundation Stage. It seemed as though they had a very high starting point and were very powerful, but in fact, they were a tall castle without a strong foundation. Therefore, for the cultivators in the Land, the Void Core was the real starting point.

Only by understanding the essence of their soul could they truly embark on their path of comprehending the natural laws and understanding their own cultivation path. It could be said that the true form was the bridge between oneself and the laws of the world. A stronger true form meant that one could become closer with the world and have a greater understanding of heaven and earth.

Thus, all the students of the CHC pursued their second stage true form when they were at the Solid Core Realm. They all wanted to have a deeper understanding of their soul before breaking through to the stage of the Gold Core and establishing their Dao. Only by doing so could they be considered perfect. Those who did not do so were regarded as failures.

The people of Earth were previously too weak to even know the existence of such a realm, let alone understand what it entailed. Even Wang Zhong, who had just broken into the Solid Core Realm, did not think much about it. As his cultivation deepened, only then did he truly see and understand the threshold for becoming a Gold Core, as well as the road of cultivation after becoming a Gold Core.

In the Land, there were countless civilizations and countless powerhouses. Every one of them needed to form their Void Core before being able to unleash their true form. Yet for Earthlings, they were able to do so when they were at the Heroic Soul Stage. The Earthlings’ Dharma Idol was another form of true form, and they had a superb understanding of such power when they were merely in the Heroic Soul Stage!

To put it simply, the Earthlings’ theoretical foundation of their soul was fully mature and solid. Once Earthlings manifested their Void Core, it would be as if a bright new path had opened, and a quantitative change would take place immediately. This was unmatched across all civilizations.

Not only that, the true forms of Earthlings were often affected by their Dharma Idol, allowing some superb abilities or some fragments of law to be incorporated into their true form. Examples included Scarlet’s chains, Vladimir’s dragon tattoos, and so on. Earthlings never had that sense of awe and trepidation for the natural laws like the various races of the Star Alliance did. Earthlings could even control the natural laws when they were on Earth. It was only that in the Land, the laws were of a higher level and thus needed one to have greater understanding and mastery over them before they could seek control over them. However, the essence of which was the same.

Wang Zhong believed that since he could feel it, the others could definitely feel it too!

But would the Star Alliance give Earth enough time? If they merely had ordinary talents or even if Earth was likely to become another Heavenly Shell Race, then with the current relationship between Lao Wang and the Machinery Race, the Insect Race, and the Heavenly Shell Race, there might have been room for negotiations. At worst, there would be one more level-8 civilization in the Star Alliance.

But the talents of the Earthlings were simply too high, to the point that it scared those in the Star Alliance. When Wang Zhong had just truly realized the monstrosity of their talents, the first thing he thought of was that it might threaten all the higher-leveled civilizations in the Star Alliance!

They could far exceed all the current level-8 civilizations!

And as Earth was promoted to a level-6 civilization, such talents could no longer be hidden at all. Once this was discovered by civilizations like the Fire Demon Race, they would inevitably attempt to destroy Earth in the dark without holding back. Those in the dark were hard to guard against, and if a level-8 civilization as strong as the Fire Demon Race was really determined to destroy Earth, the current Earth simply wouldn’t be able to resist. When the time came, even the Heavenly Shell Race might not lend a helping hand towards Earth. After all, the talents of Earthlings were simply too high, and they would not stay as a subordinate civilization under their control. Furthermore, they would also question and become suspicious of the reason behind Earth hiding their strong inborn natural talents. Were they planning something against them?

Rather than that, it was better to walk directly in front of everyone and show to all the talents of the Earthlings by killing the Blood Demons and exert dominance! This could be considered a double-edged sword! As long as Earthlings got past today’s hurdle, even if the Earth were to incur a significant loss, they would be able to enjoy a period of peace.

Even if it was a powerful race like the Fire Demon Race, they would have to weigh themselves before starting to act against the Earth after seeing how the Earthlings managed to kill off the Blood Demons. Even if they chose to act, they would still need a period of time to plan and to make careful preparations. This would allow Earth to have a period to breathe, recuperate, and perhaps become stronger. At the same time, the attitude of the Heavenly Shell Race would certainly have some subtle changes, but at least Earth would not have deliberately concealed anything from them. After all, Earth was still on their side…

Julienne was stunned. Just a second ago, she had still been terrified at Aiolos’s tragic situation, but a second later, Aiolos had come back to life as if he had been resurrected from the dead.

Wang Zhong’s face was calm. Since he could understand all of these, how could Aiolos, who had always been better than him, not understand it?

This was his source of confidence in this war!


The battle arena became quiet, and both the supporters of Aiolos and of Gollon were all looking at Aiolos, whose body had recovered almost instantly, in amazement.

“Did that guy have the undying body that could only be found in the legends?”

“It is said that there are some blessed beings in the Land who are favored by the laws of heaven and earth from birth. Since the time they were born, they already had an undying body that allowed them to recover quickly no matter the injuries they received!”

“Gosh, is that true? I always thought it was just a legend!”

“Look at what happened in front of you. To be able to recover so fast, how could it not be the undying body?”

“I heard that the supreme elder who guards the Heavenly Gates also has an undying body! He had once resurrected seven days after his death!”

There were sounds of surprise in the surrounding stands. It was not that they had never seen a cultivator who had healing abilities. Even if a cultivator had healing capabilities, they couldn’t perform such a feat. Previously, Aiolos had clearly been on the verge of death!

Now that someone mentioned the living example of the supreme elder who guarded the Heavenly Gates, many were convinced of the fact that Aiolos possessed the undying body.

The corner of Gollon’s mouth slightly lifted.

As a member of the top circle of the Land, Gollon obviously knew a lot of secrets about the supreme elder Bebelot. He was indeed a legend, but it was pure nonsense if someone said he had an undying body. Let alone the Land, even the Heaven did not have a being with an undying body. After all, even a god could die, let alone men.

As for the Aiolos in front of him, Gollon could clearly feel that at the same time he “resurrected”, his strength had also vastly increased. It had been raised from the fighting strength of a typical peak Solid Core to the extreme limits of the Solid Core Realm. It even gave Gollon the faint feeling that Aiolos’s strength was breaking the limits of a Solid Core.

But so what? In front of him, was there any difference between a peak Solid Core and an extreme-limit Solid Core?

This was simply ridiculous. Undying body? It was merely a sacrificial secret art where one paid a certain price to gain a huge power. There were many secret arts like these. From what Gollon knew, the Titans themselves already had seven or eight kinds of such secret arts, and many of them were similar to the current situation of Aiolos where electricity was all over his body.

Immediately afterward, an invisible divine power condensed, and a heavy hammer made from his spiritual power appeared in the air, slamming down on the recovering Aiolos!


With a terrifying sound, half of the arena’s ground was sunk and turned into a large pit. Aiolos, who had lightning all over his body, stood in the middle of the pit.

It could be seen that his entire body and limbs were about to fall apart and that he was paralyzed at this point in time. It was as if he had been directly mashed into a pool of flesh and blood by this terrifying blow, and the sparks of lightning on his body had completely dissipated.

“No matter how you recover, it is still a dead end.” Gollon’s cold voice echoed throughout the arena. Although it was a slight whisper, the voice was able to reach the ears of everyone here and instantly overwhelmed the noise of the millions of spectators. Everyone clearly heard what he said, “Weak!”

The scene that had just become noisy fell silent in an instant, and the hope that had just arisen in the hearts of Ma Dong and the others in the stands was completely dashed.

They had thought of it too simply.

What was a king-level Gold Core?

That was the cream of the crop among all the Gold Cores!

Aiolos might be very special and could perhaps be regarded as a very strong Solid Core even if he was placed in the CHC or compared with the Solid Cores throughout the history of the Land. However, in front of a Gold Core, it was exactly like what Gollon had said. He was simply too weak! This was no exaggeration at all!

Laughter filled the stands of the Blood Demon Race. Such a result was completely within their expectations. It was a good start!

But before they could cheer for the victory of Gollon and the victory of the Blood Demon Race, they saw the fingers of the limp figure in the sunken pit move slightly.

“En?” Gollon felt it and raised his brow slightly.

Aiolos, who had been completely limp, managed to move his body once again. And at the same time…


A ray of electric current rose from him again. Although it was faint, the current was bright.

Immediately afterwards, the electric light spread like wildfire across his body.

Pi pa pi pa!

Countless electric currents surged, and the body that had been completely paralyzed and had fallen apart reconnected like a jigsaw puzzle. Along with a dazzling electrical light, a force larger than the previous one overflowed from the Earthling!

This was…

Everyone in the entire battle arena had looks of shock.

He was alive again?

Gollon was a little surprised. He could feel that Aiolos’s spiritual power had risen once again!

A sacrificial secret art? It did not seem like it anymore. It was vastly different from any of the Titan’s recovery and strength-increasing secret arts that he knew of.

Yes, secret arts could temporarily increase the user’s power limit, but that was at the cost of burning one’s life and future potential. Such a secret art could only be used once, and there would be a long period of weakness immediately after use. In some cases, the user might even experience a permanent drop in strength. Such was the price one had to pay if one wanted to gain strength easily.

When Aiolos recovered the first time, the increase in strength could be explained as a sacrificial secret art, but how the hell did he recover the second time? Gollon had never heard of any powerful secret art that could be used without restrictions consecutively. Furthermore, during the second recovery, the increase in strength was obviously much greater than the one before! Gollon had never heard of any secret method that could increase one’s power twice.

In normal times, Gollon might have been very interested in studying the mystery of this ability. However, there were currently countless civilizations in the Star Alliance seated in the stands watching the battle. Furthermore, the ancestors of his race were staring at him again and waiting for the first victory in the Civilization War.

This was not the time to study the Earthling.


His recovery abilities are strong? Then I shall squeeze your head until it explodes! Let’s see how you can recover then!

There were many races in the Land that could regenerate their severed limbs like lizards. Beings with strong recovery abilities were not unusual in the Land, but he had not expected that an Earthling could also have such an ability. On top of that, the recovery ability he had was unprecedentedly strong.

Of course, the most effective way to deal with such people who could continuously recover and who had extremely tenacious vitality was to squeeze their head until it exploded!

He slightly lifted his left hand, and his five fingers transformed into claws, wanting to make Aiolos fly directly to his hand. However, his opponent’s supposedly limp body became extremely heavy at this time, and he could not grasp it.

His strength had indeed risen once again. But so what?

Gollon’s face only changed slightly. “Get up!”

Different from the relaxed and casual manner he had before, violent spiritual power exploded from him this time, and he used the strength of a Gold Core!

Aiolos seemed to still be in a coma. Although there were endless electric lights shining from his body, he was still pulled up directly, and the head shining with electric light was firmly controlled by Gollon between his five fingers.

“I will squeeze your head until it explodes!”


The five fingers clenched together, and the veins in his fingers popped up. There was the loud sound of an explosion. Everyone on the scene couldn’t help but widen their eyes. However, there was no sight of Aiolos’s head exploding.

Pi pa pi pa!

Strong electric lights condensed on Aiolos’s head like a hard lightning helmet, with the lightning constantly flashing.

Spiritual power equipment?

No, Gollon could clearly feel that this lightning helmet was different from the previous spiritual power equipment.

The intensity of this electric current was completely different from the previous one, and it was no longer the original white lightning energy. A trace of golden thunder light appeared in it, slowly growing in quantity, and within seconds, it had replaced all of the original white lightning.

Pi pa pi pa!

Compared to the current one, the previous white electric lights were as docile as a bunch of contented babies. The strong electric lights were now shining like sharp blades. Even the remaining electric currents that had dispersed due to an overflow caused the nearby space to start crackling, causing faint space cracks to appear.

A trait that had originally belonged only to the greatest Gold Titan warrior among the Titans was now seen on an Earthling. “Dying once” seemed to have made him stronger.

This… Everyone couldn’t help but take a deep breath. The power of lightning could actually take on Gollon’s brute force?

Gollon’s face was veiled with anger.

A small Solid Core had caused him trouble again and again! Aiolos had already been beaten into a coma by him and was like a sheep waiting to be slaughtered. Yet, he could not even crush Aiolos’s head? Was Aiolos mocking him?!

“I want to see how hard your head is!” Gollon was really angry.

He had never thought of becoming serious when fighting these Earthlings. He felt that it was sufficient for him to use the strength of a Gold Core to fight with one casually to take a victory. However, it now seemed that the power of an ordinary Gold Core could not kill off this weird Earthling.

With a thought, the energies of heaven and earth responded!

This time, not only was his own Gold Core spiritual energy surging out from his pores, but the air currents nearby also seemed to be converging towards him, faintly forming a small majestic vortex in the battle arena and slowly rotating around Gollon. He was in control of all the energies of heaven and earth!

In that instant, it was as if the battle arena itself was shaking in fear in front of such power!

The power of ordinary Gold Cores lay in merely their Gold Core cultivation. They had just completed the qualitative change from a Solid Core to become a Gold Core. Although their spiritual energy level had become much higher, they were still classified as having the strength of a Gold Core.

But an almighty peak Gold Core was very different. They could easily communicate with the world and use the power of heaven and earth anytime, anywhere. As long as the Fifth Dimension was not extinguished, they would never run out of strength or spiritual energy. This was the difference between them and ordinary Gold Cores!

At this time, Gollon looked like a god of war! Carrying the terrifying power of heaven and earth, not to mention the mere flesh and blood of Aiolos, even a mountain could be destroyed instantly!

A clear “pa” sound could be heard.

The lightning helmet was squeezed out of shape and quickly dissipated. Aiolos’s whole head was gushing blood, and his facial features were destroyed. The cracks on his skull could be seen with the naked eye, and even his brain plasma was leaking out from his head!

“Ai—Aiolos?!” In the Goblin Race’s row of seats, a female finally couldn’t help but turn pale.

In the seats where the Earthlings sat, Ma Dong and the others and even Muzi in the lounge, all had a dejected face. They all clenched their fists in uncertainty, hoping for Aiolos to get up.

In today’s battle with the Blood Demon Race, everyone already knew that there would be sacrifices, and perhaps even all of them might be wiped out. Everyone was ready to accept the possible results. However, when they saw Aiolos being treated so cruelly by having his head squeezed until it popped, they couldn’t stop the grief and resentment filling their heart. Yet, they could do nothing about it!

The vitality that had just appeared and the electric current that had previously arisen from Aiolos’s “remains” had dissipated once again, causing his body to become cold and stiff.


Aiolos’s body was thrown to the ground again.

Gollon’s face was a bit gloomy. He actually wanted to pursue a cooler method of blasting and squeezing Aiolos’s head, to cause it to explode to pieces to vent his anger. However, he actually didn’t manage to do so.

Aiolos’s head and the lightning-helmet were really too strong. It was almost as if his head was made with the Golden Stone Slab. Even though he had used all his strength, he still could not make the Earthling’s head explode, only managing to crush it and cause it to crack.

However, that was merely for the visual effect.

There was no need to think about the ability to recover. The head was the most important body part for most living organisms. After being subjected to the pressure from his hands, even the skull had split, and the brain plasma had shot out. It was absolutely impossible for him to regain any vitality.

However, a miracle happened once again…

With the strength shown by Aiolos before, in theory, his soul consciousness must have been very strong, and his remnant soul could last for at least several years after his death. However, Gollon did not see the other party’s remnant soul popping out of his body. Aiolos was not a Gold Core, and only a Gold Core had the ability to carry the soul like a physical body. He could not even attack Aiolos’s soul consciousness. Where was the soul? Could he still be alive?

Just as the thought flashed through Gollon’s mind, the world suddenly dimmed slightly. The blue skies previously had now been covered by a large patch of black clouds.

Gollon couldn’t help but raise his head and look at the sky. Not only him, but also the others in the stands had their heads raised looking towards the sky.

At this point in time, no one knew how and where the dark clouds came from, but currently, large tracts of weird dark clouds had gathered in the sky, and new dark clouds were constantly joining in from all directions!

This was…?!

Everyone was surprised.

This was the divine territory and was not like those backward and barren planets. The weather of the entire territory and even the temperature difference between day and night were completely controlled by the Star Alliance. Be it rain or shine, it was based strictly on the seasons of the Land. This was to facilitate the growth of some special plants and the maintenance of the environment.

Today, according to the weather forecasts of the Machinery Palace, it should have been a whole day of sun. Not only today, but even in the next half month, the skies should be clear and cloudless. This was already fixed and would not be changed. But where did these dark clouds suddenly appear from?


A bolt of lightning suddenly flashed out of the thick dark clouds.

Gollon was shocked. He lowered his head and looked straight ahead.

The “corpse” that was supposed to be lying motionless in the pit was now standing up silently opposite him.

‘Control the lightning, kill all those who block the way…’

Aiolos did not speak, but a strange voice echoed in Gollon’s heart.

Holy gold lightning!

Gollon’s heart palpitated, and from the weird and upright body, he suddenly felt a burst of vitality that was exuberant to the extreme! Not only Aiolos’s vitality, but also his spiritual power had increased by leaps and bounds, and Gollon could even feel the power of laws coming from him! He was 10 times, or even 100 times stronger than before!


Aiolos had actually long been waiting for this day.

He might not have as much knowledge of the senior members of the Star Alliance as Wang Zhong nor the understanding of the talents and secrets of the people on Earth as Wang Zhong did, but he had long seen what was hidden in him earlier than Wang Zhong.

He had lived in the jungle since he was a child and was constantly accompanied by the wood and stone of nature. From young, he had long started carving using dead wood. From the start, he had long been close and understood easily the life runes that were related to the wood attribute.

When everyone else could not understand what those runes were, he had already been able to use them proficiently. Even Wang Zhong’s theory of life runes had been taught by him!

His talent lay in comprehending the law of wood, and he had an unparalleled affinity for it. He could be said to be the “darling” of the law of wood! The law of the wood element had unparalleled resilience and vitality. This was the origin of his undying body.

At the same time, he was also close to the lightning element because lightning was a branch of the law of wood. It was also because of the mutual attraction of the law of wood that allowed him and Tsarilorhuan to become close friends with each other the instant they met. Everything was predestined, seemingly coincidental yet inextricably linked.

He knew that the wood law was his Dao, and he had been working towards this direction all the time. He had made rapid progress and could even see how he should progress in the future. It was just that some things could only be understood but not achieved overnight. They would require time to accumulate. Otherwise, there was only another extreme method to stimulate one’s potential and break through, and that was by putting oneself in a life-or-death situation, just like now!


The soul that was wandering in his spirit sea suddenly returned to its place at this time!

The eyes that had been closed previously suddenly opened, and the two sun-like eyes gleamed with a bright, dazzling golden light. These eyes met with Gollon’s increasingly zealous eyes.

“Alive, he has come alive again!”

“Oh my God! How can one come back to life even after his head has been crushed? What the hell is this?!”

“This Earthling…”

There were many people shouting in shock from the stands. In any case, it was impossible to imagine that a person who had been sentenced to death three consecutive times still had such eyes filled with vitality.

The relaxed expression on Gollon’s face was replaced with a look of incredible bewilderment.

He had killed this guy three times, yet this guy had kept coming back to life!

Was there actually someone who had an undying body in this world? What was more terrifying was that his strength had once again skyrocketed. It had increased exponentially through each of his deaths!

This was not a secret art that could increase one’s power. He had only heard of secret arts that made the users become weaker the more they used it and not stronger.

Aiolos had transformed from a Solid Core that was considered an ant in his eyes to become someone who had the fighting capabilities and strength at the level of an almighty peak Gold Core!

For the first time, Gollon’s eyes appeared solemn and serious. He knew that he had missed the best opportunity to kill his opponent…

It couldn’t be considered as a missed opportunity. The other party had a weird ability to resurrect from the dead. It was impossible for anyone to kill him easily without knowing of his ability. Now that he had personally seen it, he believed that Aiolos had an undying body! He would definitely not give him another chance.

He would not use pure brute force anymore. He would use the strongest move that he knew to smash his corpse into thousands of pieces and banish his soul into the depths of hell such that he could never undergo rebirth!

Gollon was also a fighting freak who had proven himself with his fighting capabilities! What made him unhappy today was that he needed to fight with some weak people like a chess piece. That was something he was not interested in. However, if the opponent was someone strong enough for him to take on seriously and, even more coincidentally, happened to be similar to the imaginary Gold Titan that had appeared countless times in his mind…

“I’m going to kill you,” said Aiolos with a calm voice as he licked the corners of his cracked mouth. However, it made people feel the seriousness of what he had said. The limitations of one’s physical body were no longer important in the Star Alliance. Aiolos almost seemed like a god now.

Among the dark clouds in the sky, a bolt of lightning struck downwards! Different from ordinary white lightning, the lightning in the dark cloud was faintly golden and was like a dragon!

“Golden Thunder Realm!” Titan Patriarch Tsarlozst couldn’t help but blurt out.

Although the “Gold Titans” were known as the strongest among the Titans, that was just a given nickname, and it did not mean that the Titan must have the ability to manifest golden lightning. In fact, this golden lightning would only manifest when one reached the extremity in the control of lightning. One needed to have the deepest understanding of the laws of lightning that only existed in the legends. It had been generations since someone had reached such a realm. Yet currently, an Earthling managed to reach such a realm?!

Not to mention these bigwigs, even those who were blind would know that the dark clouds in the sky were actually condensed by this Aiolos.

Terrifying! The ability to change the state of the heavens and the earth meant that one had control over them. Such was a unique ability that belonged to only the Gold Cores! Yet this Solid Core actually managed to do it too!

Ma Dong was so excited that tears filled his eyes. Not only him, all the Earthlings clenched their fists and stood up too!

The Illusion Race, the Ocean Empire Planet, Heavenly Treasures Street, countless people were excited to the point that they felt that their brain was deprived of oxygen and couldn’t help but hold their breath. In everyone’s eyes, the Earth side was the one that was going to be destroyed. No one had ever thought that in the face of an almighty peak Gold Core, the Earthlings would still decide to resist and speak so cockily!

But Gollon merely laughed. He was not upset at all, even secretly excited and surprised.

Who cared if he was a Gold Core or a Solid Core? No matter how this Earthling managed to do it, how could someone who had completely controlled the laws of lightning be judged by such a superficial criterion?

His blood was boiling, and his battle intent was soaring. The head filled with golden electric currents that was being controlled by his five fingers was also constantly bursting with power. The two were silently comparing notes with each other and could each feel the improvement of the other party’s strength.

Only a mere arm apart, a strange excitement had already stirred the blood of the two at the same time.

There was no more nonsense. When their gazes met each other, there was a collision of lightning and blood-lights!

For the first time, Gollon felt a trace of danger and challenge from his opponent. The power in his palm was constantly increasing, but the strength of his opponent’s lightning spiritual equipment was also correspondingly increasing at a speed not lower than that of his own.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh!

The two people seemed to be motionless, but the ground of the battle arena was shaken by the exchange of power between them. The surrounding debris and dust seemed to have entered an invisible force field, a weightless space. They actually revolved around them and floated in mid-air.

This was the divine territory… Even if it was just a broken stone, its weight would be unimaginable. Yet now, under the exchange of moves between the two and the mutual interferences of the laws they were both using, the debris had become as light as a feather!


The golden lightning suddenly surged at this moment, and golden lights bloomed on Aiolos, and in the next second…

Lightning fist!

It was the same move as before, but the impact was completely different.

In an instant, there were tens of thousands of densely packed golden fist-lights combining into a single attack, forming a sky full of fist-lights that were all rushing towards Gollon like an array of arrows!

This was a terrifying qualitative change! Regardless of whether one was a Solid Core or a Gold Core, any strong powerhouse who relied on their physical body strength to fight could only unleash an attack that could reach 10 times the speed of sound at the very limit.

But once one understood and incorporated laws into their attacks, it was equivalent to obtaining the recognition of the laws! This was the law of lightning. In terms of speed alone, its attack could reach the speed of light, which was around eight hundred and eighty thousand times the limit of the speed of sound!

Any attempts to evade were meaningless in the face of such an attack. One could only try to withstand and resist it.

Gollon’s arms crossed, and blue veins popped out on his forehead.

Pa pa pa pa pa~~~

The countless fists formed a line blasting towards Gollon’s body, pushing him back again and again. Even the black iron armor on his body was blasted into pieces resembling shredded paper in an instant.

Hidden under the black iron armor were his well-defined muscles. His bulging chest muscles were high enough to make even the strongest physical body powerhouses ashamed. The dense fist-lights launched themselves onto his bulging muscles. A dent was left on the surface of his chest, but it was only a momentary illusion.


With a loud roar, he stabilized himself from being pushed back. All the fist marks that were on his body disappeared with this loud roar, and his muscles inflated back to their normal state like a balloon. At the same time, a layer of red haze formed over him, and it was so dense that it covered his entire body.

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    《Battle Frenzy》