Battle Frenzy
1199 The Most Powerful Clown
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1199 The Most Powerful Clown

Chapter 1199: The Most Powerful Clown

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Bang bang bang bang bang!

The dense blood-red fog was still spreading continuously from Gollon. Countless fist-lights that traveled at the speed of light charged into the fog, but no remaining signs of the fists were seen after. It was as if they had been devoured by the red fog and vanished.

Closely after, the continuously rising red fog suddenly stopped, and something started to brew inside with a gurgle before it suddenly exploded.

Red Lotus Disaster Explosion!

The vital energy that shot in all directions was like countless surging blades, yet also seemed like scattered gunshots that covered the entire battlefield.

Aiolos’s light-speed fists vanished. He crossed his arms and protected his chest as he was sent flying backwards by the rapidly shooting red fog.

Pa pa pa pa pa~~~

Bang bang bang bang bang!

There was a series of explosions and then a roar throughout the entire arena. The powerful protective barrier endured the power of the “gunshots” and continuously trembled. The slight swaying shocked the countless spectators in the surroundings. As a result, they were quiet, and their expressions were pale. No one could shout their support for anyone. Cheers were simply fuel for observing the fight. Regardless of who lived or died, this was no more than a performance, but if they actually became the background of this performance… What a joke that would be.

One simply could not imagine what would happen if this protective barrier could no longer stand the attacks, and the gunshots attacked the spectator stands. Over half of the one million people in the surrounding stands would instantly die! Even the great beings in the VIP section might not be able to save them in time.

Smoke rose from Aiolos’s crossed arms, but it was as if he did not feel any pain at all. His gaze was firmly fixed on the center of the red fog.

Gollon, who was originally standing there, had disappeared. He was originally only a head taller than him, but now, he had been replaced by a massive body that was four to five meters tall. His skin was bright red, and countless secret runes appeared on this red skin, emitting waves of bewitching and powerful aura. This gave the spectators the feeling that Gollon was extremely similar to the great beings sitting on the VIP host’s seats. He was now like a reincarnated Demon God!

It was his Massive Demon God True Form!

“Come and accept your death!” The low and muffled roar reverberated throughout the entire arena. It was simply deafening, and even the surface of the ground started to tremble from this roar!

Crash crash crash~~

A curtain of light made up of golden fists enveloped Gollon head-on. However, Gollon did not even look at it and simply ignored it.

Pa Pa Pa Pa!

Gollon used his massive body and simply endured this. Even though the speed of the fist-lights was quick, at that moment, the scattered power simply made him feel ticklish when it hit his body. This body, which was able to resist the severe test of the Heavenly River Tide, did not have an undeserved reputation.

At that moment, Gollon’s left hand reached out towards a very mysterious place. Just as he was stretching out his hand, a golden light happened to sweep past.

His prediction was too accurate. The prediction abilities of such high-leveled experts simply made them like oracles, and they did not even need to use their eyes to see. What was more terrifying was that giant bodies should have slow movements as they had to endure more gravity and spiritual pressure. However, Gollon’s movements were just too fast, so fast that everyone completely ignored his massive body. It was as if he was the most agile sparrow.


Gollon clenched his left fist as his right hand closed up at the same time. Then, he brought his fists together!

The golden light was annihilated once again and was covered by the bewitching red fog that continuously spread in all directions from Gollon’s hands. One could only faintly see a figure putting his fists together.

“Die!” Gollon roared.

The red light in his eyes was like blood, and his already extremely sturdy arms became even thicker at that moment, while veins started to pulsate on his arms. His extremely mighty sense of power made people feel as if the fellow he was pinching would immediately spurt red liquid everywhere like a rotten tomato.

However, the next second, the golden light dazzled once again.

Crackle, crackle~~

A pair of hands that were slightly smaller but equally sturdy fiercely twisted two of Gollon’s fingers.

“Open!” Aiolos’s eyes were already filled with dazzling golden lights. Two massive fingers and the golden hands that carried electricity competed against each other.

As compared to Gollon who had revealed his Massive Demon God True Form, the power of Aiolos’s small figure was not worth mentioning. However, what was terrifying was that his lightning power was still increasing rapidly.

The surrounding space was filled with a large amount of lightning elemental energy after being drawn in by that Earthling. Meanwhile, the elements and laws that Gollon was familiar with were gradually weakening as they were pushed aside by these lightning laws!

Gollon’s expression finally changed. When he reached this stage, all forms of combat had simply become a kind of “expression”. The laws were what they competed with! Aiolos’s comprehension and control of the lightning elemental laws were better than his own control of laws. As a result, Aiolos’s affinity with the laws of the world was much higher.

When he realized this, he saw a different golden light flash past the Earthling’s eyes.

Gollon instantly understood that it was not that he could capture the light. Instead, the Earthling had taken the initiative to send the light his way and allowed him to capture it!

Aiolos’s comprehension of the laws was much better, which meant that his territory was much more powerful than Gollon’s. In such close proximity, it was as if this was the home ground of the more powerful lightning laws that were pushing aside the space where the other elemental laws existed. The power of the world that he could absorb decreased over time, while the power of the world that Aiolos could use increased!

Gollon wanted to let go, but Aiolos had controlled the initiative. How could he let Gollon go so easily?

Gollon withdrew his closed hands, while Aiolos, who had been pushing against Gollon, suddenly pulled backwards.


There was a loud and crisp sound. Gollon’s two thumbs had been broken at the same time.

This was not simply because of Aiolos’s superhuman strength. Gollon was also an aggressive person who instantly gave up on the spiritual power protecting his fingers. He let his fingers be broken in exchange for survival as he could not stay in one location and fight with this fellow. If not, his power would decrease as Aiolos’s power increased, and the Earthling’s comprehension would allow him to absorb the power of the world even better!

As long as he continually changed his position, he would be able to weaken Aiolos’s influence on the territory. After all, Aiolos’s control of the lightning laws had not reached a stage where he could do as he pleased. Once this difference in power was gone, with their combat powers, Gollon would still have the upper hand.

However, it was a pity that he had realized this too late.

From the moment he had stretched out his hand to grab Aiolos, everything had been determined.

The moment Gollon let his fingers be broken, he was already rapidly retreating. However, at that moment, a radius of several hundred meters was already being dominated by the lightning laws. A thought flashed past Aiolos’s mind, and a golden field of dense electricity covered the entire area. It resembled a cage with dense networks, instantly making it hard for the giant Gollon to move. In his rage and panic, he gathered all the power in his body, and his powerful vital energy turned into a heavy hammer that broke through the layers of electricity and suddenly smashed into Aiolos.

At that moment, Aiolos had already displayed his power to its greatest extent. His entire body dazzled like the eye-piercing sun, causing him to shine like a supernova. As a result, he activated the dense lightning power in his surroundings.

In a battle between experts, victory or loss would typically be determined in one moment.

Lightning Purge!

Crash crash crash crash~~

Countless blood droplets exploded in the air, and the dazzling lightning fluttered in the air like a dragon traveling. Sand flew about, and stones hurtled throughout the center of this arena violently.


A humanoid figure shot out from the chaos like a shooting star and fiercely collided into the protective barrier at the boundaries of the arena. As a result, the protective barrier, which was strong enough to resist all attacks from Gold Core experts, swayed violently and let out a massive “groan”. Closely after, there was a thump as the figure fell to the ground, kicking up a cloud of dust.

It was Aiolos. He was kneeling with both hands on the ground. The lightning and golden light on his body seemed to have been completely scattered from that collision.


A mouthful of fresh blood surged from his mouth.

Furthermore, at the center of the arena, a massive figure also staggered out from the curtain of lightning.

Tap tap tap~

He was in a very sorry plight and was barely able to stay standing. His entire body was covered in dense burn marks. However, the massive body eventually stopped and stood still.

Had the Earthling lost?

Countless people widened their eyes, regardless of whether it was the spectators at the stands or Wang Zhong and the others in the waiting room or the great beings on the spectator stands.

This Earthling’s performance had surprised them greatly.

But so what? His power had increased to this level, but he had still been defeated. This was much more severe than the previous fracture. Gollon’s final attack was too powerful, and the great beings could all see that the Earthling’s undying body had been broken up and could not be sustained. At the very least, he would not be able to use it again in this battle.

He was a Solid Core facing a Gold Core. Furthermore, he was facing an expert like Gollon; it was simply too big a hurdle. This was too much of a pity…

“Hm?” The Heavenly Shell Superintendent’s eyebrows suddenly relaxed slightly.


A blood arrow suddenly burst out from Gollon’s body that was covered in burn marks. As a result, his footing swayed slightly. This was closely followed by a series of exploding sounds.

Boom boom boom boom boom~~

Rays of golden light shot out from Gollon’s body! When the outer defenses of the four-meter-tall body, which was filled with vital energy that he had proven through combat, were broken through, the only difference between him and ordinary people was that he had more blood…

There was a violent explosion, and an area of several dozen square meters had been dyed red from the blood that burst from his body.

His bulging muscles turned thin, resembling the wrinkled skin of an old woman. Meanwhile, his Massive Demon God True Form that was over four meters tall had reverted to his original height of two meters.

He had lost. He had actually lost?!

He lowered his head in disbelief and looked at his own tattered body. His mouth opened slightly, as if he wanted to say something. However, before he could speak, his gaze stiffened, and his slightly open mouth was fixed in place.

This body seemed to have been completely destroyed.

Everyone knew that with Gollon’s powers as an almighty Gold Core expert, the destruction of his physical body did not mean absolute death, but at the very least, he was now unable to continue fighting.

The Blood Demon Race had actually lost the first battle?

However, while everyone was still immersed in this unbelievable miracle and had not recovered from their shock, and even before Supervisor Tsargesimon could announce the Earth’s victory…

The next second, a golden thunderbolt that was as thick as a pillar instantly formed and descended from the sky, striking the heavily injured Aiolos who was coughing up fresh blood.

This was obviously not a form of harm, but a form of aid.

This fellow, who was on the verge of death, instantly recovered completely. Then, he hovered among the golden lightning in the air.

It was as if everyone had forgotten that he was a monster with an undying body. He could even ignore that explosive injury, so what was coughing up some blood considered? There was probably no difference between this and an ordinary person spitting saliva!

The countless gray clouds that accumulated in the sky gradually scattered after dispersing the golden lightning. Then, the surroundings became clear again.

Meanwhile, at that moment, Aiolos’s entire body bathed in the golden lightning with clear eyes.

This feeling and this power made him feel too comfortable. This was the ultimate form of thunder techniques. At the very least, this was the ultimate form of thunder techniques in the Gold Core Realm.

He had predicted that he would experience these changes one day and already knew roughly what he could do in this realm, but he never thought that it would come this quickly. However, there were no unnecessary expressions on Aiolos’s face as he knew that he had an uncompleted task.

The figure that was hovering in the air made a beckoning gesture.

Meanwhile, the stiffened body on the ground trembled slightly. Closely after, a ray of golden light shot out from the trembling body and flew into Aiolos’s hand.

It was a Gold Core! It was Gollon’s Gold Core!

There were no truly indestructible bodies in this world. As long as it was a material object, it would definitely have its limits. Everything would experience extreme prosperity before their decline. After all, this was the material universe and the ultimate rule in the Fourth Dimension. No physical body could escape this iron rule.

Thus, those who said that Gold Core experts had eternal life were not referring to their physical bodies, but to the Gold Cores they had cultivated in the Fifth Dimension. At the same time, these Gold Cores had the ability to contain souls and could replace physical bodies, allowing their soul to last. Then, they could choose to seize bodies or resort to other methods. As long as their soul and their Gold Core were not eliminated, Gold Core experts would have another path of survival.

However, at that very moment, Aiolos was controlling Gollon’s Gold Core!

What was he intending to do?

The entire arena was silent. Meanwhile, the Blood Demon Ancestor on the spectator stands stared at him coldly.

He would not speak any threatening words at this moment as it would be too childish. This was a life-and-death battle between civilizations, and the Earth and the Blood Demon Race were already wrestling for survival. Wouldn’t it be very foolish to threaten others at this point? Of course, there was completely no need to do so!

This Earthling was obviously too naive. Even if he could easily destroy Gollon’s physical body, how could he possibly destroy the Gold Core of an almighty Gold Core expert?

All almighty Gold Core experts had refined their Gold Core to the greatest extent. It surpassed all material objects in the world and was sturdier than any other material object. Furthermore, it had the protection of the power of the laws. Even the king-leveled bosses seated at the spectator stands, who were a level above the almighty Gold Core experts, could not destroy their Gold Core!

This was the greatest capital that these almighty Gold Core experts had to wander throughout the Land. Even if they offended the king-leveled Gold Cores and their bodies were destroyed by them, at the very most, they would only be imprisoned, and their Gold Cores would be confined as well. As long as their soul hid in their Gold Core, even the king-leveled Gold Cores could not do anything!

Yes, this Earthling had surprised him greatly and embarrassed the entire Blood Demon Race. He had made the Blood Demon Race experience the taste of defeat and caused them to suffer losses. After all, Gollon’s physical body had been destroyed, and this was obviously more severe than the injuries he had suffered from the Heavenly River Tide. Even if Gollon’s soul continued to exist in his Gold Core, he would definitely have to exhaust countless resources to recover… But that was all.

Did the Earthling think that he could actually kill Gollon after getting rid of his physical body? How naive!

However, before the Blood Demon Ancestor could finish this thought…

Crack Crack…

Aiolos smiled. Then, countless golden thunderbolts instantly gathered, as if they were forming some kind of guidance. Closely after, a golden light dazzled in the sky.

It was a golden lightning cloud! It rumbled in the air and let out a terrifying roar!

It was a Calamity Cloud!

This was… the Calamity Lightning?!

The Blood Demon Ancestor’s expression suddenly changed.

Heavenly Calamities did not exist in the Land of the divine territory. After all, the laws were stable here, and no disaster would suddenly descend upon practitioners. However, they existed in the Heavenly River Tide. Thus, the experts who wanted to charge across the Heavenly River Tide to enter the Heaven would experience various calamities in that Tide. The Calamity Lightning was one of them.

However, this was an interdictive method in the Heaven that its four races established to stop people in the Land from charging through the Heavenly River by themselves. Over countless years, the entire Land could only be fascinated by such sacred and great power but be unable to even research it. However, it had been summoned by a Solid Core Earthling!


Before everyone could react, the Calamity Lighting had crashed down and targeted the Gold Core in Aiolos’s hand.


The terrifying sound of the Calamity Lightning reverberated, as if it was about to rip apart the sky. As a result, everyone on the spectator stands was terrified and kept quiet out of fear. Then, in the next second…

Crack crack crack crack crack crack…

A crack appeared on the Gold Core that was said to be indestructible to even the king-leveled bosses. Closely after, the Gold Core rapidly started to crack, and an illusory shadow fled from the Gold Core in panic.

“Ancestor! Ancestor, save me! Ancestor, save me! Ancestor, sa—” The shadow was shouting in a frenzied panic. His voice was shrill and hasty, but it suddenly stopped!

A large hand had firmly grabbed this shadow. Then, the golden electricity on the hand simply flowed like an ordinary electric shock…


The panicked voice stopped, and even the shadow simply disappeared.

When his negative soul was faced with the positive golden lightning, even approaching this golden lightning was enough for him to vanish, let alone being directly attacked!

“Anyone who attacks us Earthlings,” Aiolos coldly said in the arena, “will die!”

The Blood Demon Ancestor was dumbfounded.

Not only was he dumbfounded, but even the one million people in the enormous arena were shocked.

Blood Demon Gollon, the almighty Gold Core expert who had almost reached king-level had actually died just like that? Had he really vanished in a puff of smoke just like that? Furthermore, he was killed by a Solid Core Earthling who had only spent three or four years in the Star Alliance?!



This was inconceivable and unimaginable. This was like an absurd myth!

At that moment, the one million spectators on the stands were silent. Meanwhile, Ma Dong and the others were already standing up as their hands tightly gripped the iron railings.


That Gollon, the impressive Gold Core from the Blood Demon Race had actually been killed by Aiolos, a Solid Core from the Earth!

Ma Dong’s lips continuously trembled in excitement. He wanted to shout something but could not find anything to say. His eyes firmly locked onto Aiolos, who was half-kneeling on the ground.

The trembling body that was vomiting blood gradually stabilized. This could not be considered healing, but at the very least, he managed to catch his breath and recover some stamina. Aiolos removed his hands that had been pressing against the surface of the ground and stood up. Then, he stretched out his left hand, seemingly full of stability and power. His five sturdy fingers dazzled in the light before he put his hands together.

One of them was dead, and the other was alive. The results could not be disputed.

“The winner of the first battle in the Civilization War is Aiolos from Earth!” Supervisor Tsargesimon shouted loudly. Then, following the sound of this announcement…


No one knew where this voice first sounded from. Closely after, countless people in the entire arena repeated his name. They were either chattering in disbelief or shouting in excitement.

“Aiolos! Aiolos! Aiolos!”

“The King of the Arena! The undying god of combat! Hohoho!!”

The frenzied shouts rapidly set the arena ablaze, as if a storm was sweeping across its entirety. Except for the passionate fans of the Blood Demon Race, whose faces were now ghastly pale, the entire arena had gone crazy.

There was no way not to be excited. A battle that involved a Solid Core killing a peak Gold Core was simply a miracle that would be circulated and sung about for thousands of years. In the past, they would hear about such historical incidents from singing poets who wandered about as if they were listening to stories. This alone was enough for many people to be fired up. However, this scene had actually occurred right in front of their eyes. Who wouldn’t be excited if they were able to witness such a historic moment?

As for those who became supporters of the Blood Demon Race because of their bet… In any case, the Blood Demon Race had nine great experts, and one loss did not mean that the sky would collapse. In fact, many people bet that the War would have six or even seven rounds. It was fine for them to lose one battle!

The entire arena descended into a deafening uproar.

Tsarilorhuan was extremely excited. The voices of the Titan Race were the loudest in this arena. He cried out as he shouted to the companion beside him, “That is my brother! That is Tsarilorhuan’s brother!”

“Lorhuan! This little brother of yours is not bad. Introduce me to him. After the Civilization War, I will treat him to a drink!”

“What drink! As a Titan, if you want to meet new friends, you must invite them to a fight!” another Titan said. “Huan, it’s this fellow. I’ve set my mind on him. Help me arrange a fight!”

“Really? Such a genius has not appeared in the Titan Race for several years. He will beat you to death!”

“Aiolos! Long live the Earth!”

“Hey, hey, hey! This Earthling is not bad!” This was Princess Ina’s rather devilish voice as her eyes lit up slightly. Aiolos was one of those people who seemed very ordinary at first but could be viewed many times with lasting interest. Furthermore, his muscles were bursting forth and filled with power. His figure was similar to that of the Goblin Race and was the kind of body that female Goblins liked.

Meanwhile, the Earthlings were also going crazy. Emily and the other women shouted continuously in excitement, while Ma Dong heaved a huge sigh of relief and sat back on his chair. Only then did he realize that his back had been soaked thoroughly by his cold sweat.

Only Ma Dong knew exactly how much pressure he had endured for this Civilization War. No matter how much he believed in Wang Zhong, and no matter how much he shouted that the Earth would definitely win, the difference between the Blood Demon Race and the Earthling Race was very clear. Ma Dong was not blind or foolish. In particular, when he saw Aiolos being trampled on by Gollon like a three-year-old kid, Ma Dong simply felt as if his heart was about to stop. However, he never expected that they would achieve this result.

He could not help but look in the direction of the Earth’s waiting room. He could not see the situation on the inside through the one-way mirror and the runic arrays. However, at that moment, his confidence in the Earth started to truly swell.

It was obvious that Aiolos was only the first card in Wang Zhong’s deck. Ma Dong started to feel excited. Exactly what kind of Civilization War story was Wang Zhong preparing to write?

Ever since the Fairy King Arena was established, it had received many Civilization Wars between high-leveled civilizations. Furthermore, it had also taken in level-8 civilizations that were even more powerful than the two civilizations battling today. However, even those level-8 civilization participants were not able to destroy this arena, and this was enough to prove the various professional site measures that had been taken. Very quickly, people started to clean up the arena. The scattered mess and the craters in the ground started to gradually return to their original state under the light from various runes…

The surrounding spectators were still passionately discussing the battle that had just ended and were extremely excited about the Solid Core who had created a miracle. Topics concerning Aiolos would definitely circulate among the people in the Land.

Meanwhile, many great beings on the host’s seats started to show rather strange expressions.

When practitioners reached the Gold Core Realm, they could start to comprehend the laws, which were the strongest powers in the Land of the divine territory. The power of the laws surpassed everything else. However, comprehension did not equate to control. Thus, those who were able to use some power of the laws were considered top experts among the Gold Cores. However, a mere Solid Core Earthling’s control of lightning powers had reached the level where he could actually control the 5 Elemental Laws! Purely in terms of Realm, he had reached the standards of a king-leveled Gold Core!

How exactly were the Earthlings able to do this? Putting aside their affinity with three elements, they were actually able to achieve the standards of a Gold Core in other civilizations as mere Solid Cores! At the very least, there were currently no previous examples of such among all the civilizations in the Land.

The bosses present could not help but think about the super bloodlines that had disappeared throughout history. In fact, they even thought about the four terrifying races in the Heaven. Any Solid Core from the four fabled races in the Heaven was at a level where they could suppress a large majority of Gold Cores in the Land!

The difference in their civilization level represented the difference in their bloodlines and natural endowments. This had always been the only way that allowed high-leveled civilizations to challenge civilizations more powerful than them. However, right now, the level-7 Blood Demon Race was being surpassed by an Earthling using this method…

“A level-8 civilization.” Even the Heavenly Shell Superintendent could not help but sigh slightly. “They are like the super level-8 civilizations that have disappeared in the course of history.”

As she spoke, she looked in the direction of Chief Judge Lyune and Qin Min, intentionally or otherwise. However, she saw the two of them sitting up straight on their seats and not saying anything.

The Machinery Race and the Insect Race had stood with the Earth from the very beginning. More accurately, they stood with Wang Zhong. Thus, they definitely knew something.

Superintendent Erza had the idea of exploring the truth, but in the end, she restrained herself. The higher her position was, the more she knew how deep the waters of the Star Alliance were. It was best not to ask about or concern herself with anything that could be connected to the Heaven. If not, the future of the Heavenly Shell Race would be like that of the level-8 civilizations that had disappeared in the past.

“Mister Blood Shadow, you’ve lost.” She smiled as she directed her attention to mocking the Blood Demon Ancestor. No matter what, being able to see the Blood Demon Race suffering felt very comforting.

At that moment, the Blood Demon Ancestor’s expression was ugly. Losing that piece of Heavenly Dazzling Spiritual Gold and several billion Gold Star Stones was nothing. At the very most, it would only be a little painful to him. What truly made his expression ugly was that the Blood Demon Race had lost their most capable officer.

This was not a defeat, but an elimination!

No matter what, the Blood Demon Ancestor had never thought that the Earthlings would have the ability to kill Gold Cores like Gollon!

That was Gollon, an expert who ranked among the top five in the Blood Demon Race. There were already very few peak experts in the race, and Gollon was one of its main pillars. However, he had collapsed in the arena at the hands of a mere Earthling for no clear reason!

Regardless of what the final results of this war were, Gollon’s death was a massive hit to the Blood Demon Race’s reputation and strength!

The losses were too great! Furthermore, was Earth going to win at this rate?

This was a joke. This was simply a joke!

Even though the Blood Demon Ancestor had imagined thousands of motives for the Earth to meet the Blood Demon Race head-on with all their might, he definitely had not thought of this reason.

If they could not even deal with a level-6 civilization, how could the Blood Demon Race talk about surpassing the Titans and advancing to a level-8 civilization? This was real mockery and a slap in the face.

Furthermore, from the current look of things, the Earth had obtained the initiative, and it was very likely that Wang Zhong and Mu Zi possessed strength that was close to Aiolos’s. If they used some tactics and allowed the two of them to avoid the Blood Demon Ancestor, they might be able to win a few matches.

That would be very awkward.

Resentful flames were blazing in the heart of the Blood Demon Ancestor. He did not pay any attention to the mocking from the Heavenly Shell Ancestor. Instead, his lips moved slightly, and a voice passed through the layers of the rune barrier into the Blood Demon Race waiting room.

“Qiao Carloze, you’re on for the second battle!”

In the quiet waiting room, a fellow who was sitting crossed-legged on the floor and wore heavy armor on his body opened his bright and dazzling eyes. Then, a piercing ray of light shone from these eyes.

Qiao Carloze was one of the three great commanders of the Blood Demon Race.

“Yes!” His voice was unusually frank. This was the standard bearing of a soldier.

No one had expected Gollon’s loss. However, they were only surprised.

They had analyzed the strength and the potential of the Earth before the war. They had determined that the Earthlings could display many unusual things and had massive potential. In fact, they had raised their predictions about Wang Zhong and treated him as if he had the strength of a pseudo-king-leveled practitioner. However, they had never thought that Aiolos would be the same as well.

This surprised them, but they were only surprised. If the Earth was able to produce a Wang Zhong, they would naturally also be able to produce an Aiolos. However, they could not possibly produce a third or fourth expert. Thus, the Blood Demon Race would definitely win.


He stood up, and the red armor on his body produced a harsh sound when he moved. Then, when he started to step forward…

Thud thud thud~~

It sounded as if a pile driver was slowly hitting the surface of the ground, and this rumbling was deafening. It contained an imposing rhythm that could shock the hearts of everyone. It was as if they could see a powerful army full of killing intent in the outer battlefields just from hearing the sound of these footsteps alone. It was enough for the crowds, who were still excitedly shouting for Aiolos, to fall silent.

The noise in the surroundings finally subsided gradually. Everyone realized that the Earth had only won one battle, and eight almighty Gold Core experts from the Blood Demon Race were still waiting for them. In particular, at least two or three of them were as powerful as Gollon, and Qiao Carloze was one of them. He was the commander of the Blood Demon Race in the outer battlefields!

A pair of tiger eyes scanned his surroundings. His eyes were like a silencer that eventually eliminated the remaining noise completely.

There was no expression on Qiao Carloze’s face. He finally fixed his gaze beyond the thick glass door of the Earth waiting room.

“It’s Qiao,” Grai spoke at the side. “Shall I go for this battle?”

There was no doubt that Grai’s strength was insufficient for a battle of this level, and Wang Zhong and Mu Zi understood this rather well. However, he had another unique skill that allowed him to preserve his life. At the very least, this could ensure that he could stay alive in the arena and say the words “I surrender”. Thus, Grai was a part of the lineup for this Civilization War.

Accepting a loss to ensure two wins was also another method.

There were times when losing was also a kind of victory.

Furthermore, Qiao Carloze was a very good chess piece to have used up as his strength should be relative to that of Gollon. If they could get rid of this general with minimal effort, there was no doubt that this would be beneficial to the Earth.

However, before Wang Zhong could say anything, Napier beside him spoke.

“Wang Zhong, let me do it.” He cheerily rubbed his red nose. “I like physical shields like this…”

No one would crack jokes during times like this. If Napier dared to actively offer to fight, he naturally had a reason to be this confident. The other Earthlings had all been very calm and were not surprised by Aiolos’s victory.

Wang Zhong patted Napier’s shoulder, while Mo Wen rubbed Napier’s head. It was just like when they were at the CHF and at the Mo Family’s hometown.

Mo Wen said, “Go get him.”

Napier smiled. The last time someone rubbed his head was during the CHF, wasn’t it? He looked back nostalgically on this memory, as if he had suddenly returned 10 years into the past.

“Relax, Captain. Fellows like this are very easy!” He laughed out loud. However, when his laughter ended, he had already disappeared from the room.

Very easy…

Julienne felt that she was not the crazy one. It was the world that was crazy. Were they speaking with some Earthling jargon?

She made great efforts to open her eyes. She was determined to learn from Vla’s single-hearted devotion to seriously and earnestly watch a match. However, just as she had shifted her gaze to the arena outside, she simply could not be serious.

The clown from the Earth had appeared outside. However, if he was going to appear, then so be it. Why did he have to deliberately act as if he was perking his buttocks?! Couldn’t he walk properly! This was a Civilization War! Brother, this was a Civilization War! This was a major event that would determine the life and death of two powerful civilizations. Could you be a bit more serious…?

The spectators on the stands that had fallen solemnly quiet after Qiao Carloze’s appearance could not help but laugh.

This silly and amusing civilization brought a lot of joy. This clown-like fellow had appeared so quickly, and as expected, he was a joker just like during his self-introduction previously…

Wait, what was that? He took out three red balls and started to juggle them! Was this fellow—this fellow performing a juggling act?

This was the arena of the Civilization War, and standing before him was one of the three great commanders of the Blood Demon Race, a peak Gold Core expert! This fellow was exchanging his life to play with balls…

Before the surrounding crowd could burst into laughter, Carloze did not show any intention of accompanying this comical figure to make a fool of himself.

A bloody glow flashed, but almost nothing could be heard. A red light dazzled where Carloze was standing, and in the next second, Carloze seemed to have teleported to where the clown was juggling. However, the clown had disappeared.

Where was the clown?

Carloze was a Gold Core, so the Earthling could not possibly be faster than him. However, Carloze had not captured his movements at all. There was only one possibility: the clown had used spatial laws to teleport.

Any spatial fluctuations would definitely leave behind signs. It was just like breaking through the surface of the water. No matter how slight one’s actions were, there would always be a ripple at the surface of the water. However, this fellow seemed slightly different as Carloze did not sense any signs of spatial fluctuations at all.

An assassin? Heh heh.

Carloze narrowed his eyes slightly and seemed absent-minded. However, his divine sense had instantly spread throughout the entire arena.

The clown had achieved perfection in his spatial control, and his amusing appearance was simply a disguise. He was an assassin-type who traveled back and forth from the shadows. He could pierce through space at any time and launch an attack from behind him or any other bizarre position. Gold Core experts did not fight with their bodies, as ripping apart their bodies was simply breaking apart a layer of the Gold Core’s defenses. Instead, everything revolved around their Gold Core.

Carloze’s lips curled into a thin smile. He disliked assassins the most. As one of the commanders of the Blood Demon Race in the outer battlefields, Carloze did not know how many assassinations he had experienced. It was a common occurrence for civilizations who were trapped by the Blood Demon Race with nowhere to go to choose to risk everything and try to kill him. Thus, he knew the methods of the assassins at the tip of his fingertips. Furthermore, his “Sacred Armor of Despair” specially targeted various strange abilities and natural soul endowments.

All of his guesses came to a stop.

The clown was not behind him or in any other position where it would be easy to launch an ambush. Instead, the clown had appeared several hundred meters in front of him and was staggering towards him as he continuously patted his chest. He looked as if he was frightened by Carloze and looked panic-stricken!

Carloze did not feel angry. Instead, he felt somewhat amused.

This assassin… did not play his cards as usual. Was he trying to tease Carloze and find his weak point from this?

Carloze moved at lightning speed and turned into a red ray of light. However, Napier had disappeared once again the moment he activated this speed.

Carloze did not hesitate. Even though he could not sense any spatial fluctuations, he was still able to rely on his instinct to determine the clown’s path and where he would appear. The long red light flashed and silently shifted once again.

The way he moved was different from Gollon. His seemingly heavy body was extremely agile when he moved and did not produce any sound. Even though one could only see faint red tracks in the arena, when Napier continuously appeared in various places in the arena, Carloze immediately caught up to him. Then, Napier would hurriedly act panic-stricken and escape once again. The red tracks instantly shuttled back and forth in the arena countless times, leaving behind tracks that resembled a spiderweb.

One of them was the chaser, while the other ran away. This was completely different from the intense competition between Aiolos and Gollon just now. It seemed rather dreary and boring, but the one million spectators present stared at this in awe.

This was because the two of them moved far too quickly. Even though they seemed slow in description, they were passing by in the blink of an eye in the arena.

As one of the ultimate laws, spatial laws were on a much higher level than elemental laws. Shuttling back and forth from a void was no more than a very shallow use of spatial laws. Many Gold Cores in the Land could do this as one could comprehend new laws by analogy when one was advanced enough.

However, no one was able to move through space as easily and as casually as this clown. Every teleportation from him felt as if there were no gaps at all, as if the space was his home. Going in and out of the space was no more than opening and closing the door to his house. This ability to travel through space was simply unheard of!

“This power…”

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    《Battle Frenzy》