Battle Frenzy
1201 Almighty Mo
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1201 Almighty Mo

Chapter 1201: Almighty Mo

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The Blood Demon Race wasn’t hot-headed, merely looking for one win. At this point in time, the Blood Demon Ancestor thought that it would not be arrogance but plain stupidity if the Blood Demon Race still saw the Earth as an opponent that could be easily crushed and destroyed.

The Blood Demon Ancestor felt embarrassed when they lost the first round and thought that Gollon died in vain. However, after losing this second round… The Blood Demon Ancestor’s mindset changed.

The Blood Demon Race would go all out in this war. Their pride meant nothing as long as they could defeat Earth, and they were willing to do anything to achieve victory!

“Old Ancestor.” A slightly hoarse voice rang out. “Leave the next round to me.”

It was Night Soul, the Killing God!

This was a name that put the Blood Demon Ancestor’s mind at rest. As compared to Gollon and Carloze, this person was the least of his worries.

“Don’t give your opponent any chance at all,” the Blood Demon Ancestor said coldly. “Don’t underestimate the Earthlings’ peculiar powers.”

“You can rest assured, Ancestor.”

“Napier! Napier!”

“Napier the clown! The amazing clown!”

It was only at this moment that long-overdue cheers for Napier’s victory erupted from the spectator stands.

This outcome was way too surprising. It was such an unbelievable pleasant surprise!

The score was 2-0 now. Before the war commenced, who would have imagined that Earth would get off to such a fantastic start? Even Earthlings probably never imagined this happening.

“Indeed, the last thing you should do is to provoke these weird people from a peripheral world.”

“Whether clown, woman, or ‘loli’… The Earthlings who dare to take part in this war are the scariest people ever…” The Sirius youngster’s heart palpitated with fear.

“Is Earth actually going to win?”

“Haven’t you noticed that Wang Zhong from the Celestial Honors Class and Mu Zi, the Netherworld King, have not fought yet? The rest of the Earthlings seem to be even more mysterious and weirder. I think there is a possibility that Earth might win!”

“I’m… I’m going to strike it rich?!” Someone held up a betting ticket, and his voice was trembling. He had bet on the wrong side while he was drunk, and he almost tore the ticket up afterward, but he was holding it in his hand firmly now.

“Earth is a little terrifying…”

“Not considering Wang Zhong and Mu Zi, the previous two Earthlings who fought managed to win against opponents who were of a higher level of power! Also, Earthlings have affinities with three elements and possess overwhelming talent. Something is about to change in the Star Alliance!”

“It’s hard to predict the outcome of this war.”

“Earth has won two rounds and is on the offensive side now. They can now strategize to defeat the strongest from the Blood Demon Race, such as the Blood Demon Ancestor!”

“There’s no doubt about Wang Zhong and Mu Zi’s strength. As long as one or two more Earthlings possess power similar to that of Aiolos or the clown, it’s possible that Earth might win if they carefully strategize…”

The spectators gradually calmed down. There was still buzzing among the spectator stands as a strange idea formed in everyone’s heads.

Could Earth actually win?

This was an inconceivable idea a few days ago, but it seemed like there was a possibility that Earth might win this war now.

Everyone used to think that the outcome of this war was fixed and unambiguous; however, an unpredictable factor came into play, making everyone excited. Many in the Land participated in bets regarding the outcome of this war, but other than some desperate people and professional gamblers, most bet in small amounts for their own entertainment. It would be good if they managed to win the bet, but it wouldn’t matter even if they lost. To be able to witness the birth of a miracle was what truly excited them.

Carloze’s corpse was collected by his younger brother, Roh’n Carloze. The latter looked like a tyrant with a murderous look on his face, forming a stark contrast to the clown who was smiling cheekily in the arena. However, no one cared about Roh’n’s expression or thoughts now. Everyone’s attention was on the third person that the Blood Demon Race sent forward.

Night Soul, the Killing God!

The passage that was linked to the Blood Demon Race’s waiting room slowly opened. A figure with a stooped back appeared. Although he had cloudy eyes and a bleak expression on his face, it felt as if a lethal danger was hidden within him.

“Kill the Earthlings!”

“Lord Night Soul, kill the Earthlings in the cruelest way possible!”

“What a great disgrace to our name! Such shame!”

“Gollon and Carloze don’t deserve their reputation! They are the shame of the Blood Demon Race!”

“Lord Night Soul is the invincible Killing God! Show the filthy Earthlings how it’s done!”

The Blood Demon Race spectator stand had been silent for a long time, but chaos broke out when Night Soul entered the arena.

Earthlings were supposed to be weaklings who could be easily crushed, yet they managed to kill two important figures of the Blood Demon Race! Those on the host’s seats could tell that the Earth possessed terrifying power, but ordinary citizens and supporters of the Blood Demon Race in the spectator stands didn’t have such discernment. They were baffled by the Blood Demon Race’s consecutive defeats! How could their king-level Gold Cores be so easily defeated by some Solid Cores?

This was a great disgrace! This was definitely one of the most shameful incidents in the history of the Blood Demon Race!

They couldn’t accept the fact that the experts from their race lost so easily. Furthermore, they were defeated by Solid Cores from a mere level-6 civilization!

Not only for the Blood Demon Race, but the emotions that other spectators felt were indescribable too.

Frankly speaking, it was considered to be rather despicable to claim that someone was powerful but immediately condemn them as useless after they were defeated. Most of the spectators were from civilizations that were level-5 and above. They thought of themselves as superior and not bumpkins who would have this sort of despicable thinking. However, they couldn’t help but think so now.

It was natural for everyone to think that Gollon and Carloze were weak. They were consecutively defeated by two Solid Cores… What other conclusion could the spectators arrive at?

“I didn’t expect Gollon and Carloze to be like this…”

“I don’t understand what’s going on. That Aiolos dude and the clown are undoubtedly strong, but even if Gollon and Carloze were not on form, it isn’t possible that they would lose to Solid Cores.”

“Gollon and Carloze are well-known figures, but they only rose to power recently. Gollon only became famous dozens of years ago when he charged through the Heavenly River Tide, and he suffered serious injuries from that. It seems that he isn’t at peak power.”

“Night Soul is far more famous than Gollon or Carloze. He has been a dominant powerhouse in the Land for an entire era. Since he’s up next, the Blood Demon Race will definitely win the next round.”

“That’s right. It isn’t possible that all of the Earthlings are so strong. After all, they are only a bunch of Solid Cores. After Night Soul secures a win and the Blood Demon Race gains the initiative, they can then deal with this war situation leisurely.”

“Who will Earth send to go up against him? Will they send Wang Zhong or Netherworld King Mu Zi?”

“They might give up on this round. After all, Night Soul is one of the top three experts in the Blood Demon Race!”

Constant chattering could be heard in the surroundings as everyone stared at the passage that was linked to Earth’s contestant lounge.

In the lounge, Wang Zhong had a deep expression on his face.

All the speculations and ideas he came up with before the war actually carried huge risks. After all, Wang Zhong didn’t have a good understanding of the Earthlings’ individual power since he hadn’t seen them in a long time. He merely predicted everyone’s cultivation progress and individual strength based on the intelligence he had acquired about them and the secret about Earthlings that he discovered earlier on.

He had predicted that Earth had the ability to fight against the Blood Demon Race, but this would only be true if his assumptions were correct. Even up until the war started, Wang Zhong wasn’t sure how accurate his assumptions were. He was only put at ease after Aiolos and Napier’s power confirmed his speculations.

Earth had a dream-like start in this war, but what happened next was the real deal!

“Wang Zhong, Wang Zhong!” Julienne’s tone sounded more lively, and she wasn’t as arrogant as before. Her understanding of this bunch of “bumpkins” came from Vladimir’s memories, and she looked down on Earth, which was weak to her knowledge. However, Earth’s power now had proved to be beyond her expectations. She was in awe and had newfound respect for Earth. Thus, her tone became much humbler. “Should we give up on this round? Night Soul seems very powerful…”

Should they give up on this round? Wang Zhong had considered that, since Night Soul was among the top three experts of the Blood Demon Race, and it was highly possible that he was second to only the Blood Demon Ancestor. Letting Grai admit defeat once he entered the arena and preserving Earth’s main combat power was not a bad strategy.

However, the price of letting Night Soul win was that Earth would lose the initiative in this war and become the passive side. Who would represent Earth in the next round? Taking everything into account, there were only a few Earthlings who were powerful enough to defeat the Blood Demon Race, namely Wang Zhong, Mu Zi, and Vladimir. Although Grai was a Solid Core too, he hadn’t grasped the essence of his soul and didn’t have his own technique yet. He was clearly unqualified to fight against the Blood Demon Race.

As for the others such as Mo Wen, Mo Xingchen, or Julienne, it was even more infeasible to send them up against the Blood Demon Race. The three of them were merely Void Cores. Mo Wen and Mo Xingchen were only powerful because of the resources they wielded, and Julienne was just here to make up the numbers.

Under these circumstances, Wang Zhong, Mu Zi, and Vladimir could not afford to lose their battles at all. If Night Soul won, then who would represent Earth in the next round? Vladimir and Mu Zi had some chance of winning against other Gold Cores, but if the Blood Demon Ancestor was participating in the next round, Earth would lose almost all chances of winning the war.

It couldn’t be helped. Even if everything seemed to be going smoothly, Earth was still struggling. Every move they made was a risk as there were too few Earthlings who were qualified to fight.

Wang Zhong sunk into deep thought. Before he could speak, Mo Wen’s faint voice could be heard beside him. “I’ll go up against Night Soul.”

“Yes, yes! I also think that we should give up on this round!” Julienne nodded vigorously. Since a Void Core took the initiative to go up against the second top expert of the Blood Demon Race, it clearly meant that he wanted to give up on this round too.

This monk was a really nice person! Julienne instantly changed her view of this monk. He suddenly seemed very pleasing to the eye. She was afraid that Wang Zhong would let Vladimir go up against Night Soul. Although she was very confident in her “Vla”, it would be better if Vladimir could be arranged to battle against an ordinary Gold Core and not risk his life.

Wang Zhong glanced at Mo Wen. He was rather surprised.

Mo Wen exuded an aura of emptiness, resembling that of rootless duckweeds, which was a typical trait of a Void Core. Letting a Void Core go up against Night Soul… It was possible that Mo Wen wouldn’t even have a chance to surrender. Night Soul would lock onto Mo Wen as his target immediately and kill him instantly!

Strategizing was important, but Wang Zhong didn’t intend to let any of his brothers die. In comparison, Grai seemed to have more chances of winning. After all, he had been exposed to the Netherworld King for many years and was very used to the oppressive aura of a Gold Core expert. His true form was very interesting too. His blood shield was invincible, and his survival instincts were the best among all the Earthlings. In this aspect, even Wang Zhong and Mu Zi were inferior to him, let alone Mo Wen.

Mo Wen laughed upon seeing Wang Zhong hesitate. “Wang Zhong, how much do you know about Earth’s history?”

“…I have some speculations, but I don’t know much.” Wang Zhong was surprised that Mo Wen suddenly mentioned Earth’s history. Aiolos, Napier, Vladimir, Mu Zi, and Wang Zhong only knew about the secret behind the hidden potential and talent of Earthlings as they had almost reached the Gold Core Realm. However, Mo Wen was merely a Void Core… Also, he was asking about Earth’s history and not about the secret of the Earthlings’ innate talents.

“Where did you get your information on Earth’s history from?” Mo Wen asked again.

Wang Zhong knew he was trying to make a point, so he answered his question earnestly. “I’ve made some speculations based on my understanding of the innate talents of Earthlings. Also, the Netherworld King had given some hints before, and I’ve seen some strange anecdotes in a memory world too.”

Wang Zhong knew the Earthlings’ talents very well, but he didn’t know much about the origins of Earthlings. Most of his speculations were about his own lineage and weren’t exactly related to the Earth.

“The Mirror World is a projection of the reality in the Fifth Dimension. There is a place in the Mirror World that seems similar to the memory world you are talking about, but it is definitely a more complete version. One can see the war that broke out on Earth among the Gods during ancient times and see the true origins of Earthlings…” Mo Wen’s voice was calm and powerful. His husky voice was very pleasing to the ears, and even a picky person like Julienne thought that his voice was very pleasant to hear.


Not only Wang Zhong, but the expressions of even everyone else beside them turned more serious involuntarily.

It had been a long time since everyone joined the Star Alliance, and they knew everything that they were supposed to know. The more they knew about the secret of the Earthlings’ talents, the more curious they were about the Earth’s origins. Among the countless races in the Star Alliance and the entire known history of the Alliance, there had never been a civilization that possessed terrifying talents like Earthlings did. Earth’s origins must be extraordinary. If they could understand their true origins, it would not only clear their doubts but also greatly aid them in finding their future path.

However, Mo Wen didn’t go into detail. After all, the history that he saw in the Mirror World spanned across a long period, and he wouldn’t be able to summarize it in a few sentences, and some of the things that he saw were beyond words. Judging from Wang Zhong’s friendly relationship with the Machinery Race, everyone would have the opportunity to enter the Mirror World and experience it for themselves after Earth survived this calamity today. That would be way more accurate than Mo Wen describing it in words.

“The Blood Demon Race is an enemy of many in the Mirror World. Initially, I wanted to deal with the main culprit, but I changed my mind after seeing you.” Mo Wen smiled and put his palms together in a devout manner. “You are the only destined leader of us Earthlings. I’ll leave the main culprit to you. I believe that is what you want too.”

Everyone’s expression became stern. The main culprit was clearly referring to the Blood Demon Ancestor. The Mirror World was filled with people who were exiled, and a large number of experts were among them. The power of a high-level civilization was required to exile these experts to the Mirror World, especially Gold Core criminals who had committed heinous crimes. The Blood Demon Race was known to be domineering in the Star Alliance, and they loved wars. They went around picking fights and causing trouble everywhere. The number of experts that they sent to the Mirror World wasn’t small. As the leader of the rebellion forces in the Mirror World, it made sense that Mo Wen had enmity against the Blood Demon Race.

However, he actually thought of battling against the Blood Demon Ancestor himself? Furthermore, according to his tone, he sounded like he was confident of winning! Even Wang Zhong couldn’t imagine how Mo Wen could be so certain when he was merely a Void Core! Could everyone be wrong about Mo Wen? It must be known that even the Mu Zi and Netherworld King combination after special training wasn’t confident of battling against the Blood Demon Ancestor! The Blood Demon Ancestor was a true king-level Gold Core. Although Gollon was a step away from being a king-level Gold Core, his level of power was definitely a far cry away from the Blood Demon Ancestor’s!

“I’m not a Void Core or a Solid Core. Of course, I’m not a so-called Gold Core either.” As Mo Wen was speaking, his figure was becoming blurred. It wasn’t teleportation nor inhuman speed, but it felt as if he was really gradually disappearing from the room. His laugh could be heard. “Some people are destined to be guided by Buddha. I think Night Soul is one of those predestined people.”


A pair of bare feet walked out of the passage quietly. Many people sensed that someone was coming out from the passage, and then a bald monk was suddenly already standing in the arena. He faced Night Soul directly with a serene expression on his face.

The arena that was already clamorous became noisier. No one cared about how this Earthling appeared in the arena. They probably just got distracted and didn’t notice him walking out. This Earthling was merely a Void Core. The aura of emptiness that he exuded was easily noticed even by people with weak perception.

“The Earthling fighter is here. It’s a Void Core!”

“It appears that they are giving up on this round.”

“Scheming Earthlings! Ask the Wang guy or the Netherworld King to come out! Cowards!”

“Lord Night Soul, don’t let him die a quick death! Torture him and tear him to pieces!”

The Earthling was merely a Void Core. The main focus wasn’t the victor of the battle, but how the Earthling would be killed!

There was a huge uproar in the Blood Demon Race spectator stand as they had been suppressed for two rounds. The Earth’s wild cards were finally used up. Although it was a pity that Lord Night Soul had to come out in this round that the Earth was choosing to give up on, this meant nothing as the Blood Demon Race didn’t lack experts. Having an imposing aura was more important! The Blood Demon Race was in desperate need of a victory and a torturous killing to cure everyone’s restless mood. It didn’t matter which Earthling was killed!

Numerous people of the Blood Demon Race were extremely restless and agitated. However, Night Soul had a solemn expression on his face. One could only sense that this Void Core was unusual when standing face to face with him.

Night Soul’s Gold Core aura had cloaked the arena since the beginning. The arena looked calm and peaceful, but it was full of condensed pressure. Ever since the Void Core appeared in the arena, he was subject to Night Soul’s oppressive aura. In normal circumstances, a Void Core who wanted to surrender wouldn’t even be able to do so. He would just kneel on the ground and be at the mercy of Night Soul. However, that bald monk not only walked towards him without difficulty, even his expression looked normal too. It was as if he wasn’t affected by Night Soul’s aura at all. He was moving elegantly, but it seemed as if his steps were accompanied by the power of a natural law. It made Night Soul feel like this monk was a divine being that was out of this world!

This wasn’t simply a Void Core!

Night Soul’s pupils slightly dilated. After all, he was a top expert who had been dominant in the Land for two epochs. He was experienced and knowledgeable. A horrifying idea came to his mind, and he even recalled some terrifying people that he had encountered before. Those people transcended all the civilizations in the Land and were the true masters of this world!


A burst of Gold Core aura exploded, and Night Soul’s spiritual power was heightened. Despite being a Gold Core and one of the top three experts of the Blood Demon Race, he felt an innate fear against this so-called “Void Core”. He definitely couldn’t let this monk have a chance to attack!

A Gold Core expert’s accumulation of explosive power was extremely terrifying and fast, but before Night Soul could accumulate his power to the maximum, faint laughter sounded in the arena.

“Buddha guides destined people. It’s not too late to salvage yourself. Repent and be absolved of your crimes!”


The faint voice rang across the arena. This seemed a little ridiculous to the spectators in the surroundings. Repent? Was this dude a religious scammer?

Night Soul, who was in the midst of accumulating his power, felt a shock pass through his body. His whole body’s movements were frozen, as if he was fixed in place.

That faint voice sounded like a mosquito in his ears, yet it pierced through all his psychological defenses like a thin needle. The resonant voice rang clear as a bell, and he could feel it all the way in his heart. It frightened him and made his whole body go weak. He even felt scared!

Heaven and earth seemed to become dimmer in front of Night Soul. Everything became dull and pitch-black. In the next moment, all the people that he killed before appeared in this dark world, and they were seemingly never-ending!

Was this an illusion?

Not quite. Night Soul knew very well that although everything in front of him now wasn’t real, it wasn’t an illusion. The image in front of him was imaginary, yet these ghouls were real. They weren’t directed by illusory powers. It was clear from these ghouls’ eyes, as their gaze wasn’t dull and lifeless, that their souls were intact.

Just by looking into their eyes, Night Soul could almost remember every one of them and recall how he killed each one. This wasn’t something that illusory powers could produce. Rather, if illusory powers could produce this level of effect, this sight would no longer be unreal but manifest into reality! This was similar to how the Fifth Dimension worked. The Fifth Dimension wasn’t a material world, but a spiritual world. If something took shape, it would manifest into reality.

This was a territorial world that the opponent created with spatial laws.

This Earthling was definitely not an ordinary Void Core and was more like a legendary celestial! Night Soul didn’t know how the Earthling was doing this. He didn’t know much about the power of those mysterious celestials. In the next instant, his expression became fierce as he could sense the deep resentment that those ghouls harbored against him. Those ghouls were climbing towards him in a frantic manner. They wanted to feast on his blood and meat, and tear his soul apart. Night Soul had to deal with this ghoul crisis first before he could counter the Earthling’s technique.

Night Soul wasn’t afraid of the ghouls. He was able to kill them when they were alive. What more could they do now that they were dead?

“Scram!” With a loud shout, he easily dispelled the dead souls that kept crawling towards him. Ripples of his Gold Core spiritual power spread across the air, and tens of thousands of ghouls in the surroundings dissipated into nothing.

However, only tens of thousands of ghouls were gone. More ghouls from the surroundings took their place immediately. The number of ghouls grew from one hundred thousand to one million, then ten million!

“I, Night Soul, am the invincible Killing God! Since I have killed all of you before, I can do it a second time!”


Ghouls from the surroundings poured into the arena continuously, and their level of power was increasing! At the start, it was just ordinary ghouls, but there were Void Core, Solid Core, and even Gold Core ghouls now!

Night Soul had killed too many people. As a Killing God, he had taken more than ten million lives. Just by massacring a civilization, he would have easily killed more than a hundred million people. Countless experts were among those that he had killed, and many were powerful experts who were worthy rivals.

Perhaps it was true that Night Soul could easily defeat them individually, and his kill count was his lifetime achievement and glory. However, if these people gathered together…

He killed the ghouls in a frenzied manner, but the more he killed, the more ghouls would appear, and they were successively stronger! Night Soul sensed that his physical body and soul were being constantly attacked, and he was continuously suffering damage. His killing speed had slowed down significantly, to the point that he was surrounded by 30 to 40 Gold Core experts. Dozens of Gold Core experts launched an attack on him simultaneously.

“Only one of us will survive today! We shall see who will have the last laugh!” Night Soul yelled frantically. His combat power suddenly surged as he took on the dozens of Gold Core experts directly.

However, one’s energy was not infinite. His defense was ultimately overpowered. His actions were becoming slower, and his power was becoming weaker.

The sea of ghouls in the surroundings had been waiting for this moment. They pounced on him in an impatient manner.

Night Soul was not afraid. He had killed too many people and wasn’t afraid of death. Even as he had been constantly killing the ghouls in this “illusion” for what seemed like several years, he hadn’t forgotten his true objective in this battle. He knew that he was still being controlled by that monk. He wanted to find out how powerful this Earthling’s mind control was!

As a dominant figure in the Land for two epochs, he had extraordinary survival instincts. He had the ability to clone himself. Even if his main subconsciousness was destroyed, as long as his physical body was intact, his clone’s subconsciousness would be able to replace his main subconsciousness, just that it would be weaker. When his main subconsciousness was destroyed, the opponent would definitely think that he was dead. This would be the moment when the Earthling would relax and slip up. After all, the Earthling’s physical body was not strong. Even if Night Soul was weaker, he still had the ability to kill the Earthling in an instant!

It was a pity that this idea was destined to fail.

Night Soul discovered that he couldn’t “die”! In this world, he wasn’t able to die. When those ghouls attacked him to the point whereby he was about to die, a source of power would always pull him back from the brink of death!

Once, twice… This happened four times!

Night Soul had always believed that he was unafraid of death, and he wasn’t scared of being torn apart by the ghouls either. He was a vicious and bloodthirsty person, and thought that he would be able to overcome the fear and pain. However, he had clearly underestimated the ghouls. Experiencing this once or twice wasn’t scary, but what if he had to experience this repeatedly for a hundred times or more?

If his main subconsciousness wasn’t destroyed, he couldn’t activate his clone, and he wouldn’t be able to escape this world.

One year, two years… ten years! He had died over three hundred times and had to experience more than ten days of being torn to pieces each time he died. This was a never-ending cycle. Even though he was a Gold Core expert, he started to fear this torture. Nonetheless, he still gritted his teeth and endured it all. He knew that this was just a trick of the Earthling and that this would be a contest of will. Regardless of how the Earthling managed to do this, Night Soul was clearly trapped within his territory and spatial laws. Since he couldn’t break out of it, he could only follow the spatial laws if he wanted to escape this world. He had to endure till the end even if it meant that he had to suffer in this territorial world for hundreds or thousands of years!

However, just as this idea formed in his head, a ruthless voice echoed in his head, shattering all his hopes.

“Avici Naraka! Sentenced to this for 56,788 million times!”

This was the voice of the territorial world. Night Soul’s expression immediately changed. He finally understood the rules of this territorial world and the meaning behind those words. He had killed 56,788 million people, and he had to die the same number of times!

That was right. This was the extreme rule. If he could bear the pain of dying 56,788 million times, he could leave this territorial world. However, after suffering what seemed like 10 years of torture, he had only died over 300 times!

More than 50 billion times? What did this mean? He would have to withstand the pain for hundreds of millions of years, and even one hundred thousand epochs! Even the Land hadn’t existed for so long! There was no hope in this endless sentence!

Night Soul was furious. There was no way out of these territorial laws, and this even went against traditional principles. He was filled with despair. He had to experience tens of billions of deaths which spanned hundreds and thousands of epochs. He couldn’t even start to imagine how long this would take and how much he would need to suffer.

He started to resist madly and began to frantically search for loopholes in the territorial laws and ways to get out of this world. However, all his efforts were clearly in vain. He had to experience death again and again. His desperate resistance only prolonged the time it took for him to die as he was immortal in this world. He would be resurrected, and those ghouls that he killed would appear again too. There was no end to this killing.

Ten years… 100 years… He was going crazy and was filled with fury.

200 years… 300 years… He started to sink into despair and fear.

When 1,000 years passed, he had only died over 30,000 times. This couldn’t even be considered as a small fraction of the length of his sentence!

A Gold Core was human too. Even if one wasn’t limited by the concept of longevity, he was still a mortal as long as he hadn’t charged through the Heavenly River Tide. As long as one hadn’t passed the criteria and ascended to a level of power beyond that of a Gold Core, he would still think like a mortal and experience mortal emotions and desires.

Night Soul was frightened. He shuddered and began to cry bitterly. He started to curse the Earthling who created this territorial world. This was an act by weaklings that he used to despise!

It got to a point where he gradually became numb. He cried his heart out and stood there motionless, letting the ghouls bite him to death.

He started to repent and cry, and even pray for the forgiveness of the ghouls. However, that had no effect at all. The ghouls were still biting at him, and he kept repeating the cycle of death.

The pain and fear that he felt didn’t merely come from the ghouls’ biting and the repeated cycles of death that he had to go through. Those ghouls only knew how to kill. They constantly tortured and destroyed him. None of the ghouls talked to him at all. This world was very cold, and there was nothing other than the act of killing. Night Soul continued repenting, and he even started repenting about the lives he took that he had previously deemed as lowly life forms. He thought about the times when others spoke to him and he didn’t respond. He immensely regretted that now. He was in desperate need of hearing a person’s voice now.

The next moment, he saw a peaceful beam of light shining in the sky of this world, which emitted a different vibe from the constant killing theme of this world. At the same time, a familiar voice that had once shocked him could be heard.

“Buddha guides destined people. It’s not too late to salvage yourself. Repent and be absolved of your crimes!”

Buddha will only help those who help themselves…

This Buddha chant that resembled an ancient Sanskrit mantra echoed throughout this world. Previously, Night Soul had been wary of this voice and disgusted by it. However, at this moment, his heart was filled with endless gratitude. He now worshipped and had a deep admiration for this voice.

Tens of thousands of years in the territorial world was just a fleeting moment in reality.

Everyone in the arena was flabbergasted. Killing God Night Soul had only begun to exude an imposing aura for a moment before it dissipated, and he was rooted to the ground.

The Earthling’s mouth kept opening and closing, and his Buddha chants reverberated endlessly across the arena. Night Soul stood motionless at the same spot as beads of sweat rolled down his forehead.

Initially, he had a hideous expression on his face, which changed to horror and finally turned into a devout expression. These changes only took place within a matter of seconds.

Night Soul’s listless eyes gradually became brighter. However, the Blood Demon Ancestor suddenly rose up from his seat with disbelief in his eyes.

Others didn’t know what was going on, but he did!

This was the power of spatial laws, which were being evoked by the Earthling’s chanting! Whenever he spoke, the power of the laws would follow!

Even among the top-tier king-level Gold Cores, including the great beings who were sitting in the main spectator stand, not everyone could attain this level of power, let alone a mere Void Core.

Also, the power that the Earthling used to summon his territorial power was extremely strange. It wasn’t spiritual power from the heavens and the earth, but the power of faith?!

Numerous civilizations in the Star Alliance specialized in accumulating the power of faith in low-level civilizations, which were then sold to the Star Alliance. No one knew what the Star Alliance was accumulating this power for, but the Blood Demon Ancestor did! As part of its core group of higher-ups, the Blood Demon Ancestor and the king-level Gold Cores sitting in the main spectator stand knew the truth. They were accumulating the power of faith for the four races in Heaven, and this was the most important mission that the four races in Heaven tasked the Star Alliance governors with!

This was a God’s territory and the fundamental reason why the Land didn’t dare to go against Heaven. Legend had it that one could only harness this power when one ascended to Heaven, but…

How could a mere Earthling harness the power of a God’s territory? Everyone’s expression changed.

However, the Blood Demon Ancestor’s thoughts had nothing to do with Night Soul now. Night Soul had long forgotten the existence and his identity as a member of the Blood Demon Race.

If he was going to perish in this endless pain, he would rather choose to repent and turn over a new leaf.

After Night Soul knelt down piously, the ghouls around him backed off. A golden sun suddenly rose from the darkness, and the dazzling light of Buddha shone down on everything, enlightening the sea of ghouls instantly.

All of the ghouls seemed to be at peace. All traces of hostility and resentment from before were gone and disappeared into nothingness after being purified by Buddha’s light.

The same thing happened to Night Soul too. He knelt down piously with tears streaming down his face, yet his face was filled with peace and joy. He sincerely repented all the killings he had committed as he slowly dissipated in the territorial world just like the other purified ghouls.

The familiar arena appeared in his perception again. He could sense the transfixed Blood Demon Race in the spectator stand and the Blood Demon Ancestor’s murderous glare.

However, Night Soul was not his previous self. He no longer had thoughts of killing, and he didn’t bear the so-called responsibility of being a Blood Demon Race member. In fact, he was ashamed that he was part of that race.

He knelt down to Mo Wen in a pious manner, worshipping him and holding him in great admiration.

Mo Wen shot a faint glance at him and raised his right foot. “Are you willing to take the oaths of a monk?”

Night Soul crawled over to him like a dog and lifted Mo Wen’s bare foot, putting it on his hand. He buried his whole face into the ground. “Buddha is merciful! I am willing to convert to Buddhism and serve Buddha for my whole life!”



The entire world went quiet at this moment. Absolute silence filled the huge arena.

Did Night Soul lose just like that?

The Blood Demon Race and their supporters couldn’t close their jaws, which were wide open, and their wide eyes seemed about to burst.

They couldn’t see what Night Soul had experienced, so they didn’t know the power of Mo Wen’s Buddha chants. To them, it was as if Mo Wen said a few casual words and Night Soul knelt down immediately, becoming the enemy’s loyal supporter and betraying the Blood Demon Race… It was as if someone had cast a spell on Night Soul, causing him to lose his mind.

Frankly speaking, such spells were not rare in the Land, and their effects were similar to what was happening to Night Soul now. However, everyone knew that this was a despicable and lowly trick. It was hard to control a Void Core with this sort of spell, and one would be considered a master if he could control a Solid Core with it. However, controlling a Gold Core with this sort of spell? Furthermore, Night Soul was almost a king-level Gold Core, and his reputation as a Killing God had been out there for a long time. This couldn’t possibly be an accident! This was an inconceivable tale!

“…” For the first time, the Blood Demon Ancestor lost his composure and was speechless.

In the first round, Gollon lost, but his opponent, Aiolos, was already extremely famous in the Arena. Gollon had been defeated as Aiolos’s power had unexpectedly spiked during the battle. In the second round, although many didn’t know who the clown was, the Blood Demon Ancestor had heard of this assassin from the underground world before. Also, the clown had displayed a strange Gold Core power at the end of the battle, and Carloze’s defeat still made sense.

However, who the hell was Mo Wen?!?! The Blood Demon Race had collected some intelligence on him. Mo Wen was the Buddha of the Mirror World and possessed a purifying power that could resist the Mirror World’s will. As a result, he became the leader of the rebellion forces. To put it bluntly, he was merely an auxiliary practitioner, so how was it possible that he caused Killing God Night Soul, the second top expert of the Blood Demon Race, to turn into this state in a matter of seconds? Even if he did use the power of faith, where did he obtain that power from. The entire Star Alliance had expended many resources and money on accumulating the power of faith, and Earth didn’t even have the means to do so!

“Buddha will only help those who help themselves. Kindness knows no bounds.”

Suddenly, the Blood Demon Ancestor heard a crowd of voices chanting piously and softly.

These chants came from the “prisoners” from the Mirror World who were sitting beside the main stand! At this moment, all of them had stood up and clasped their palms together, and were praying to Buddha in a devout manner.

The Blood Demon Ancestor understood immediately. The rebellion force in the Mirror World was the source of the Earthling’s power of faith!

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