Battle Frenzy
1202 Blood River Diagram
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1202 Blood River Diagram

Chapter 1202: Blood River Diagram

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The stronger the believers, the greater the power. This was the nature of the power of faith. Although the number of rebels in the Mirror World was not large, they were all elites. They were all at least at the Solid Core Realm, and there were even nearly ten Gold Cores. How powerful were they if their faith was combined? It was equivalent to the combined power of hundreds of millions of believers in a level-6 civilization. Such a technique was also incomparable and was the highest-end ability in the entirety of the Land.

However, how could Mo Wen, a mere Void Core, have a domain world that encompassed rules! The sounds of Buddhist chants that echoed in the domain were not as laughable as what the crowd thought it would be. Night Soul was pulled instantly into Mo Wen’s domain where he was a god!

“He is not a Void Core.” Chief Judge Lyune’s voice was very calm. It seemed like nothing in the world could make this pioneer of the Machinery Race surprised.

“It’s the Buddhism civilization that had long disappeared…” Superintendent Erza finally realized what was happening and became a little moved. She knew Earth was special, but she still didn’t expect such a situation to happen. “The Buddhism civilization was one of the twenty-eight level-9 civilizations that established the divine territory and vanished shortly after. They had left a legacy in this world. He was definitely not cultivating his core. Is that… a Buddhist relic?”

All civilizations in the divine territory now had the same system of cultivation: starting as a Void Core, then becoming a Solid Core before finally promoting to a Gold Core. Such was the cultivation of one’s core, both internally and externally, to strengthen oneself. But in fact, during the time when the divine territory was just established, there were many other methods of cultivation.

That was an era where a hundred schools of thought were contending against each other. There were too many Buddhists, Demons, Immortals, etc. Many civilizations did not cultivate their core.

For example, in the Buddhism civilization, they did not put much emphasis on their outer body and even disregarded hardening their skin and flesh. They only specialized in cultivating their spiritual soul and seeking spiritual detachment. Therefore, they did not condense their core but rather condensed a relic with their consciousness. Thus, their relics did not physically exist and seemed illusory to many. People who did not know of their existence often mistook the practitioners for being mere Void Cores when they were in fact two very different things.

And it was precisely because of their spiritual practice that the Buddhists were extremely intelligent and could comprehend the rules or laws faster than any other civilization. They were also extremely good at fighting using the rules in their domain.

One should not underestimate this so-called rule or law domain, thinking that there would be many restrictions when using it. In fact, even in the era when a hundred schools of thought were contending, Buddhism remained one of the strongest by relying on this technique. Their strength and influence were enough to rank them in the top three in the Star Alliance amongst the near thirty level-9 civilizations present then. Even the four races in the Heaven were merely the subordinates of the Buddhist civilization.

However, it was a pity that they had paid too heavy a price and sacrificed too much in the creation of the two realms in the divine territory — the Heaven and the Land. In the end, only a few supreme beings survived, and like the survivors of other powerful civilizations, they eventually moved towards the unknown end of the Heavenly River in an attempt to seek out that which they desired.

From then on, they had disappeared without a trace, and their way of cultivation had been lost for an unknown number of eras. Yet, it had unexpectedly reappeared here and, on top of that, appeared in an Earthling who had just entered the Star Alliance. The people of Earth were getting more and more interesting.

Many bigwigs were stunned, and their emotions were stirred. They had initially thought they were merely watching an ordinary Civilization War. However, many unexpected surprises had appeared.

Earth had already become known as a civilization that had a potential that surpassed level-8 and had an affinity with three different elements as well. Now, they even had someone from the Buddhism lineage? How many hidden things did Earth still have? Since Mo Wen was part of the Buddhism lineage and the woman named Mo Xingchen who was his sister also had a temperament similar to him, did that mean that she too was of the Buddhism lineage? Did that mean that she had the same strength as Mo Wen? Then that would simply be…

“What level is his Buddhist relic at?”

“I don’t know… There are too few records handed down from the School of Buddhism. There are only a few words regarding this in the ancient books. They mentioned the Buddhist relics, but they did not explain their various stages. But for Mo Wen to make Night Soul surrender in a few seconds so easily, his strength must at least be at the level of a Gold Core.”

“If his strength is of the same level as a Gold Core, then he should be at the Arhat Stage according to the Buddhism books.”

“Earth actually produced an Arhat Buddhist…”

“Blood Shadow old one, he still has a younger sister who is also waiting to fight with your Blood Demon Race! Hahaha!” The Titan Patriarch almost laughed till he was lying on the ground. The Blood Demon Race’s demise was his greatest happiness. “I really sympathize with you! You Blood Demons are actually all going to die!”

If the Titan Patriarch had said this previously, other bigwigs might have thought of it as a joke. After all, even Superintendent Erza who supported Earth had never believed that Earth could really win the Civilization War. But now, no one felt that his words were exaggerated.

This was someone from a Buddhism lineage! A starving camel was still bigger than a horse. How powerful was the inheritance of a level-9 civilization? Look at the bunch of Gold Cores from the Mirror World that had pledged their allegiance to him!

Initially, everyone thought it was merely some simple purifying power. They did not expect it to be so powerful. Look at Night Soul, who had surrendered to him in a mere few seconds! He was a Gold Core who was close to becoming a king-level Gold Core.

How terrifying was a Buddhist Arhat? Even the bigwigs on the main stands would not want to provoke him! At least for them, they definitely couldn’t achieve the feat that Mo Wen had just accomplished: making Night Soul surrender in a mere few seconds.

With this person, who could do anything to Earth? Who would dare to treat Earth as a level-6 civilization? Because of him, Earth could be said to be elevated to a position on the same level as the top civilizations of the Star Alliance.

With such a person, even if the Blood Demon Race really won today, they could at best win over some properties. Wanting to kill off all the Earthlings to exterminate their roots? It was simply unrealistic, and they did not have the capability at all.

With this Arhat and his gang of Gold Cores, together with Wang Zhong, Mu Zi, Aiolos, and the others protecting Earth, Earth had become a force that the Blood Demon Race could no longer handle. Even the Blood Demon Ancestor would not be confident if he was made to face this Buddhist Arhat who used the power of faith. After all, the opponent’s fighting method was too strange, and he had no experience in dealing with it.

The only way they could exterminate Earth was to rally the support of the Star Alliance. However, with the friendships between Wang Zhong and the Machinery, Insect, and Heavenly Shell races, the Star Alliance would definitely not stand on the side of the Blood Demons.

And as long as the Earthlings still lived on and their main force was preserved, with their talents and potential, it would not be long before they would develop into a real level-8 civilization, one that stood at the top. By then, what would happen to the Blood Demons?

There was no need to care about laws in this world. Only strength mattered. If Earth really became strong, they could easily find fault with the Blood Demon Race and make trouble for them, even to the point of making them go extinct. Even if the Blood Demons won this Civilization War, it would still be considered a loss for them.

However, the Civilization War had already begun, and there was no turning back. It was too late for them.

The face of the Blood Demon Ancestor had completely sunk. Others might be thinking about the future of Earth and perhaps laughing at the Blood Demon Race for creating such a feud with the Earthlings. However, for the Blood Demon Ancestor, now was not the time to worry about the future.

When Gollon was defeated, he was merely a little surprised. When Qiao Carloze lost, he had become slightly angry. But at this moment, after calming down from the extreme anger that he felt from the loss, he started to become worried and even felt the threat of death…

Earth had managed to clinch three victories already?! Furthermore, they did so in such a dominant way. Was the Blood Demon Race going to lose?

If the Blood Demon Race won today, the threat from Earth would only come when they became strong. Thus, they had some time to breathe and to think of ways to remedy the situation. It was tantamount to a chronic disease. Although it was serious, there might be a solution. What was more, if the Blood Demon Race managed to take over the Earth and secretly researched their talents, the Blood Demon Race might even have the chance to undergo a qualitative evolution and thus naturally have the capital to fight against Earth. But if the Blood Demon Race lost today… then they would all be doomed, and there would be no chance of a comeback.

They definitely could not lose the next match! And they definitely could not treat the “Solid Cores” of the Earth as Solid Cores. They had already paid too huge of a price by doing so. If they still had the same mindset, they would just be complete idiots.

The Blood Demon Ancestor actually had the urge to go up to the arena himself, but such a situation was not desirable. If he made a move himself, Earth was likely to let a person come up as a “sacrifice”. After that, only Wang Zhong and Mu Zi, the absolute main force of the team, would be left. The other Blood Demons on his team did not have any assurance of being able to defeat them.

He ignored the taunts of the Titan Patriarch next to him. His figure flickered, and in the next second, he was in the waiting room of the Blood Demon Race.

At this time, the atmosphere in the Blood Demon Clan’s waiting room was solemn. There were only six Gold Cores left out of the original nine, and the three that had just lost were even the strongest. Two had died, and one even surrendered to the other side… No one had thought of such a result in this Civilization War. The Solid Cores of the Earth were extraordinary! No, it was more than extraordinary. Their strength could be said to be perverted!

What the hell was that monk? What the hell were the other Solid Cores? The Solid Cores of Earth should be measured at the standards of a Gold Core! The Civilization War had always been used by the higher civilizations to suppress those civilizations with too high a potential. It had always been an advantage for the higher civilizations, but now, Earth’s strength could be considered to be at the top of the entire Star Alliance.

Who should go up next? No matter how confident they were, even the Gold Cores couldn’t help but tremble slightly when faced with such a “weak” but unfathomable civilization.

Everyone was hesitating until they saw an illusory figure flash into the room and quickly manifest into a real being.

“Ancestor…” Everyone stood up to greet him.

The Blood Demon Ancestor’s face did not have the cold expression from before but looked as per usual. He was the backbone of the entire Blood Demon Race. He had to show his confidence.

“Shai Lowhe.” The Blood Demon Ancestor looked at the youngest Prince among the Gold Cores and flipped his left hand, and a bloody scroll with the length of an arm appeared in front of him. “This is for you. You will go up for the next match.”

A hint of surprise flashed in Shai Lowhe’s eyes.

Blood River Diagram! This was one of the strongest artifacts in the Blood Demon Race, and he had coveted it for a long time. He wanted to ask the Ancestor for it several times, but he never dared to open his mouth. Unexpectedly, the Ancestor took the initiative to give it to him this time…

It seemed that the Ancestor was also getting angry. Of course, this was a good thing! If it weren’t for the Blood Demon Race being put in such a passive position, it would definitely not be so easy for him to obtain such an artifact. If things went as per normal, the only time he could have possessed it would be after he had inherited the crown of their race.

Shai Lowhe happily accepted the Blood River Diagram. Immediately, he felt an aura that was unique to the Blood Demon Race in the artifact, causing the qi and blood in his body to boil.

“Please be rest assured, Ancestor. Your grandson will definitely win!”

At this time, the scene had already quietened down. Initially, Ma Dong and the others wanted to roar frantically, but when they saw the group of Gold Cores who had just surrendered to Mo Wen lined up in a neat row facing him with respect and chanting words in their mouth, making people feel a sense of awe, they became too embarrassed to yell and cheer at the side. They excitedly clenched their fist, their entire face almost red and ripe.

As for the surrounding stands, even the Illusion Race and the Ocean Empire Planet who supported Earth were still immersed in shock at this time and did not manage to come back to their senses. The others around them were filled with voices of shock and whispers of discussion.

Too strong, Earth was simply too strong! Even people who did not look fondly upon Mo Wen and Earth realized this after Earth’s three successive victories. They were simply unreasonably strong! The top Gold Core of the dignified Blood Demon Race had become his lackey just like that? It only took a few seconds. This was simply invincible. He was too strong, to the point where some were frightened by his strength, to the point that they did not even think of cheering.

The surrounding whispers kept humming as Night Soul went directly to the Earth’s waiting room behind Mo Wen, making it a jaw-dropping scene.

“Captain!” Napier’s face was full of surprise. Hidden in the underground world, he had improved by leaps and bounds. He had originally thought that he was already the strongest among all the people on Earth. However, even Aiolos who had gone up first was already comparable to him, and perhaps even stronger than him by a bit. But now, the captain of the academy he was once part of on Earth had also become outrageously strong.

“Mo Wen has finished up coolly.” Wang Zhong was also a little surprised. He now understood that when Mo Wen said that he wanted to finish off the Blood Demon Ancestor, it was not empty talk. At this time, he couldn’t help but turn his head to look at Mo Xingchen. Mo Xingchen’s aura was very similar to Mo Wen’s. If she was also so strong, then Earth would have another guaranteed win.

But before Wang Zhong asked, Mo Xingchen had already seen through his thoughts and said with a smile, “I am not as good as Mo Wen. Furthermore, my ability is different from his. I am not good at fighting, nor am I of the Buddhist lineage. I am a real Void Core.”

“Night Soul’s will was very strong, and it took a lot of effort to change his mindset…” Mo Wen who had been so full of energy just now suddenly showed signs of fatigue. On top of that, it was not an ordinary level of exhaustion. If it were not for Wang Zhong who had keenly sensed him falling and helped him to stabilize himself, he would have fallen to the ground. “Using the power of faith consumes too much energy. I’m afraid that I will have to take a nap first.”

Night Soul, who was standing behind him, looked ashamed and felt that he had injured the respected Buddha, which made him feel shame and guilt.

This was a person filled with murderous intent and aura minutes ago. Yet, he was now as holy as a saint. Everyone else was looking at him in curiosity.

“Wang Zhong.” Mo Wen fought with his eyelids. His strength was still not enough. One should not merely look at the easy win just now. If his strength was not enough to support the rule domain until the end of Night Soul’s sentence, then he would have failed. And if he wanted to win the Blood Demon Ancestor over, he would have needed to reach the Bodhisattva realm. Fortunately, he had chosen to leave him to Wang Zhong. Otherwise, if he was really faced with the Blood Demon Ancestor who had a much stronger will, he would have burned out before subduing him. “The rest is up to you. We must win!”

“Don’t worry.” Wang nodded his head, his face full of smiles. Earth’s current situation was much smoother and better than he thought. Aiolos, Napier, and Mo Wen had all done well. Everything that could be done was done; the rest was up to him and Mu Zi.

“Cuckoo, cuckoo! The opponent is coming out! The opponent is coming out!” the ice bird that had been staring at the opposite side of the arena shouted at this time.

Everyone turned their gazes outside and saw a young male with a crown-like face slowly walking out of the tunnel.

Even though the Blood Demon Race had experienced a streak of three consecutive losses and was now on the verge of complete defeat, there was no worry or anxiety on the face of this young male. He still held a calm and composed look.

The Young Master of the Blood Demon Race, Shai Lowhe!

He had already become a Gold Core before he was thirty. Although no one had seen him fight before, since he was named as a rare genius in the Blood Demon Race and had been designated as the future successor of the Blood Demon Clan, his strength would definitely not be much lower than that of Night Soul and the other seniors; the difference might not even be that much.

Before this battle, the predictions of all parties were that the young master of the Blood Demon Race would be facing off against Wang Zhong in a battle. He would then use Wang Zhong as a stepping stone for him to advance his reputation. But now, the Blood Demon Race were obviously at a disadvantage. He could not make such choices. He had now stepped forward into the arena, but whether he would face Wang Zhong was still unknown.

Fire Demon Patriarch Kalidan’s expression did not look as relaxed and happy as before. He thought that today would be the end of the Earth, but he didn’t expect so many unexpected variables to appear.

To be honest, the Fire Demon Race was not particularly concerned about whether the Blood Demon Race lived or died today. Although it had always been a subordinate of the Fire Demon Race and could be regarded as the right-hand of the Fire Demon Race, the Blood Demon Race had been very dishonest these past few years as they also had great ambitions. Many people in the Fire Demon Clan understood this.

No matter whether the Blood Demon Race won or lost, the Fire Demon Clan would still accept it. But the only thing that was unacceptable was that Earth was too strong. Having powerhouses like Wang Zhong and Netherworld King Mu Zi was still within the tolerance range of the Fire Demon Race. This included Aiolos and the clown. No matter how strong their performance was today, to put it bluntly, they were just a few Gold Cores. They only threatened the level-7 civilizations.

But the appearance of this child from the Buddhism lineage, the level-9 civilization inheritance that was thought to have vanished… This alone was enough to shock everyone!

It was time for him to change his attitude towards Earth. Patriarch Kalidan glanced at the Blood Demon Ancestor next to him lightly, and a plan formulated in his heart. In fact, it was not just him. All the bigwigs in the stands understood this when the Buddhist Arhat appeared; they knew that no matter who won the Civilization War today, Earth had already become an existence that stood on the same level as all the top civilizations. They were no longer a civilization that could be arbitrarily controlled and annihilated by any other force in the Star Alliance at this stage.

“Haha, what do all of you think of such a duel between two youth geniuses?” Superintendent Erza’s voice was already quite relaxed, even with some smiles. She really hadn’t thought that Earth could reach such a stage. There was even a high possibility of victory in the Civilization War based on how the event was unfolding. Earth being able to overthrow the Blood Demon Race and creating another powerful alliance on the same front as the Heavenly Shell Race was obviously the best situation that Superintendent Erza would have wished for. Even if Earth no longer had any hidden aces and lost in the end, so what? It still couldn’t change the fact that Earth would rise back up strongly in the future!

Losing the Earth? Losing the Civilization War? That was a small issue. The Heavenly Shell Race could easily help Earth find life planets suitable for them to immigrate to and live in and could even provide them all sorts of convenient means for their new immigrant status. With the potential of the Earthlings, they would merely need less than a century before they joined the ranks of the top level-7 civilizations. They could be at least on the same level as the Titans. When they reached such a stage, they could easily find fault with the Blood Demon Race and demand for them to return Earth back to its rightful owner.

“I think it is likely to be Wang Zhong.” Elder Yimo smiled. The Natural Race had always maintained neutrality among the level-8 civilizations. They had never been afraid of offending anyone through their words. “Now that Earth has three victories in hand, if they could win this match, they would gain the match point and take the initiative in the Civilization War. At that time, they could even freely choose to give up the duel with the Blood Shadow Ancestor. If they were to do that… Therefore, if Earth really wanted to win this war, they would definitely send their strongest up. With such an advantage in hand and looking back at the performance of the Earthlings from before, I am more optimistic about Earth now. Ha ha, Brother Blood Shadow, please do not blame me for speaking the truth.”

Although the Blood Demon Ancestor was upset in his heart, he could only stay silent.

It was not in Elder Yimo’s character to deliberately mock him. Even if he did, he could only stare back but take no action. He was from the Natural Race. Even the Heavenly Shell Race and the Fire Demon Race who could be said to be one of the rulers in the Land remained polite when facing the Natural Race and the Soul Race. What was more, what Elder Yimo said was actually what he was most worried about. What he was afraid of was Wang Zhong fighting against Shai Lowhe!

After all, Wang Zhong’s strength was the only one that the Blood Demon Race had the most profound understanding of. Be it his strength in the CHC from before or in the underground world… After all, the Blood Demon Race were part of those who went to the underground world to assassinate Wang Zhong. They thus had a comprehensive knowledge of Wang Zhong’s trip there.

Before he was defeated by the elder of the Ninth Shade Faction, Wang Zhong might have only been able to compete with an ordinary Gold Core, but ever since he resurrected from the Netherworld River, he definitely had the strength of an elite Gold Core. Otherwise, it was not possible for him to have eliminated the elder of the Profound Fire Faction so easily and even more impossible to easily quell the underground world incident! Mu Zi had only managed to tame the Netherworld King with Wang Zhong’s help.

His abilities were unfathomable, and the only person in the Blood Demon Race who really dared to say that he could definitely win against Wang Zhong was only himself. If Wang Zhong chose to fight this match against Shai Lowhe, even with the Blood River Diagram he had given Shai Lowhe, Shai Lowhe would at most have a 40% chance of winning! Such a chance of victory was too unsafe, and once Wang Zhong won, just as Elder Yimo had said, Earth would definitely choose to forgo the match against himself.

By then, with Earth’s Netherworld King Mu Zi, the Gold Core ice puppet from the Extreme Ice World, and Mo Xingchen, the sister of that horrifying Buddhism adherent… the outcome would be undesirable. There were only two ordinary Gold Cores and the two younger brothers of Carloze left on the Blood Demon side. As long as any of the Earthlings won a match, the Blood Demon Race would be finished!

But the Blood Demon Ancestor also had no choice. The first three matches were finished too quickly, and it was too late for the Blood Demon Race to make any psychological adjustments. The Blood Demon Race had no right to choose now. Sending Shai Lowhe up now was the only choice. Whether he could meet Wang Zhong in the fight was up to god’s will.

He stared at the entrance of Earth’s passage tunnel and no longer had the calmness of a king-level Gold Core. He couldn’t help becoming a little anxious.

Who would Earth send up?

In Earth’s waiting room, the others still held some nervous emotions. After all, the closer they were to this incredible, miraculous victory, the easier it was to make people feel uneasy. But Wang Zhong and Mu Zi’s expressions at this time were completely relaxed.

“There are only two matches left.” Mu Zi’s face was already smiling. “This one is mine.”

“Good luck.” Wang Zhong waved his fist at him, and the others around him were stunned for a while.

To be honest, at this point in the battle, if Earth really wanted to maximize its winning rate, the safest way was for the strongest person on Earth to fight in this battle. They could then take the initiative and let go of the match against the Blood Demon Ancestor.

It was impossible for Mu Zi to fail to see this. Yet, he had still chosen to take the initiative to fight. Was it true that his strength was greater than Wang Zhong’s, like what the others said? He was more confident of dealing with Shai Lowhe?

This point might not be understood by the outsiders, but be it Aiolos, the clown, or Vladimir who had not yet gone up to battle, they could all understand Wang Zhong’s intentions. It was quite clear that Wang Zhong was the strongest among the Earthlings! His strength was truly unfathomable, and everyone relied on him. Even someone as strong as Mo Wen immediately thought of Wang Zhong as the leader of Earth the moment he saw Wang Zhong again.

So the question was, why was Mu Zi fighting this match? Was he really that sure he could deal with Shai Lowhe? The closer one got to victory, the less one should be careless…

Because they were afraid of affecting his mentality, everyone just smiled and looked at Mu Zi. No one asked or questioned. But when Mu Zi walked out of the waiting room, everyone’s eyes immediately turned to Wang Zhong. Lao Wang merely smiled and said faintly, “Don’t worry about Mu Zi, the Civilization War is over. These are the last two matches.”

An unparalleled and strong self-confidence emitted from Wang Zhong, as if the Civilization War had already been settled.

One had to admit that Lao Wang’s words had always been very convincing. With just a few words, he had already made everyone’s doubts about Mu Zi disappear. If Wang Zhong said that there was no need to worry, then he must have full confidence in him— Wait, what did Wang Zhong mean in the last part of his sentence?

“The Civilization War is over. These are the last two matches?”

After returning to their senses, everyone looked at Lao Wang with a hint of surprise. The Blood Demon Ancestor had still not fought yet. If Shai Lowhe were to be defeated this round, the Blood Demon Ancestor would definitely come up next. However, Wang Zhong said that there would only be two matches left. This… What kind of calculation was this?

The only happy person was Julienne. If Wang Zhong’s arrangement came true, her Vladimir would not even have to fight… It was most comfortable to sit peacefully and enjoy the cheers of victory.

“It’s that small baldy! Netherworld King Mu Zi!”

When Mu Zi stepped onto the arena, there was a buzzing noise in the surrounding stands.

Everyone could see the advantage that Earth held now. As long as the strongest one could win this battle and avoid the Blood Demon Ancestor, Earth might really be able to achieve the feat of a level-6 civilization overthrowing a level-7 civilization! The only dispute was who on Earth was the strongest?

“Sure enough, the strongest person on Earth’s side is this baldy that had tamed the Netherworld King…”

“I don’t think so. Netherworld King Mu Zi might be the strongest amongst the people on Earth, but this is not the underground world after all. Without the Netherworld River as his backing, is the Netherworld King really that strong? If he is relying on his physical body, then I doubt he even reaches the level of a Gold Core.”

“It can’t be compared like this. The people on Earth are too special. The three previous ones were all far inferior to their opponents on the surface, especially the last monk, who was simply—”

“It’s not the same! I’ve heard some news from the underground world. Mu Zi’s combat power was actually quite average. The several victories in the underground world were all due to the possession of the Netherworld King and the power of the Netherworld River. If he were to use his own strength, any random Gold Core elder from the three sects could have easily beat him.”

“It feels a bit like the Spiritual Soul Master of the Soul King Star where the captive spirits were fighting for him. What Shai Lowhe has to face is actually not Mu Zi, but the Netherworld King.”

There was constant noise around, but most were just whispers, and the cheering sounds had decreased.

Some who originally supported the Blood Demon Race either did so only to please them or because they were worried they would become an outlier and become targeted or rejected by others. Thus, they had been cheering very enthusiastically before. But now, these people had been completely moved. They were afraid of offending both the Blood Demon Race and the Earthling Race.

Look at the unkillable Aiolos. Look at the horrible killer clown who could make a Gold Core suicide. Look at the Buddha who made even the most vicious killing god kneel and surrender… Both civilizations were godlike existences to them. Why would they choose to take sides now? Weren’t they afraid of choosing the wrong side and causing disaster to their own kind?

No one was an idiot, and no one wanted to offend people over a few words for no reason. Just sitting by and watching was the best option. No matter who won or lost, one should just be a spectator. To be fair, one should wait until the final result had come out before screaming fiercely for the winner to show one’s support.

Those who dared to howl and cheer at this time were definitely those related to the competitor or those who were already on the same boat as them.

The Blood Demons and their loyal followers cheered for the Blood Demon Race, while the Earthlings and their allies cheered for the Earthlings. The scattered voices on both sides drowned in the sounds of discussions from the millions of spectators, making this battle seem to be less exciting than the previous three matches. However, everyone knew that both sides had entered a critical situation.

Although the Blood Demon Race could not be defeated again, the same was true for Earth! After all, among the people from Earth, the only ones who were considered really strong and were well-known were Wang Zhong and Mu Zi. If Mu Zi lost this match, it was equal to Earth giving up their advantage completely. By then, Earth would…

On the contrary, the raised heart of the Blood Demon Ancestor finally felt light at this time. However, he couldn’t help but feel that something was brewing. Everyone could see the obvious choice to secure victory. There was no reason for the Earthlings to be unable to see it. Could it be that Mu Zi was actually stronger than Wang Zhong?

In the arena, the two opposing sides stood still even as the Blood Demon Prince held a faint smile on his face. Obviously, neither of them was the kind who spouted nonsense. When the two passages were closed, a coercive aura began to circulate and spread over the arena.

The entire sky seemed to be obscured by the aura of Shai Lowhe and turned red!

All the spectators who were chattering about the battle just now closed their mouths instantly.

While everyone was paying attention to and being shocked by these Earthlings, they seemed to… have forgotten the fear of being dominated by the Blood Demons!

Yes, no matter how good Earth was and how strong its potential was, it was just potential after all. Everyone seemed to have the ability to fight at a higher level than they appeared to have, but that was merely up to a level higher!

One couldn’t forget that the Gold Cores of the Blood Demon Race were really powerful! As the heir of the Blood Demon Race, the Blood Demon Prince was known as the second master of the Blood Demon Race alongside Night Soul. This coercive aura showed his extraordinary strength, and it felt as if he was even stronger than Gollon and Carloze from the previous matches.

Everyone immediately felt that he was the real trump card of the Blood Demon Race apart from the Blood Demon Ancestor!

“For a low-level civilization, I have to admire you for being able to push my Blood Demon Race up to this point.” Shai Lowhe’s voice faintly sounded. “But it shall end here!”

As if responding to his words, the bloody fog rumbled and tumbled in the sky. It was as if the world was changing, the fog swallowing up the mountains and rivers! Immediately afterward, all the blood mist condensed in an instant and turned into a giant more than ten meters high.


The giant crashed to the ground. It was not an illusory shadow. The heavy body made the entire arena shake and sway, and the turbulent qi was like a sea of blood, as if covering the whole world with its qi.

It roared, as if drowning the world with anger.

Mu Zi who was opposite him was blown back several steps by the wind from the roar!

It was not illusory, nor was it a true form. Everyone could clearly see that the giant was real, with a dangerous aura. It actually had the strength comparable to a Gold Core! The entire arena went silent!

It was not that people had never seen such a method of condensing a being from thin air. However, one would usually condense a weapon or some form of non-living creation. Few people had ever heard that one could condense life. On top of that, it was a living giant with the strength of a Gold Core. This was simply incredible!


Many sharp-eyed people immediately noticed that the blood mist incarnation was wearing a set of seemingly tattered blood-stained battle armor at this time, yet this armor was clearly engraved with the runes of the Titans. This was…

The patriarch of the Titans who had been smiling initially abruptly stood up from his seat.

Reincarnation using blood!

The Blood Demons held a secret method of reincarnation, and they could summon dead souls using blood sacrifices. This was not a strange secret to the bigwigs present, but the patriarch of the Titans never expected that he would dare to reincarnate a Titan. This meant that the Titan’s soul would forever be imprisoned and would no longer be able to properly reincarnate!


The battle under the arena hadn’t even started yet, but the main stand was already in a big commotion. There were already terrifying bolts of lightning in the air.

“Blood Shadow old one! How dare you Blood Demons insult my ancestors?!”

“Tsarlozst, see clearly,” the Blood Demon Ancestor said coldly. “That’s Obros, the traitor of your Titan Race, the leader of the Black Titans! My Blood Demon Race is merely helping you incompetent fellows clean up. I haven’t even asked you for the bounty yet! You’re welcome!”

“…” Patriarch Tsarlozst was stunned. When he looked at the arena again, he could vaguely recognize some of the characteristics of the giant from his brows. There was already no Thunder Seal of the Titans on the brows. This was the patriarch of the fallen Black Titan Race, Obros.

The Black Titans who fell in the underground world had always been incompatible with the orthodox Titans, and they had privately issued wanted bounty missions against each other. Since the Blood Demons had reincarnated a Black Titan, Patriarch Tsarlozst really had nothing to say.

His face was gloomy, his eyes fixed on the face of the Blood Demon Ancestor like thunder, but the other party did not care.

The bolts of lightning in the sky dissipated, and the scene seemed to calm down a bit.

Superintendent Erza had already noticed the key matter. “Shai Lowhe could actually reincarnate Obros…”

The foundation of the reincarnation using blood required the user to have the strength to control the person being reincarnated. Although Obros was an ancient figure, as the leader of the Black Titans, he was definitely at the level of a king-level Gold Core. For Shai Lowhe to actually reincarnate him, was Shai Lowhe also a king-level Gold Core?

All the bigwigs immediately realized this, and the gaze they had towards the arena suddenly became more solemn.

King level… Even if Shai Lowhe himself had not fully reached this level, creatures reincarnated from blood were often fearless in actual combat. Obros himself had the strength of an almighty Gold Core expert. Adding on the power of Shai Lowhe who was definitely at least a king-level Gold Core…

Only these bigwigs could understand the absolute gap between an almighty Gold Core expert and a king-level Gold Core. This was by no means what the previous three Blood Demon Gold Cores could match against. With Mu Zi away from the Netherworld River, this battle would most likely result in a loss for Earth!

“Puppet technique! It’s a puppet technique!” Julienne exclaimed in the waiting room, her eyes gleaming. She could see some similarities between the blood mist incarnation and her puppet technique. She thus naturally understood the strength of Shai Lowhe. For him to be able to directly condense and control puppets of the almighty Gold Core expert level, he had to be the strongest she had ever seen. No one had ever done this even in the entire history of the Polar Planet!

One must know that although the Polar Planet was only a level-6 civilization, it was after all one of the pioneers and birthplaces of the puppet art, but in their entire history, no one had ever achieved such a feat. Yet, she had actually witnessed a youth under the age of thirty able to perform such a feat today!

“You have the Netherworld King, and I have an avatar.” Prince Shai Lowhe smiled slightly and reached out his hand and pointed at a distance. “Release your Netherworld King. Let me see how capable the demon who has been famous in the underground world for hundreds of eras is.”

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    《Battle Frenzy》