Battle Frenzy
1203 Darkness Rules
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1203 Darkness Rules

Chapter 1203: Darkness Rules

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“As you wish.” Mu Zi maintained a carefree smile on his face throughout. Everyone who was able to stand on the battlefield was strong, and everyone had their own trump cards. Thus, he knew that Shai Lowhe would definitely have a trump card as well. This brilliant and terrifying almighty Gold Core Blood Puppet was no more than the appetizer. Perhaps everyone had thought that he would definitely lose. After all, the Netherworld King who was separated from the Netherworld River was like a tiger without teeth.

However, Wang Zhong would not think so, and neither would Mu Zi.

A thought flashed past Mu Zi’s mind, and the Life and Death Coffin that he had been carrying on his back all along started to “wriggle”. Closely after, the seemingly wood-like material started to change form like plasticine and formed a humanoid figure. The figure was as tall as Mu Zi and had the appearance of a celestialoid. However, he wore a wide robe, and his appearance seemed extremely similar to Mu Zi. His entire body was enshrouded in a black fog, and a pair of lights dazzled. He was like a dark version of Mu Zi.

After the Dark Mu Zi appeared, he bowed slightly to Mu Zi with a respectful expression. “Mu Zi.”

That was… the Netherworld King?

Almost everyone recognized this figure immediately. The black evil spirit surrounding his body was too conspicuous. When one looked at it carefully, one would sense the black fog faintly flowing like a river. It was as if he had brought a part of the Netherworld River from the underground world and kept it within his body!

In the waiting room, besides Wang Zhong and Grai, the others were astonished.

Other than Julienne, all of the Earthlings present had seen and interacted with Mu Zi at the Holy City, and understood his Life and Death Coffin well. Everyone knew that Mu Zi was able to summon the Netherworld King, but how in the world did the Life and Death Coffin transform into the Netherworld King? What happened to Mu Zi’s Life and Death Coffin?

“After the Netherworld King submitted himself to Mu Zi, he did not have a physical body. Thus, he used the Life and Death Coffin as his host. This was a method of reincarnating his soul… Heh heh. The Blood Demon Race is definitely lacking when they mention reincarnation in front of the Netherworld King.” Grai understood this rather well. After all, he had accompanied Wang Zhong and Mu Zi throughout their closed-door cultivation at the Heavenly Shell Courtyard. If anyone in this world knew their true strength, it would be Grai. “Furthermore, the Life and Death Coffin is made of a special material from the Netherworld Realm. It is a sacrificial offering in the Netherworld and can connect to that Realm…”

Everyone instantly understood.

Back then, when the Netherworld King had executed that massacre in the underground world, he had used his own powers to easily slaughter the entire Ninth Shade Faction. Under the frenzied resistance from the entire Ninth Shade Faction, he had forcibly killed several almighty Gold Core experts, slaughtered thousands of pupils, and destroyed their gate. He had killed over a dozen Gold Cores from the Ninth Shade Faction, excluding a few almighty experts who had fled like frightened rats. How mighty was he!

However, why did everyone think that Mu Zi, who had the Netherworld King, was very weak? The reason was because they were fighting in the Land, distant from the Netherworld River, and there was no Netherworld River aura for the Netherworld King to use. However, if the Life and Death Coffin was equivalent to the Netherworld Realm…

“There is only a lost ghost there.” Mu Zi’s calm voice sounded. His finger pointed to the tall Titan Blood Puppet, which was over a dozen meters tall, in the distance. “Get rid of him.”

“Understood.” The Netherworld King shifted his gaze.


Black flames suddenly rose from his body, and the dark, evil aura that covered the surface of his body surged, creating ripples. Then, the dark night appeared in the red sky! Furthermore, there was a rich display of lights and colors in the darkness as silver stars twinkled. It was as if the Heavenly River, made out of nebulas, was hung upside down from the night sky! It was majestic and magnificent, terrifying people just from the sight of it!

The surrounding stands were silent. Everyone was shocked by the pressure and held their breath.

For the past three matches, regardless of how the Earthlings won, at the very least, their trump cards and auras were a far cry from those of the Gold Cores in the Blood Demon Race. The difference between their Realms was clear. One could say that one possessed very powerful practical combat abilities, and no matter what, a Solid Core did not have the ability to shock the hearts of others with their level of power like Gold Core experts could.

Even though everyone could feel Shai Lowhe and Obros’s ferocious auras rising to the skies and conquering the seas, at that moment, everyone sensed an endless dark abyss as well. It was vast and seemed to have no boundaries.

They were evenly matched in strength and could stand up to each other as equals. Only almighty Gold Core experts could have such momentum!


The corners of Shai Lowhe’s lips curled into a smile. He already had the Blood River Diagram and was not afraid of any opponent. This would be the battle that made him famous, and the beginning of the rise of a great Blood Demon Race leader. Of course, his opponent could not possibly be too weak. Furthermore, the stronger his opponent was, the better it would be!

“Kill.” He waved his hand at the same time. This was just for show. As for whether he would need to use his techniques, he would only know after fighting.

After receiving his master’s orders, a cruel light instantly flashed past Obros’s eyes.

The Blood Puppet had taken action!

Obros raised the massive hammer in his hands high in the sky. Then, the surrounding power of the heaven and the earth surged into his massive hammer like a whale swallowing the ocean. In this moment, it was as if the entire arena was swaying and being pulled in by his aura.

Blood-colored thunderbolts immediately gathered in the sky. They were summoned by the massive hammer and responded to it. They struck from the distant skies and landed on the massive hammer.


The Blood Puppet let out an angry roar, and lightning lit up the entire arena. Countless blood-colored waves of electricity that resembled a web were being pulled forward by the massive hammer. It was as if the entire world was smashing towards the Netherworld King and Mu Zi!

Even with the protective barrier of the arena, the terrifying thunder still caused all the spectators to tremble with terror and injured their ears! True almighty Gold Cores who were skilled in thunder techniques could reach Aiolos’s almost-peak state with the raising of a hand! Furthermore, the aura of the brilliant lightning caused everyone to feel as if they were in a storm. They swayed and almost fell as their bodies trembled in fear!

However, at that moment, the Dark Netherworld King, who was in the center of the attack, flashed a strange smile. He opened his lips slightly and flashed his two rows of teeth, which were the only white things on his body. “Hold.”

Closely after, he raised his left hand and lightly plucked away the massive hammer that was falling from the sky.

In everyone’s eyes, it was as if the arena had disappeared. In fact, even the Land had disappeared. Instead, it was replaced by the silver river that had appeared in the sky, and the massive hammer was no more than one of the millions of small stones in the river. At that moment, an ordinary fair and clear hand reached into the river like a mischievous child. Then, it easily fished out the dazzling “stone” from the river…

All the attacks on the battlefield came to a stop, and everyone who had been staring blankly at that moment finally recovered from their shock. They saw the Netherworld King standing there with a calm smile. Meanwhile, Obros, the tall and powerful almighty Gold Core Black Titan who was standing right in front of him, saw the massive hammer that he had been swinging down being held in the air.

At that moment, his blood-red face swelled and turned purplish-red while his hands were pressing against the massive hammer. In fact, his entire body was pressing down, but the massive hammer was fixed in place in the sky and could not be moved at all. It was as if it was being firmly gripped by an invisible and terrifying hand.

Closely after, the Netherworld King’s lips raised slightly, and his two rows of teeth also moved slightly. “Punish them.”


The massive hammer easily turned into nothingness immediately, like it was made of fog. Furthermore, not only did the massive hammer disappear, even Obros himself had disappeared! The powerful almighty Gold Core expert had such a terrifying aura, but he turned into an illusion and a wisp of smoke that disappeared in midair and vanished completely just from the Netherworld King’s words!

Closely after, a wisp of blue ghost-like smoke rose from the skies and flew towards the river of stars in the darkness. This process was hurried yet silent. It was as if the dead soul had been released from its suffering or was welcomed into another world by the Netherworld King.

People could only wonder how the invincible attack that had just been launched by a seemingly invincible expert had been resolved so easily.

The entire arena was so silent that one could hear a pin drop. Everyone looked down at the battlefield in disbelief.

How—how strong! Too strong! In fact, he seemed even stronger than any of the previous Earthlings.

This attack was suppressed far too easily. But, how—how was this possible? Even the Netherworld King who had swept across the Ninth Shade Faction back then couldn’t possibly be so terrifying, right? If not, how could a dozen Gold Cores from the Ninth Shade Faction have escaped? Their entire force would have been wiped out in an instant!

Everyone widened their mouths in shock.

“It’s not that the Netherworld King is too strong. His restraint is just too powerful.” A glint flashed past Superintendent Erza’s eyes. She had made the right decision to lend the Heavenly Shell Courtyard to the Earthlings for their cultivation. “When the Netherworld King attacked, Obros’s aura had dropped to that of the Solid Core. This is a suppression of their level of power. However, this suppression was so fast that almost no one had noticed this.”

“Heh heh, as expected of the Netherworld King. Legend has it that he controls life and death and even controls all the dead souls in this world.” Elder Yimo stroked his long beard with a smile on his face. “Even though that is a legend, at the very least, no one understands dead souls better than he does. Using reincarnation techniques in front of him is just displaying a slight skill in front of a master.”

Only then did the Titan elder’s dark expression take a slight turn for the better. Even though the orthodox Titans were completely incompatible with the Black Titans of the underground world, they had the same origins. Thus, regardless of how hostile they were to each other, they had a love-hate relationship with each other and would deal with each other cleanly. However, if a Black Titan became a puppet of the Blood Demon Race, what would that mean? From the current look of things, Obros’s dead soul had been redeemed by the Netherworld King and had reached its final destination. “Techniques of heresy will only lead to the path of death!”

“Is that so?” However, there was no surprise on the Blood Demon Ancestor’s face. On the contrary, he laughed coldly.

In that instant, the winds in the arena suddenly changed.

The red fog that had been easily dispersed was spread out in a neat manner, as if it was being firmly pulled into place by a strange power. Closely after, a red cloth was thrown and laid out horizontally in the sky. Then, countless strange blood-colored symbols appeared on the cloth one after another.

The dead Titan soul that had flown to the sky was instantly pulled back and absorbed into the cloth, becoming a symbol on the cloth.


In an instant, the entire arena was illuminated by a brilliant blood-colored light, and all the red fog rapidly surged towards the cloth. Closely after, the cloth transformed and also became a river that hovered in the sky. However, it was a blood-colored river. Unlike the peaceful river of stars made by the Netherworld King, there were countless figures struggling and fighting in the blood-colored river. They all emerged from the Blood River, but they were killing, biting, or attacking one another. The Black Titan was also among these figures, but only half of its body was above the surface of the “water”. The Blood River was unusually deep. The figures sank into the Blood River as the torrential current continued to flow. It was like a purgatory!

It was the Chaos Blood River Diagram!

If the technique of reincarnation using blood was unknown to others, then everyone in the entire Star Alliance knew about this Chaos Blood River Diagram.

Dead souls would be refined, and their souls would form a part of the Blood River. They would be turned into an unending supply of spiritual power that was omnipotent! The more dead souls there were, the stronger the Blood River Diagram would be. Furthermore, dead experts that had been slaughtered by generations of elders would have their souls refined and integrated into the Blood River Diagram. With a history of ten eras, it was hard to imagine just how much energy this Blood River Diagram held. It had many magical effects and truly deserved its title as the Blood Demon Race’s family treasure!

However, wasn’t this item always in the hands of the Blood Demon Ancestor? Something he viewed as his own life had actually appeared in the hands of Shai Lowhe!

Superintendent Erza and the others immediately understood. He was able to summon a Gold Core expert like Obros, not because his technique of blood reincarnation was proficient enough, but because he had the Blood River Diagram.

“I actually thought that he was an impressive genius. Heh heh!” Elder Tsarlozst would not give up on any opportunity to mock the Blood Demon Race. “To display your special skills from the very beginning, the Blood Demon Race is truly at the end of their rope.”

“We are fighting for life and death in a Civilization War. How can we give the enemy a chance to live?” the Blood Demon Ancestor rebutted coldly. Shai Lowhe had done so under his suggestion. When faced with this group of strange fellows from the Earth, how could they blindly explore untried methods? Didn’t Gollon miss opportunities to kill Aiolos because of his carelessness, allowing Aiolos to grow stronger and stronger?

When faced with such enemies, if they attacked, they would have to make sure to kill the enemy! They should use their strongest killing technique when they attacked. They definitely could not give the opponent any room to adapt!


The next moment, the Blood River flowed backwards onto Shai Lowhe’s body. Then, his Gold Core aura instantly exploded.

His figure had not changed, but in everyone’s eyes, he suddenly seemed extremely tall and lofty! It was like the mirror image that had emerged when the Netherworld King had produced the Netherworld River. The arena vanished, and even the entire world vanished. There were only the peaceful Netherworld River and the growing Shai Lowhe in the sky.

Furthermore, in the short span of two or three seconds, Shai Lowhe’s figure was even taller and larger than the Netherworld River in the sky as he looked down from above.

“How’s that possible?!”

“My god! Is—is that actually a god?!” Countless people shrieked. They had seen giants — Titans who were a dozen meters tall and even Tree people who were several dozen meters tall. However, no one had ever seen such a lofty giant who even seemed bigger than this world! At the very least, it was not a domain that these Void Cores and Solid Cores could hope to achieve.

“Mu Zi!” The expressions of everyone in the Earth’s waiting room changed. However, Wang Zhong seemed lost in thought. Not only was he not worried about Mu Zi, but he was also completely out of it at that moment.

He was not surprised at the changes in Shai Lowhe. However, this scene reminded him of the ancient scene he had seen in the Illusion Sea World. The lofty Eight Heavenly Kings of the Heaven, as well as that extremely mysterious Dragon King… At that time, the feeling they gave him was similar to the feeling Shai Lowhe now gave off — they were all extremely imposing. Of course, this was only in terms of outer appearances. Naturally, their strength could not be placed on par.

This was a competition of rules, and all these external images were simply a materialization of the rules.

However, he was only a Void Core back then and could not imagine the origins of the materialization of such rules. He had even thought that the deities had actually become so massive and lofty. However, with his current vision, they instantly lost their sense of mystery. Deities? Those were no more than a materialization of the rules and their power. People from the Heaven were also people, and their true forms might only be two or three meters tall, just like ordinary people, and seem extremely normal. In the end, level-9 civilizations were also born from the Fifth Dimension. They were simply stronger than all the other civilizations in the Land…

However, this realm was not something the ordinary Void Cores and Solid Cores present could comprehend. In their eyes, the current Shai Lowhe was a god!


Shai Lowhe, whose head reached the skies, turned his body and grasped the air. Then, he instantly drew in a wave of extremely massive power and grabbed the Netherworld River. After that, he fiercely pulled on it as if he was pulling a ribbon.

Rumble~~~ Bang bang~~~

The Netherworld River surged, and the rapid current started to boil. Countless dead souls wailed pitifully amidst the Netherworld River tide, as if they had encountered the end of the world.

In an instant, the world shook, and light vanished from the world!

Earlier, the Netherworld King was able to easily deal with almighty Gold Core expert Obros as Obros was a dead soul and was naturally restrained by the rules for Netherworld beings. In the face of the Netherworld King, his strength was simply suppressed to the point where it no longer existed. However, he was now facing Shai Lowhe, and Shai Lowhe was not a dead soul and was not controlled by the laws of the Netherworld King! At that moment, not only did his power not weaken at all, it was increasing without stopping!

The Netherworld King’s pitch-black face was instantly covered in a layer of bright red, and his face started to swell and turn green. Meanwhile, his body started to tremble slightly. Closely after…

“Break!” The giant Shai Lowhe’s voice alone was enough to scare the one million Void Cores and Solid Cores present out of their wits. It was as if they had encountered the rage of the deities and the might of the Heavenly people!


The entire Netherworld River was being pulled by him at this moment. Then, the River was ripped apart and broken from the middle.


Countless silver lights surged and came down in a torrent from the river into the boundless void. That was not river water, but countless dead souls flowing! They had lost their support. Without the protection of the Netherworld River, it was as if they had lost their pathway towards a new life. They could only fall into the void in panic and despair. Then, they were suppressed by the void, and everything vanished, turning into a pile of dust in this boundless void.

The Netherworld River collapsed, and the night sky that the River had materialized disappeared. The rules of the Netherworld River were no longer tenable. Instead, they were replaced with the monstrous vigor of the giant Shai Lowhe. It filled the entire world and became the only thing in this world!

Only then did everyone wake up with a start from the illusion that had materialized from the rules.

Shai Lowhe was standing in the distance, while the Netherworld King, who had seemed extremely powerful previously, was coughing up fresh blood with a pale face. He had been fiercely sent flying like a kite whose string had snapped.

“Too weak!” Shai Lowhe’s disdainful laugh reverberated throughout the arena.

He had dared to use such wild language against the Netherworld King, a ruler in this world, but no one dared to say that he was being arrogant as he had done it. Even the rules of the Netherworld River were no match for his might! This was a competition that went beyond the level of spiritual power!

The Netherworld King had lost? The insufferably arrogant Earthlings had finally experienced the taste of defeat!

“Master Shai Lowhe is invincible in the world!”

“Master Shai Lowhe! The true king!”

At the Blood Demon Race stands, the Blood Demons who had started to belittle themselves finally swept away all the haze from before. They started to excitedly shout in a frenzy.

However, before their shouts could spread throughout the arena, the black baldie had jumped into the air and caught the spasming Netherworld King in his hands.

A wave of gray fog rose from his hands and stroked the Netherworld King’s body lightly.

His continuously rising and falling chest gradually subsided. At the same time, his humanoid form gradually changed and turned into the shape of the Life and Death Coffin. Furthermore, almost everyone could see the clear five-finger print at the back of the Life and Death Coffin that contained a hint of blood. It was obvious that Shai Lowhe had left this behind.

At that moment, Mu Zi’s expression was calm. There was no fear or annoyance on his face. He simply stood in front of the Life and Death Coffin. Then, he said in an apologetic tone, “You didn’t have to endure these hardships…”

From his expression and his tone, it was as if he was telling the Netherworld King, who had turned into the Life and Death Coffin, “You didn’t have to go up just now. I could have easily resolved this, but I let you endure those hardships for nothing…”

Many spectators, who were prepared to lose their voice over Shai Lowhe’s strength, instantly shut their mouths.

“Oh?” Shai Lowhe was slightly dumbfounded. Closely after, he could not help but laugh out loud. “Your Netherworld King has lost. Without several years of recuperation, he will not be able to recover. What else can you do? Fight me?”

This was far too interesting. Did all Earthlings like to purposely obscure things?

“No.” Mu Zi opened his mouth and flashed a smile. The two rows of clean white teeth gave others the feeling that he was a naive and cute three-year-old child. “I’m not fighting you. I’m going to eliminate you.”

The arena was silent. Closely after, they went into an uproar.

Netherworld King Mu Zi — this was a household name in the Land. Everyone knew that an Earthling had subjugated the Netherworld King and that with the help of the Netherworld King, this fellow had eliminated the entire Ninth Shade Faction in the underground world with his own powers. He had slaughtered countless people and was invincible. However, that was the strength of the Ninth Shade Faction… Furthermore, it was the Netherworld King who had borrowed the power of the Netherworld River. What did this have to do with Mu Zi? If the information that many people in the Land had was right, everyone clearly knew that before the Netherworld King had submitted himself to Mu Zi, Mu Zi was simply an ordinary Void Core. Even a Solid Core expert was enough to kill him, let alone having him compete with an almighty Gold Core expert!

But now, he had dared to say such words to Shai Lowhe, who had just eliminated the Netherworld King. Had he gone nuts? Even his greatest support, the Netherworld King, collapsed at the first blow in the face of Shai Lowhe, who had integrated with the Blood River Diagram!

“Then eliminate me!” Shai Lowhe had no intention of squabbling with this little idiot. True experts only used their actions to speak. With the Blood River Diagram, he had enough confidence to fight even experts on the same level as the Heavenly Shell Superintendent, let alone a mere Solid Core Earthling!

He did not even need to use the power of the rules. He simply waved his hand and gathered all the power in this entire world between his fingers. It was as if a fierce wind had blown past and forcibly suppressed his enemy. He simply wanted to smash the Earthling who had dared to use such wild language into powder!

However, in the next second, he saw a deep and dim light in the baldie’s eyes.

It was not the color of the pitch-black Netherworld River. Instead, it was obscure and hazy. Then, it was as if a thick fog had instantly shrouded the surroundings as gray mist instantly obstructed the entire world.

The power of the rules? The Solid Core baldie from the Earth could still use the power of the rules or laws after losing the assistance of the Netherworld King?

Shai Lowhe’s attack immediately stopped.

He was not Gollon or Carloze. Even though his power was no match for the top three patriarchs of the Blood Demon Race, his cultivation and comprehension of the laws was better than those three patriarchs. Law cultivation was very particular about one’s natural endowments! He also understood the power of the rules and how to use them! If not, the Blood Demon Ancestor would not have bestowed him the Blood River Diagram. If he used the power of the Blood River Diagram to execute some arbitrary technique, it would be the greatest humiliation to a family treasure like the Blood River Diagram.

Since Mu Zi was able to pull the current Shai Lowhe into his own rule domain, this Earthling baldie’s strength was not as simple as he had imagined. Furthermore, Shai Lowhe instantly sensed the pressure this rule domain had on his body. It was as if invisible threads had recklessly swept past this space and tied him up. This was something he had not experienced even when he faced the Netherworld River rules from the Netherworld King.

Shai Lowhe did not panic. When it came to rule domains, whoever occupied the home ground did not necessarily have the advantage. Different rule domains had different strengths. When they fought to the end, victory and defeat would depend on the level of the rules that each party controlled, as well as the strength of their power when they used these rules or laws.

The level of Mu Zi’s rules was unknown. In fact, Shai Lowhe did not even know exactly what kind of rule his hazy fog fell under. However, at the very least, he could be sure that he, who possessed the Blood River Diagram, had boundless power. No one could compete with him in terms of the strength of his power!

Let’s see what this Mu Zi can do!

“Expand.” Shai Lowhe had spoken softly, and his body, which was in the rule domain, rapidly expanded just like when he had gotten rid of the Netherworld River. The countless threads that bound him in the hazy fog collapsed quickly as he transformed. They were like spiderwebs that wrapped around a giant and broke from one pull. It was far too easy.

The gray fog continued to shrink and grow faint in his eyes. Very quickly, he had broken through the height limit that the fog covered, and it was as if he had easily freed himself. However, in the next second, Shai Lowhe was dumbfounded.

He thought that breaking through the gray fog that enshrouded him would allow him to get rid of Mu Zi’s rules. However, he never thought that when he got out of the gray fog, what would appear in front of him was a boundless road.

This path was meandering. It originated from the boundless distance and led to an infinitely distant end. There were countless dead people with heads lowered in silence on the path. They queued up, one after another, and followed expressionlessly and silently. They were like walking corpses that moved step by step as they gradually advanced on this seemingly endless road.

The entire world was extremely quiet. One could only hear the sound of these absent-minded wanderers shuffling.

At the same time, the rules that originated from some boundless source seemed to reverberate in Shai Lowhe’s heart.

“This is the Netherworld Path. The afterlife is extremely joyful! Catch up! Catch up! Catch up!”

The three phrases of “catch up” fiercely pounded on Shai Lowhe’s heart like a massive hammer. A powerful desire in his heart instinctively resisted this voice and told him that he absolutely could not listen to this bewitching sound! Thoughts of resistance could not help but pass through his mind, but he still subconsciously and involuntarily started to walk.

There was a slight pause in the extended formation. An empty spot appeared in front of Shai Lowhe’s eyes amidst the boundless line of dead souls. This allowed him to involuntarily step in and join the numberless army of dead people.

The materialization of these rules was too terrifying and too vast! Not only could Shai Lowhe see this, and not only was Shai Lowhe pulled in, even the one million spectators present and the countless king-leveled Gold Cores on the host’s seats had all descended into Mu Zi’s rule domain!

Even though the rules only targeted Shai Lowhe, besides the king-leveled Gold Cores and some almighty Gold Cores who were able to remain completely calm and awake, everyone else present was almost going crazy. They had been scared to madness by the terrifying aura of the corpses in this world!

“What is this place?! I want to go home! I want to go home!”

“Boo hoo hoo! I don’t want to die! I don’t want to die!”

“How did I get here? Did I die? Am I in hell?”

“Dad, daddy? Is that you, daddy? I—I actually managed to see you again…”

Mournful wails sounded from the arena, but they could not hear one another’s voice. Everyone saw the same world, and everyone was alone in this terrifying world of corpses, as if they would become a part of them. In fact, many people had lost spirit and involuntarily wanted to follow the long line of corpses and advance. However, the corpses did not give way to them, and there was no empty space for them to integrate into the line. They could only pace back and forth in fear, not knowing what to do.

“This is not the power of the Netherworld King…”

Countless bosses at the host’s seats changed their expression for the first time. They realized that they had also descended into this terrifying world of the dead.

How terrifying! When everyone discovered that this was simply a materialization and that the baldie obviously did not have the power to bring so many king-leveled experts to trial at the same time, they realized that they could free themselves!

These were all true king-leveled experts who comprehended the rules. The only reason why they could not break out of this rule domain was because the level of Mu Zi’s rules was too high, to the point that these king-leveled experts had to look up at!

“The Netherworld Path…” There was a hint of reverence in Superintendent Erza’s voice. Even Mo Wen’s Buddhist domain did not make her feel this way.

“These are the true rules of the Netherworld Realm… The subject of the Darkness Rules, one of the Six Supreme Rules!”

“Light is life, and darkness is death! This is not the power of the Netherworld King. The Netherworld King, who was transformed from the Netherworld River, has never reached such levels!”

“Not bad. The Netherworld King is a title formally bestowed upon him as he was born from the Netherworld River and is invincible in the underground world. He is simply a materialization of the Netherworld River and only controls the rules of the River. He is a far cry from the current power we are seeing. This is simply on another level!”

“There are people from the Earth who can control the Six Supreme Rules of the Heaven?!”

“Who exactly is this baldie?!”

The bosses trembled and chatted in a low voice. Even though they could not free themselves from these rules, they were not controlled by them. After all, they were not the ones being attacked. They could hear one another’s voice and feel one another’s presence. Everything in front of their eyes was no more than a terrifying illusion.

Everyone here had gasped in shock and trembled. The only one who did not make a sound was the Blood Demon Ancestor…

He simply could not imagine this. It was fine that a Buddhist Arhat had appeared, but now, a Mu Zi who could control the supreme rules had appeared as well?

What kind of monster was this Earth? What kind of monstrous natural endowments and powers did this group of Earthlings have?!

He was not the subject of this rule attack. Even though he was subjected to the rules, they did not obstruct his vision or his thoughts. He could clearly see that at this moment, Shai Lowhe was being controlled by the rules and had integrated with the army of corpses. He was advancing step by step towards the boundless nation of the dead!

Shai Lowhe had been controlled by Mu Zi? He had been bestowed with the Blood River Diagram, but he was still defeated by this Solid Core baldie from the Earth?

Useless good-for-nothings! They were all useless good-for-nothings! Shai Lowhe had spent 10 years in the Gold Core Realm and was taught by the Blood Demon Ancestor every day. He comprehended the principles of the rules and was provided with unlimited resources. However, he was still no match for an Earthling who had just advanced to the Solid Core Realm!


The Blood Demon Ancestor’s eyes lit up. He could see the continuously struggling expression in Shai Lowhe’s eyes. He had not been completely conquered by this rule domain!

A hint of hope surged in the Blood Demon Ancestor’s heart.

Shai Lowhe could still use the power of the Blood River Diagram!

The level of the baldie’s rules was high enough. That was one of the Six Supreme Rules of the Heaven, and not many Gold Cores in the Land could achieve this. However, he was only a Solid Core. How much power did he have to activate and maintain these rules? He would be exhausted in a few minutes! As long as Shai Lowhe endured, and his will to resist continued to exist, he would be able to make that baldie collapse!

Under the pressure of the life and death rules, one of the Six Supreme Rules, he was still able to resist continuously and maintain a wisp of his will in the depths of his heart. This was Shai Lowhe after all.

“No! You can’t go! You can’t go!”

“This is a road of ruin. When you reach the end, there will be death! Your soul will be eliminated, and you will never be reincarnated!”

“Stop! Stop! I am Shai Lowhe, the future heir of the Blood Demon Race. I am fighting for my life in the Civilization War! This is the opponent’s rule domain and the opponent’s technique. They definitely cannot make me lose my way. Break him! Break him!”

The violent shouting in his heart sounded continuously. Every time he shouted, he felt his will becoming firmer. At the same time, this Netherworld Path seemed to sway slightly.

There was hope!

The Blood Demon Ancestor could sense it. He could sense Shai Lowhe’s will to struggle and even sensed the impact and vibrations in the rule domain as a result of Shai Lowhe’s resistance.

Crash~ Crash~ Crash~ Crash~

The rule domain continuously vibrated. Each vibration was clearer and more intense than the previous vibration, until…


The eyes of many bosses lit up slightly, and the rule domain they had not been able to break free from suddenly disappeared before their eyes. Not only were they freed, but even the countless ordinary people in the surrounding stands seemed to have been “spat” out from the rule domain and returned to reality.

“I’m, I’m not dead?!”

“I’m back! I’m back!”

“Boo hoo hoo! Daddy, I’m not dead. How amazing. I love you, Daddy! Let me kiss you ten thousand times!” The arena was filled with a terrible racket, and there were countless messy noises. Many people had been terrified and dumbstruck. They stood at where they were, frightened out of their wits and at a loss of what to do.

The protective barrier of the arena was not omnipotent. It was able to resist the impact of this power, but it was unable to resist the interference from the rules! Furthermore, this was one of the Six Supreme Rules from Heaven. Throughout the history of the many Civilization Wars in the Land, such high-leveled rules had never appeared before!

At that moment, Superintendent Erza and the others did not have the time to care about the surrounding spectators. Instead, they immediately looked down at the arena.

Shai Lowhe stood motionless, and large sweat drops continued to fall from his forehead. However, he clenched his fists tightly, and his body radiated a brilliant and bloody ray of light. Then, his entire body trembled slightly!

Meanwhile, the baldie standing opposite him was obviously on the verge of death. Only the Life and Death Coffin could keep him standing. Even his aura had weakened considerably.

He would eventually lose…

The nervous expression on the Blood Demon Ancestor’s face finally relaxed. Meanwhile, the other bosses were immensely sentimental.

The Six Supreme Rules… This was the first time such a rule had appeared from an Earthling. However, he had comprehended these rules for nothing as he did not have the corresponding power. This Earthling was… too much of a pity. It was a pity that he was only a Solid Core. Furthermore, he was not like that Buddhist who knew how to use the power of belief. If he relied solely on his power as a Solid Core, if he wanted to activate terrifying rules of this level, it would be as funny as a match between an ant and the sun. He simply would not be able to last long.

Even if one was the most ordinary Gold Core, which Shai Lowhe wasn’t, one would have the strength to easily kill a Solid Core. Defeat would probably occur in a matter of seconds.


The baldie finally seemed as if he could no longer endure this and heaved a long sigh.

The Blood Demon Ancestor could not help but flash a hint of a smile on his face. He had truly been shocked just now. If Shai Lowhe also failed, then the Blood Demon Race would not have the chance to turn the tide even if the Blood Demon Ancestor himself stepped on the battlefield. But now, they had finally— Huh?

The smile on his face froze.

There was no change in Shai Lowhe’s expression. He had not freed himself from the rule domain after all!

Meanwhile, the baldie sighed. Closely after, he stretched out his hand and opened the Life and Death Coffin, which had been closed all along.

“I thought that it was enough to rely on my own power… I just lacked a little more power.” Mu Zi shook his head. This was a self-assessment, and it was a pity that he was not as strong as he had expected. Of course, everything was under his control. Ever since he had united with the Netherworld King and comprehended the true rules of life and death, he already knew his only weakness — that his spiritual power was too weak. After all, he was merely a Solid Core. As long as he could make up for this, besides Wang Zhong, who was unfathomable in his eyes, he would no longer be afraid of anyone in the Land!

Thus, he had allowed the Netherworld King to transform into the Life and Death Coffin. This was not simply a shell to contain the Netherworld King. In times of need, he could borrow the Life and Death Coffin that the Netherworld King had transformed into and connect to the Netherworld Realm. He could then draw on the boundless Netherworld power for free!

Of course, all these could only work with the Netherworld King’s control. Back when Mu Zi was on Earth, he was already able to activate the Life and Death Coffin and raise the gray fog in the Coffin. He was even able to use the Netherworld aura, but it would exhaust too much spirit and energy from him. Even though his strength had improved greatly from before, this had not changed. Thus, he wanted the Netherworld King to integrate with the Life and Death Coffin and use the power of the Netherworld King to build a bridge that could easily connect him to the Netherworld Realm.

“Don’t act dead.” The baldie opened his mouth and patted the coffin. His mouth of white teeth confused everyone. “Get to work!”


The Life and Death Coffin opened, and a wave of extremely massive gray fog rapidly surged from the coffin onto Mu Zi’s body!

The baldie, who had seemed extremely fatigued, was now instantly bursting with life. Meanwhile, Shai Lowhe, who was standing opposite Mu Zi who was flashing a smile, instantly felt as if he had been struck by lightning!

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