Battle Frenzy
1205 Domineering Lao Wang
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1205 Domineering Lao Wang

Chapter 1205: Domineering Lao Wang

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The cold tone caused the millions of spectators in the stands to shut their mouths instantly. Even Superintendent Erza could feel Wang Zhong’s indomitable decisiveness. It was so strong and domineering that she could no longer voice any more rebuttals.

How could one’s self-confidence shrink because of fear?!

Today was the day that Earth was going to rise. It was necessary to clean up the Blood Demon Race once and for all and defeat them till they were convinced!

“Interesting, interesting!” Patriarch Kalidan’s eyes lit up. When Wang Zhong defeated Phumetheus, the Fire Demon Race had investigated him. They knew that he was gentle on the outside but fierce on the inside. “A true powerhouse only believes in himself!”

“Wang Zhong…” Ma Dong squeezed his fists tightly. This might not be the best choice, but Ma Dong felt his heart throbbing with excitement.

Aside from him, Emily, Laura, Gui Xinying, Wang Zhanfeng, Shirley, and all the other Earthlings felt the same! No matter what decision Wang Zhong made, Earth would advance and retreat with him. No one would have any doubts or objections!

“Good! Good! Good!” The Blood Demon Ancestor couldn’t help but laugh out loud. He suddenly discovered that this Earthling, whom he had always regarded as a dangerous enemy, had such a “cute” side. “I will fulfill your wish of letting you kill me!”

Wang Zhong smiled slightly. However, before he spoke, he heard the voice of Superintendent Erza from the main stand. “Hold on.”

The entire arena was quiet, yet Wang Zhong and the Blood Demon Ancestor were not distracted by her voice. Both of them knew very well in their hearts that no matter what Superintendent Erza wanted to say, she would still be unable to prevent the battle between them.

At this time, an elegant celestial shadow floated up from the main stands, entered the protective barrier, and hovered over the arena. Then the figure waved her hands towards Supervisor Tsargesimon, who was seated below.

“I will be the judge for this battle.” Superintendent Erza’s voice was solemn. “But before that…”

For a king-level battle, naturally, there should be a king-level judge. Everyone understood that if Tsargesimon was the judge, he might be killed by merely standing in the arena.

But what was she implying by saying “before that”? What did Superintendent Erza want to do?

Countless people looked at Superintendent Erza questioningly.

The Superintendent then smiled slightly and said towards the main stand, “Your Excellency Chief Judge Lyune, can you set up an SSS-rank spiritual protection barrier?”

“No problem. Please wait a moment.” Chief Judge Lyune’s voice responded from the stands. “It will take about three hours to complete the installation.”

The spiritual protection barrier was the protective shield around the arena. Generally speaking, the Machinery Race sold, at most, B-rank protection barriers to outsiders. This corresponded to the strength of a Solid Core and was sufficient for use in the level-6 or level-7 civilizations, be it for the construction of a base or for cultivation.

An A-rank protection barrier corresponded to the strength of a Gold Core, while an S-rank protection barrier corresponded to the strength of an almighty Gold Core expert! That was the highest cultivation level that most people in the Land believed possible, but SSS-rank…

This… No one had ever heard of it. Was there even such a thing in the Machinery Race?

While surprised, many people also felt their scalps go numb. However, they had slowly come to a realization.

Both Aiolos’s lightning and Mu Zi’s rule domain had already affected the ordinary audience in the stands. Obviously, Superintendent Erza knew that since the Blood Demon Ancestor and Wang Zhong were both stronger, the S-rank protection barrier around the arena would obviously be insufficient to ensure the safety of the spectators. Thus, it was necessary to pause for a while to strengthen this protection.

“The two of you, please go back to the waiting room and wait for three hours,” Superintendent Erza said lightly.

The two people in the arena were still looking at each other. Although there were no sparks in the air from the eye contact between the two of them, the silent yet heavy atmosphere had already made all the spectators watching feel suffocated.

“Go back and prepare for your death,” the Blood Demon Ancestor said faintly. “In three hours, I will accept your dead soul and let you become a part of my Blood River Diagram. You should feel honored.”

“You are thinking too much.” Lao Wang just smiled. “I am a simple person… I will just kill you.”


Ka ka ka ~

The Machinery Race had always been the most efficient in the Star Alliance. Merely two to three minutes later, the work of changing into the SSS-rank protection barrier was already in full swing. The engineers had to disconnect and dismantle the entire protective plate before they could replace it with a new one. It was tedious work as there were many interconnecting parts.

At the same time, a large number of highly concentrated Gold Star Stones were pulled to the sides in carts, ready to cover the greater energy consumption for the protective barrier. Thousands of Machinery Race engineers were efficiently and diligently working. However, the entire arena had a circumference of 10 kilometers. Only the Machinery Race could finish such a large workload in the short period of three hours.

Weng Weng Weng ~

There were continuous sounds of discussion in the stands. Some even decided to leave the arena. After all, the previous battles had scared quite a number of people, especially Mu Zi’s terrifying rule domain. Even with the protective barrier, they still didn’t feel safe. Although an SSS-rank spiritual protection barrier was being put in place, the more timid ones still decided to leave first. Of course, the number of people leaving was relatively small.

This was probably the one and only opportunity to watch a king-level battle in one’s lifetime. Many people were reluctant to leave and decided to stay on even if it meant they were risking their lives. Furthermore, with the new SSS-level protection barrier and the presence of Superintendent Erza in the arena, it was more reassuring.

The bigwigs on the main stands still appeared as godlike figures in the eyes of the ordinary spectators. However, the seats where the Earthlings were originally sitting on were already mostly empty. Three hours of waiting was sufficient for them to go down and see Wang Zhong. This was originally not in compliance with the rules. However, rules were always meant for the weak. After hearing the small requests made by the Earthlings, Superintendent Erza readily agreed.

“Good boy!”

In the Earth’s resting room, Wang Zhanfeng went up towards Lao Wang and greeted him with a vicious bear hug.

“Sorry, Uncle Wang,” Wang Zhong said with a smile. “I didn’t discuss it with any of you in advance.”

But before Lao Wang could even finish speaking, applause ran throughout the whole room. Everyone including Wang Zhanfeng and Shirley (Aunt Shea) was clapping for Wang Zhong. Thinking back to when they had just sent Wang Zhong off to the Land, neither Wang Zhanfeng nor Shirley had ever imagined that Wang Zhong could achieve what he had now. Furthermore, he did all these in a few short years. It could be said that most of the things that Earth had now were due to Wang Zhong. Maybe some thought that even if there was no Lao Wang, wasn’t there still Mu Zi, Aiolos, Mo Wen, and the others? But the truth was far from this.

Without Wang Zhong, Earth wouldn’t have even been able to promote to a level-6 civilization so smoothly, and it would have been impossible for them to establish such a good relationship with the Machinery Race, the Insect Race, and the Heavenly Shell Race. And if they did not have the support of these three races, how could Earth have survived the waves of setbacks and troubles they had faced?

Without Wang Zhong, Mu Zi might not even have survived in his attempt to tame the Netherworld King, and Mo Wen would have remained as a boss of the Resistance Army stuck in the Mirror World. Sooner or later, Mo Wen would have enraged the Star Alliance where he would then be completely wiped out by the Star Alliance’s army. Although Aiolos’s life was pretty fruitful as a gladiator in the Arena, he had already cut into the interests of many nobles from higher-leveled civilizations. Although they had yet to act against him, it would not have been long if Aiolos continued his career in the Arena. Napier might be the only one who could have lived a long period with his job as an underground assassin. However, he was after all an assassin, one that could not leave the dark; he would have more than likely lived the rest of his life under a disguise. Lastly, for Vladimir, he would have most likely remained as an ice puppet under the control of Julienne. Probably, no one would have found out his whereabouts…

Or perhaps, when the Blood Demon Race had sent a Solid Core to Earth previously, Earth would have completely fallen, and the civilization would have ceased to exist!

It was Wang Zhong who had brought them through all the troubles and brought everyone together. Now, he even had to represent Earth to face the most terrifying enemy they had ever met and fight a life and death battle on its behalf…

Ma Dong, Emily, Laura, Milami… These young people might have been friends with Wang Zhong and sat on the same level as him, but they still absolutely recognized Wang Zhong as their leader and placed all their trust in him. Mo Yao and the members of the Patriarch Society might all be regarded as Wang Zhong’s elders, but they too without exception looked to him as their commander.

“Boy, do your best! We will always stand by you!” Wang Zhanfeng said with a big smile.

“Wang Zhong.” Shirley also held Wang Zhong’s hand. “The fate of Earth is in your hands. We believe in you.”

“We must win, Wang Zhong!”

“Lao Wang, you can definitely win!”

Everyone was roaring out cheers. It was not that they didn’t know of the horror of the Blood Demon Ancestor. Just by looking at his ability to kill Shai Lowhe in a split second, everyone knew of the strength he had, which had allowed him to lead the Blood Demon Race for nearly ten eras. But this was Wang Zhong’s choice, and he was more than qualified to make any decision for Earth. To the people of Earth, he was an invincible legend.

“Wang Zhong.” Another gentle voice sounded at this time, but it was not an Earthling; it was Celeste, with a complex look on her face. She never thought that Earth could be so strong. Many of the rules of the Star Alliance were beneficial only to the absolute powerhouses, and this final battle would decide everything. She couldn’t see through the current Wang Zhong. Of course, she couldn’t see through the Blood Demon Ancestor either. “Be prepared to be outnumbered.”

“Sister, why are you saying it so eloquently!” Princess Ina added. “The Blood Demons are all disgusting people. Playing with the souls of the dead, maybe they had even dragged their ancestors out from their graves…”

“Not only that,” Celeste said solemnly, “there are too many insidious methods the Blood Demon Race could use. Beware of the laws of curses. That is something they use normally.”

The Blood Demon Ancestor hadn’t taken any action for a long time. He had been in a state of retirement as early as several eras ago. He was someone that was considered to be an ancient-level figure. There were very few people who knew and understood him. After all, not every person could live so long. However, as the “ruler” of the Star Alliance, the Heavenly Shell Race could always learn some secrets from the historical records, but this could only be used as a reference and a kind of warning. After all, it had been too long. No one knew what kind of strength the current Blood Demon Ancestor had.

“Curses?” Not only did Lao Wang’s face show no surprise, on the contrary, he even looked very interested.

But any ability that tapped onto the use of laws or rules was already beyond the scope of an ordinary Gold Core. The curse laws were one of the top few laws that existed, at least for Earth that is…

“Who cares about some curse law that he has?!” Jhonas, who was next to him, was definitely one of the people who had the most confidence in Lao Wang. “The boss is invincible!”

Rumble! Bang bang!

As he spoke, there was a rumbling sound in the arena. Through the windows, they could see that a thick and incomparable protection barrier was rising along the edge of the arena. The dark blue protective barrier gave people a reassuring and safe feeling just by looking at it. At the same time, the mighty voice of Superintendent Erza sounded in the arena. “Earth civilization against the Blood Demon civilization. This is the decisive match. Can both sides please make your way out for the last battle?!”

Everyone in the waiting room was dazed, but when they turned around to look, Wang Zhong was already gone.

“Blood Shadow geezer, roll out here to accept your death!”


Wang Zhong’s voice had just sounded in the arena when a terrifying blood-red light fell from the sky, smashing towards him!

The attack came too fast, and there was no time for him to react. The blood light had already fallen to the ground.

In an instant, everyone felt the entire arena shaking as if a monstrous giant hand had pressed down on it!

Rumble! Bang bang!

The arena swayed, and the ground of the arena that had just been repaired instantly cracked. Countless bricks and stones flew up like pieces of tofu!

However, in the center of the blood light, there was a piece of land that was unscathed. A golden light rose wildly there, resisting this monstrous force.

Hua hua hua!

The blood ray’s attack in the air was not over yet. It rushed towards the golden light crazily, trying to completely squash it. However, only a buzzing sound could be heard.

Buzz buzz buzz~

The golden light accumulated in an instant and started to form a vortex under the attack of the blood rays. It was as if an unstoppable storm was brewing!

Immediately afterwards, a dull voice sounded from the golden light.

“Rise of the Dragon!”


The compressed golden light suddenly swelled and made a huge recoil force against the blood rays!

The endless blood rays in the sky were immediately dissipated by this golden light! But shortly after…

“Blood Execution!” A muffled roar sounded in the air.

The scattered blood rays instantly condensed and turned into blood-colored chains, entwining the golden light that was soaring into the sky. The other end of the chains was firmly held in the hands of Blood Shadow who was in mid-air.

“Lockdown!” The resounding shout echoed throughout the arena.


As if given additional power, all the blood-colored chains pressed together in an instant and instantly bound the golden light that was soaring into the sky!

The golden light was not just a normal ray. It had the shape of a golden dragon with a long body. However, it had been trapped by the blood-colored chains and was struggling frantically.



The blood-colored chains made a twisting sound that made people’s scalps go numb. The golden dragon was overwhelmed and was being strangled. However, in the next second, the golden light flashed in the sky higher than the blood shadow.

“Descent of the Dragon!”

Wang Zhong pressed his palms down, and his whole body exuded a suffocating golden light, making him seem like a small sun. He descended from the air at a very high speed, the aura even engulfing the audience seated within a 10-kilometer radius. There was no way to hide!


Before the spectators could even react, the brilliant golden light and blood shadow had already clashed in the arena, and the cascading waves of air swept the audience like a tsunami. Countless debris and air currents were trapped within the protective barrier with nowhere to go. They then formed a terrifying storm vortex, shrouding the entire arena in a debris storm.

Hong long long ~

The continuous clashing sound persisted in the arena.

The ground was trembling, and the SSS-class protection barrier that had just been replaced was also shaking…

The million spectators in the stands were stunned. From the moment the combatants had appeared on the stage, almost no one managed to see their figures clearly. The moment they appeared, they brought out all their ultimate moves and clashed with each other. The spectators couldn’t keep up with the rhythm of these two people at all. They could merely see the dazzling golden light and blood shadow intertwine with each other before a huge storm vortex started rampaging across the whole arena. They could only hear the sounds of the clashes between the two, as well as feel the aftermath of the clashes that left terrifying shocks under their rear-ends.

Everyone had already been shocked by the tyrannical combat power and destructive might of Aiolos, Gollon, and the others from the previous fights. But compared with the current battle, the previous Gold Cores, who were said to have entered the Dao, were merely like three-year-old children before these two!

No one had ever doubted the strength of the Blood Demon Race’s Ancestor. He had long had the strength of a king-level Gold Core. But how could Wang Zhong, who was a Solid Core, also have such terrifying strength?

“True Dragon Qi!” In an inconspicuous corner of the crowd, Shannali’s eyes were full of shock. She had imagined that Wang Zhong was a big fish, but she did not expect him to be big to such a degree!

That was the core heritage and the most powerful force of the Dragon Race! Not everyone could have the True Dragon Qi, and even among the Dragons in the Heaven, there were only a very few who could use it! It could only be inherited in the mark of life, and there was only one portion! It belonged only to the king of the Dragons!

That was right; she was the spy and assassin sent by the four races of the Heaven to watch over Earth. Her mission was to kill all living beings related to the Dragon Race. In the previous long years, Shannali and her companions had killed off at least dozens of suspected Dragon reincarnations. However, those suspected targets were at most only able to use a small amount of Draconic Spiritual Power or had mastered a certain kind of secret art left by the Dragon Race in this world. However, Wang Zhong who was in front of her had clearly surpassed them. Could it be that he was the real target that she had been searching for through dozens of eras?!

It’s no wonder that the assassins I sent previously had all failed. This big fish is not even at the same level as me. In fact, he’s much more powerful!

The storm rampaged in the arena before slowly dissipating. There was a white jade-like figure hanging in the air on the left side. It was Superintendent Erza. A faint fluorescent layer of light protected her, preventing the storm from getting close to her. However, this did not interfere with the battle.

In the arena, the two figures were now standing upright and facing each other.

The eyes of the Blood Demon Ancestor were filled with uncertainty.

He had never underestimated Wang Zhong and was even the first to attack. He even used both his physical strength and his combat techniques to attack. The Earthling’s understanding of the laws had surprised him previously. There was a Buddhist Arhat who used the Buddhist Judgement and Mu Zi who used the Netherworld Path. Such attacks that incorporated laws were often used by the weak to defeat the strong, so he didn’t want to give Wang Zhong any opportunity to do so.

He thought that Wang Zhong’s spiritual power would be his weakness. In any case, Wang Zhong was merely a Solid Core. However, what he did not expect was that his opponent could even fight against him on the same level with his spiritual power and combat skills!

He could feel that the unusual golden aura on Wang Zhong’s body was several levels higher than his own spiritual power. That was most likely the reason why the Earthling could use the spiritual power of a Solid Core to compete with himself. And looking at the shape of the golden light, could it be that this kid is really a lost child from the Dragon Race?

In the current Star Alliance, others might not know of the Dragon Race’s past, but the Blood Demon Ancestors knew of it! He had lived long enough and even personally experienced the turmoil between the four Heaven Races and the Dragon Race. The fight had even nearly caused the Heavenly River to be broken up! Even the slightest bit of the Dragons’ tyrannical aura would cause all civilizations in the Land to tremble!

That was an insanely powerful and unruly race! If one were to say one was using electricity, then the Dragons could be said to be using nuclear energy! It was no wonder that a small Solid Core had the explosiveness and the spiritual power that could compete with his own king-level Gold Core. If he wanted to get close to him and engage in a close combat battle, it could be said to be impossible…

“I didn’t expect a monster like you to appear on a mere Earth.” The Blood Demons Ancestor’s tone had slowed down. Since he couldn’t end it quickly, he had to be steady. Just like how a lion fought with a rabbit, the lion needed to time his attacks right and choose the right tactics and rhythm to deal with the rabbit. This was the instinct that any truly strong powerhouse should have.

Wang Zhong smiled slightly. “There were many things you didn’t expect.”


“Did you ever think that Earth could win four consecutive matches?”

“Hehe, no.” The Blood Demon Ancestor accepted Lao Wang’s ridicule. The seemingly plain words were a kind of exchange between the two of them. Both of them did not know the other party’s laws and ability, but the experienced ones could get a general understanding based on their opponent’s personality and speech patterns. Those with a sharp personality and aggressive tone were often those that had mastered a law of the five elements. But the feeling that Wang Zhong gave to the Blood Demon Ancestor could be described with only a single word: calm. He showed no signs that allowed the Blood Demon Ancestor to speculate about his abilities. He was also not purposely hiding his true self. It felt as if… everything was under his control.

It has been really troublesome… These Earthlings seem to be exceptionally good at understanding the laws!

The Blood Demon Ancestor squinted his eyes, and while talking to Wang Zhong, he silently activated the power of the law in his body. “I am also curious. How are the Earthlings able to become like that? And based on your facial expression, it seems you had already foreseen this long ago?”

“Compared to your Blood Demon Race, Earth has five major advantages.” Wang Zhong smiled. “True form, talent, comprehending laws, and the lack of information about the Earth.”

True form, talent, and comprehension of laws might all be classified as one’s talents in the eyes of others. They might think that Wang Zhong was only trying to make up the numbers, but only the Earthlings understood why these three categories really needed to be distinguished from each other. Not everyone on Earth had these three talents, just like how not everyone in the CHF had supernatural abilities.

Another aspect was the true form. For people in the Land, everything was just by natural instinct. But for the people of Earth, they had been studying the essence of these things even when they were still very weak. From a long time ago, they had already started studying and investigating how to take the initiative to create the Dharma Idol. Thus, the true talent of the Earthlings was actually in a form of knowledge inheritance. They were not like the other civilizations that had their abilities inherited from their bloodlines. Thus, there would naturally be a need for the talents to be separated into several aspects…

As for the lack of information on Earth, it could be considered a slap in the face for the Blood Demon Race. A dignified level-7 civilization actually did not have complete information on a mere level-4 civilization! As a result, in the first four battles, the Gold Cores of the Blood Demon Race knew nothing about their opponents!

Regardless, no matter how badly they had lost, the Blood Demon Ancestor obviously had no intention of arguing with Wang Zhong. Only the weaklings chose to fight with words.

His attack that had incorporated the power of a law was already near full preparation. He only chose to continue conversing with Wang Zhong so that he could slow down the pace of the battle a little and understand his opponent more. “Hahaha, true form, talent, comprehension of laws, and lack of information? Isn’t that only four? What’s the last one?”

“That’s me.” Lao Wang laughed. “I am the greatest advantage Earth has.”

“Oh?” The Blood Demon Ancestor couldn’t help but laugh. “Please don’t tell me you were planning to fight against all nine of us if things turned sour?”

“Hehe…” Lao Wang just smiled.

“Then I shall grant you your wish!” When the voice fell, the endless power of the law frantically stretched out from the Blood Demon Ancestor’s body and gathered in the air. “I shall let you fight against nine!”

A huge river of blood manifested in an instant, hanging horizontally in the air.

It was the Chaos Blood River Diagram!

But unlike the Blood River Diagram used by Shai Lowhe before, the manifestation of this Blood River was hundreds or thousands of times the size of the previous one! From the moment it appeared, it seemed as though it had stretched across the sky and the entire world, making people feel that this river of blood seemed to be big enough to penetrate the entire Fifth Dimension!

The Blood Demon Race specialized in killing. The number of deaths by their hands would be ranked in the top three among all the civilizations of the Star Alliance. People who didn’t know them clearly might have thought that they were just the underlings of the Fire Demon Race and were instructed by them to start slaughtering everywhere and that they did so merely to please their masters and grab a share of resources.

But only the insiders understood that the Blood Demons didn’t really care about the resources of those civilizations, especially those in the boundary worlds. Although most of the civilizations there were better than the original Earth, the region could still be considered barren. What resources could there be for a level-7 civilization to personally act?

What they cared about was the act of killing itself. What they valued were the souls of those killed! Every time the Blood Demon Race killed a living being and slaughtered a civilization, the endless number of souls would become the best nutrient used to raise the Blood River Diagram.

The Chaos Blood River Diagram was the true root of the Blood Demons, and the souls inside were accumulated through countless eras. It was the best treasure they had! Being able to manifest this rule domain across the entire Fifth Dimension was by no means empty words.

The blood-stained universe, the rushing river of blood, and the mighty heavenly power instantly enveloped the entire world. Not only this arena, but the entire Machinery Palace seemed to have been covered by the blood-stained sky. Countless people looked up in surprise.

Shortly after~

Hong! Hong! Hong…

There were huge blood-colored bubbles rising from the river of blood; each of them seemed to have emptied a large amount of power from the Blood River. They then turned into a huge blood shadow. There were a total of nine of them. Every one of them had their body covered with blood, looking like a devil.

“This is…?!”

“Blood-refining his ancestors?”

“Killing Ancestor, Blood River Ancestor, Nine Demon Queen…”

The king-level bosses in the stands stood up one after another. It was difficult to conceal the shock in their eyes.

The Blood River Diagram had been passed down from one generation to the next for nearly a hundred eras. On average, an ancestor-level figure was born every 10 eras. The blood shadows manifested from the Blood River this time were actually those from the Blood Demon Race. On top of that, they were all ancestors of the Blood Demon Race from the past, with none missing out!

The art of reincarnation using blood. A total of nine king-level Gold Cores!

One should know that those that were reincarnated from the Blood River Diagram were dead souls that were sacrificed and trapped in it. The souls would be stuck in the Blood River Diagram forever, for eternity! Yet, the Blood Demon Race actually sacrificed all their ancestors into the Blood River Diagram! The cruelty and ruthlessness of this race was truly unimaginable.

Moreover, even when Shai Lowhe used the power of the Blood River Diagram before, he merely summoned a Gold Core soul that was close to a king-level. But now, the Blood Demon Ancestor could actually summon nine king-level Gold Cores?! Had the strength of the Blood Demon Ancestor become so absurdly strong?

Patriarch Tsarlozst looked on intently. The Titans and the Blood Demon Race had always been hostile with each other, and they knew each other the best. “It’s not that the Blood Demon Ancestor is ten thousand times stronger than Shai Lowhe… The Blood River Diagram has its own consciousness and wisdom. In each generation, there is only one master it will be bound to. With the recognition of the Blood River Diagram, all the power in the artifact could be used. The recognized master of this generation was obviously the Blood Demon Ancestor.”

How could one fight against nine king-level Gold Cores?

Mu Zi’s expression became stern. The Black Titan that Shai Lowhe summoned before had insignificant impact on him only because his Netherworld energy was a counter to it, causing its combat power to greatly weaken. It was not because the resurrected souls were not good enough.

Moreover, the one currently in control was the Blood Demon Ancestor, the true master of the Blood River Diagram. The power of his laws would definitely be on a completely different level compared to Mu Zi’s Netherworld King’s laws. If Mu Zi’s opponent had been the Blood Demon Ancestor, his Netherworld King’s laws would definitely not have had such a significant effect on the resurrected souls.

“Profaning the ancestors of your own race”—Lao Wang didn’t look panicked on his face and even became calmer—”does your Blood Demon Race still know shame?”

“My Blood Demon Race ancestors all joined the Blood River Diagram before their deaths willingly so that they could ensure the prosperity of the race in the future. They are selfless and righteous. This is also my destiny in the future! This is not something you can criticize!” the Blood Demon Ancestor said with a cold voice, the Blood River Diagram in his hand already shining. “Kill!”

The blood-colored sky transformed in an instant and gathered on the nine people. However, before the nine king-level Gold Cores could act, an array of starlight shone and spread quickly, pushing the momentum of the blood-colored sky back.

At this time, everyone seemed a bit desperate.

The Blood Demon Race and the Fire Demon Race were both subsidiaries of the Savage Demon Race in the Heaven. However, the Fire Demon Race became a level-8 civilization, while the Blood Demon Race only became a level-7 civilization. It was not because the Blood Demon Race couldn’t fight well, but rather… they had been too good at fighting.

The Heaven had to maintain balance in the Land. If the Blood Demon Race was allowed to develop as it was, the balance in the Land would definitely have been broken. If the Blood Demon Race developed to the extreme, who would be able to stop them except the races in the Heaven?

This was not what the four races in the Heaven wanted to see. What they needed were obedient races in the Land.

At this time, the faces of the people including Superintendent Erza were a bit ugly. It was not difficult to deal with the Blood Demon Ancestor, but the power he displayed currently was too difficult for anyone to chew. Anyone who wanted to fight with the Blood Demon Race had to pay a heavy price.

The talents of the Earthlings had been fully showcased before. However, under the suppression of such power, everything else seemed extremely weak and small. The nine top-level puppets and the Blood River Diagram had formed a “world” that belonged to the Blood Demon Ancestor alone. Here, he was the only god.

At this time, the Blood Demon Ancestor looked at Wang Zhong like a mouse. Initially, he didn’t want to do it like this. But at this point, he might as well let all the races in the Land recognize the power of the Blood Demons and let them realize that his Race should have been a level-8 civilization!

Julienne stubbornly took Vladimir’s hand and attempted to drag him out. When else could they escape?

She was an expert on puppets and realized that the Blood Demon Ancestor was an ancestral figure when it came to fighting with puppets. Such power could even destroy everything here. Furthermore, she had heard that the Blood Demon Race had many of such similar tricks up their sleeves. It was better to escape than to die. The Wang Zhong on stage might not even be able to move his fingers under such pressure.

While everyone was immersed under this pressure, Wang Zhong laughed and snapped his fingers.


The crisp sound seemed to have penetrated space and time.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh…

A large black and white grid appeared between the sky and the earth. It was as if the sky and the earth were enveloped in thousands of different weather conditions at the same time. The grid started spreading with Wang Zhong as its center without any interference. Every expansion gave the spectators a feeling that they were going to be sucked in.

What was that?

“Manifestation of laws?”

“Hai, the Earthlings have too few tricks up their sleeves. After all, they have only cultivated for a short period of time.”

“This law… I don’t feel much power from it. It even seems a lot worse than the Arhat’s and the Netherworld King’s…”

There were too many masters like Superintendent Erza at the scene, and it was not surprising to them that Earthlings could use such power. Otherwise, the Earthlings wouldn’t have had so much courage. However, this alone seemed insufficient.

“Let the heavens and the earth be the chess pieces, and I shall be the master!”

This voice was calm but pleasant; it was without an aura that could cause the sky to break and the earth to crack, but it was still very penetrating. Even with the Blood River Diagram in the background, the words were still clear and audible.

The whole arena couldn’t help but become quiet. The people who had talked about the inferiority of the Earth couldn’t help but shut up, but this alone was still far from sufficient. From the outlook as of now, the Blood Demon Ancestor seemed to have the aura of a master who could even fight against the entire Star Alliance with his own power currently.

However, at this moment, in the black and white world, a unique color was suddenly born.

It was a touch of golden-red, like an origin condensed in the air, although it was small but bright. It had a strange attraction yet also robbed everyone’s sight. Immediately, everyone felt that the surrounding temperature seemed to have suddenly dropped by half as if all the heat in this space was drawn away by an invisible force.

The origin condensed slightly, and it was as if the entire space had frozen. Shortly after, it exploded and burst out!


Dazzling firelights burst out from the golden-red origin and rapidly expanded. The heat in the entire arena that was just removed was returned back in an instant, causing the temperature to rise rapidly!

No, not only this arena, even the huge area that spanned a radius of hundreds of kilometers of the entire Machinery Palace had its temperature rise. It was as if fire elements from all over the world had gathered at this moment!

What a terrifying heat and dazzling fire! If the nine ancestors summoned by the Blood River Diagram could be said to be against the heavens, then the dazzling firelight was as if a sun was breaking through the world! The raging fireball swelled and obscured the sky in an instant, robbing the light of the entire world. It caused the Blood River to evaporate in an instant and made the nine ancestors pause for a moment.

And in that huge fireball, a god-like figure stood upright.

He had a humanoid figure but didn’t have a proper skeleton and skin. He was composed of pure flames. The burning eyes were like two small suns, causing people to be afraid to look at him directly. It felt as if a mere glance at him would cause one to be blinded by the intense light!


Only the king of the Elemental Race in the Heaven could have such an aura!

Elemental Race, Fire King!

“So handsome! So handsome! Master really summoned fire first! I knew that Master loved me the most!” Nini shouted excitedly in the Spirit Flower Garden. Not only her, but a bunch of elemental spirits such as Yiyi and Roro were also squeezing in front of the stereoscopic projection screen and cheering.

This was a life-and-death battle for their sweetheart. Unfortunately, Lao Wang didn’t take them there. If he had taken this group of elemental spirits, they would definitely not merely sit in the audience and watch the match. There would definitely be some trouble that arose. Furthermore, for a battle at that level, it was obvious that Nini and the others would not even have the qualifications to become cannon fodder.

“Hmph, why are you talking as if you are the only fire elemental!” Roro sneered next to her. “I think that the one that Wang Zhong really likes is me! Haven’t you heard the sentence? Family flowers are not as good as wildflowers. My advantage is greater.”

“How could you, the bitch flower, be a wildflower? Advantage? Go home and eat your own sh*t!”

Before she finished her words, Yiyi, who was next to her, had grabbed Nini’s arm excitedly. “Look, look!”

At the same time when the Elemental Fire King appeared, another giant shadow followed closely.

He too appeared on the chessboard with a dazzling white light. But this time, the light brought along a sense of coldness.

The sky that had just been burned by the Fire Elemental King in the arena had frozen the instant he appeared, turning into a ball of icy flames. The river of blood that dared to invade this area had turned into a glacier. Everything seemed to have been frozen!

Scary! If it was said that the law of the element of fire before could only slightly contend with the invasion of the Blood River Diagram, then at this moment, with the power of the water and fire elements, it was obvious that the Blood River Diagram could no longer enter Wang Zhong’s domain anymore!

And in that lonely ice world, there was also a majestic figure of an icy woman in the snow.

“That’s… the Queen of Frost!” Superintendent Erza couldn’t help but gasp.

In the Five Elements, ice and water did not distinguish themselves from each other since ice could be regarded as an evolution of water.

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