Battle Frenzy
1206 Come, Let“s Play a Game of Chess
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1206 Come, Let“s Play a Game of Chess

Chapter 1206: Come, Let’s Play a Game of Chess

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Although there were many kinds of law manifestations, as long as one reached the extreme, there would only be one common ultimate form. The Queen of Frost was the ultimate form of the water law!

The Heavenly Shell Race was also a race that was compatible with the law of water. Throughout its history, there had been an instance where a heavenly talent of their Race managed to comprehend the law of water to the extreme. His law manifestation was also the Queen of Frost! There had only been one person who managed such a feat throughout the entire history of the Heavenly Shell Race, but now, Wang Zhong had actually done it too!

How was this possible? How long had he been cultivating? Moreover, he did not specifically specialize in comprehending the law of water. Based on the expression of shock from Patriarch Kalidan of the Fire Demon Race just now, Wang Zhong who had also summoned the Fire Elemental King, the ultimate form of the fire law, had left him dumbfounded!

He could actually achieve such deep comprehension of both the water and fire laws at the same time! This was simply inconceivable!

“This Earthling’s affinity with the fire and water elements is really…”

“Being able to cultivate two laws to its extremity at the same time… Such talent is unimaginable.”

“Only those who can get the recognition of the laws can accomplish such a feat. This has nothing to do with one’s strength. Earthlings…”

The scene was quiet, but there were just countless faces that had their jaws wide open. However, what everyone did not expect was that this was only the beginning…

Immediately afterward, more origins bloomed on the black and white chessboard!

A dazzling golden warrior of the gods; a huge and mighty world tree that seemed to cover the entire world; a thick and solid stone giant that seemed able to block everything… These were all ultimate forms of the gold, wood, and earth laws! Furthermore, each one of them exuded an aura as strong as the Queen of Frost and the Fire Elemental King from before!

“Complete comprehension of all five elements!”

“Didn’t he only have an affinity with the water and fire elements?”

“He is… the god of the Land!” The bigwigs in the main stands could no longer sit still.

The Land was formed by the five elements. In other words, the laws of the five elements were the base structure that held up the Fifth Dimension and the material world! Controlling all the five elements was equivalent to controlling the entire Land. This was the extreme that a living being in the Land could achieve.

However, the upcoming commotion showed that it was still too early for the bigwigs to be shocked.


As the manifestation of all the five elemental laws descended, a bright light shrouded the sky, and a heavenly godlike figure with wings appeared in the air. Endless golden light shrouded him, making him seem like a god of light.

Soon after, darkness covered the sky. This time, it was way darker than when Mu Zi’s Netherworld King appeared. It was as if wherever the darkness went, the area turned to nothingness, taking away everything from this world. It made people feel completely lost and unsure of where they were. A fierce Shura with three heads and six arms then descended, bringing along an aura of endless chaos and killing…

Hong! Hong! Hong!

A series of godlike figures fell from the air. Including the manifestations of the five elements, there were a total of 11 godlike figures on the chessboard now! They all remained silent, standing on the board as if they were Wang Zhong’s chess pieces. Their silent gaze seemed to imply they had complete control over this world. They appeared vast and mighty and corresponded to the 11 different laws that existed within this world.

As for Wang Zhong, he stood among these 11 godlike manifestations. It was as if he was the center of the entire world!

The face of the Blood Demon Ancestor changed. He could feel the oppression from the 11 terrifying godlike figures. If it was said that the laws of the five elements were only able to withstand the Blood River Diagram, then the Blood River Diagram could now be said to be fully suppressed. Furthermore, it was an all-around suppression!

How was this possible?! In this world, how could someone manifest all 11 laws at the same time?!

These were the 11 origin laws, which also encompassed the six supreme laws of the Heaven! This was simply unimaginable; this was simply impossible! Not to mention the Land, there was no chance that someone could accomplish such a feat even in the Heaven.

Moreover, even if he was really enlightened and comprehended all 11 laws to the extreme, where did his source of strength come from? The manifestation of a law also needed spiritual power. Where did this spiritual power come from?! Even if he possessed a spiritual power at the level of a king-level Gold Core, it was still impossible to manifest all 11 origin laws at the same time. It was tantamount to running a universe by himself! Even the Blood River Diagram, which had accumulated an immense amount of energy from the countless eras it existed, couldn’t support such a consumption at all.

It would be very strenuous on him! With such power consumption and the manifestation of the laws, even the Master Machine of the Machinery Race would collapse in an instant, let alone a human!

The Blood Demon Ancestor stared at Wang Zhong coldly, hoping to find a flaw on his opponent’s face. However, all he saw was casualness and calmness.

There was a smile on Lao Wang’s face. He knew what the Blood Demon Ancestor was thinking, but the other party had the wrong thought process all along.

The manifestation of these 11 laws was merely the projection of the essence of the laws in the rule domain. He did not need to use any power. Frankly speaking, if the 11 laws were really gathered and Wang Zhong had full control over them, the Blood Demon Ancestor would be finished in an instant. The physical manifestations of the laws alone would be enough to level half of the world in an instant. Such a level was beyond Wang Zhong’s reach for now, but there was a chance he could achieve such a realm when he advanced to become a Gold Core.

At this moment, he truly realized how it felt to be a “god”. As long as he willed something in his heart, the laws would act accordingly.

“King!” The 11 colossal statues resembling gods saluted their “king” once again. The voices from the ultimate forms of various laws caused heaven and earth to shake and the air to become turbulent. It was as if heaven and earth were also worshiping Wang Zhong. No one had ever thought, even in their dreams, that an Earthling could be so strong.

Furthermore, it was not the Netherworld King who was in the limelight now, nor was it Mo Wen, the big boss in the Mirror World. It was in fact Wang Zhong, who had all along been under the nose of the Star Alliance.

“Full of pretense!” The Blood Demon Ancestor flashed his eyes.

Others could be scared of this, but he couldn’t. This was a battle of life and death. Any hesitation could result in death!

What was more, although he had never really seen the true power of the 11 laws, he knew that it was definitely at a level where it could wipe out the entirety of the Land. However, the threat in front of him had obviously not reached that level. More than likely, it was only the outer appearance that seemed intimidating. “Kill!”

The nine king-level Gold Core puppets, forged from the Blood Demon Ancestors of old, all acted together, and a monstrous blood flame emerged like a violent storm, covering the whole arena, directly smothering Wang Zhong’s chessboard.

At the same time, with a wave of Lao Wang’s right hand, the 11 manifestations who had bowed before him stood up at the same time and unleashed their strength.

Immediately, everyone saw an astounding scene on the chessboard! Huge fireballs that resembled the sun condensed in front of the Fire Elemental King, and a huge golden spear that seemed to be able to pierce through the void had condensed in front of the Gold Elemental King. A thick stone wall that towered beyond the sky condensed out of thin air, and a snowstorm started to brew out of nowhere. The world tree that was full of vitality had its roots covering the entire chessboard!

And the six godlike statues in the center of the chessboard were even more terrifying. The gathering of the six seemed to have created a separate world that belonged to them. There were light and darkness, chaos and order, and rules and destiny. All the origin rules had gathered, creating a space that exuded a supreme light! Not to mention its power, merely the aura that it brought along had already caused the facial expression of the Blood Demon Ancestor to change.

At the start, the Blood Demon Ancestor had thought of Wang Zhong’s ability as one that appeared strong on the outside but weak on the inside. Apart from the fact that Wang Zhong’s understanding of the laws of water and fire were tyrannical, the other laws felt less powerful, as if they were just derivatives.

However, this power that he had displayed was indeed very shocking. He could actually manifest a separate world by himself. Even if it was just a projection, how could it be taken lightly? The Blood River Diagram could not advance an inch into Wang Zhong’s side no matter how hard it tried. It was as if it was blocked by the strength of a world.

It was not just the Blood Demon Ancestor. Even the many bigwigs on the main stands could not help but have their mouths left agape.

Within a moment, the 11 godlike figures’ attack was ready, and all their powers combined into an endless golden light, colliding with the blood-colored clouds that enveloped the sky.


The sky and the earth changed. The arena that had just calmed down for less than two minutes shuddered violently. Everyone felt a strong force constantly clashing against their seats. Many Void Cores or weaker among the audience were thrown off their seats by the aftershock from the ground!

This was the Fairy King Arena, protected by an SSS-rank protective barrier, yet it was completely unable to block the aftershock of the battle between the two. Many were sent flying into the air screaming, and the stands were instantly restless and messy.

However, before the restless spectators could recover from their panic, they heard a series of crisp sounds…

A crack appeared in the center of the dark blue protective barrier, and at the next moment, it began to spread crazily across the whole barrier.

Crack Crack Crack Crack…

In less than two seconds, the dense cobweb-like cracks had spread all over the protective barrier!

The breaking point of the protective barrier seemed to have been reached when the continuous cracks paused for a while.

“The protection barrier is going to break!”

“Oh my god, is this really an SSS-rank protection barrier?”

Countless horrified spectators realized the danger at the same time.

The snowflake-like cracks on the protective barrier, which was buffeted by golden lights and blood lights, gave no additional time for them to react. Immediately after…


The SSS-rank protection barrier broke apart.

The entire barrier fell apart, and the remnants of the protective barrier were washed away in an instant. A terrifying shock wave followed shortly after, and a gold-red tsunami-like blast of air rushed wildly towards the stands.

Hua hua hua~

A huge colorful shell emerged to shield the people seated at the east stands. It was the dimensional barrier of Superintendent Erza, the proudest defense ability of the Heavenly Shell Race. Although the aftershocks from the battle of the two still caused it to slightly tremble, it still stood firm and looked exceptionally strong. On the main stand, thunder nets could be seen covering the stands, and giant branches enshrouded the main stands to create a secondary layer of protection. Behind that were many more layers of defense set up by the powerhouses seated on the main stand. However, the south and west stands did not fare so well…

At this time, the two grand stands that were made of pure fine stone were split into half as if they had been chopped apart by a huge machete. The complete circular grand stand was full of huge gaps, and the ground was filled with potholes tens of meters wide. At least 30% of the million spectators disappeared without a trace. There were still about a hundred thousand of them that were lucky to be left uninjured. But at this moment, the minds of these lucky ones were only filled with shock.

No one had expected that a Civilization War would be so dangerous even for the spectators!

It was not just the spectators that were scared sh*tless. Even the bigwigs in the main stands, as well as the referee Superintendent Erza, were surprised and had been unable to react in time.

A second ago, it had still been a grand gathering of the entire Star Alliance to spectate two civilizations engaging in a Civilization War. However, in the next second, the lively event had actually turned into a tragedy!

One must know that those who sat in the arena today were by no means ordinary people in the Land. Most of them were the backbone elites in the level-5 and level-6 civilizations. Yet, due to a broken protective barrier, they were instantly killed by the aftershock of the battle between Wang Zhong and the Blood Demon Ancestor! The battle had actually resulted in the death of at least a hundred thousand spectators! Almost all the bigwigs could imagine that when the news had spread throughout, the entire Star Alliance would be mourning!

But, how could he be so strong?!

Superintendent Erza had already made a judgment in advance and asked the Machinery Race to take out the best SSS-rank protection barrier. Yet, it was still insufficient for the battle! Even Superintendent Erza who stayed in the arena as a referee did not escape unscathed!

There was no choice. The battle arena was originally prepared for a match between two king-level Gold Cores. However, any single one of the nine Ancestors that the Blood Demon Ancestor had reincarnated or any of Wang Zhong’s manifestations of laws held the strength of a king-level Gold Core. With 20 king-level Gold Cores fighting in the arena, the SSS-rank protective barrier was definitely insufficient to protect the spectators. For Superintendent Erza to be able to protect herself during the clash between the two parties and even set up a shield for the east stands was already considered an immense feat.

Countless bigwigs felt their hearts palpitate. Of course, it was not due to the death of the 100,000 spectators at the scene, but rather, due to the power of the Blood Demon Ancestor.

The Blood Demon Ancestor had hidden his strength too deeply! With the help of the Blood River Diagram, he could summon out nine king-level Gold Cores who would fight for him. This was nine king-level Gold Cores! At this moment, none of the level-8 civilizations in the Land could summon together nine king-level Gold Cores at once!

Although his nine king-level Gold Cores were unable to utilize the power of a law or rule, they still held the might of a king-level Gold Core… They were considered existences that could destroy the heavens and the earth no matter where they went. With such strength, no one in the Land could have done anything to the Blood Demon Ancestor! Even if the Heavenly Shell Race and the Fire Demon Race joined forces, it was still impossible to subdue him.

With such an invincible powerhouse, the Blood Demon Race definitely had the strength to compete with the other level-8 civilizations!

Patriarch Kalidan’s face was dark. He had always regarded the Blood Demons as a subordinate race that was weaker than the Fire Demon Race. Little did he know that the other party was so powerful.

How much tolerance did the Blood Demon Race need to have to remain so low key? No wonder they had made so much commotion recently. They must have felt that it was the time for them to shine. But what was even more terrifying was the Earthling…

When faced with such a powerful Blood Demon Ancestor, how could Wang Zhong resist him?! This… this kid was just a Solid Core!

If he was given time to grow, would there be room for others to speak in front of him in the future?

The scene was quiet. Whether it was the shocked bigwigs or the frightened spectators, all of them seemed to have collectively forgotten how to speak.

After the protection barrier went down, the battle in the arena had become clear for all to see.

In the arena, the blood mist and golden light were still colliding with each other. With the centerline of the arena as the boundary, there were violent frictions between the two parties, neither of them managing to get an edge over the other.

Yet, this close combat exchange only lasted three to five seconds.

Boom! The 11 godlike figures shining with golden light began to gain the upper hand!

In terms of power, they were almost the same as the nine ancestors. Their strength had already reached the limit that the Land could accommodate. However, they had two more people. Victory was beginning to tilt towards Wang Zhong. The terrifying blood mist was actually showing signs of being defeated.

Impossible! This was impossible!

The Blood Demon Ancestor’s eyes started to crack!

This was too much of a surprise. Summoning the nine Ancestors of the Blood Demon Race was already considered a last resort for the Blood Demon Race. He had wanted to make it a quick fight. However, what he didn’t expect was that it was he himself who would become suppressed!

This was absolutely unacceptable!

The Blood Demon Ancestor did not hesitate to bite the tip of his tongue, causing a mouthful of blood to spurt out. Following this, he waved his hand, and a red mist emerged from the blood he had just spat out. The long Blood River Diagram then appeared from the blood mist. The surrounding blood lights then surrounded him and started forming a whirlpool around him.


There was a series of howls in the air, and countless spots of light condensed in the wreckage outside the arena, turning into ghouls.

They were the souls of those who had died just now as a collateral consequence of the battle! The souls that had just died were “unconscious”, and some were even fragmented. However, under the forcible extraction of the Blood River Diagram, all the unconscious souls were gathered together with little ability to resist. The souls could not help but be consumed by it.

The Blood River Diagram wanted to devour the souls of the 100,000 living beings who had just died!

“No! I don’t want to be eaten!”

“Save us! Save us! Superintendent Erza, save us!”

The souls were terrified to the extreme. The originally pleasant event had turned into their nightmare. It was not enough to pay with their lives; even their souls were going to be swallowed up!

“Blood Demon Ancestor! Stop it!” Superintendent Erza shouted angrily. If the incident of the protection barrier shattering and causing the death of the 100,000 Star Alliance elites was an accident, then at this moment, the Blood Demon Ancestor was doing something far from the limit of an accident! No one wanted their soul after death to become a nutrient for the Blood River Diagram and kept in captivity. In the Blood River Diagram, they would never be able to go into the afterlife and even had to suffer for eternity. He was angering the heavens!

“Their lives have no meaning! It’s their honor to become part of the Blood River Diagram!” The Blood Demon Ancestor obviously had no plans to stop. The matter had reached such a point where there was no way for him to retreat. “When my Blood Demon Race becomes glorious once again, I shall personally engrave a badge of glory for all of you!”

“Save me! Save me!”

The cries and howls in the air rang loudly, and countless souls flew towards the Blood River Diagram like meteors!

The Blood River Diagram drew the power of the souls for its own use. The more souls sacrificed, the stronger it became. On top of that, fresh souls were more valued by the Blood River Diagram. The energy it could draw from fresh souls were thousands of times more than from souls that had been kept for a while. Naturally, the power it could erupt with using these souls was much higher.

The golden light in the arena, which was originally evenly matched against the blood light, was instantly suppressed by the Blood Demon Ancestor.

At the same time, many king-level bigwigs such as Superintendent Erza and Patriarch Tsarlozst all acted together at once.

“You old Blood Demon thief! How dare you slaughter my people in front of me?!”

“Tianwu Baolun!”

The dimensional barrier covering the entire east side of the arena instantly turned into a huge shell, shining with dazzling white light. It then flew towards the Blood Demon Ancestor like a roulette wheel.

“Thousand Lightning Explosion!”

The law of lightning manifested in the air. The god of lightning appeared with an eagle beak and a winged body. He was holding a giant hammer and was influencing the nine bolts of tribulation lightning to strike down. Roars of thunder filled the bright sky.

In the main stands, pairs of terrifying large hands and monstrous law forces fell from the air, and all six king-levels acted at once, jointly suppressing the Blood Demon Ancestor!

“Hahahaha! What a bunch of ‘kings’! Since all of you dare to become my enemy today, I will make sure that all of you know regret! I want all of you to die too!” The Blood Demon Ancestor had long killed to the point of no return. If he could not win and establish himself as a strong force to be reckoned with today, his Blood Demon Race would be unable to escape a tragic end. The only way to survive was to contend with the entire Star Alliance with his own strength!

So what if they were king-level Gold Cores? There were a total of nine from the Blood River Diagram! Yes, the reincarnated souls could not tap into the power of laws and could not be regarded as true top king-level Gold Cores.

Although Superintendent Erza, Titan Patriarch Tsarlozst, and the others had the ability to fight against him alone, that was provided they too had the strongest artifact of their race in their hands. However, that was simply not possible. For example, the colorful glass barrier had been stored in the Heavenly Gates by Superintendent Erza to guard the Internal Gates; Tior’s Hammer was used by the Titans to guard the Oden Mountains. These artifacts would often be stored in important places of the race and were used for special purposes. For example, Tior’s Hammer was used to suppress the endless thunder of the Oden Mountains. It was impossible for the patriarchs to bring them along wherever they went.

And he, at this time, had the Blood River Diagram in his hands. With the constant influx of energy from the millions of elite creatures in the artifact, he was not afraid of anyone’s provocation, not even if the six king-levels joined hands!

In the beginning, he had some scruples about angering the entire Star Alliance and thus was more restrained, but at this moment, the six king-level Gold Cores had already removed the Blood Demon Ancestor’s path of retreat, leaving him no choice but to face them head-on.


With a shout, the Blood River Diagram in his hand became shinier, seeming to cover the entire world. The aura was so rich that even the sky seemed to be bleeding! The blood vortex in the center became bigger, and the suction power became even greater. This time it was no longer just targeting the dead souls but the remaining spectators who were still alive!

Some weaker Void Cores collapsed immediately, their souls drawn out from their body by the ubiquitous blood mist in the air. Only some Solid Cores or stronger Void Cores could resist the power.

The faces of the few king-level Gold Cores immediately changed, and they decided to use whatever they could to deal with the Blood Demon Ancestor without holding back.

Aside from the elites of the major civilizations in the Star Alliance, there were also many outstanding children or even grandchildren of their race seated in the stands. If they were caught by the Blood Demon Ancestor, they would undoubtedly be killed. So what if they could kill the Blood Demon Ancestor in the end? Such a loss was absolutely unacceptable to the six king-levels.

The revolving Tianwu Baolun bell wheel was instantly retracted and guarded the large stand behind Patriarch Tsarlozst.

The thunder god in the air also gave up influencing the nine bolts of tribulation lightning and instead condensed a dense lightning curtain on the main stand to block the erosion of the blood mist.

“The way of wood, recovery of all.” Elder Yimo sighed slightly as he brushed his hands. Lush branches filled with leaves rose from the ground, easily piercing the hard stands and forming a twisted and firm wall in front of the spectators. There were even some green glowing lights floating in the air that instantly dissipated the blood mist nearby… The bigwigs all chose to give up attacking the Blood Demon Ancestor and chose to save the spectators in an instant, using their abilities to protect the near million spectators on the stands.

Ma Dong and the others were lucky. They were seated close to the main stands and were protected by the bigwigs’ aura, allowing them to survive the first wave of aftershock when the barrier broke apart. After that, with the abilities of the king-level Gold Cores, they were well-protected and stayed relatively safe. If not, it would have resulted in a tragedy for Earth. At this time, in addition to having cold sweat on their backs, they were also extremely nervous and worried.

The Blood Demon Ancestor was too terrifying! Even the six king-levels were forced to go into defense. Could Wang Zhong still fight against him?

The feeding of the Blood River Diagram was forcibly interrupted by the several bigwigs, but this did not matter much to the Blood Demon Ancestor. He didn’t really want to kill all of the spectators in the first place. No matter how serious his killing intent was, he knew that if the million spectators on the scene were killed, he would also have no chance to escape. Making such a move was just to distract the six king-levels and make them unable to besiege him.

He only needed to kill Wang Zhong and win this Civilization War! With the tyrannical strength displayed, even if the six king-levels were dissatisfied with him and the Blood Demon Race, they would not do anything to them as long as they could stop the mass killing. In the end, the punishment would be nothing more than making the Blood Demon Race give a sum of compensation money to those killed or injured, or make them publicly apologize to those affected. After all, the people who had died were merely people of level-5 and level-6 civilizations.

Otherwise, if they chose to break all ties and launch a war against the Blood Demon Race and were unable to finish off the Blood Demon Ancestor, the other level-8 civilizations would have a massive headache. The weaker beings in their race would be constantly subjected to the crazy revenge of an unkillable powerhouse. To offend an unscrupulous terrorist powerhouse to death was a stupid thing to do, and no civilization would be willing to do so.

As long as he reached that stage, the Blood Demon Race would still be regarded as the victor of this battle!

There were blood lights flashing in his eyes. The moment the six king-level Gold Cores stopped their attacks, the attack of the Blood River Diagram would switch target and fire towards Wang Zhong. He wanted to win with one blow and not give the Earthling any chance to make a comeback!

However, before he could completely shatter the golden light that was growing weaker, a change appeared in the golden light.

The original golden light dissipated in an instant and allowed the blood mist to dive straight in. However, at the same time, the dissipated golden light appeared on the ground, blessing the original black and white chessboard.

“Let heaven and earth be my chessboard, with all beings as my pawns.” Wang Zhong’s voice resounded in the air. The voice was deep and powerful, as if it was a god’s whisper. The golden chessboard became dazzling. “And I shall be the god!”

The golden chessboard stretched instantly, ignoring the resistance of the blood mist. It extended from the ground and directly enclosed the Blood Demon Ancestor. Shortly after…


God’s Domain!

The endless blood mist was frozen in an instant, as if becoming a painting.

The countless dead souls who were falling crazily towards the Blood River in the sky instantly stopped falling. They bathed in the peaceful light of the golden chessboard, and the panic on their faces instantly disappeared, their eyes turning serene. While disappearing gradually, they didn’t forget to bow in the direction of Wang Zhong!

In fact, this was Lao Wang’s desperate attempt. This rule domain was formed at the cost of burning almost half of his Solid Core. Originally, he was merely trying to prevent the continued enhancement of the Blood River Diagram. He did not expect there to be such a surprising effect.

He could feel an increase in his strength at this time, and it was a crazy enhancement!

In the face of the endless power accumulated by the Blood River Diagram, it was insufficient to rely only on the Draconic Spiritual Power. After all, Lao Wang was just a Solid Core and was not powerful enough to fully utilize the power of the chessboard. But at this moment, the chessboard was not only powered by the Draconic Spiritual Power, but also the power of faith! It came from those souls who were snatched from the mouth of the Blood Demon Ancestor!

There was no way for such power to be transmitted, and Lao Wang couldn’t even figure out the principle behind the emersion of this new power. It seemed to have come out of thin air in his heart. He could feel the will of each dead soul and the gratitude from each of them. He could even hear their prayers directly in his heart. Immediately, his spiritual energy level increased to a crazy level almost instantly! His spiritual sea had become infinitely vast.

This… this was like…

Even though Lao Wang was currently in the midst of a fierce battle, he still couldn’t help but let his thoughts drift for a moment.

It was because the huge power that he had just felt was vaguely familiar. It was just like the power that Simba made him accumulate when he was fighting on Skylink to power the Fate Roulette! It was just that the power was too weak at that time.

He could even feel the impact of this power on Simba who had always been sleeping in the Fate Roulette!

Lao Wang suddenly realized that he was already in contact with the power of faith as early as when he was still in the Casted Soul Stage! At that time, the battles on Skylink could help accumulate the power of the Fate Roulette. Back then, he had found this fact unbelievable and incredible. How could a battle in a virtual world power the Fate Roulette? Lao Wang couldn’t figure out the principle behind it at all. However, he now understood that the Fate Roulette took in the power of faith from his followers and supporters after each win.

What a huge power that was! If not, how could a Casted Soul be able to sentence one to death using merely the Fate Roulette?!

It turns out I have already come into contact with the power of faith as early as the Casted Soul Stage. This is something that the king-level Gold Cores of the Land have been trying to figure out for a lifetime!

People on Earth had very high spiritual talents, but to be honest, Lao Wang felt that he was still on a much higher level compared to the others. He didn’t know why before, but now, Lao Wang finally understood why his talent was so unique.

Everything finally made sense at this moment. The few things that he didn’t understand about cultivation were also solved now.

Simba has already laid a very solid foundation for him. Furthermore, it was the kind of foundation that was so terrifying that no one could have imagined it. It was even enough to make the countless civilizations in the Land tremble!

Sudden enlightenment!

The 11 laws which were projected only with the help of the Heaven and Earth Chessboard now started turning transparent. Countless thoughts and insights filled Wang Zhong’s mind. The evolution of his mind made him feel as if he had become a real god.

Lao Wang hovered in the air, and the golden chessboard that seemed to cover the entire Land under his feet became incomparably clear and shiny. Even the frozen thick blood mist seemed to become thinner under the influence of the shining golden light.

This feeling was simply great! Standing at the top, overlooking all living beings, as if everything in the world was under his control.

This was the true God’s Domain!

There was no need to chant, and no need to make any guiding behaviors to communicate with the world and influence the powers of the laws. A thought of his was sufficient to influence the laws. It seemed as if he represented the will of the world and was the master of the world! This was the real God’s Domain, something that could be achieved only beyond the realm of a Gold Core.

“The battle is not over yet. This is the grievance between Earth and the Blood Demon Race.” He smiled and said, “You guys don’t have to intervene.”

The faint words penetrated people’s hearts and quickly calmed down the six king-level Gold Cores who were still fuming from the Blood Demon Ancestor’s act just now. After hearing Wang Zhong, they no longer even had the desire to fight!

Superintendent Erza, Elder Yimo, Patriarch Kalidan, Patriarch Tsarlozst, and the others were all shocked in their hearts. Those who had reached their level of cultivation would find it almost impossible for external factors to interfere with their will. Yet, Wang Zhong had done it, and it was merely a casual remark.

This Earthling…

The Blood Demon Ancestor was extremely angry. He could feel that the Blood River Diagram was being suppressed by his opponent by force! The Diagram held the accumulation of power throughout the countless generations of the Blood Demon Race. It even included the 100,000 elite souls that had just been sacrificed on the spot, which had aroused the anger of the entire Star Alliance. Yet, it was no match for a monkey from a low-leveled civilization who had cultivated for merely a few decades!

Ridiculous! This was a disgrace!

“Die! I want you to die! I will shred you to pieces!” The Blood Demon Ancestor cursed and ordered the nine souls of the Ancestors to rush up to the sky, their bodies turning into blood spears.

But in the next second…

“Let’s play a game of chess.” Lao Wang smiled and waved casually.

As Lao Wang spoke, the nine great Ancestors who were originally alive felt as if they were under the complete control of Wang Zhong. They turned into white and black beams of light and rushed towards the sky, becoming chess pieces on Wang Zhong’s chessboard. The Blood Demon Ancestor was then released and fell from the air, landing on the chessboard too as if he was a small chess piece too.

“There is a game called Battle Stars Chess back at my home, Earth.” Lao Wang’s calm voice could be heard throughout the entire arena.

In Battle Stars Chess, each player had 11 chess pieces each. On the side of Wang Zhong, he had the projection of the 11 manifestations of laws, while on the side of the Blood Demon Ancestor, he had the nine great Ancestors’ souls as his chess pieces. Adding on himself and the Blood River Diagram, he too had 11 chess pieces.

“Let’s play a game,” Lao Wang smilingly said.

Everyone could hear whatever Wang Zhong said regardless of where they sat.

Aside from Emily and Laura, even Celeste and Princess Ina were mesmerized by Wang Zhong’s voice. At this time, they could only feel that Wang Zhong’s voice was extremely pleasant to their ears and were even intoxicated by it. The other ordinary spectators who were saved by the six Gold Cores on the main stands were even more obsessed with his voice. They instantly understood the complicated rules of the game and were even itching to play the game too.

Of course, the Blood Demon Ancestor did not want to agree to his suggestion.

Wang Zhong’s enchanting voice might have some effect on the ordinary Gold Cores, but when faced against a king-level Gold Core, it was nothing more than just some mere disturbance to their ears.

At this time, the Blood Demon Ancestor was furious. He felt that he had lost control over the nine Ancestors’ souls, including even the Blood River Diagram! His control over everything, including his body, was lost. The laws of the chessboard had taken it all away from him!

He could feel the will of the chessboard urging him to play a game of chess several times, wanting him to give the orders to move his chess pieces, which were the dead souls of the nine Ancestors. However, the Blood Demon Ancestor was still trying to resist. He didn’t want to be led by the nose by the enemy. He chose to resist the will of the laws and chose not to move! The dead souls in the Blood River Diagram were immortal. He did not believe that the opponent’s rule domain could overwrite this!

And he seemingly succeeded. The chess pieces did not move, but immediately, he saw Wang Zhong stretch his hand out leisurely into the air, and the Fire Elemental King chess piece slammed in the direction of an Ancestor’s dead soul.

He could only watch and was unable to resist. He did not even have the will to resist at all. The moment the two chess pieces touched, the dead soul of that Ancestor was ‘eaten’ and turned into flying ash, with nothing remaining.

This was the chessboard’s rule!

The face of the Blood Demon Ancestor changed. Although he could not control it, he could feel it. When the Ancestor’s soul dissipated, he could clearly feel the Blood River Diagram, which was linked to him, suddenly weakening. A lot of energy dissipated from the Blood River Diagram towards the heaven and the earth.

This chessboard’s rule domain was just too strong, far above the level of the Blood River Diagram! It did not annihilate the dead soul but rather absorbed the power of the dead soul and completely assimilated it and turned it into the power of chaos.

This shameless brat! This was the accumulation of tens of thousands of years of the Blood Demon Race!

The Blood Demon Ancestor became a little more panicked. At this time, his belief in himself was shaken. He knew that he was no longer able to resist the opponent’s rule domain. The only hope to live on was to win the game of chess according to the rules of the chessboard.

However, this was the first time he was playing “Battle Stars Chess”. He had only heard about the rules moments ago, and because he was busy resisting the rule domain at that point in time, he didn’t even manage to fully understand them. He had even lost a piece already! With such a disadvantage, even if Wang Zhong closed his eyes and messed up, the Blood Demon Ancestor would still not have the slightest chance of winning.

The most terrifying part was that when he wanted to move a chess piece, he realized that he had no control over it!

He could feel the rule domain telling him to move the pieces, but he couldn’t move them at all!

“I… I can’t move the chess pieces!” he angrily shouted as if he was complaining to the customer service center and reporting a bug in the game.

“That’s right. That’s because this is my chessboard. There are not many rules, only one. And that is, only I can play the game of chess while you…” Wang Zhong smiled slightly. “Hehe, you just have to wait for death.”

Wait… wait for death…?

The Blood Demon Ancestor instantly felt that he was going to spit out blood.

Yes, this was the other party’s rule domain. The other party called all the shots! If he wanted me to die, I would die. If he wanted me to live, I would live!

Do you want to control the chess pieces? Do you want to take control of your own life? Do you have the capabilities to even do so?

The dead souls of the Ancestors on the chessboard continued to dissipate and be eaten one by one. Even the Blood River Diagram was swallowed up by the opponent, leaving only a lonely Blood Demon Ancestor sitting in the center of the board, waiting to be sieged by the opponent’s 11 chess pieces!

The Blood Demon Ancestor couldn’t move.

He knew too well how a rule domain worked. He was controlled by the other party’s rule domain and was trapped in it. He couldn’t even understand the principles behind this rule domain, let alone resist or break it apart. He had no hope of making a comeback!

The Blood Demon Race was actually going to lose?

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