Battle Frenzy
1209 Gold Core
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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1209 Gold Core

Chapter 1209: Gold Core

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The 11 origin laws represented the Dimensional World, but Buddhism was an entirely different concept. It was a purely spiritual law, which was undoubtedly the best way to help one make rapid progress.

Lao Wang nodded. When he looked at the arena below, he could sense numerous pairs of eyes staring at them, a bunch of people freely flying in mid-air. He had heard of many unspoken rules of the Mirror World from Mo Wen. To the people living here, it was probably an incredible thing to be able to fly in mid-air in such an arrogant manner and not worry about attracting attention.

“Can we really see Earth’s origins here?” Napier was curious. This was the main purpose of their journey to the Mirror World. He kept looking downwards, but the murals on the walls and totems were all related to Buddhism and a once-powerful level-7 civilization. It seemed to have nothing to do with Earth at all.

“Many projections in the Mirror World are overlapping, and the laws here are rather chaotic. I actually discovered this by accident…” Mo Wen smiled. “This is just the entrance. Follow me.”

Mo Wen took the lead and landed in a field. He walked to an empty area and surveyed their surroundings, estimating their current approximate location.

“Follow my footsteps exactly.” He started to walk slowly as he spoke. He took three steps to the left and two steps to the right, as if he was walking around in circles. The next moment, he suddenly disappeared in front of everyone’s eyes.

Everyone followed. After taking the last step, the Tekuja Arena suddenly disappeared in front of their eyes, and they found themselves in a desolate land.

They could see numerous craters on the ground, and the gravity here was relatively weaker as well. They felt as if their bodies were light enough to float about even if they were doing nothing but standing. They looked upwards, only to see a familiar blue planet in the distance.

“Is that Earth? Wait, are we on the Moon?” Napier’s eyes widened. Previously, Earthlings in the hundred cities of the Federation were poorly informed. However, since then, Earth had become one of the top civilizations in the Fifth Dimension, and Earthlings were no longer confined to the Fourth Dimension. The Holy City owned a huge airship fleet and landing on the Moon was not a huge feat; it would merely take some airship resources. Only ordinary Earthlings were not informed of such advances.

The Mirror World was a strange and magical world left behind by an unknown expert. Soon, everyone was immersed in their own world. They saw traces of history in their soul fragments and even events from several generations ago.

When they left that strange space, everyone gained valuable insight and had mixed emotions about Earth’s past. At the same time, they were more excited now that they had a sense of where their cultivation path was heading. Lao Wang was the only one who seemed a little silent.

“What’s wrong?” Scarlet was sharp enough to notice this.

“I don’t think I’m returning to Earth anytime soon.” Lao Wang decided, looking sorry as he stared at Laura. Originally, the agreed plan was that after this journey to the Mirror World, Wang Zhong would accompany Scarlet and Laura back to Earth, and take Old Potter’s ashes back there for burial purposes. However, some changes to the plan had to be made now. “I want to accumulate my Gold Core as soon as possible. The Mirror World is a good place for me to do so, I think I’ll go into closed-door cultivation for a while…”

Scarlet could sense a hint of heaviness in Wang Zhong’s voice. Perhaps he had seen something about the Earth’s history that no one else here had seen.

“Okay.” Scarlet held Laura’s hand and smiled. “I’ll go back with Laura first then. Don’t worry about Earth. We will be waiting for you.”

Lao Wang laughed and waved at them. After bidding farewell to Lao Mo and the others and watching them leave, Lao Wang entered the strange accelerated world by following the previous route.

One could see the ancient battlefield where the war between Gods took place and many traces left behind by an ancient Dragon God. These served as the best guides to help Wang Zhong understand the natural laws and accumulate his Gold Core.

He sat down alone on the surface of the Moon in this projection world, surrounded by silence.

It wasn’t that Lao Wang suddenly became anxious to accumulate his Gold Core. He sensed an imminent storm coming, and there was a terror hidden in the calm before the storm.

He recalled that not long ago, the Machinery Race had discovered that Shannali belonged to the mysterious Dragon Slayer Race. She had already confessed that she was targeting Wang Zhong, and the so-called higher-ups of the Dragon Slayer Race knew of Wang Zhong too. The war between Earth and the Blood Demon Race had caused a huge uproar in the Land. Everyone who was not blind or deaf knew how powerful Wang Zhong was, and they could deduce a lot of stuff from that.

Wang Zhong had exposed his power in front of the four races in Heaven.

The current Lao Wang was no longer an ignorant and rash fellow who knew nothing about Heaven. When he came into contact with the higher-ups of the Star Alliance, he had access to some news about Heaven. News of his Dragon Qi didn’t cause much commotion in the Land, but the four races of Heaven definitely wouldn’t overlook it, especially since he was from Earth. It was only peaceful now as there were strict laws that formed a barrier between the Land and Heaven. It was not easy to ascend to Heaven from the Land. In order to get into the Land from Heaven, one had to give up one’s combat power and suppress one’s level of power too.

Heaven had not taken any action against Wang Zhong for now. Perhaps they thought it would be tough to subdue Wang Zhong if they had to suppress their combat power, or perhaps there were other reasons.

However, Wang Zhong could sense that they would come for him eventually, and that day would not be a long time away. He wasn’t someone who would sit around and wait for death. In any case, he would have to make a trip to Heaven sooner or later.

It was a pity that Simba also didn’t know much about Heaven. Simba seemed very happy and he had already helped Wang Zhong a lot. It was time for Wang Zhong to rely on his own power!

Some things were simply meant to be.

Heaven would be the place where everything started and ended.

Lao Wang thought he would only be qualified to unravel the secrets of Heaven after he accumulated his Gold Core and surpassed the great experts of the Land.

“Time to start.” He pushed aside all distractions and focused on this great figure of Earth from ancient times. Coincidentally, the other party was looking at Wang Zhong too. He seemed to be admiring the Moon, but at the same time, it was as if he had actually discovered the existence of Wang Zhong. He smiled knowingly in the direction of the Moon.

The next moment, Lao Wang saw that the majestic figure started dancing. His moves were simple but exuded a majestic aura. Lao Wang could clearly sense the power of an overwhelming and domineering law that passed through the time and space of tens of thousands of years and hundreds of thousands of kilometers.

The 5 Elements with Light, Darkness, Chaos, Order, Space, and Fate were the 11 origin laws of the heavens and the earth. However, they seemed to fuse under the demonstration of the great figure and form an entirely new system of laws!

“Dominating the heavens and the earth, the source of all power comes from my inner self!” This mighty voice seemed to have spread to every corner of the universe!

The Law of Domination!

Lao Wang was shocked. How could this bear so much resemblance to his Heaven and Earth Chessboard? Even the mantra he chanted while executing the move was similar. However, the power and level of these two moves were completely different!

Lao Wang’s dominance commanded the 11 origin laws. It dominated and judged everything.

However, the “dominance” of this great existence from the Dragon Race was inclusive of everything and wielded the power of the cosmic universe! Even the 11 origin laws had faded into oblivion, and new elements were formed under the influence of this person’s Law of Domination.

One made use and commanded the 11 origin laws, yet this other also absorbed and refined them.

These were two completely different levels of power, and one was far more superior in terms of artistic conception.

Lao Wang was stunned. He could feel his brain buzzing as countless inspirations flooded into his brain. He was ecstatic!

A faint smile appeared on Wang Zhong’s face.

It didn’t matter what kind of connection that great being had with him, or whether he was the reincarnation of a great being. At this moment, having such a mentor was the best blessing in the world he could get.

However, when he wanted to take a closer look at the manifestation of the Law of Domination, the great being suddenly vanished and turned into a piece of quartz that laid atop a stone in a lonely manner.

Lao Wang had mixed emotions about the fact that he was suddenly involved in a conflict with the most mysterious beings in the Fifth Dimension for no reason. However, he got over those emotions in a split second. While the memory of the Law of Domination was still fresh in his mind, Lao Wang plunged into the process of deducing the secret behind it and cultivating himself. He stood there like a statue, not moving one bit.


It had been four years since the Civilization War between Earth and the Blood Demon Race. The Heavenly Shell Race and Fire Demon Race had “made up” with each other, and there weren’t many changes to the various civilizations in the Land, except for Earth.

It took Earth more than three years to take over the various resources of the Blood Demon Race. It was not until the end of last year that Ma Dong officially announced that Earth had finally finished acquiring the assets of the Blood Demon Race.

The original Blood Demon City was renamed to “Earth Settlement”. Ma Dong was the one who insisted on using this name. After all, Earth had risen to power too fast. Although no one dared to challenge Wang Zhong and the others, they should be more humble since they were an emerging force. Otherwise, others would think that they were upstarts. In addition, the name “Earth Settlement” didn’t sound that shabby once one got used to hearing it. This name was much more unique compared to the names of the other big cities in the Land.

This place had become Earth’s base camp. However, there weren’t many Earthlings here. There were fewer than six thousand Earthlings, and this number was only possible after Earth rose to power and used its abundant resources to cultivate a large number of talents to reach the Heavenly Soul and Foundational Stages within a short time frame. The original Blood Demon City could accommodate millions of people, and the current number of Earthlings living there was extremely small compared to that.

Nonetheless, this place was flourishing. People from the Ocean Empire Planet, the Illusion Race, and even some merchants from the Heavenly Treasures Street who were close to Wang Zhong had moved to the new Earth Settlement. Earth’s manpower was too little at the moment, and they worked together to help Earth Settlement prosper. Ma Dong was putting great effort into attracting investors and merchants. He opened up residential rights to other races. With the generous help of the Machinery Race, the Illusion Race, the Heavenly Shell Race, and even the Fire Demon Race, Earth Settlement was prospering and on par with the original Blood Demon City. It was developing at an extremely fast pace and would probably only take one or two years before it surpassed Blood Demon City at its peak.

In addition, more ordinary Earthlings had been sent to the nine storage planets owned by the now-dead Blood Demon Race. A high trading volume of resources and business dealings with various civilizations in the peripheral worlds were the main areas and industries that Earth invested in now. Earth, which was the homeworld of Earthlings, had also been completely transformed.

Initially, the bad weather and obstructed sunlight were the side effects that occurred after Earth’s formerly locked dimensional coordinates had shifted. With Earth’s status now, an elder of the Natural Race had provided assistance at Mo Wen’s request. He had easily gotten rid of the rigid runic array that was on the verge of collapsing. Earth restored its original ecology, with sunny weather and pleasant temperatures in the surroundings everywhere.

Earth had abundant resources now, and pro-natalist policies were put in place so that the next generation of Earthlings could inherit enhanced genes and extraordinary potential.

Every Earthling’s starting point was still the Casted Soul Stage. None of the newborns, even the son of Aiolos and a female goblin, had exceeded this level of power. Having a low starting point seemed to be one of the special traits of an Earthling. However, this was also why Earthlings had the potential to become powerful. Since they started from the bottom, their foundation would be exceptionally solid. They would have more experience and be able to gain enlightenment earlier. One who came from humble origins could reach greater heights as compared to those who had a higher starting point. The latter would reach the maximum limit in their cultivation journey very soon. Without a solid foundation, one would have difficulty in overcoming bottlenecks in their cultivation journey.

Large numbers of Heroic Souls started appearing among ordinary Earthling soldiers. Heroic Souls were no longer the specialty of the Holy City and were rather common now. This outcome was achieved with just a few years of development.

It could be expected that in the near future, there would be a huge number of Foundational Stages and Heavenly Souls, enough to reach the standards of a level-6 civilization. Wang Zhong and the others would guide the Earthlings and share their experiences of accumulating their Gold Cores. Earth would become a truly powerful force as a whole instead of just having a few exceptionally talented individuals.

Putting these ordinary soldiers aside, what happened to the so-called Five Tigers of Earth and Wang Zhong, who had disappeared for four whole years? What realm of power had they attained?


Meanwhile, in the Internal Gates.

Looking past the protective barrier, the Multicolored Crystal River hung in the sky like a silver curtain. It was peaceful and perfect. The view downstream where waves rippled, along with the sound of running water, made one feel rejuvenated and happy.

Hundreds of people gathered around the Heavenly Shell Superintendent. Most of the big shots from the Internal Gates were here, but they were not the main characters today. The main focus was on the eight young Gold Cores who were standing in front of the Superintendent and surrounded by a crowd bidding farewell to them.

The eight Gold Cores included Yan Moyu and Feng Yuxiu from the Pill Refinery Hall, as well as Lavel and Cabos from the Equipment Refinery Hall. They were the new batch of candidates who were going to charge through the Heavenly River Tide.

Today, the Heavenly River Tide was at its weakest in decades. In order to pass this tough assessment, everyone had to be prepared to die.

Most people who attempted to charge through the Heavenly River Tide didn’t come back to the Heavenly Gates. If one succeeded, he or she would ascend to Heaven, and there would be no chance of going back to the Heavenly Gates. If one failed, it would then be extremely unlikely for them to survive in that terrifying Heavenly River. In that case, only two or three people out of ten would be lucky enough to survive.

The eight Gold Cores bid farewell to their family and fellow tribesmen. All of the seniors and juniors from the Heavenly Gates were here, including experts from senior batches and newcomers who just came to the Heavenly Gates this year. They were here to observe and learn, and this event was considered a prerequisite. After all, almost all of the eight Gold Cores were their seniors. However, there was an exception…

“I’ll go first and scout a path for you guys,” Napier Mo said in a cheery voice. He was still dressed in his comical clown costume. Even if he was going to Heaven, he wouldn’t abandon his outfit. “Where’s Lao Wang? I haven’t seen him.”

“He’s still in closed-door cultivation in the Mirror World.” Mo Wen smiled. “I went to visit him not long ago. That guy is way too focused and immersed in cultivation. He didn’t even notice when I paced around him. He probably won’t make it today.”

Napier’s eyes widened. “What about Vladimir?”

“He seems to be on the Polar Planet. When he brought Julienne back previously, he wanted to help her revive the Xeah family and avenge her tribesmen,” interjected Ma Dong. “I made some investigations. Although there aren’t many experts on the Polar Planet, the Xeah family has quite a few enemies. It will take at least one or two years to get rid of all of them. Based on Vladimir’s personality, he’ll take his little girlfriend on a sightseeing tour on the way. They’ll probably take at least a few years to finish killing their enemies.”

“He has become a degenerate!” Napier looked heartbroken. “He has been corrupted! A few years… With this amount of time, he could become a Gold Core if he put in more effort. Alas, he is wasting his time on such meaningless things! I don’t like his girlfriend!”

“Stop being a sour grape.” Mo Xingchen laughed. “I know you want a girlfriend too. Look at what you’re wearing though! All of the girls will be scared off.”

“I think I look very handsome in this. They don’t know how to appreciate this outfit…” Napier sighed. “Hey, those guys are not loyal friends. I’m about to charge through the Heavenly River Tide, but they’re not even going to send me off. Who knows, maybe we won’t have a chance to see each other again.”

“Don’t say such inauspicious things.” Ma Dong smiled. “Didn’t you say that you’re going to Heaven first to scout out a path? Lao Wang and the others will follow soon. You guys will see each other in Heaven.”

“Okay, okay.” Napier laughed. “I’ll go snag a spot in Heaven first and see what it’s like there. I’ll find a place for you guys to stay too. I’ll be waiting for your grand arrival.”

“Napier Mo, are you ready?” The Heavenly Shell Superintendent walked over with a smile. The name list of people who were going to charge through the Heavenly River Tide had been decided long ago. However, with Earth’s status now, there was no problem with adding another spot.

Frankly speaking, the Heavenly Shell Superintendent was not particularly optimistic about Napier charging through the Heavenly River Tide. Although he was the first Earthling to become a Gold Core, he was the weakest when compared to Wang Zhong and Mo Wen. However, charging through the Heavenly River Tide didn’t only require one to have a high level of power. There were countless unimaginable obstacles, and it would be a very tough journey. One had to be strong, not only mentally, but especially in the physical aspect too. Perhaps Napier was one of the best assassins in the Land. However, resisting against this heavenly power seemed to be beyond his capabilities.

Nonetheless, everyone had the right to pursue their dreams. Since he wanted to try, Superintendent Erza wouldn’t stop him.

“Yes! Yes!” Napier was very passionate. Yan Moyu, Lavel, and the other Gold Cores had already finished bidding farewell and were waiting for him.

“Okay, I will send you guys in now.” The Heavenly Shell Superintendent smiled and waved her porcelain hand.

There was a tempest of ripples that contained the power of natural laws. It was as if a gap was suddenly ripped open in this calm and transparent space. A terrifying shockwave came from the gap, and everyone could hear a magnified vibration sound instantly.

Rumble! Bang, bang!

Huge surging waves could be seen!

The mighty Heavenly River was no longer obscured, and its real form appeared in front of everyone.

Regardless of which place in the Heavenly Gates you viewed the Heavenly River from, it would appear to be “peaceful”. After all, it was being hidden by the colorful glass barrier. However, once this illusion was removed, the serene and beautiful Heavenly River would suddenly transform into a terrifying beast.

Rising condensation covered the sky as the Heavenly River was in a high position there. It didn’t flow downwards in a smooth manner but, rather, smashed downwards in a horrifying manner! After all, the Heavenly River water was very heavy. Previously, Lao Wang had bought a few hundred grams of it, but it was just a dozen drops in a small bottle.

It was also of extremely high quality. One drop of it was comparable to a Gold Core expert’s full strength attack, even if it was just a drop of free-falling water from the skies.

Furthermore, the Heavenly River was a massive water body with endless surging water. Standing beside the River felt like having numerous bombs constantly blowing up in front of you. This was an intimidating sight that made one feel scared and in awe at the same time.

The Heavenly River’s beautiful image in everyone’s mind was thus crushed.

Mo Wen and the Superintendent stepped forward, shielding Mo Xingchen and the other weaker new Heavenly Gates pupils behind them. Napier seemed to be shouting something at them, but his voice couldn’t be heard at all through the terrifying waves.

The other Gold Cores were already prepared and ready to go. Without the need for the Heavenly Shell Superintendent to say anything, Yan Moyu was the first one to step into the Heavenly River.

Mo Wen stared intently. Actually, he, Mu Zi, and Wang Zhong had the ability to charge through the Heavenly River Tide long ago, and they all wanted to ascend to Heaven. However, after he had a talk with Wang Zhong, he knew of some secrets and the things going on in Heaven. Wang Zhong had a big plan coming up, and he needed to hide it. He would charge through the Heavenly River Tide eventually, just not now.

This time, Mo Wen would just observe and treat it as a learning experience.

Yan Moyu was one of the strongest in this batch of the Celestial Honors Class. Mo Wen could probably gain much useful information from watching how Yan Moyu held out against the Heavenly River.

There wasn’t any glow enveloping Yan Moyu’s body, and he appeared to be unremarkable, but a stream of light that was not easily detectable could be seen circling around him. Descendants of the Natural Race were often adept at borrowing forces from the surroundings to resist the power of nature. He passed through the thick water mist easily and seemed to be completely unaffected by the might of the Heavenly River’s source water. He even headed straight towards the center of the Heavenly River.

Lavel followed closely behind, with her body enveloped by a faint fiery glow. The Fire Demon Race were experts in terms of explosive strength. This was just Lavel’s normal form, but even in her normal form, one could sense that her power was not inferior to that of a peak Gold Core expert. She went into the Heavenly River and was not any slower than Yan Moyu.

Mo Wen felt that the two of them were rather relaxed. This was only the bottom part of the Heavenly River. It would get harder once they went higher. If they had trouble coping with the bottom part of the Heavenly River, they might as well go home now and not dig their own graves.

The other Gold Cores followed, and Napier was the last one to step forward. He was swaying with every step, and he wasn’t pretending to do that. As compared to other Gold Cores from the Celestial Honors Class, Napier’s physical body was too weak, and it would be rather tough for him to resist the currents of the Heavenly River. Mo Wen knew that Napier had his own tricks and trump cards, but it was best to save them for a later time; otherwise, he would struggle a lot more in the later parts of the Heavenly River.

Superintendent Erza didn’t conceal the vicissitudes of the Heavenly River from the pupils. The failure rate of charging through the Heavenly River Tide was too high, and this was just the start. As the Gold Cores went higher up, someone was bound to be unable to withstand the currents or the various obstacles of the Heavenly River. In that case, they would be blasted downwards. It would be the Superintendent’s responsibility to see whether they could rescue the person’s life in time.

Everyone was silent now. Even if someone tried to say something, it would be inaudible beside the roaring Heavenly River.

Everyone gazed upwards, their eyes following the figures of the Gold Cores who were advancing in the Heavenly River.

Almost nothing could be seen within the first few thousand meters of the Heavenly River. The only thing in sight now was the endless and fearsome river water, which exuded a sacred and majestic white light. Everything seemed to be going smoothly.

Wait! Something was happening there!

Superintendent Ezra, Mo Wen, and the others realized this at the same time. A faint golden light was the first thing to shine through at a height of about several kilometers up the surging Heavenly River. That probably belonged to Yan Moyu as his shield aura was a pure golden color. One could tell that at this section of the Heavenly River, he had already started to exert some power, which explained the golden light radiating from the white Heavenly River.

The next moment, Lavel’s fiery red shield aura, as well as shield auras of different colors that belonged to the other Gold Cores, was faintly discernible in the Heavenly River. They were rising upwards in an extremely swift manner. However, Napier’s colorful aura wasn’t there.

“They have charged through the first section of the Heavenly River.” Everyone was watching them, and those glowing specks of light had already dashed to the middle part of the Heavenly River. Blue streams of light could be seen rushing across the Heavenly River, resembling that of lightning.

The Heavenly River could be split into three sections. They had to overcome the water obstacle in the first section, which was to withstand the strong pressure of the Heavenly River Origin Water. The second section consisted of the lightning obstacle, where they would have to hold out against endless Heavenly Lightning attacks in the Heavenly River!

The next instant, Napier appeared!

Mo Wen’s eyes lit up. He saw a vibrant multi-colored aura among the blue lightning, and it was moving upwards at an extremely fast speed in the lightning section. It dashed upwards bit by bit and eventually overtook Yan Moyu and the others, becoming the one in the lead.

It was a pity that everyone couldn’t see anything further up. The upper sections were shielded by the laws of the Heavenly River and weren’t made visible to the people below.

Superintendent Erza looked rather relaxed. This batch of the Celestial Honors Class chosen to charge through the Heavenly River Tide were undoubtedly extremely powerful. At the very least, all of them managed to overcome the water obstacle.

Fate would dictate what happened next.

Everyone waited nervously and patiently. After around two or three hours, a blue speck of light fell downwards from the sky at a rapid speed.

Superintendent Erza waved her porcelain hand. The colorful glass barrier spontaneously generated a force that caught the blue speck of light that was falling rapidly, shifting it away in the nick of time before it fell into the Heavenly River.

The blue speck of light was Feng Yuxiu from the Pill Refinery Hall. He was a Soul Race expert, yet he seemed to be severely injured now. He was burnt to a crisp by the Heavenly Lightning, and his power had declined by a great extent. He was on the verge of death. If he hadn’t been caught by the colorful glass barrier and was left to fall into the Heavenly River, there was a good chance of him dying.

An elder from the Soul Race came to his aid and stuffed a few pills that could preserve one’s life into his mouth. Another elder used his skills and healed his injuries for him, and he was soon out of immediate danger.

The deafening roars of the Heavenly River could still be heard, and they couldn’t ask Feng Yuxiu about the current situation up there. They could only continue to wait patiently.

They originally thought that more people would fall. However, Feng Yuxiu was the first and last one to fall.

This was not good news… If one or two people managed to charge through the Heavenly River Tide successfully, it was already considered to be very fortunate. The others would either be dead or injured. Although Feng Yuxiu wasn’t the strongest person on the namelist of people charging through the Heavenly River Tide, he was among the top five, yet he had still failed at the Heavenly Lightning obstacle. It wasn’t possible that all of the other Gold Cores had succeeded. The most likely scenario was that the others had already been reduced to ashes. Their bodies had probably been destroyed by the Heavenly River water and lightning, and there was nothing left for the Superintendent to catch.

That would be the worst possible ending. In order to charge through the Heavenly River Tide, one had to be extremely strong. Otherwise, it was better to be weaker because if one couldn’t get past the water obstacle, then one would fall downwards towards the spectators and have a high chance of surviving. However, if one failed the Heavenly Lightning obstacle or the Heavenly Calamity in the third section of the Heavenly River, it would result in death most of the time.

No one knew how many Gold Cores could successfully charge through the Heavenly River Tide this time. However, they knew that there would surely be heavy casualties. Everyone was depressed upon thinking about this.

They waited for five long hours. Suddenly, they saw auspicious omens in the distant sky. A huge wave swept along the entire Heavenly River, and ripples could be seen.

One, two, three ripples…

Superintendent Erza knew that this meant three people had succeeded.

No one knew which three Gold Cores were the ones who succeeded. When people from Heaven came down to collect the power of faith from the Star Alliance, only then might they be able to obtain some information that might or might not be accurate. This depended on their luck and whether the messengers from Heaven happened to know of the newly ascended experts. From this, one would be able to tell whether the newly ascended Gold Cores had managed to gain a footing and make a name for themselves in Heaven…

However, not knowing who succeeded was a comforting thing to the spectators too. This gave them a sliver of hope that their own tribesmen were the ones that succeeded. Once you were on the namelist of those charging through the Heavenly River Tide, you were the hero of your race and brought glory to it.

Superintendent Erza closed the colorful glass barrier. Once the transparent barrier closed up, the booming sound that had been buzzing in everyone’s ears suddenly disappeared.

The immense power of nature left everyone with a lingering fear, especially the most recent batch of Heavenly Gates pupils.

Mo Wen’s eyes gleamed. It was a rare opportunity to personally witness the power of the Heavenly River and gain firsthand information about it. Only then could one form an accurate judgment; secondhand descriptions from other people were not good enough.

The power of the Heavenly River was stronger than he thought. Furthermore, today was when the Heavenly River Tide was at its weakest…

As Mo Wen was thinking about this, he couldn’t help but laugh. So what if that was the case? If this wasn’t a challenging task, Napier wouldn’t have been so interested in it.

Everyone in the surroundings was having a heated discussion. The Heavenly Gates would be having a grand celebration at night. Three people succeeded this time, which was considered a very good result. As for the Gold Cores who had fallen, everyone wished that it wasn’t their tribesmen.

“Wang Zhong has been in closed-door cultivation for quite a long time.” Elder Yimo smiled and walked towards Mo Wen. The other Earthlings had politely declined to take part in the Heavenly Gates’ celebratory event. They were different from the old fellas in the Heavenly Gates, being busy all day long. Elder Yimo had exchanged greetings with them before they left.

The Natural Race was very interested in Buddhism. In the past two years, Elder Yimo and Mo Wen had gotten close and had a good relationship with each other. The elder continued, “Gold Cores are immortal and are no longer bound by the concept of longevity. Cultivation is not the only thing that matters in this world. He should come by the Heavenly Gates more often when he is free.”

“I will definitely relay your message to him.” Mo Wen smiled. “Actually, he’s probably coming out of closed-door cultivation soon.”

“Really? It seems like he has made another breakthrough.” Elder Yimo laughed. “Wang Zhong was stronger than us old fellas four years ago, yet he is still so hardworking. He makes us old fellas feel ashamed for wasting our days away in the Heavenly Gates.”

“Not at all, you are exaggerating.”

“Haha, you Earthlings possess such unique talents, yet you guys are still so hardworking. I’m not exaggerating at all. It makes sense that we should feel ashamed.” Elder Yimo laughed heartily. He took out a space ring and passed it to Mo Wen.

“This is some information that Wang Zhong asked me to help acquire before he went into closed-door cultivation. Haha, I am rather shocked by my findings. I can roughly guess what Wang Zhong is planning,” Elder Yimo said in a profound tone. “I don’t think I’ll be able to intervene in this, and neither can the Natural Race, nor the Star Alliance…

“There has always been a clear line of division between Heaven and the Land. Although the four races of Heaven have the power to interfere and control various civilizations in the Land, such drastic action rarely ever happened. This probably only occurred once in several epochs. In order to do that, they would need to pay a great price too.

“Help me tell Wang Zhong that it has been a tough journey for Earth to rise to power, and there is much room for growth. It would be best if he doesn’t take risks unnecessarily…” Elder Yimo patted Mo Wen’s hand and sighed. “Anyway, you should take care of yourself.”

Mo Wen nodded. When he looked at Elder Yimo again, he seemed to be more respectful.

Perhaps Ma Dong, Scarlet, and the others didn’t know anything about the four races of Heaven and Earth’s crisis, but Wang Zhong hadn’t kept this secret from him, Mu Zi, Aiolos, or Napier who had just attempted to charge through the Heavenly River Tide. The five of them formed the strongest combat power and the core of Earth’s leadership now.

The five of them were well aware of the four races of Heaven, Earth’s crisis, and the so-called Dragon Race.

Wang Zhong had asked Elder Yimo to verify some common allusions. The Natural Race was the oldest race in the Land, and they knew the most allusions and history. With Elder Yimo’s intelligence, he had pieced together several clues from the seemingly irrelevant information and even managed to guess a portion of the truth.

Under such circumstances, Elder Yimo was still putting himself in Earth’s shoes. This was unusual. If it had been the Fire Demon Race that Wang Zhong asked for help, even if they didn’t report Wang Zhong to Heaven’s messengers, they would probably put their own safety first and cut off all contact with Earth, much less pass on the information to Wang Zhong.

“Thank you so much!”

In the blink of an eye, three more years passed.

Lao Wang had been in closed-door cultivation for seven years.

He had reached a whole new level of comprehension of the Law of Domination. However, he didn’t spend all seven years cultivating. He had been repeatedly watching Earth’s history and how Earth had evolved throughout the years. Each time he watched it, he discovered new things that changed his view and understanding of Earth and the Dragon Emperor.

Six years ago, Wang Zhong was already one of the top three peerless experts that had the ability to challenge any expert in the Star Alliance. Currently, given how much these three experts had grown, even level-8 civilizations wouldn’t want to be on opposing sides with them.

Besides, Earthlings were not unreasonable. They were good at politics, and Ma Dong had great negotiation skills. Humans were far more gifted in eloquence as compared to combat power.

Under Lao Wang’s instructions, Ma Dong had officially opened up Earth’s residential rights. However, it was only open to level-7 and level 8 civilizations and some select level-6 civilizations. The vacancies were also rather few. Even the Heavenly Shell Race, which was a top level-8 civilization, merely had 500 immigration openings a year. In addition, they had to pay a sky-high immigration tax. The amount of tax that a few immigrants had to pay was enough to make an ordinary level-4 civilization go bankrupt! This was 100 million times worse as compared to when Earthlings joined the Star Alliance.

However, the people’s enthusiasm for immigration was not dampened at all. Even if the tax was sky-high, people were still rushing to grab vacancies.

Nowadays, every infant from aristocratic families that had an important status in high-level civilizations was directly sent to Earth. No matter who they had to beg or what connections they needed to tap on, those aristocratic families did everything they could to send their newborns to Earth so that they could develop affinities with elements.

Although they would be considered as alien races on Earth and their children wouldn’t be treated as “well” as native Earthling children, there were still some obvious advantages. Out of the few children that they sent to Earth, at least one would develop affinity with many elements.

These top civilizations truly had foresight. Even if one generation of immigrants was not enough to make an obvious difference, the genes of the subsequent generations would definitely be improved. One day, these immigrants would be able to bring something different to their race’s bloodline, making their civilization stronger. Their civilization would then have a chance at escaping the control of the four races of Heaven and become true masters of the Dimensional World.


Meanwhile, in Tianjing’s White Horse Spirit Club on Earth.

With the current baby immigration craze, large numbers of female aristocrats from various top civilizations were constantly streaming into Earth. Out of the whole Fifth Dimension, the Great Spirit Race had the most experience in dealing with female aristocrats. How could they miss such a good business opportunity? It was true that it was extremely hard to obtain an immigration vacancy to Earth. Nonetheless, their manager was an Earthling who was the heiress to an Earthling aristocrat family that wielded considerable power.

“Your Majesty, this month’s…” Carolyn was video-calling the Great Spirit Queen and reporting this month’s club finances.

Earning money wasn’t the only reason why the Great Spirit Race wanted to manage a club. It was also to maintain relationships. As long as they had good and solid relationships with the female aristocrats from all high-level civilizations, it was equivalent to garnering the support of all the high-level civilizations in the Star Alliance. This was an important factor behind the Great Spirit Race’s everlasting power in the Alliance.

Carolyn sounded meticulous the whole time she was talking to the Great Spirit Queen, and her tone was humble and respectful. Even after Earth rose to power, which made her status rise in turn, she did not become arrogant.

This was one of the reasons why the Great Spirit Queen was starting to admire her more. She smiled and waited for Carolyn to finish her report before speaking gently. “With you there, I can rest assured.”

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