Coiling Dragon: Tale of the Qilin Warrior
1 Prologue: Reincarnation in Coiling Dragon
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Coiling Dragon: Tale of the Qilin Warrior
Author :Rahers
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1 Prologue: Reincarnation in Coiling Dragon

In a mountain range full magical beast - Mountain Range of Magical Beast.

The largest mountain range on the Yulan continent that runs right through the continent splitting it into north and south.

At a certain location in the outer region of the mountain range, there was a lying figure of a young boy that seems to be at the age of 7-8.

He has dark and spiky hair, a fit yet not a muscular body, and ashen white skin. The young boy lying on the floor had his eyes still closed yet he was already charming enough to cause envy upon thousands of men.

Not a moment later, the young boy opened his eyes which were actually gold in colors, bringing a strange yet harmonized combination for his hair and eyes.

Looking around him, the youth eyes shows sign of confusion, although he was hiding it pretty well, there were hints of panic in those shining gold eyes of his.

"Where am I?"

Jay found it weird to be in a forest since he had no recollection of coming here.

If he remembered correctly, he was going at work at that time, when he saw a little girl crossing a street, but when he saw that there was a large truck speeding on the road and was about to hit the girl.

He acted based on his instincts and pushed the girl away almost instinctively.

"That's right! I saved that girl and then I was hit by a truck, but why am I here?"

Jay was still confused as to why he was in a forest, and it was no ordinary forest since he can't recognize even one tree.

Just as he was about to stand up, he felt that there was a large amount of information going inside his brain, it was sudden that it was so painful for him who was caught off guard.


He roared loudly as he rolled on the ground while holding his head with both of his hands. He was sweating profusely that his clothes were soaked wet.

After an hour, the pain had finally subsided and his breathing returned to normal. It took him a large effort just to sit up and leaned at the nearest tree.

Jay started to look at the information he had just received from nowhere and when he did, he was shocked at what he had discovered.

Yulan Continent? Mountain Range of Magical Beast? O'Brien Empire?

He was extremely familiar with these words, and when he saw this, he was quite happy yet at the same time confused.

These places were from a fictional novel, coiling dragon, but why was he here and how did he even ended up here?

"It can't be that I reincarnated, right?"

When he thought of this possibility, Jay can't help but jump up and down like a kid who had received a candy.

Then it suddenly hit him.

"I'm a kid."

At first, he didn't realize it as he was very confused but now that he had calmed down, he noticed that his body was shorter than usual which lead him to the conclusion that he was a kid again. And from the looks of it, he seems to be seven.

The current year was 9989 and it was the month of December if he recalls correctly, then the Linley of today must be also seven years old, and one year from now, he (Linley) will going to the Ernst Institue to study.

Thinking of this, Jay suddenly remembered one of his favored characters in the novel, Delia Leon.

She was the daughter of a noble family in the Yulan Continent, and she had a calculating personality. The Delia right now must be also seven years old and she and Linley haven't met yet so he still has a chance to make her his.

(AN: I don't know if Delia has the same age as Linley but I will be making this thing up)

"I need to go there!"

Jay suddenly had a strange feeling in his heart, like what he had just said will come true. He didn't know but he just felt that he will definitely make it true.

On his previous life, Jay was an introvert time so that was why, even though he was already 37-years-old, he still hasn't married. So given with a second chance, Jay will not mess things up again and live his life with no regret.

He had already made a list of her potential wives and all he needed was strength and the advantage over Linley, who was the MC of this novel if this was a novel.

Jay was wearing a plain green shirt and pants, it was unknown how he even got this body but he was thankful that he even got one.

"To the one that reincarnated me, thank you very much for the second chance you have given me. I know that I may not be able to do anything for you but please accept my sincere gratitude, if one day you need my help just look for me and I will not hesitate to help you."

He vowed while looking above him, after that, he started moving towards Ernst Institute, since he was clear about the distance of his current location.

Not long after he had left the are he was originally at, a figure of an extremely beautiful woman appeared out of nowhere. She has long silver hair, silver eyes, and white skin like that of fresh snow. Her clothes are in large part black and red, they expose most of her stomach and breasts.

She looked at the direction where Jay went and a smile on her face appeared.

"You will be able to Jay. You just need a little bit of time to grow."

And then she disappeared. Jay hadn't realized that a goddess is already paying attention to him as he was extremely focused on his current goal right now.

TO GET STRONGER and go to the Ernst Institute.



| Author's Note |

Hello guys! This will be my first time writing so I thought that I should write a fan-fiction first to gain some experience.

The number of chapters in this novel will probably not exceed a hundred since I will be doing a lot of time skips.

The length of every chapter will also be short than other novels but please bear with me first since this is really my first time.

Please tell me your opinion on the comments below and if you have any suggestion or if I made any mistake please do tell me.

Thank you for reading and enjoy the chapter.


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