Coiling Dragon: Tale of the Qilin Warrior
2 Month : Qilin Warrior
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Coiling Dragon: Tale of the Qilin Warrior
Author :Rahers
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2 Month : Qilin Warrior

A 1 meter high, pig type magical beast with a single horn in the middle of its head. It was a magical beast of the third rank, a Unicorn Boar.

Standing in front of this magical beast was a youth 139 cm in height, this youth was none other than Jay, whose clothes were already tattered after living in the mountain range for a month.

At first, he thought that he will be able to pass through this mountain range by himself, but he soon found out his naive thoughts.

Even warriors at the fifth rank didn't dare to travel alone in this mountain range, much more a seven-year-old boy, who doesn't have an ounce of strength.

Jay was only lucky enough to survive until now, but it seems like his luck was already running out.

A third rank magical beast was in front of him.

This was his first time encountering one and this might be also his last time encountering one.

"Since this might be my last fight I will fight it all with what I got."

During this month, Jay was having a strange sensation that every time he encounters something stronger than him, his body seems like it was burning hot. Like it wants to fight every strong individual in the forest.

And every time that happens, Jay would always feel that he was some kind of combat expert that he would be even able to execute moves that he didn't know he will be able to. It was like it was all from his instincts.

Another noticeable thing is that his pure golden eyes had hints of red in them, although it was faint, it was still noticeable if one pays attention closely.

Holding a rusty sword in his hand, which he had found accidentally inside the forest, Jay dashed towards the Unicorn Boar with great speed.

His speed was comparable to a second rank magus but Jay is oblivious to this fact since he hadn't seen a second rank warrior and he wasn't even a first rank warrior.

When he neared the Unicorn Boar, it also charged at him with great speed, although it was only a third rank magical beast, it was still stronger than Jay.

Jay raised his sword and slashed it towards the Unicorn Boar's throat, but it was deflected by the Unicorn Boar's single horn. Then he was tackled by it and was sent flying towards the nearby tree.


His small body hit the tree and he vomits a mouthful of blood. Jay was not used to seeing blood as in his previous world, he hadn't seen any violence. But even though it was his first to see himself vomits blood, he was unexpectedly calm about this.

He was even able to formulate his next plan of action, Jay didn't dwell about these strange thoughts of him as what was important right now was to survive.

"I can't fight it head on since its too strong for me to handle. I can't believe I did something so stupid. The most important thing I need to do now is to increase the distance between it and me."

Thinking about his actions earlier, he felt that he was very stupid if only he didn't act rashly earlier then he wouldn't be even hurt right now.

"Although I was sent flying, why don't I feel any pain but instead feel excited?"

After he was sent flying, he didn't feel any hurt at all, but instead he was excited. His blood was boiling as if saying 'FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!'.

The Unicorn Boar didn't give Jay any more time to think about and it was already rushing towards him. Jay remembered that a Unicorn Boar knows how to use only one earth spell, Earth Spears.

He stood up and prepared to dodge that charging Unicorn Boar in front of him but as he was about to dodge, an earth spear came out of the ground and was about to pierce him luckily he was extremely high reflexes and was able to dodge it at the nick of time.

Jay's back was drenched in cold sweat as he was about to die earlier if not for his reflexes. He now felt thankful for his reflexes that he didn't even think would be this good.

Although Jay stopped, it didn't mean that the Unicorn Boar would also stop, and when he was distracted, he didn't saw the incoming horn.

Even though he felt it with his senses and was able to dodge a fatal wound with his reflexes, he was still pierced at his stomach.


Jay vomits another mouthful of blood, but this time his injury was quite severed as he was pierced in his stomach. He was then sent flying by the Unicorn Boar again.

As he tried to stand up, his legs gave up in him and he fell to the ground again.

"Am I going to die just like this?"

Jay never thought that his life will end just like that, he was given a second chance but he was going to die again full of regrets.

He blames himself for being too greedy, blinded by lust and for overestimating himself.

He thought that just because he was a reincarnator he will be something different and he became prideful just because of that.

But now that he was nearing his death, what can his pride do? Would it be able to save him? Will it help him in his situation?

Jay now clearly understood that he was only a frog in the well before, he was too naive and was overconfident.

"I swear that if I ever survive, I will do things right."

This would be the second time that he swore after coming to this world, but he was no regretting it as he believes that if he will be truly given a second chance he will naturally fulfill his promise.

The Unicorn Boar saw that Jay finally stopped moving, it had also lost interest in playing its food. So it started to walk towards Jay and was preparing to eat when suddenly, the atmosphere around it changed.

Jay's body started shining with golden lights, as he levitates on air. He was still conscious so he felt that changes are happening inside his body.

Another batch of memories was integrated again in his brain, this time, he didn't feel any pain. He felt nothing aside from the warmth rushing in his brain.

When it was finished, his body also started to transform slowly as his wounds healed at a visible speed.

Antlers started to come out of his head, his body was also gradually getting covered by golden scales, his eyes turned complete gold, as he was looking similar to a Buddha.

A tail spurt out from behind him, the tail was a meter long and it started to wiggle around creating flashes of golden light. His hands also transformed as it now looks like claws while his feet look like cloven hooves.

His body did not increase in height but on his elbows were now a golden colored flame.

When the transformation was finished, the Unicorn Boar was trembling in fear as it felt the majestic pressure from Jay's body.

Jay was surprised by this turn of events but his heart was very calm, so calm that he had ever before.

And a flashed of though he was able to identify as to what was this form.

There are four Supreme Divine Beasts, the Azure Dragon, the Vermilion Bird, the White Tiger, and the Black Tortoise. And this four Supreme Divine Beasts created four clans that are represented by one of them each.

The Azure Dragon Clan: The Redding Clan

The Vermilion Bird Clan: The Nimo Clan

The White Tiger Clan: The Laius Clan

The Black Tortoise Clan: The Bowen Clan

The Redding Clan have a warrior that can transform like their ancestor, the Azure Dragon, and this form is called Dragon Form. The same can also be said to the other clans.

The Nimo Clan has their Bird Form. The Laius Clan has its Tiger Form. And the Bowen Clan has their Tortoise Form.

But his form right now was not from any of this clans, instead, it was a form that was never mentioned in the novel. His form was called the Qilin Form.

And that only means that he was not a Dragonblood Warrior, a Volietflame Warriors neither the Undying Warriors.

He is a Qilin Warrior. From the Primordial Divine Beast, the creator of the four Divine Beast, a Primordial Chaos Qilin.









Author's Thought (more than 500 words)

Hello guys!

I am very thankful for all of your support. And the same as you guys, I am also a fan of I Eat Tomatoes.

To those that are thinking that the MC will be together with Delia, please don't be discouraged. Because I didn't mention that THEY will be together, I only wrote that the MC will be pursuing Delia.

And Please believe in Delia's faith, as she will forever be Linley's wife as I also love this damn couple. They are the definition of what true love must really be.

By the way, thank you for reading and please enjoy. The rate of update will not be stable to be honest since I am only a student and our graduation is nearing and we need to practice like a lot and next year I'll be college, yay!


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