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Coiling Dragon: Tale of the Qilin Warrior
Author :Rahers
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3 Bloodlines : Goals

When Jay was in this form, he can feel immense strength hidden in his small muscles. And according to his estimations, then he is probably at the level of a fifth rank warrior when he is in this form.

But according to the information he had, there are still three other forms aside from this one. And these forms are Chaos Qilin Form, Primordial Qilin Form, and Primordial Chaos Qilin Form.

And this was not the only thing that he had found out, there are these two abilities of his or rather, bloodlines.

He had three different bloodlines in his blood right now, and two of these are already showing signs of awakening.

The first bloodline was related to the red color in his eyes, he was also very perceptive and was very good at hand-to-hand combat.

The second bloodline was related to his thirst for battles, his strong and durable body. His speed and agility were also connected to this bloodline.

The third bloodline did not show any signs of awakening and it was still dormant in his cells. Seemingly waiting for the right time to awaken.

But even though the third bloodline was not showing any signs of awakening, Jay is sure that it must be related to the Primordial Chaos Qilin. As every clan members in the four Divine Beast Clan had the bloodlines of their representing beast.

And Jay was no different from them.

With this strength, Jay was now confident that he will be able to pass through this mountain range and enter Ernst Institute.

But this time, his goal was different, and it was to get strong, stronger than he could even be so that he can live peacefully without anyone threatening his life.

And about pursuing Delia, he will still try to but he would not be so crazy in his pursuit. If she likes him then that would be good and if she doesn't, it doesn't hurt being friends.

Jay remembered that he was still in the middle of a battle but when he looked around, he saw nothing aside from trees. The Unicorn Boar was nowhere to be seen, it was as if it vanished like a bubble.

With no other choice, Jay returned to his human form and when he did, he was surprised to see that his appearance slightly changed as he was now more handsome.

"I unexpectedly gained additional benefits from this. And now, I need to get stronger for me to pass through this vast mountain range."


A week had passed after that incident, Jay had tremendously improved. He was now very far from the Jay a week ago.

*clang *clang

Sounds of metals hitting each other resonated through the mountain range, a boy can be seen fighting a 2-meter long snake.

The snake was no ordinary looking, its body was black scaled body was covered with green strips of scales. It was a third rank magical beast that was vicious and venomous.

A Green-Striped Serpent.

The boy fighting the serpent has pointy dark hair and golden-reddish eyes. His appearance can be considered to be top class even though he was still very young and had not matured yet.

Jay was still holding the rusty sword he used to battle the Unicorn Boar, but now it was covered with blood from all the magical beast he had killed.

The extraordinariness of his second bloodline was gradually showing itself. He had advanced and became a first rank warrior in just a week which proves the amazing potential his bloodline has.

Next is that he had unexpectedly become a first rank magus as well, and learned all the rank 1 spells on all elements. Which was from his own memories also.

The Green-Striped Serpent in front of him was covered with wounds all over its body and this was his doings. Utilizing his amazing speed and agility, he deflects wound after wound to the serpent.

Even though he will be able to kill it easily if he transforms to his Qilin Form, Jay wants to temper himself so that is why he is fighting a third rank magical beast while he is a first rank warrior.

Jay mumbled a few incantations in a low voice and suddenly wind gradually cover his body.

Wind - style magic - Windsuit

It was a spell created by Jay, by covering his body with faint wind elemental essence his speed will increase and the more wind essence covering his body the more will his speed increase.

After that, his rusty sword suddenly started to emit heat as it was covered with fire essence.

Fire - style magic - Fire Coating

Another spell he had created. By using fire essence to cover the sword, a burnt effect was added and it was no normal burning effect as when it gets cut using this sword, it will slowly burn until it dies.

Jay had created a numerous number of spells and this can be credited to his first bloodline. He even started making spells that combine two or three elements, he was going to try using four elements but decided against it since there will be more time in the future if he wants to.

"With this, I will then have 10 magicite cores. Too bad they are all only third rank."

If others were to hear Jay, then they would be shouting at him for being too greedy but it can't be helped since he needs money for the tuition fee when he enters the Ernst Institue.

Jay did not waste any more time and directly dashed towards the serpent in front of him.

The serpent did not stop moving as it agilely dashed towards Jay also. It believed that someone as young as him will not be able to kill it.

But the serpent was wrong, it is because Jay is young that is why it was still alive. If Jay was given a little bit more time then nothing will possibly be able to stop him.



Author's Note (It always exceeds 500 words, xD)



I specifically wrote two chapters today, even though there are still three chapters here. I still haven't edited them.

I also request you guys to give me a review of my novel so that I can improve my mistakes. And I am currently using Grammarly which is really helpful although not the premium one but still helpful.

Leave your comments below if you agree that the MC will know all the element or laws and edicts in this world and also from the other worlds.

Like the elements Yin and Yang, Space and Time, Wood and Metal.


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