Coiling Dragon: Tale of the Qilin Warrior
4 First Human Encounter
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Coiling Dragon: Tale of the Qilin Warrior
Author :Rahers
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4 First Human Encounter

Just as they were about to collide with each other, Jay suddenly stumped his feet hard on the ground and spiky rocks appeared instantly.

Earth - style magic - Earth Spikes

It was a rank 1 earth spell, although it was just a beginners spell, it was still useful especially if used correctly and at the right time. An example of this is how Jay used it just now.

The momentum of the serpent moving fast was hard to stop and even though it can change its direction there will be a delay to it. Since Jay was moving slightly to the right side, the serpent unconsciously moved to the left side.

Jay had just then tried to predict where to cast the spell and everything will just succeed if his timing was right. And because of his extremely high perception and a good grasp of chance, his plan was a complete success.

"That was great!"

He suddenly heard a voice from behind him.

Jay then became aware that someone was also present and asked right away, "Who's there.."

But he didn't manage to finish his sentence as the person that he saw completely shocked him very much.

It was a red-haired and red-eyed girl which was very beautiful beyond words. She wore a white dress tied with a golden colored rope around her waist. Her eyelashes are long and unique, she has a leg chain tied to her but she doesn't look like a servant herself.

What was shocking is that Jay knows her very well, as she was none other than Morgiana Fanalis from Magi.

And that was the shocking thing, she was from Magi another fictional story but she was here instead.

'Just what is going on here?' Jay thought to himself.

"You're not bad for a kid." A small girl came into his vision, and the reason that he called her a small girl is that she was a head shorter than him.

What was even ironic is that she started to call him kid while she herself doesn't look much an adult.

"Ahh, Hello there! How can I help you?"

Jay is not sure as to what is happening but he will surely find out about it if he asks her.

"What are you talking about? I'm not asking for your help, I'm here to help you."

With that, she put up a proud and responsible expression but the result was just a cute face which made him laugh lightly.

"What are you laughing at? You think this lady is funny, huh?!" She got enraged by his laugh so Jay immediately stopped as he apologized.

"Forgive my behavior earlier. My name is Jay Yufan. Nice to meet you." Jay gave her a gentle smile which made her slightly blushed.

Seeing his smile she was flustered but acted like it was nothing.

"M-My name's Morgiana, Morgiana Fanalis."

With her saying her name, he finally proved that his deduction earlier was right. Only, why would a character like her appear in this novel?

"Can I call you Morgiana. And you can also call me Jay."

"Yes, you can...Jay" She appeared to be hesitant in calling his name.

"Morgiana may I ask you why you are here?"

His question might have hit the spot as she appeared to be quite lost also. But it was not the kind of lost that you would feel if you don't know your way, it was the type of loss that you don't feel like you should be in this world.

"This lady here needs not to tell you." She felt very vulnerable but she still put up a brave front.

'This kind of girl can only be called tsundere...Strong, right strong. She is strong because she can still be brave in the face of the unknown.' Jay thought.

"Well. You can choose not to tell me if you don't want to. I was not forcing you anyways."

Then Jay proceeds to dissect the Green-Striped Serpent to get its magicite core. Morgiana looked at what he was doing curiously.

"What are you doing?" Morgiana asked.

When she asked Jay, she was quite close to him and naturally, her unique smell assaulted his nose which causes him to slightly gulped even though there was no reaction from his lower abdomen.

"I'm getting its magicite core," Jay answered Morgiana nonchalantly.

"Magicite core? What's that?" It was a foreign term for Morgiana.

"Magicite cores are the energy core of magical beasts" Jay cut the serpent's head horizontally and began to look for the magicite core.

"Magical beast? Jay, what's that?" Like a little girl which she technically is, Morgiana began to ask Jay question after questions.

She also told Jay how she ends up here even though she was 'slightly' forced into saying it.

According to her, she woke up to find that she was in this place and she had no recollection of his past which was not that important according to her.

She was only able to survive up to this point because of her speed and strength which she doesn't know the reason why. The only thing she remembers was the chains on her legs which were called, Amol Selseila or Flame Wings of Iron Chains.

This was the only thing that she remembers and nothing else, she was literally like a blank sheet of paper. Jay could tell her that he was her lover and he can do anything with her but he decided not to since he was not a pervert.

"So what are you going to do now?" Jay asked Morgiana who was sitting in front of him while he was roasting the serpent he had just killed earlier.

"What will I do? Hmph. This Lady has no obligation to tell you. It's not like I don't have anything to go and I am afraid of this place. Definitely not." She puffed her cheeks which were a very cute action.

"Okay..." Jay was left speechless by her as he had never dealt with a Tsundere before.


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