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Coiling Dragon: Tale of the Qilin Warrior
Author :Rahers
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5 Getting Closer

Mountain Range of Magical Beast

In a certain place in the outer region of the mountain range, there is a boy and a girl walking together.

The girl had red eyes and hair, she was wearing a white cloth tied by a golden rope to her waist. She had a slim figure, long legs, and was extremely attractive.

The boy had spiky black hair with a golden-reddish eye. He was wearing a green shirt and pants which was already tattered. There was a rusty sword hanging on his waist.

This two are Jay and Morgiana who had come to the conclusion that they will be traveling together.

Jay had finally surrendered passing through the mountain range and decided to circle around it, even though it might take a long time it will be safe.

Meanwhile, Morgiana surprisingly has an exceptional affinity to fire and thunder while high affinity to wind and light, and lastly an average affinity to water and earth.

In short, she had an affinity to six elements which was never before seen in the novel aside from Jay who was the anomaly of everything possessing affinity to all elements.

Because of this, Jay is teaching Morgiana about rank 1 spells and how to control spells better. Morgiana was a quick learner as she was able to quickly absorb what Jay taught her.

She was only focusing on fire and thunder as these two elements are her highest affinity. Although she saw Jay using all elements and some elements that she had a feeling that shouldn't exist in this world.

Moreover, their relationship became extremely good as they treat each other very dearly, although it is not at the level of puppy love it was half step there.

Two months have already passed since they started to journey and in this month a lot of things had happened.

First is that Jay became a third rank magus and warrior while Morgiana became a first rank magus and half step into becoming a second rank warrior.

The rate of their advance is totally fast, especially Jay who was already a third rank warrior and magus at the age of 8. It was currently March 10 and Jay had decided that his birthday would be the same as his previous life which was February 15.

Morgiana was also 8 and her birthday was January 8, the day she and Jay first met.

"Jay what will we do after enrolling at Ernst Institue?"

During these two months, Morgiana's Tsundere attitude was gone which was surprising for Jay cause he was already used to it.

Walking towards a small pond, Jay scopes up some water and drank some before he started to fill his gourd.

"What will we do?" Jay also don't know why he was still going there, the only reason why he wants to go there was to meet Delia.

But now that he started to have feelings for Morgiana, what will he do? Although he wants to have a harem, he prefers to love only one because it will be more sincere.

"We'll just go there to take a look. I heard that Ernst Institute is a good place to learn spells."

Ernst Institue is one of the most elite institutes of the Yulan Continent and is said to be the number one mage academy. It is located in the Holy

Union and was founded by the Holy Emperor Ernst of the Radiant Church.

"By the way Morgiana, it is already getting dark. We should stop here for now and hunt for our food. We will continue tomorrow." He looked in the sky and saw that it was getting dark and traveling in the mountain range at night is not a good thing.

Morgiana nodded at him and run away towards a random direction. Jay was not worried in the slightest bit about her as he knew that even a fifth rank magical beast is no much for her.

A moment later, Jay saw Morgiana dragging a large pig, it only has a single horn about its snout. It was another pig type magical beast called

Bloodthirsty Warpig.

An adult Bloodthirsty Warpig is a fire-elemental magical beast of the fifth rank, and for Morgiana to kill it without damaging it completely, it clearly shows her extremely high combat prowess.

Too bad though cause no matter how high her combat prowess was, she will not be able to defeat Jay in a one-on-one battle, which was his specialty.

"I would never think that a pretty girl will be so ruthless."

Everyone knows that the Fanalis family are all battle freaks, so the beautiful Morgiana was no exception. They have some similarities to Saiyans only that Saiyans have a superior bloodline than them.

"What are you talking about? Do you believe me that you won't have dinner today?"

Jay just laughed cause he knows that she is only joking with him, and if she really won't let him have dinner he can only blame himself for teasing her.

"Morgiana, what do you think about this world?" When it is there time to rest, they would often talk about their past. Although Jay didn't tell Morgiana that he is from another world, she can still connect the dots because of his familiarity with this world.

"What I think? Well, for me this world is very dull and lifeless. It is very ruthless and if you are not strong enough you will die very early."

From the that she regains her consciousness, she was already in this world. Even though she hadn't told Jay, she was afraid, afraid that she might die.

Jay realized that he hadn't really thought about what Morgiana think about this world. All he had cared was about himself, realizing this he felt ashamed of himself.

In this month, Morgiana was no different from a slave from the way he treated her. Jay was treating her as not a human but just a character from an anime.

But as time pass by, he realized that although she was an anime character, right now she is real. She also has feelings, although she didn't complain in the way he treated her he can still see that she didn't like it.

Unknowingly, tears started to flow out of his eyes, he started to hate himself more and more.

Morgiana noticed that he was crying so she asked him worriedly.

"Jay are you okay?"

Even though he had treated her like a slave, she still cared about him. She still cared about a bastard like him who isn't even worthy of her care and concern.

He kept on crying and subconsciously he was already hugging Morgiana.

Morgiana was about to push him away from her when she heard him murmur.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. *sob *sob" Jay was still crying and he was only saying it because of the guilt that he felt. Those words were from the bottom of his heart.

"I will never mistreat you in the future. I promise." With that he slept, he was tired mentally and emotionally.

He realized everything in an instant and it was so shocking for him that even though he was already a thirty-year-old something soul, it was still too much to handle.

Morgiana looked at Jay's tired expression, but has a smile on his face. It was like a really large burden was lifted off his shoulders.

There was also a tear drop on his face, and with the moonlight illuminating it, it glitters in the dark night.

"Idiot. You finally realized it."

She hugged him tighter, afraid that everything that happened will just be a dream.


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