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Coiling Dragon: Tale of the Qilin Warrior
Author :Rahers
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6 Meeting the MC

In a blink of an eye, time passed. Jay and Morgiana have finally circled around the Mountain Range of Magical Beast and unknowingly arrived at Wushan Township.

To travel from Wushan Town to Fenlai City was quite short as they only need a day meanwhile it will only be half if they run.

December 1, 9990.

It was the time for Linley to take magus test and Jay is excited to meet the MC of the novel he really loved.

His relationship with Morgiana was extremely well, as the of them are now lovers.

Nine months sure pass by so fast. During this time, Jay tried his best to make his relationship with Morgiana better. And Morgiana slowly began to act more like a girl.

Jay is now already a fifth rank warrior and magus but still wants to enter the academy and all of it is because of Morgiana.

Although she advanced and became a thirds rank warrior, she was only a second rank magus. The spells that she knows was only a little, even though Jay was teaching her, they would always get distracted and will start to talk about their past life.

Jay didn't keep any secret from her anymore and told her everything about himself and about her also. When she first heard everything she was shocked but then said.

"It doesn't matter who I am from the past. What matters now is who am I and who I want to be with."

Those words were like thunder, still echoing to Jay's ear even till now.

Although he was only a fifth rank warrior, if he were in his Qilinform, he will instantly become a Saint Warrior. He also has one tomoe in his eyes now, which is hardly noticeable because it was pure gold in color and his eyes were now golden-red in color.

Morgiana, on the other hand, was slowly getting familiarize with his Household Vessel, Amol Selseila or Flame Wings of the Iron Chains.

She was very good at controlling fire essence which is the reason why she was a second rank magus. Although her thunder spells are not a lot it was still a force to be reckoned with.

Next to the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts was the Holy Union and the Dark Alliance. And the capital kingdom of the Holy Union was the kingdom of Fenlai!

Fenlai City, in turn, was the capital of the kingdom of Fenlai.

In addition, it also served as the 'Holy Capital' of the Holy Union, because the Radiant Church itself was headquartered in the western part of Fenlai City.

The entire city of Fenlai was divided into two parts; East Fenlai City, and West Fenlai City. East Fenlai City was governed by the King of Fenlai, while West Fenlai City was managed by the Radiant Church. Because Fenlai City was both the kingdom's capital as well as the Holy Capital, the opulence of Fenlai City could be matched by extremely few cities in the entire Yulan continent.

Fenlai City took up a huge amount of space and had more than a million denizens living within its area. In the entire Yulan continent, it could be considered one of the top five megacities.

As nightfall came, Jay and Morgiana entered Fenlai City.


Morgiana was dazzled by the buildings she saw, this will be her first time seeing tall buildings and although Jay had already told her about it, seeing and hearing are totally two different things.

Luckily though, the street was quite noisy so no one heard her exclaim, but Jay can see lustful eyes looking at Morgiana.

Beauty will always attract attention wherever it goes. And even though Morgiana's clothes are not that gorgeous, true beauty cannot be hidden.

Rich madames and young ladies, wearing fashionable and new dress all looked at Morgiana with envy.

"Just who is that girl?"

"How can she be that pretty?"

But Jay and Morgiana just ignored all of them as they continued to walk.

The entire Fragrant Pavilion Road was constructed from symmetrical limestone tiles, wide enough to allow multiple horse carriages to cross simultaneously. On each side of the tiles were hotels, clothing stores, weapon stores, nightclubs, and all sorts of other places. In addition, both sides of the Fragrant Pavilion Road were lined with pine and cypress trees.

The Fragrant Pavilion Road, bustling with activity, often had many opulent carriages pass through it.

While Jay and Morgiana were walking around the road, a carriage suddenly stopped in front of them.

Seeing this, Jay frowned, this scene was extremely familiar to him but he didn't act rashly as he might be wrong.

A middle-aged man, adorned with expensively looking clothes, got out of the carriage. His gaze never left Morgiana's body, totally ignoring Jay.

The middle-aged man approached them and stopped in front of Morgiana.

"Little girl your so pretty. Why are you here? Don't you know that it is dangerous to wander around the city around without an adult? What if something happens to you. How about this, I'll let you accompany me to tour the city, how about it?" The middle-aged man 'pedophile' shamelessly asked as if he was concern and was doing it for their own good.

"No thanks, mister. I am not lost, I am together with my..." Before Morgiana could even finish speaking, Jay interrupted her.

"Brother. I am her brother." Jay cannot possibly tell them that they are lovers since they are still so young.

"Oh? How about you go play there for a second then. While I will play with your sister?" With that, he waved his hand and a scar-faced man approach them.

When Jay looked at the scar-faced man, he found out that he was a fourth rank warrior. It was a considerable strength for a bodyguard so the middle-aged man must have a high position.

"Henry. Please accompany this little brother here to have fun. Make sure that he will have fun that he can't even walk. Okay?" The middle-aged man spoke to the scar-faced man seriously.

The scar-faced man nodded.

Just as he was about to grab Jay, a hand grab his shoulders and he was stopped. He looked at the one who grabbed was a sturdily built middle-aged man who wore a short-sleeved shirt and roughly cut trousers.

Next to the man was a brown-haired young boy around the same age as Jay and Morgiana. He was looking curiously at Jay and Morgiana and in his shoulder was a small black mouse.

Maybe he realized it also, he was shocked to see the mouse on his shoulder as he said anxiously.

"Bebe what are you doing? Go back in my shirt now!" But no matter how quick the mouse move. It was already seen by Jay and Morgiana.

Jay just smiled at this brown-haired boy, his right hand was still holding Morgiana's left hand. Although the two of them looked like they are really siblings their relationship was more than that.

Jay was happy as he had finally met the MC of this novel.

Linley Baruch


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