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Coiling Dragon: Tale of the Qilin Warrior
Author :Rahers
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7 Linley meets Jay

"Wow" "Wow"

Two voices overlapped with each other. If one was to listen carefully it was a girl and a boy's voice.

A brown-haired boy accompanied by a middle-aged man was amazed by his surroundings.

"Squeak! Squeak!" A little mouse came out of his shirt, if one was to look closely, they would make it out as a magical beast known as the Shadowmouse.

Shadowmouse is extremely fast and can range in ranks from 3-8. At rank 5, their fur turns blue, while at rank 7, their fur turns violet. Omnivorous, have sharp teeth, particularly feared for attacking in waves. When Shadowmouse's advance from the seventh level, their violet fur begins to increasingly tinged with gold.

Fortunately, though, the entire road was filled with all kinds of noise and quarrels that nobody noticed the sound.

"Bebe quiet. Go back inside now." The brown-haired boy scolded the little Shadowmouse named Bebe.

"Linley is everything alright?" The middle-aged man beside the boy asked him.

"Its alright uncle Hillman." The brown-haired boy named Linley responded politely.

After that, Linley continued to look at his surroundings with awe, everything is a new experience for him so it can't be helped.

Rich madame and young ladies were looking and pointing at him and on their face was contempt and disdain.

When he noticed this, Linley began to suppress his excitement, this was the result of his father educating and nurturing him.

"Linley, how do you feel about Fenlai City? This is the largest city in our entire Holy Union." Hillman asked Linley while he was walking alongside him.

While they are walking, warriors and magi would occasionally pass by them, making Hillman sigh filled with emotion.

"In Fenlai, warriors and magi are a very common sight."

Linley laughed while nodding enthusiastically, "In the books, it is said that Fenlai City is the economic, political, and cultural capital of the entire Holy Union."

"This is Heaven for rich and powerful people." Hillman nodded with a sigh.


While they are walking, Linley suddenly heard a voice inside his head.

A white-haired old man comes out of his ring and began to float as he looked at the direction where Jay and Morgiana went.

"Grandpa Doehring, what is it?" Linley politely asked the elderly man.

"Linley, that black-haired boy seems to be strange. I sense that he is a fifth rank warrior and magus." Just now, when he (Doehring) expanded his senses, he was shocked to find out Jay's power level.

"WHAT!?" Linley was shocked by this discovery.

The black-haired boy seems to be the same age as him yet he was already a fifth rank warrior and magus.

"Grandpa Doehring are you sure?" Linley asked seriously.

Doehring nodded, "Yes, I'm sure. And the girl beside him does not seem to be normal as well. Although it might be good to be friends with them."

"Will they even accept it? I mean, they are strong." Linley still can't believe it as of now.

"Although they are strong, I don't feel any maliciousness from both of them. So I think that they are good people." Doehring smiled at Linley, "You will also be able to meet a pretty girl, aren't you happy?"

"What do you mean Grandpa Doehring? they are holding hands so they must have a relationship." Although Linley was still clueless about a relationship, because of the influence of his Grandpa Doehring, he was gradually knowing stuff about man and woman.

One such thing is that a man and woman should never hold hands if they have no relationship with each other. And since he saw Jay and Morgiana holding hands, he thought that they must be in a relationship.

"Nonsense. We are not sure yet. Maybe they are just siblings." Doehring said.

"And if they are not? It's not like I want to be in a relationship yet. My main focus, for now, is to help my father redeem our clan heirloom." Linley said seriously.

Seeing such a serious expression on his face, Doehring can't find a way to continue teasing him so he just told Linley to follow the black-haired boy and if possible befriend him.

Hearing this, Linley was more than happy to make new friends so he asked his uncle Hillman that he was going somewhere.

"Where are you going? This is your first time in the city. And don't tell me that you already know your way here?" Hillman was quite surprised when Linley asked that he will go somewhere.

"How about this. You go where you are supposed to go and I will just follow you, is that okay?" Hillman thought that Linley must be just curious about the city and wants to explore it.

Linley did not bother to explain it to his uncle Hillman as he followed the black-haired boy.

While they are following them a carriage suddenly stopped in front of the black-haired boy and the red-haired girl. When he saw this Linley was surprised and thought that it was their family.

But Hillman was experienced and from the way, the carriage suddenly stopped he had a bad premonition about it.

A middle-aged man came out of the carriage and approached the two of them (Jay and Morgiana) and began to talk with them. Next is that a scar-faced man approaches the black-haired boy and was looking sinister.

Hillman immediately recognized this scar-faced man and did not hesitate to approach the two children as he knows that the scar-faced man and the middle-aged man are up to no good.

When he stopped them, they were quite surprised and began to quarrel with each other. Unknowingly, the black-haired boy and the red-haired girl are all looking at Linley, or to be more precise at Linley's shoulder.

When Linley noticed their gaze and realize the weight on his shoulder, he immediately turns his head to look and found that it was Bebe.

"Go back inside Bebe," Linley said frantically.

But it was already too late since Bebe was already seen by the two children and he can only blame himself for being too careless as to not noticed Bebe.

Linley is now afraid that they might tell others that he has a magical beast and they might steal Bebe from him.

| Author's Note |

Hello guys. I'm back!!

First of all, I would like to clarify that my story is not based on the comments and I will not change the novel just because of what the comments are saying.

And finally, to end the issue about who would Delia end up with. I can only say that she will be the MC's woman. Although she still first fell for Linley and as for the specifics how the MC and Delia end up, please stay tuned for more chapters.

By the way, how do I create a PayPal account or anything that can help me receive any donations? Cause, to be honest, I don't have any pocket money with me so I need donations to continue writing a novel and update daily if not, my updates will only depend on the time when we have internet.


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