Coiling Dragon: Tale of the Qilin Warrior
8 Convenience of Spells
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Coiling Dragon: Tale of the Qilin Warrior
Author :Rahers
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8 Convenience of Spells

Seeing that Linley looked like he was someone caught doing something shady, Jay let out a slight laugh.

"W-What are you laughing at?" Linley asked while stuttering. He is very anxious because he is afraid that Bebe will be exposed.

"Fufu, it's nothing. It's just that you look funny." Jay said as he dragged Morgiana to near Linley.

No matter how smart Linley is, he is still a child, he is no match for a 30-year-old soul like Jay.

Jay was still wearing his tattered green shirt and pants so his whole appearance looked quite pitiful. His black hair was still pointy as ever while his eyes' color changed from pure gold to golden-reddish with a single gold tomoe which is barely noticeable.

Morgiana on the other hand, although still wearing her white shirt, she undeniably looked more feminine now that she and Jay are lovers. Even though she was still too young to understand what their relationship really means, she will always be happy as long as she is with Jay.

Jay turned to look behind him where Hillman is still talking to the middle-aged man and the scar-faced man. From the looks of it, the middle-aged man won't be able to handle Hillman since he is a sixth rank warrior.

He then turns to take a careful look at the main character of the story.

Linley had short brown hair and light brown eyes. Although he was still not at Jay's level, he was still a handsome boy that has a great potential to be a supermodel.

"My name's Jay Yufan by the way. And this is Morgiana Fanalis. Nice to meet you."

Jay extended his right hand towards Linley as he introduced himself and Morgiana.

Linley was looking at Jay with a surprised expression as he didn't think that he will only introduce himself.

When Jay saw that Linley was looking at him like he was some kind of ghost he urged him.

"Your name is...."

"Ah!" Linley came back to his senses as he hurriedly shook Jay's hands and introduced himself. "My name's Linley Baruch. The man earlier is my uncle Hillman. Nice to meet you too."

In the wide Fragrant Pavilion Road them talking although at the side of the road was still slightly awkward as there will be some people who will glance in their direction while others will be pointing and stuff.

It was when Hillman returned with an irritated look on his face. But as soon as he saw that Linley was talking to the other two a smile appeared on his face.

"Well, well, well, Linley looks like you already got yourself some friends huh?" He stood beside Linley as he patted his shoulders.

Linley as talking with Jay and Morgiana when he was patted so he felt a little shy with Hillman treating him like some kind of lonely person.

Jay was quite satisfied with his talk with the Linley so he bid farewell to them. And since they will still be meeting tomorrow, Linley was not worried that he will not see them again as Jay had said that they will also be taking the magus test.


After separating with Linley and Hillman, Jay and Morgiana decided to roam around the city to familiarize themselves. Though Jay was only following Morgiana as she shops around for clothes and other things girls buy.

After roaming around for about hours, it was already dark so they decided to conclude their roaming for today. Unlike Linley and Hillman, they did not go to the guesthouse for the night.

But instead, Jay used his created spells to make a house underground.

Space - style magic - Void Room

Earth - style magic - Wall of Creation

Wood - style magic - Sanctuary

Wind - style magic - Air Ventilation

Light - style magic - Illumination

He cast five spells consecutively like it was nothing. Jay had a guess that it might be because of his three bloodlines that are all cheats.

He also used two unknown elements in the novel which are wood and space.

The first spell he used is to make a space underground where the house will be built.

The second spell will be like a pillar so that the ground above will not collapse.

The third spell was the actual house although it can't be considered as a house it was still enough for the two of them to sleep for the night.

The fourth spell was to create a source of oxygen underground since there are no holes for the source of air. And even though Jay and Morgiana are very strong they still need air to breathe.

The fifth and last spell is for none other than the light since it will be bad if it is very dark inside.

After he finishes casting this spells, Jay turned to look at Morgiana with a smile on his face.

"Shall we?" He extended his hands towards her.

Morgiana was very happy being together with Jay so whenever he goes she will not hesitate to follow. So he held Jay's stretch hand and said.


Jay then cast another spell which he had also created.

Space - style magic - Teleportation

All the spell he had just cast are all fifth rank except for the Illumination spell which he can't determine the rank since it was non-combat.

But even so, he was not the slightest bit tired after casting all those spells. If it were others they would already be lying on the ground.

"Jay, who was that boy from earlier?" Morgiana asked.

If there are others, she will be very cold and indifferent towards them but if it were only the two of them she will immediately turn into a lovely and cute girl.

"You mean Linley?" Jay asked as he looked at Morgiana.


The house that he had created only have a single room so they can only share it together. Although it is not like there is any problem with that as they are already in a relationship.

A Sanctuary is a consecrated place where sacred objects are kept so it is already a miracle that there is a room inside.

"Morgiana we need to prepare for tomorrow." They will be taking the magus test tomorrow so if it is found out that Morgiana has 6 elemental affinities, this will really cause an uproar.

Although Jay did not dislike being in the limelight, that does not mean that he will do anything just to get everyone's attention.


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