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Coiling Dragon: Tale of the Qilin Warrior
Author :Rahers
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10 The Magus Test 2

Morgiana placed her right hand on the crystal ball.


The crystal ball burst forth with blinding rays of light. Brown rays and Violet rays intertwined with each other while in their gaps, there will be some silver rays.

The bald elder looked blankly at the piece of paper in his hands. Written on top of it was the name and age of the tester.

Morgiana Fanalis, eight years old.

"Age, eight. Elemental essence affinities - Fire and Thunder, both are exceptional affinity level. Wind affinity, high level!"

They had just tested a Dual-Elemental Magus earlier but now, another one appeared.

The nobles all broke into an uproar while Linley was also stunned.

Jay just smiled at them like they are all retards if they knew that she had still other three elements, then they will surely lose their minds.

Now it was time for the Spiritual Essence Test which will be very easy for Morgiana given that they had already battled ninth rank magical beasts.

The magical formation immediately glowed with a white aura.

Light - style magic - Overawe

Morgiana felt a pressure pressing unto her but it was not that strong. It began to increase as the time pass until she finally knelt on the ground.

"Spiritual essence, one hundred forty-eight times that of his peers, high-level. "

Everyone sucked in a cold breath as they heard the announcement. Having eighteen times spiritual essence is already amazing but Morgiana has 148 times than normal.

As the magus recruiters were about to go near her, Morgiana suddenly said.

"I will join Ernst Institute." She said coldly then leaving the center.

The white-robed middle-aged man responded happily, "Of course!"

He then handed her identity proof then went back to take a seat.

The young nobles from different families are all envious of Morgiana as they looked at her. While she just went near Jay as she smiled sweetly.

"How did I do?" She asked Jay.

"You did great!" Jay praised her while he patted her head.

Morgiana closed her eyes as she was enjoying his touch.

The other male nobles are all looking at Jay with a hostile expression as he was very close with Morgiana.

"Next" The bald elder said softly.

Although he didn't know what will be Jay's talent, the fact he was very close with Morgiana means that he will also not be normal.

Jay then went towards the center slowly as everyone's eyes were focused on him. They are all expecting that he will also show them something amazing.

'Since everyone is expecting so much from me, how can I disappoint them?" Jay thought as he adjusts which element to seal and which elements will be left unsealed.

Jay placed his left hand on top of the crystal ball and instantly it began to burst forth with brilliant light even more blinding than the light Morgiana produced earlier.

Three rays can be seen on the crystal ball as the three rays intersect with each other. The color of the three rays is Red, Violet, and Silver rays.

"Exceptional Affinity on all three elements!! Fire, Thunder, and Wind!" The bald elder shouted loudly as he can't believe himself either.

A magus recruiter exclaimed, "That means that he is a Tri-Elemental Magus. The first time in history!"

The nobles inside the cathedral are also surprised by what the magus recruiter has said. A Dual-Elemental magus is already very rare but they had already seen two today.

While they still have a hard time believing what they have seen, a magus that have three exceptional affinities appeared for the first time in history.

This was history in the making and this event will surely be written in the books of history for the future generation to be told.

Linley was dumbfounded by this even also. He was also surprised that Jay and Morgiana have the same elemental affinity although they had different elemental affinity level.

He had never thought that Jay would have this monstrous talent.

As they are in an uproar, Jay just dropped another bomb at them.

"I will join Ernst Institute. Is it possible?" Jay said as he looked at the white-robed middle-aged man.

The white-robed middle-aged man was in ecstasy as he really wants to jump up and down right now.

Today will be the greatest day of the Ernst Institute. Recruiting two Dual-Elemental Magus and the first time in history Tri-Elemental Magus.

Hearing that Jay wants to join Ernst Institute, he quickly gave him his identity proof without hesitation.

"Of course you can. In fact, we would be honored to. You would also not have to attend the second test as you already pass it."

The other magus recruiters all looked gloomy as they sat sulkily on their seats. Ernst Institute truly had the biggest harvest of today's crops.

Jay received the identity proof from the white-robed middle-aged man as he and Morgiana left the crowd.

Everyone's eyes are still on them as they looked at the pair with awe.

Linley was also looking at them with admiration in his eyes. He was really in awe with Jay's talent and suddenly remembered that Grandpa Doehring said that he is also a fifth rank warrior which also means that he is a dual cultivator genius.

The word genius would be underestimating Jay's talent, only the word monstrous would fit the talent he had shown today.

As Jay and Morgiana vanish from everyone's sight, they all praised them in their hearts. What they have seen today truly left a big surprise for them that they will always be remembered by them no matter how many days past.


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