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Coiling Dragon: Tale of the Qilin Warrior
Author :Rahers
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11 Ernst Intitute

February 9, 9991

Time really went pass very fast, I am heading towards the Ernst Institute right now together with Morgiana.

Not a lot of things happened during this month only some small things like some elders trying to kidnap Morgiana.

Which all end up with them turning into fertilizers which really helped the flowers on top of our house.

There were also others that tried to kidnap me which really didn't end up well.

What I only did during this month was to organize the things that I have.

Like some magicite cores, weapons, pills, and some small change of money.

The money I have right now is not that many though, after selling a large number of seventh rank magicite cores and above.


For me, that would not be that many since I have a plan of making my own sect which is rarely seen in this world.

The weapons that I also have right now are all made by me using rare metals which I have found during this month as I looked around the Mountain Range of Magical Beast in my Qilinform.

While in my Qilinform, my strength will automatically be raised to Saint rank. Which makes it very easy to traverse the area in the Mountain Range of Magical Beast.

Since the weapons in this world are graded as Artifact Weapon, Demigod Divine Artifact, God Divine Artifact, Highgod Divine Artifact, Sovereign Artifact, and Overgod Artifact.

I have over 13 Artifact Weapons, 5 God Divine Artifact, 5 Highgod Artifact. Not too shabby but I will not be using these weapons.

Because there is this particular weapon that I really took a liking to and it is none other than a pair of gloves.

These pair of gloves are known as the Glove of Destruction and Glove of Creation.

I don't know what rank are they though since they just appeared in front of me unknowingly.

These gloves are really sick since they are really thin that you could hardly notice them as gloves. I am not even sure if this is called gloves or nothing.

The reason that they are called the Glove of Destruction and Glove of Creation is. The Glove of Destruction has a special ability that amplifies the power of my attack spells. While the Glove of Creation has a special ability that amplifies the effects of my creation spells.

"Jay, what are you thinking about?" A sweet voice suddenly drifted into my left ear.

When I turned to look my left I saw that it was Morgiana.

"I'm thinking about you," I said as I smiled at her.

Morgiana blushed at my reply which I think she really is very cute. As the time pass as we are together, she is getting more and more girl like.

"Jay, do you think I would be able to learn a lot?" She asked me.

I looked around my surroundings which is really devoid of signs of people leaving. Nothing else can be seen aside from the trees and mountains.

The Ernst Institute was located in a rustic area approximately twenty kilometers south of the Holy Capital of Fenlai City. The Ernst Institute was founded and financially supported by the Radiant Church. Naturally, it was wealthy and knew how to throw around money. They took up a very large space, with a circumference of ten kilometers. Such a huge academy was nearly the size of a city.

Outside of the Ernst Institute, few visible signs of human presence could be seen, just an empty mountain range.

Restaurants, clothing stores, bars, and other sorts of service industries were all located on the campus itself. It could be said that the students of the Ernst Institute spent their entire lives within the campus.

"With your talent in learning you ... can."

I hesitated for a second as I can recall correctly, Morgiana's talent in learning is not the best but it was still above average. The only reason that she has not learned a lot is that she will always be dozing off when I am teaching her.

I really felt helpless sometimes when I am teaching her.

Morgiana stopped asking me any more as we continued to walk towards Ernst Institute.

After walking for over an hour, we finally arrived.

Ernst Institute

It looks really large, even more, magnificent that what was written in the novel.

The main gate of the Ernst Institute was fully fifty meters wide. Above the great gate was an enormous, crescent moon shaped construct, covered with all sorts of magical scripts which one could tell at a glance were amazingly complicated. Just from seeing how complicated the scripts were, one could imagine how powerful and mighty the magical formation protecting the Ernst Institute was.

Right now, the main gate of the Ernst Institute was a very lively place. There was a row of academic staff and a single youth who had brought his admission letter and his proof of identity and had begun to be processed for intake.

It was already February 9 but the middle-aged man said that we should arrive before. But I think that it would be okay since this also happens on Earth sometimes.

"Morgiana take out your identity proof," I said to Morgiana.

"But I thought we need to arrive here before February 9?" Morgiana asked me as she tilts her head in confusion.


She really looks cute when she does that, that is why I really like to make her confuse a lot.

"It's alright. Why wouldn't they accept us? Morgiana is so beautiful they will not hesitate to accept you." I pinched her cheeks.

Morgiana pushed my hands away as she pouted clearly angry at me.

"Okay, okay, I also don't know if they will still accept us but I think it would be okay since we have good talents."

I went forward first, the staff in charge was also surprised to see me.

"Little boy, what are you doing here?" He asked me.

Although I am not used to it, I can't do anything but accept that I am still a little boy.

"We are here to enroll," I said to him.

"Are you perhaps Jay Yufan?" the staff asked me.

I was quite surprised on how he knows me, although I became a little famous after the incident during the magus test I was in the Mountain Range of Magical Beast the whole month so the number of people who saw me should be few.

But why does he knows me? Did they expect that I might be late in enrolling?

"Yes. That's me." I answered him honestly.

"Ah! So it's really you! Elder Lucas said to test your Spiritual Essence first before we accept you.

"Spiritual Essence? But didn't I?"

And then that is when I remembered that I didn't manage to take the Spiritual Essence Test as I have left very early at that time.


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