Coiling Dragon: Tale of the Qilin Warrior
12 Taking the Spiritual Essence Tes
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Coiling Dragon: Tale of the Qilin Warrior
Author :Rahers
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12 Taking the Spiritual Essence Tes

I really want to slap myself a hundred times right now. I really, really want to. How did I even forgot to take the second test? I was really excited to act cool.

I turned to look at Morgiana awkwardly and saw her giggling. Traitor!

She is having fun in my misfortune. Hmmph. See how I will punish you tonight.

It seems like she knew what I was thinking as she looked at me with encouraging eyes. I was speechless by the fact of how fast she changes her emotions.

I then turn to look at the staff who was in charge.

"Okay, sir. Where should I go?" I asked the staff.

No matter who it is, they will surely laugh at someone who forgot to take the second test. Luckily though, with my talent, they will not hesitate to accept me just because of this small thing.

"This way Jay. We have already prepared everything." The staff leads me to a room.

Inside the room, I only saw one man standing and he seems to be the elder who was also in charge of the second test when I took the magus test.

"Boy, you really are amazing. Forgetting the second test." He seems to be angry at me.

I really can't blame him though since it was really my fault. He must have something important to do but seems I haven't taken the second test yet he had to test me first.

I did not say anything as I stood on the platform at the center of the room. Morgiana was at the back looking at me without any worries.

Since she already knew that I can handle the small pressure she really is not that worried about me.

"Okay. I will now start." The elder said.

Light - style magic - Overawe!

Yellow rays of light were immediately shot out from the elder as it envelops my whole body. I then felt a slight pressure weighing my body but it was not enough to make me kneel.

The elder was quite surprised since my expression did not change even the slightest bit as he increases the pressure.

one minute, three minutes, five minutes... thirty minutes.

I was still not pressured even the slightest bit but the elder was already sweating profusely. His robe was already soaked wet but he was still enduring.

I decided to step out of the platform so the spell was also canceled. The elder knew that I stopped because he was already tired but even more so, he was still shocked by the result.

"Spiritual essence, five hundred twenty-seven times that of his peers, monster level."

When I heard that my spiritual essence was 527 times, I have some slight doubt as to how it climb that fast given that Morgiana took the test with the same duration as I am.

Then I realize that he must have increased the pressure by leaps and bounds only to hurt himself. That serves him right...

But why does he have to create a new level? And to be monster level at that.

Anyways I don't care about that stuff anymore as I left the room together with Morgiana. The staff also followed as outside leaving the elder alone sweating on the ground.

When we were outside the staff directly gave us our keys, which really confused me. Didn't we need to pay first since we are not resident in the Holy Union?

"Jay and Morgiana are excepted for the tuition fee because of your talents." The staff said to us, seems like he knew what I was thinking, am I really that easy to read?

Holding the key in my hand, I looked at Morgiana who was also looking at me.

This will be the first time that we will be separating from each other as we had always been together no matter where we go.

I can see that Morgiana is slightly uneasy, even though she is stronger than most magus because she is a warrior and magus. She is still a girl and she will feel uneasy if she is in a different environment.

Especially when she doesn't know how to socialize with other girls.

"Morgiana, it will be alright. I will visit you everyday okay? And we will be also attending the same classes so you won't be alone." I said to her.

"Thanks, Jay." She smiled at me as we went to look at where our dorm is.

The boys and girls dorms are separated to avoid any accidents. So I accompanied Morgiana first to her dorm. Her dorm number was in 0718.

A single row will contain 100 dorms so Morgiana's dorm will be at the 7th row. Since both of us are warriors, we moved very fast that it surprised the other students who were in our way.

When we arrived at the 8th row, we slowed down and started to walk instead.

0701, 0702, 0703 ... 0717

And finally, after several minutes of walking, we finally arrived in front of Morgiana's dorm. It seems like her dormies are not here at the moment.

"Take care. Okay?" She told me.

I smiled at her and said, "Don't worry about me. Worry about how you will deal with your dormies."

I know that Morgiana didn't bring much luggage since we both have interspatial rings. But it will be troublesome if others knew that we have one so it was for the best that no one was around when we arrived.

I left her as I looked for my dorm.

My dorm number was in 1504. So it is at the 16th row.

I did not waste any time as I dashed forward my dorm lightning fast. I have to utilize some thunder essence to avoid others from suspecting that I am also a warrior.

I used a spell that I created which focused on movement speed.

Thunder - style magic - Lightning Dash

If this spell will be ranked then it will definitely be a rank 3 spell. Although it has no combat power but the fact that I will be able to move very fast will be very helpful during battle or when I am escaping.

When I arrived at the 16th row I instantly stopped. I walked towards dorm 1504 slowly and from afar I can already hear voices inside the room.

I took out my luggage and pushed open the door and what I saw really made me speechless.


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