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Coiling Dragon: Tale of the Qilin Warrior
Author :Rahers
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13 Weidos at Dorm 1504

A thin looking blonde haired boy, a muscular but short black haired boy, and eyeglasses wearing white-haired boy.

It was really a variety of looks and sizes but what the hell are they doing?

I just saw them doing something very strange.

The blonde-haired boy was pulling the pants of the white-haired boy while the black-haired boy was on top of the blonde-haired boy while his right leg is being pulled by the white-haired boy.

Although I know that it might not what it looks like it would be, but I can't really help but think of it that way.

The three of them are also looking at me with an awkward expression on their faces.

Then the white-haired boy which looks like the smart one between the three of them asked me.

"Are you our last dormy?" He asked me while he fixed his eye-glasses with one hand.

"Yes. My name's Jay Yufan. Nice to meet you." I said to them.

Even though they just did something very strange, they don't looked like bad peoples.

"Oh! My name's Richard Noman. I'm from Rhine Empire" The white-haired boy said.

"My name's Marco Shade. I'm from Yulan Empire." The blonde-haired boy also introduced himself.

The black-haired boy also introduced himself, "I'm Arlan Hens from Fenlai City."

The four of us quieted down again as we looked at each other, the atmosphere was quite awkward as we can all remember what I saw earlier.

"Anyways. I didn't see anything so theirs no need to be so embarrassed. I won't judge the three of you I promise." I said to them to alleviate the awkwardness on the atmosphere.

"What do you mean by you won't judge? It's not what you think it is. I am straight! I like girls 1000%." Marco immediately said.

"This damn Arlan! If it wasn't for you." Richard was pointing his finger to Arlan in anger.

"Hahaha. It was fun till it last." Arlan just shrugged it off like it was nothing.

I looked at them feeling really out of place as I can't understand what they mean by what they are talking.

Arlan seems to have suddenly remembered something as he turn to look at me and asked.

"Did you say your name was Jay Yufan?" There was a hint of excitement in his voice which really confused me.

"Yes?" I answered still not clear as to what is going on around me.

"OMG! I am your biggest fan. It is so nice to meet you Mr. Jay" He instantly turned into a fanboy. Like literally.

"What are you doing Arlan? Why are you so hyped?" Marco asked Arlan.

While Richard went near Arlan as he smacked his head with a fist.

"Ouch! What did you do that for!?" Arlan caressed his head where Richard hit him.

"Are you really Jay Yufan?" Richard asked me seriously. His right hand was fixing his eyeglasses again and he seems to be trying really hard to act cool.

"Yes. I just said it earlier, right?" I said to them.

"So it is really you huh? hmm." He seems to be in deep thought.

Marco really can't take it anymore as he asked Arlan.

"Arlan tell what is going on." He asked while looking like he will really lost it any moment now.

"You don't know about this since you took the test at the last day. But Jay here, took the exam at the first day. Do you know about his results?" Arlan said to Marco while trying to act mysterious and all.

"What results did he get? Tell me! Quick!" Marco urged Arlan as he was really curious already.

"He have exceptional affinity to three elements and is the first Tri-Elemental Magus in history." Arlan said with admiration.

"What about his Spiritual essence test?" Marco asked.

"He didn't took the second test. Which is really cool as the elders at the cathedral didn't even stop him." Arlan said.

When I heard what he said I nearly fell of the ground. And he said that it was cool? More like embarrassing. I really want to forget that time.

"Wait! You are saying that he is the first Tri-Elemental Magus in history. But what does that mean?" Marco is definitely a natural air-head as he is really slow.

"Are you kidding me? It means that a lot of girls will be after Jay and us brothers will greatly benefit from him. HAHAHA" Arlan said that and was extremely excited.

As I can't take it anymore as cast a rank 1 spell at the three of them.

Thunder - style magic - Electric Shock

It was inspired from Earth from a weapon called Electric Gun. It sends a very small amount of electricity to the target which causes their body to be paralyzed.

The three of them trembled like crazy as their hairs stood up. I stopped the spell and smoke was coming out of their mouths.

Arlan was still able to speak but what he said really gave me the creeps.


And with that they all lost their consciousness as I finally entered the room as it was really embarrassing to just stand outside since the three forgot to invite me in because of their excitement.

After I entered the room, I saw that the only bed unoccupied was the bed at the bottom at the left side. So I put my luggage on top of the bed as I sat.

I looked at the three who are unconscious, with a smile on my face.

Even though the three of them are a little bit out of ordinary, they are still fun to be with.

My time here in Ernst Institute might not be that boring after all. Although I am only planning to stay here until Morgiana learn the basics in magic but I really want to explore this world. And Morgiana already knows about it but I still chose what was the best for her so she really wants to learn everything very fast.

I guess I should visit her first since I already put my luggage inside the room and this three will probably wake up later.


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