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Coiling Dragon: Tale of the Qilin Warrior
Author :Rahers
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14 Headturner??

As I was walking towards Morgiana's dorm, I sense that everyone is looking at me. Although at first, it was only some of them as time passed by almost everyone is looking at me.

I didn't feel this when I was going to my dorm since I was running so fast so they must have not seen my face clearly.

But now that I am walking those who are present that time must have recognized me and told the others which also told the others. And it must have really scattered like wildfire as I can really feel that everyone's eyes are on me.

Although I felt a little bit uneasy I don't know what should I do since they are only looking at me and not really doing anything.

So I just cast a spell and disappeared from their visions.

Thunder - style magic - Lightning Dash

A very helpful spell in times of need.

What I didn't know is that when I disappeared from my original position is that it caused a commotion that I did not expect.

"Wow! Did you see that? He just disappeared!" A girl with a ponytail said.

"Yes. That was so amazing! By the way, did you noticed that he was so handsome? He looks like a prince." Another girl said.

While the girls are all talking happily with each other the boys all have gloomy expressions on their faces.

"Tsk! It was nothing. I can do that too." A boy said.

"Really? Then you must be really amazing huh? But I thought your elemental affinity was water? That was a thunder spell you know." Another boy said.

"T-That…. Who cares? I can also do it with water spells." The boy said while stuttering.

"Do you even know how to cast spells?" The other boy said.

I run like really fast that it only left a blur everywhere I passed. And soon enough with my speed, I perfectly stopped in front of Morgiana's dorm.

When I stopped in front of her dorm, I knocked first since I can sense that there are also other people inside aside from Morgiana.

The door opened but only a little, then I saw a girl's head popped out and looked at me fiercely. When she saw my face her gaze softened a bit but it turned fierce again.

"Who are you?" The girl said.

Although only her head can be seen, she is still beautiful or more accurately, she was very cute. She had blond hair and green eyes. Her eyes were similar to a cat so when she glares at me she looked really cute rather than scary.

"I'm looking for Morgiana. Is she in there?" I asked her politely even though she was glaring at me.

"Why are you looking for here? Don't you know that she already has a boyfriend? Get loss!" She said to me.

I was shocked to hear her at first but then chuckled.

The girl was surprised to see me chuckling, so she opened the door more widely and sent her left leg kicking towards my stomach.

This girl really has a temper.

Seeing her kick coming, I didn't even bother to dodge since what can a magus' kick do to a fifth rank warrior.

When her kick hit me, I didn't even feel anything. I only looked at her with a smile.

"What are you smiling? And why aren't you hurt?" She looked at me confused.

"Can I see Morgiana? I'm her boyfriend." I said to her not minding what she had just done to me.

"You're her boyfriend? Hmph! Even though you're very handsome you think you can trick me? You're just like those shameless bastards from earlier that kept on bothering our little sister." She said to me.

Little sister? Then does that mean that Morgiana's the youngest in her dorm?

And she said shameless bastards from earlier. Did she already have suitors? That is very fast though, we just arrived and they are already visiting her dorm. But that doesn't make any sense as it has only been an hour and a half since we arrived here.

How did the news scattered like that?

"Looked her cutie. I am really her boyfriend. You can just tell her that Jay is looking for her." I said to her.

I then saw her face turned bright red and she seems to be very flustered. It must have been the word cutie. Works every time.

"O-Okay. I will tell her. But not because you called me cutie but because I just pity you." She said as she shut the door.

I can then hear some activities in the room and because of my improved senses, I can hear what they are talking about even though they are whispering with each other.

"Lily who was at the door?" It was a girl's voice.

"Yeah! You sounded pretty mad. Was it a boy? Did he took advantage of you?" It was another girl's voice.

"It was just a handsome boy…. I mean a shameless boy saying he was little sister's boyfriend." It was the girl's voice whom I talked to earlier and her name seems to be Lily.

"So what do we do? Little sister what do you think?" The first girl asked.

"Ahmm. I think I should look at who it is?" Then there was the familiar voice whom I really love.

"What are you saying, little sister? You are really giving a lot of face to those bastards. What if they do something bad to you?" Lily asked her.

"Then what should I do? Maybe it really is my boyfriend. Does he has golden eyes and black hair?" Morgiana asked.

"Now that you mention it. He really does. But his eyes were golden-reddish." Lily said.

"That's him. Where is he sister Lily?" Morgiana asked.

"He's at the door waiting I guess," Lily said with uncertainty.

She must have thought that I have left since she had rudely shut the door.

"Then I should see first if he is still there." Morgiana said.

"Wait! Little sister let's go together. What if he is really not your boyfriend?" The first girl said.

"Right! Something might happen to you if you go there alone. Let's all go together." The second girl said.

"Thank you, big sister and sister Annie." Morgiana said.

"No need to thanked us. It is our duty to protect our cute little sister." The one called big sister said.

I can then hear footsteps coming near the door. Finally, their talk is done and I really had to stand in here for so long. I can feel a lot of gazes to me already.


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