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Coiling Dragon: Tale of the Qilin Warrior
Author :Rahers
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15 Girls at Dorm 0718

When the door opened I can see four girls in front of me. The first one I saw was none other than Morgiana. Then the next one I saw was the green-eyed blonde, Lily.

The next one was a long black-haired girl with light brown eyes. And a short black-haired girl with also light brown eyes. The two of them looked like twins.

"Hello there!" I said to all of them.

And when Morgiana saw that it was really me, she directly jumped towards me happily as she clings to me like a koala.

The other girls are all shocked to see that Morgiana was clinging to me. So they didn't really believe that I was her boyfriend.

"You are?" The long black-haired girl asked me.

"My name's Jay Yufan. I Morgiana's boyfriend." I said to them.

"Jay? So you must be the first Tri-Elemental Magus in history. Right?" She asked me.

"Yes, I am," I said to her.

Although I don't want a lot of attention but does that not mean that I will hide it. Others already knew about it so there is really no harm done.

I don't really know how many already know about me since the news must have really spread far. I think almost everyone here knows who am I.

"Kyaaa!! So it really is him." The long black-haired girl shouted with excitement.

"He's so handsome!" The short black-haired girl also shouted.

"Wait! What?!" Lily was confused at the reaction of the twins.

"Oh! Lily, you might not know about this since you just took the exam on the last day. But Jay Yufan is the first Tri-Elemental Magus in history." The long black-haired girl explained to Lily.

So I am not that famous huh? It's not like I am disappointed just a little bit surprised since I thought that I would have scattered like wildfire after knowing that I am the first Tri-Elemental Magus in history.

I wonder what would happen if I were to expose that I can use all the elements and other elements that are unknown to this world.

"By the way...you are?" I asked the long black-haired girl since it will be bad to just call her by her hair color and length.

"Ah! How rude of me. My name's Anna Ramsey and I'm from Fenlai City." The long black-haired girl said.

"My name's Anni Ramsey. I'm her little twin sister." The short black-haired girl also said.

So their name is Anna and Annie but what about the surname Ramsey? I haven't read about it in the novel. Maybe they were not mentioned because they did nothing important?

I wonder if we replaced the original occupancy in the dorm.

After the two girls introduced themselves, the only one who hadn't introduced yet is the green-eyed blonde, which I already know her first name.

She looked at me with a blank expression on her face. She was looking so cute that I can't help but pinch her nose a little.

"Hey! What are you doing?!" She snapped out of her dazed and she shouted at me in rage.

"What? So snappy." I said to her teasingly.

"YOU!!" She said to me while pointing at me.

She is really mad even though I just pinched her nose a little but it looks like I just killed her father.

"Calm down Lily. No need to be so worked up." Anna said to her.

"But big sister. He was bullying me." Lily said while feeling a little bit wrong.

"I know, I know." Anna just said that but did nothing else.

"Don't mind about Lily as she is really like that," Anna said to me.

"Don't worry about it." I am not that easily angered.

I am older than any of us here so I must act like an adult.

If I remember correctly Dixie Leon has an elemental affinity to lightning and his other element was unknown. While Yale Dawson also has an elemental affinity to lightning.

Reynolds Dunstan has a fire affinity while George Walsh has an Earth Affinity.

"Morgiana. I just came here to check on you." I said to Morgiana before I forget about my original purpose in coming here.

"I'm okay Jay. Big sister and the others are taking good care of me." She said to me with a smile.

The reason why I rushed here is to check on her. I was afraid that she might be bullied by her dormies since Morgiana is not really good at socializing.

I am glad that everything okay and it seems like their relationship is quite good. So there is no reason for me to be so worried about her anymore.

"I see. So I'll be going then. We have classes tomorrow so I will just come here to pick you up." I said to her before I left.


"Little sister you have such a caring boyfriend. And he is also very talented and handsome. I'm so envious of you." Anna said to Morgiana.

"He's the lucky one since little sister is so cute. I'm sure that when we grew up she would become such a beauty." Annie said also.

Lily was at the side still not talking while keeping her head down. She was thinking about Jay, his handsome face, his teasing personality, and also how he just ignored her even though she was also beautiful.

She was not used to it but she was still surprised that there was such a man in this world that would never look at another woman and will be contended by just one.

What she didn't know is that Jay is only not looking at her not because she is not pretty but because she was too young for him. Even though she was quite cute, Jay does not want to be labeled as a lolicon.

The only reason that he is with Morgiana is because of the time they have spent with each other. And with all the life and death situation they have gone through together, their relationship has become very strong.


| Author's Note |

Dixie Leon is also a Dual-Elemental Magus, his first element is lightning so if any of you guys have any idea, please suggest what would be his second element as I would use it in the future.

Next is George Walsh's elemental affinity. As it was never mentioned in the novel I just made it up as a Water Affinity since Linley was never been in the Water Class so we don't know about it really.

Last is that I will be changing Thunder to lightning. Since lightning is the one used in the original novel while thunder was the one used at the fandom.


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