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Coiling Dragon: Tale of the Qilin Warrior
Author :Rahers
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16 Scarlet Goddess

Jay is now running back to his dorm using Lightning Dash which was very effective, after leaving Morgiana's dorm he suddenly thought of something he would do so he was very excited that he speeds off to his dorm immediately.

Wherever he passed by, he would leave an amazing trail of dust, those who had seen his speed are all dumbfounded, teachers and students alike.

His use of his spells are all top notch and because this is all his created spells, he was able to use them more efficiently. Although a year had already passed, he was still wearing his green shirt and pants, but this is not the tattered ones but new.

Since it would be very awkward to wear those shirts and pant that all have holes in every place.

When he arrived in front of his dorm, he can hear footsteps inside and the three weirdos must have already woke up. Jay pushed open the door but was surprised when he saw that Richard, Arlan, and Marco all jumped at him together.

Although he was surprised, he was still able to react very fast because of his extreme reflexes. And within seconds he cast a spell that will surely test these three a lesson not to mess with him.

Wind - style magic - Chilling Breeze

A cold breeze of wind suddenly manifested out of nowhere and began to assault the three weirdos. Although the three of them are wearing clothes it was not thick enough to prevent them from shivering from the cold wind.

"Achoo! Jay. You're so cruel." Richard said as he was hugging himself while shivering very hard.

"Yeah*sniff *sniff. I instantly caught cold by that spell." Arlan said. He was the shortest among the room and has the biggest muscles yet he was still affected by the cold.

"You three got it yourselves to blame. Never ever sneak attack on me." Jay said to them seriously.

The other three looked at Jay with surprised, although they thought that he was being a bit too arrogant but he does have the strength to back it up.

Seeing that three of them are silent, Jay laughed a little.

"I was just joking. No need to be so serious. Haha." Even though Jay said that it was just a joke the three of them really took it seriously.

Jay saw that it was ineffective he just let it be since they will surely forget about it later on. His problem now was how will he manage his time when his schedule is totally messed up.

In the morning he will have is Fire Magic class at 10:30 AM to 12:30 AM. His Wind and Lightning Magic class are next in the evening starting from 4:30 PM to 9:00 PM.

This means that he will only have free time in the morning until 10:00 which was a very little amount of time for him.

The Ernst Institute was built for a very long time already and it was also widely known across the continent. So Jay is sure that news about him would have surely spread, and he knows that there will be some that will not stay idle after knowing someone as talented as he exists.

As he was deep in thought the three weirdos Richard, Marco, and Arlan are also talking to each other, fully immersed in their own world also. They have totally forgotten about the incident earlier and are now acting as it had never existed.

"Hey. Have you guys heard of the Scarlet Goddess?" Richard asked enthusiastically. When it comes to gathering information, this white-haired nerd is really reliable.

"The Scarlet Goddess? Who's that?" Arlan asked, who was really oblivious about the term love as the only thing that is on his brain is only fighting and fighting.

"You don't know? Are some kind of Hermit?" Marco asked Arlan. He looked at him like he was hearing something very unbearable.

A piece of news has spread across the whole institute about a certain red-haired beauty who was very unapproachable. According to the rumors, she already has a boyfriend and her boyfriend is very powerful, that only made the others want her more.

Someone who is very beautiful and is treasured, it will surely be an achievement if they are able to move her heart. The only problem is that she is not easily swayed by talent as she also has the talent to show.

Everyone is all shocked when they heard this news, it is said that the Scarlet Goddess is a Dual-Elemental Magus. A talent like that, those who are courting her must have an equal talent or even surpass her.

"Ahem. Junior let me enlighten you." Richard stood up while raising his left hand pointing above while his right arm holding his eyeglass. He then said, "According to the information that I have gathered. The Scarlet Goddess is believed to be nine years old but already has an otherworldly beauty. She is a Dual-Elemental Magus and her elements are Fire, Lightning, and Wind. As her title, she also has red hair and eyes."

Marco began to think about her image, saliva slowly came out of his mouth, he was drooling from just thinking about the Scarlet Goddess' beauty. Meanwhile, Arlan is just looking at them, the only thing that caught his attention was that the Scarlet Goddess was a Dual-Elemental Magus.


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