Coiling Dragon: Tale of the Qilin Warrior
17 Unintentional Meeting
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Coiling Dragon: Tale of the Qilin Warrior
Author :Rahers
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17 Unintentional Meeting

In the morning, although it was still early, diligent students are already awake focused on meditating. And Jay was not an exception to everyone, he is at the back of the mountain also meditating while thinking about his sect.

The sun was still not that high but there was already bright light illuminating the world, just enough for everyone to see clearly. Jay is sitting cross-legged under a large tree, which gives off a very ancient feeling while it leaves sways by the gentle breeze of the wind.

He was feeling the elements around him, from the heat of the sun, the vitality of the earth and wood, the sensation of the wind, moist of the morning mist, everything around him was all felt with no exception.

This was his advantage as to someone who had the affinity to all the elements. Although it slows down his cultivation he was still able to cultivate properly.

After he finished meditating, he stood up and returns to the institute. He didn't directly return to his dorm but instead went towards Morgiana's dorm.

Along the way, he can still fell the gazes of others around him which make him feel a little bit uncomfortable but he still calmed himself down. This type of things will always happen every day so he'll get used to it sooner or later.

Several minutes later, he arrived in front of Morgiana's dorm, he was still wearing his same old green outfit which he didn't know why he even liked them.

He might have unconsciously taken a liking to it since it was the first color of his shirt when he first arrived here, but even so, it was still confusing that he likes to wear it.

*knock *knock

Jay knocked on the door three times, but after waiting for several seconds he didn't receive any response. He spread his senses inside the dorm and realized that no one was inside.

"I guess they are already eating?" He thought to himself.

He was not mad at Morgiana for eating with others without notifying him, instead, he was happy that she finally has some friends to hang around with.

"The guys said that they will be at the Angel Flower Pavilion."

Before he left the dorm, his dormies told him that they will be eating at the Angel Flower Pavilion, it was quite famous and they were eager to try. Another reason is that there were a lot of cute girls hanging around there because of the surroundings, which was of course filled with different kind of flowers.

Richard told him the exact direction so that he will not get lost. They are very carefree and you won't even expect them to be magi, Richard and Arlan will attend at the Wind Magic class while Marco will attend Water Magic class.

Richard and Arlan were not mentioned in the novel so they must only have mediocre talents, which he doesn't care about since they are very sincere friends who would tell you everything honestly which really makes it irritating sometimes.

"Uhmm. Excuse me. Can I ask you a question?"

As he was walking he suddenly heard someone calling him from behind, from the voice it really belonged to a girl, and he was very sure about that.

When Jay turns around to look at the one who called for him, he was very shocked to see who it was. A young girl with golden hair and blue eyes, wearing a white blouse with blue borders and a black tie and blue hair band. She also wears a black skirt and white leggings.

"Yes. What is it." Jay answered calmly, but even though he will not pursue her he was still amazed by her beauty until now. The only that can compare with her is his Morgiana.

The girl who saw Jay's face was surprised at first but she instantly calmed down, she looked at Jay with stars in her eyes like she was looking at her idol.

"Are you by any chance, Jay Yufan?" She asked excitedly.

"Yes. And you are?" Even though he already knows her, Jay still has to feign ignorance to avoid suspicion, or else he would be mistaken as a stalker.

"Ah! Right, I forgot. My name is Delia Leon, from the Leon family from Yulan Empire." She introduced herself with an elegant bow.

"Oh! So, what was your question again?" It was just a coincidence to meet her here as he never expects to even meet her before class even started.

If it was the Jay from a year ago, then he would have already been trying his best to flirt with her. But now that he already has someone in his heart, he feels like he only sees Delia as a girl, and possibly be just a friend.

"That's right. Jay, can you tell where can I find Angel Flower Pavilion? I think I am lost." The little Delia was not the bit conservative as she appeared to be very close already with Jay.

From the way that she acts, it feels like they are friends for years now but the truth was that they have only met for a minute.

Facing Delia who was already like his best friend, Jay didn't know what to say. He can only lament that kids go along really fast but when they grew older it will be very hard to even approach her or even see.

"I will also be going there. How about we go together?" Jay said to her, since having a companion will make it less boring.

"Yes! Yes!" She was like a kid who has gotten a candy as she jumps in excitement.

Even though she was still nine years old, it is undeniable that she is already very cute, certainly, she will be a beauty when she grows up.

Along the way, Jay was attacked by her barraged of question that seems to be never-ending.

"Jay, where do you live?"

"Jay, what does it feel like to be the first Tri-Elemental Magus in history?"

"Jay, do you already have someone you like?"

"Jay, who are your parents?"

"Jay, are you from an ancient hidden family?"

"Jay, can you cast spells?"

Delia was like a chatterbox along the way, she kept on asking Jay about everything about himself, she was like gathering information. Jay answered everything aside from the questions that might lead to the discovery of his secret.

When he answered her that she already has a girlfriend, she was like 'no way..' but soon accepted the reality. She then asked him if she was beautiful but Jay just smiled at her, making her really curious.

She finally stopped asking him questions when they arrived in front of Angel Flower Pavilion.

A nine-meter high building that was fully covered with flowers of different varieties, some are commons while there are also some that are rare.

Delia was looking at the building in front of her with stars in her eyes, she can't help but exclaim, "So beautiful!!"

A girls mindset will be very simple at a young age, they will just tell you what they think unlike when they grow old where they will hide their real feelings. Watching Delia very happy, Jay smiled at her innocence even though she was quite calculative in her questions earlier.

"I'll be going now, Delia. My friends are still waiting for me." Jay left her alone outside since she was still distracted.

When Delia returned to her senses she realized that Jay was already inside the Pavilion so she also hurriedly followed him while shouting.

"Jay, wait for me!!"


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