Coiling Dragon: Tale of the Qilin Warrior
18 Angel Flower Pavilion
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Coiling Dragon: Tale of the Qilin Warrior
Author :Rahers
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18 Angel Flower Pavilion

Upon entering, Jay's nose was immediately assaulted by the sweet fragrance coming from the flowers in the building. Its name was really deserving as with the flowers, they feel like they are in heaven.

"Jay, wait for me!" He heard Delia shouting for him from afar.

He turned around and looked at Delia. With a normal expression, he asked her, "What is it, Delia?"

Delia didn't answer him immediately but just glared at him like he had done something terrible. Even though it was not dangerous, he was still threatened by her glare, it was like a thousand needles were pricking his body.

The area around them also turned cold, while those that are near them immediately backed away, afraid that they might get involved into what seems to be a couple's fight.

"Ah... Delia, what happened?" Jay asked her with uncertainty. He can't remember doing anything that might get her mad, but he was also not sure. Woman are, after all, the most unreasonable creatures on Earth.

"Why did you left me alone?" She asked him in a very cold and indifferent voice. He felt like he was in a freezer in temperature so low.

"Left alone?" Jay asked.

He then remembered that he left her alone because he already went inside while she was still admiring the building. But that can't also be called as left alone as it was only seconds before she caught up to him.

"Sorry?" He apologized without even knowing what he had done wrong. But it was still the best choice to just surrender in front of an enraged girl, especially someone like Delia who will be very unreasonable.

Delia's expression immediately softened when she heard him apologize. She then smiled brightly and the cold atmosphere from earlier banished like it was nothing.

"It's okay. Just don't do it again, okay?" She said.

"Okay.." Jay was a bit startled by her instant change of attitude, it was as easy as snapping his finger. He really can't understand woman no matter which world he is.

"Hey! Jay! Over here!" He then heard someone was calling for him and when he turned to the direction where he heard the voice, he saw Richard and the others on a table with three girls also.

Jay also waved at them. He then turned to look at Delia and said, "Sorry Delia. It seems like my friends are calling me."

"It's okay. My friends are also there." Delia said to Jay with a smile. That smile made Jay daze for a second but he immediately regained his senses as he was already used to seeing such beautiful smiles from Morgiana.

"Okay, then let's go." Jay did not think of it any further as he went towards his friend's table.

As he got nearer, he can finally see what the three girls looked like.

The first girl had a wild personality as her dark hair is tied into a ponytail, her eyes were also dark which is very mesmerizing.

The second girl seems to be very timid as she keeps her head down while the others are talking, she also had a dark hair but Jay can't see her eyes so he was not sure what colors are they.

The last girl has an indifferent expression all over her face, but she still did talk with the others. She had a blond hair like Delia, only that it was shorter and curlier, her eyes, on the other hand, was a pair of emerald green.

Jay didn't know but he had a strange hobby of checking other's eye colors, it might because of his also strange eyes.

He was also surprised that there was almost no one who ever pointed out the color of his eyes, aside from Lily and Morgiana. Jay almost thought that his eye color was very common but immediately cast aside this idea as no one in this world will have a tomoe in their eyes.

"Jay, seems like you already hooked up with a girl huh? Very impressive." Marco said as he raised his thumb high for Jay.

Jay suddenly had the urge to beat this guy up, can't he see that they are just friends standing shoulder to shoulder with each other with their shoulders touching each other once in a while...




In a different dimension, a beautiful woman with long silver hair, silver eyes, and white skin like that of fresh snow. Her clothes are in large part black and red, they expose most of her stomach and breasts.

She was lying on a bed created out of a very soft material, she lay there very comfortably. She was looking at the crystal ball floating in front of her with great interest.

With her beauty, she will bring disaster wherever she goes for almost every man who saw her will fight over for her love. The only sad thing is that she is already interested in someone and it was the boy in the crystal ball.

The boy had dark and spiky hair, with a golden-reddish hair. He was wearing a green shirt and pant while walking together with three other boys. The other boys' appearance is only above average slightly whereas his appearance was already beyond words.

A smile appeared on her exquisite and delicate face, a smile that can steal the hearts of any man who saw it.

"Continue to grow my dear Jay, and may we unite someday. And when that time comes, you better make me happy."

She then began to laugh but even though it was beautiful, it would still cause shill on anyone who heard her.


On his way towards Morgiana's dorm, Jay had just separated from Richard and the others since they said that they are going to meditate a little.

Jay was still not sure if Morgiana had returned already, it took him about an hour before they all finished eating while they were just mostly talking to each other. Most of what they talked about were all about Jay so Delia was very happy to answer them.

Showing off that she knows Jay more than the others, which really surprised the others especially her dormies as they knew that she really is not someone who would be friends with someone she didn't like.


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