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Coiling Dragon: Tale of the Qilin Warrior
Author :Rahers
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19 Start of Classes

When he arrived in front of Morgiana's door, he knocked first before he spread his senses and he did sense that there are people inside. And immediately after knocking, he can hear footsteps from inside and then the door opened.

The one who opened the door was the green-eyed blonde, Lily. She was also shocked to see Jay at first but then suddenly remembered who he was and asked him.

"Are you looking for a little sister?" She asked him.

Jay looked at what she was wearing and was pleasantly surprised, he didn't think that she would be someone that would wear a pink outfit, especially with her fiery attitude.

"What are you looking at?" She must have noticed that Jay was looking at her, so she was embarrassed and was angry at him at the same time.

"N-Nothing. Is Morgiana inside?" He asked her to directly changed the topic. But on his head, he was saying.

'There's nothing to look in there what are you so angry about?'

"Hmmph! She's inside, wait here and I'll tell her that you're looking for her." She then turned around to leave but was stopped by Jay.

"Can I just go inside?" He asked.

Hearing that he wants to go in, Lily really wants to kill this annoying yet stupid guy, how did little sister even fall for him.

"You can't!" And with a slam, she closed the door leaving Jay standing outside.

As he now left standing outside, Jay can only wait for her to call Morgiana. It was now 10:00 and 30 minutes more till their first class starts, Jay doesn't want to leave a bad impression to his teachers.

After a minute, the door finally opened and a red-haired girl came out. Jay smiled at the sight of seeing her again but when he saw what she was wearing he was a little dumbfounded.

A red dress, while her hair was tied into two ponytails by red ribbons. On her waist was a rose ribbon tied tightly, perfectly showing her slim waist.

In short, she was all red, red as blood, Scarlet Goddess.

She really lives to her reputation now, and it hasn't been a day when the rumor spread yet she was already into character. But Jay admits that she really does look beautiful in red and she really deserves the name Scarlet Goddess.

"W-What are you looking at? Does it look bad?" Seeing that Jay was shaking his head, Morgiana thought that she might have looked ugly. Thus, she was very sad since she was only doing this only for him.

"It's not that," Jay answered her.

Jay thought that he must have been really lucky for Morgiana to transmigrate here, he was slightly apologetic to Alibaba for stealing his partner. But Alibaba was a bit too dense not to notice that Morgiana have feelings for him so that only serves him right.

"Then why are you shaking your head?" Morgiana asked. She was really curious why he was shaking his head. She thought that he must have not liked what she was wearing but from his looks, he was loving it yet why is he shaking his head.

"I was shaking my head since I sense trouble coming my way. I mean, with the Scarlet Goddess by my side every day I will surely attract the hatred of countless of fallen men. *sigh" Jay said with a sigh.

He is not afraid of trouble, he only found it annoying since he doesn't want to waste time on menial things.


For the academic calendar of the Ernst Institute, every month, the first twenty-eight days had classes. Only the last two days were free.

Earth magic classes were taught from 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM in the morning, fire magic was taught from 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM in the afternoon, water magic from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM in the afternoon, wind magic from 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM in the afternoon, lightning magic from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM at night, and light magic from 9:30 PM to 11:30 PM at night.

Within the class of fire magic, there were already about thirteen students present when Jay and Morgiana arrived.

When they appeared, they immediately attracted the attention of everyone, especially Morgiana who had become the center of attraction.

Jay looked around the class to see if a certain lady killer has already arrived, and that is when he spotted a boy surrounded by girls. Reynolds Dunstan really deserves his title as a lady killer, still a kid yet already surrounded by girls.

Reynolds can also be seen looking at this direction but Jay already guessed that he is only looking at Morgiana not him.

Jay then dragged Morgiana to the vacant seat at the back under the watchful gaze of everyone inside the room. The two of them ignored the gaze of everyone around them and began to immerse themselves in their own world as well.

Not long after that, the teacher in the first grade in fire class finally arrived. It was a bald middle-aged man in which on his face there was something that says 'I have a bad temper' as every one quietened the moment that he arrived.

"Hello Everyone." The bald middle-aged man said with a smile. "I'm an elder in the school, Bernard. From today onwards, I will be the one responsible for teaching you guys fire - style magic. If you have any question you can all ask me I live in dorm 0013."

Sixth-grade students, being magi of the sixth rank who could apply for graduation at any time, were fully qualified to teach students of the first or second grades. And Bernard definitely looks like someone who had already graduated but chose to stay and teach in the institution.

"Before we start, we should all first introduce ourselves," Bernard said.

This was a basic rule to start off every class for the first time. All of the students gave self-introductions.

When it was finally time for Morgiana to introduced herself, everyone remains silent as they all wait to hear her name.

Morgiana was not one bit nervous by the attention she was getting, she put on a smile on her face and said.

"My name is Morgiana. I'm from the Holy Union." She only gave a basic introduction but everyone was still mesmerized by her beauty and Bernard was not an exception.

He could only murmur, "It's not fair..."

The last one to introduced was Jay, he now walked towards the center, everyone's eyes were also on him as they are all curious as who is this boy to be able to sit with the Scarlet Goddess.

He even heard two boys whispering to each other asking if Jay was Morgiana's bodyguard or not.

Jay did not think too much about what he had heard and just also gave a basic introduction as well but with a twist." I'm Jay Yufan from the Holy Union and Morgiana's my girlfriend."

It was a direct declaration stating one's possession. The other meaning of what he had said is that 'she's already mine so don't think about hitting on her'.

Although it might sound very arrogant, it would still be very effective as those who are thinking of approaching Morgiana will have to approach him first to make him leave her alone.

As long as they don't disturb her, Jay would accept anything and do it as long as he can.

This was what love had done to him, he does not want to remember what he had done in the past anymore, even though it was not really what he wants, it was still the same.


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