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Coiling Dragon: Tale of the Qilin Warrior
Author :Rahers
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20 Flashback

"Morgiana, go hunt for food," Jay said to Morgiana.

Morgiana turned to look straight at Jay's golden eyes, the shock was apparent from her expression. She began to wonder where was the Jay who treated her with care two days ago.

At that time, she felt that she finally found the place she had always been looking for. But the only unfortunate thing is that that moment was only for a short time as it was immediately shattered by the harsh reality.

Jay began to order Morgiana around without even using the word please even once, even though sometimes his orders were already something out of her reach, she did not complain.

The reason? She loves him that much that even she didn't know how she came to love him in a very short time.

Even though she was still young, she was already fully aware of the concept of love and how things work out. From the moment she woke up in this world, she was already aware of it, like it was something that was ingrained to her bones.

Every time Jay orders her around like she was nothing important to him, somewhere inside her body would always ache very much. She would always try her hardest to suppress it and not show it in front of him.

As she was afraid, afraid that he might abandon her, afraid that when he does she will be left alone in this world. This world that for her was a world that lacks the warmth she always feels around Jay, the sweetness upon seeing his brilliant smile.

She was ready to suffer just so that she will be able to stay by his side forever, even though it means that she will also have to suffer forever and be treated like a slave forever.

A slave. That was what she is, is what Morgiana thought to herself. Every time she is ordered by Jay, she would subconsciously look at the chains in her legs.

These chains were already attached on her leg from the moment she awakens so she had the idea that she might also be a slave. Thinking of this, Morgiana thought that it would not be an injustice to be treated like a slave since she really is one.

And yet.

She would always ask herself every night before she falls asleep.

'Why does it hurt so much that it's ripping my heart apart?'

'What did I do to suffer like this?'

'Am I really just a slave from your eyes?'

And thus, her days passed just like that, putting on a smile at day and crying to her heart's content every night. Until that very day.

It has already been two months since they are traveling together and Morgiana found out a lot of things from Jay.

The first one is that Jay was from another world according to him, and he was somewhat reincarnated in this world.

At first, when she heard that he was not from this world, she had a look of disbelief. But his next world really surprised her.

"And Morgiana, you really don't belong in this world. You are from another world, an anime called Magi."

Jay began to talk about where she came from, she also heard him say a lot of foreign terms which she asked him what they mean.

Anime was a Japanese term for animation. Japanese was a language in his old world which was really famous. Anime is an animation style often characterized by colorful graphics, vibrant characters, and fantastical themes.

When she heard that she was not from this world, she finally understood why she kept on having this feeling of loneliness. It appears to be that she doesn't belong in this world.

The only thing that gives her the reason for belonging was Jay, whom she started to refer as a master in her subconsciousness. Morgiana also heard from Jay that in the anime she was a former slave before the main character Alibaba saved her.

Jay did not give her the specifics of who Alibaba is but from Morgiana's instincts, Alibaba is a very kind-hearted person. After that time, she would always begin to compare and asked herself a lot of what if.

'What if she was not transmigrated to this world?'

'What if Alibaba save her again this time?'

'What if Jay was like Alibaba?'

But thinking about the later one, she can only sigh as she knows that it would never happen.

March 8, 9999

Today was the same as the usual day for Morgiana, or what she thought it would be.

"By the way Morgiana, it is already getting dark. We should stop here for now and hunt for our food. We will continue tomorrow." Jay looked in the sky and saw that it was getting dark and traveling in the mountain range at night is not a good thing.

She just nodded and did not think about it any further as she heads out to hunt for their food. Morgiana sighed in disappointment as she did not even receive any words of encouragement from him.

When she returned back to where Jay was she was already dragging a large pig, it only has a single horn about its snout. It was another pig type magical beast called

Bloodthirsty Warpig.

Jay did not even go to receive the pig from her as he only watched from afar. When she finally arrived in front of him she only heard him say.

"I would never think that a pretty girl will be so ruthless."

Although it was supposed to be only a joke, it was painful to hear for Morgiana. Which girl would want to be called ruthless if it wasn't for her love for Jay.

"What are you talking about? Do you believe me that you won't have dinner today?"

She can only take it as a joke and return one of her own as well. Her answer made Jay turn silent while he lightly laugh.

"Morgiana, what do you think about this world?" Jay suddenly asked her while they were grilling the meat.

"What I think? Well, for me this world is very dull and lifeless. It is very ruthless and if you are not strong enough you will die very early."

From the moment that she regained her consciousness, she was already in this world. Even though she hadn't told Jay, she was afraid, afraid that he might leave her alone someday when she was no longer useful to him.

Strangely, Jay did not respond to her answer, she thought that Jay might have thought that her answer was very silly so she turns to look at him and was about to explain that it was only a joke when she saw that tears were flowing from his eyes.

"Jay are you okay?"

She should be laughing right now, but she was still worried about him even though he had always treated her like she was a slave. Love can really make a person go crazy, even to the point of making herself a slave just for him.

When Jay heard her question filled with anxiety, he cried harder and hugged Morgiana. She thought that he might do something inappropriate so she was about to push him away when she heard him murmur next to her ear.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. *sob *sob" Jay was still crying and while he was speaking he can't stop his tears from flowing. Morgiana felt the sincerity from his words and undoubtedly those words were from the bottom of his heart.

"I will never mistreat you in the future. I promise." With that Jay slept while was still hugging her.

Morgiana looked at the foolish face of the person she loves in her embrace, she saw that on he has a smile on his face looking like a huge burden was lift off his shoulder.

"Idiot. You finally realized it."

She hugged him tighter, afraid that everything that happened will just be a dream.


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