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Coiling Dragon: Tale of the Qilin Warrior
Author :Rahers
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21 Sweetness

As the class continues, Jay suddenly noticed that Morgiana's expression was slightly melancholic. He suddenly asked her worriedly.

"Morgiana, what happened? Are you okay?"

Morgiana looked at Jay and a single tear flowed out of his eye, Jay was surprised by this and was feeling extremely anxious. He didn't know what happened but it might be something serious seeing the sadness in Morgiana's eyes.

He began to rack his brain on what may cause this and he realized it immediately.

"I'm sorry," Jay said to Morgiana full of sincerity.

Morgiana was quite surprised by his sudden apology, she didn't know why he was apologizing but seeing that he was looking at her with a very apologetic expression he must have remembered what he had done wrong from the past.

"It's okay Jay. That was already the past, I am already happy at what I have right now." Morgiana said to Jay. She then held his hand to show him that she is serious.

Jay also tightly held Morgiana's hand. He looked into her crimson red eyes, her slightly pinkish cheeks, and smelling her unique fragrance he subconsciously got closer to her face.

Morgiana also felt what Jay was feeling so she just closed her eyes as she also brought her face closer to Jay's face.

As the distance between their lips began to decrease when they were about to taste the sweetness of each other's lips their own world was shattered by a sudden distraction.

*cough *cough

Bernard awkwardly cough two times when he saw that Morgiana and Jay were about to kiss each other. He was aware of Jay's talent and his relationship with Morgiana but that doesn't mean that he would just allow them to do whatever they want.

"Student Jay and Morgiana, if you have something to do please do it outside." Bernard seriously said to them.

Jay and Morgiana returned to their senses, they then felt the gaze of everyone around them, Morgiana instantly turned red like a tomato while Jay only awkwardly laughs while scratching his head.

"Sorry teacher. It won't happen again." Jay said.

The other students inside the class although listening to the teacher, they would still steal some glances in their direction making them feel extremely annoyed.

Two hours later, the class was finally finished and everyone is now going out for lunch.

Jay turned to look at Morgiana and asked her.

"So.. wanna eat?"

Morgiana also stood up and held his right hand. She smiled and said. "Let's go!"

Jay happily complied. The two of them walked towards the Angel Flower Pavilion.

Jay can be said to be a VIP already since he had a black Magicrystal card, the manager of the Angel Flower Pavilion naturally have to treat him very good since he knew what a black Magicrystal means.

The only known variations of Magicrystal designed by Golden Bank are a gold and silver card. The gold card is the normal card received by anyone as long as they have a hundred gold coins. With the gold card, they can withdraw and deposit the money that they have.

On the other hand, the silver card is specially designed by the Golden Bank of the Four Empires for the Proulx Gallery for its expert sculptors. All proceeds from the sales of sculptures from these expert sculptors will be directly transferred into the balance of their silver card.

But the black Magicrystal was a newly built one by the Golden Bank, especially for Jay. And the reason for that is because of his talent and the amount of wealth he had shown them.

Having over 10 billion gold coins at such a young age without any background only shows that Jay had the ability to earn this amount of money. And if he is given enough time, then there might be a time when he would even possess much more wealth.

Of course, there was also some greedy pest that tried to rob Jay out of his money but all end up turning into ashes.

Jay is not stingy when it comes to Morgiana, so he brought her to Angel Flower Pavilion immediately. When they arrived in front of the pavilion, just like Delia when she first saw it, Morgiana was also amazed as she stared at it for seconds.

This time though, Jay did not leave her alone since she didn't want to, he just waited for her to finish looking at it until she had enough. And that was only after a while did she return to her senses as she shyly lowered her head.

He dragged her inside while her head was still lowered, her cheeks were bright red as she was very embarrassed for her actions earlier.

Jay stayed silent as he waited for her to talk first, he is giving her time to organize her thoughts. From the care that he is giving her right now, every girl will be very jealous since he was considering every possible scenario that might happen if he does that or that.

"Uhm. Jay, how did you know about this place?" Morgiana finally talked after almost 15 minutes of silence.

"Richard and the others invited me to eat here earlier. You weren't in your dorm when I went there this morning so I just accompanied them." Jay told her. He was also quite confused as to where could she have gone to this morning.

"Well. We were shopping this morning so I was not able to accompany you to eating breakfast. I'm sorry about that." Morgiana explained to Jay what she was doing this morning. She was afraid that Jay might misunderstand the reason why she was not present in the morning.

Seeing Morgiana's frantic expression, Jay thought that she must be worried that he will misunderstand things so he immediately told her.

"Don't worry, I understand," Jay said to her softly. His voice was like music to her ears as she immediately relaxed after knowing that everything is alright.

"You don't have to think about other things for now. All you have to do is relaxed and enjoy our time together. Alright? Later I will teach you some fighting technique.


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