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Coiling Dragon: Tale of the Qilin Warrior
Author :Rahers
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22 Lurking Danger

Dark Alliance

One of the six principal political organizations, located west of the Mountain Range of Magical Beasts, let by the Cult of Shadows.

In the Kingdom of Heishi, where the darkness lurks around everywhere, where no place can be considered safe. Underneath all of this veil in an underground room.

A simple looking yet dark and gloomy room, where only a round table and 10 chairs can be seen, a sinister plan is being created hidden from the world outside.

"How's the preparation going on?" A middle-aged man with a messy brown hair said. There was a scar vertically across his left eye, making him looked like really ruthless.

"Everything is going on just fine. In another year or so, we can start the plan immediately." A thin looking man with a crooked nose said with a smile, exposing a line of yellow teeth.

"That's great. We need to complete this plan as soon as possible. How's the observation about the target? Still no news?" A bear chested middle-aged man said. His bald head was shining a little because of the indirect light.

"Still no news. He is really vigilant, our people can't get close to him or else they will die." The crooked nose man said.

"We should send the Shadow Squad to observe him. They are all properly trained and had never failed their missions, they might be able to do it." The bald man said.

His suggestion did not earn any objection from everyone in the room, aside from the three of them talking there are still the other seven who are present but did not speak.

"It's decided then. We will send the Shadow Squad to observe him. But remember, we will only observe him, do not engage in contact with the target." The brown-haired middle-aged man said.

With that, their short meeting came to an end and everyone in the room left silently, only leaving him alone to himself.

"Tri-Elemental Magus...." He murmured to himself.


Holy Union

One of the six principal political organizations in the Yulan continent and it is led by the Radiant Church.

Being such a large organization, the Radiant Church has many branches with each their own region of operation. The different branches consist of:

Holy Emperor




Ecclesiastical Tribunal with their Executors


On the top floor of the Radiant Temple situated in the Fenlai Kingdom. The Holy Emperor Heidens is currently seated to his throne, in front of him was a cardinal kneeling.

"Rise, Cardinal Serion. What have you found out about him?" Heidens calmly spoked but deeply hidden in his voice was anticipation.

It all started in December 9990, when he first received the news that a Tri-Elemental Magus appeared for the first time in history. He was very glad especially when he heard that he was currently studying in the Ernst Institute.

In this way, pulling him to their side will be much easier, the only problem he has right now is the mysterious background of the boy. Even with the Holy Union's wide connections, they are still not able to discover where this boy came from and what are the Yufan family.

But Heidens was sure that it is an Ancient Hidden Family as there are a lot of those in the continent. They all chose to remain hidden and avoid intervening with the worldly affairs, that is also why he was confused about that boy.

"Your Holiness. According to what we have gathered so far about him, he was first seen near Wushan Town on November 28, 9990. His only companion that time, Morgiana Fanalis, a Dual-Elemental Magus of Fire and Lightning, they were both eight years old.

They were in contact with Linley Baruch, the heir of the fallen clan, Baruch Clan. He is also a Dual-Elemental Magus of Wind and Earth.

His dorm is at number 1504. He three dormies are also not ordinary. First is Richard Noman, the son of the Prime Minister and also the owner of the White Trade Industry that has several branches all over the continent.

Second is Marco Shade, his father is Fernando Shade with an ancient heritage from when the Yulan Empire was still prosperous. Although Yulan Empire has already declined to such a state, its roots are deeply rooted around the continent.

Third is Arlan Hens, son of the barbarous Archer King, Smith Hens, leader of the Hens Mercenary Group. A famous mercenary group among the continent that only accepts jobs that are about the extermination of magical beasts.

He was also seen interacting with Delia Leon, daughter of the current clan leader of the Leon Clan, Dylla Leon. She is also the little sister of Dixie Leon, also a Dual-Elemental Magus of Lightning and Light.

While he was also seen interacting with his companion's dormitory companions. Anni and Anna Ramsey, the daughters of the current clan leader of the Ramsey Clan, Karl Ramsey. The Ramsey Clan is famous for their hereditary healing spells, which is on par with a forbidden spell.

And the last one is Lily Conners, adopted niece of the 'King of Killers' and the head of the 'Saber' assassin organization, Cesar." Cardinal Serion respectfully reported his findings to the Holy Emperor.

While Heidens' mouth slightly twitched involuntarily upon hearing the backgrounds of the people Jay have acquainted so far.

'Did this guys save the world in his previous life? Just how good is luck?' Heidens thought.

The people that Jay had acquainted so far have amazing backgrounds and talent, making it very hard to make a move on Jay and he is also sure that the others are also making a move towards Jay secretly.

He is now beginning to get anxious, afraid that Jay might get to other's side and not the Radiant Church. Heidens began to think of a plan on what he should do.

"What about the girl. Morgiana Fanalis." Heidens asked.

"Your Holiness, we have not investigated her yet since we also have a very little information about her and her family name, Fanalis, this is also our first time hearing a family name like that." Cardinal Serion said to Heidens. He was also shocked himself after finding out about the backgrounds of Jay's acquaintances.

"Okay. You may go now. We will begin our plan a year from now." Heidens said to Cardinal Serion.

Cardinal Serion bowed to Heidens before he left the large room.


Similar things are also happening among the other organizations and clans. Although they all have different plans, they have unanimously decided to approach Jay after a year.

The only thing that they have forgotten to factor out is the rate at how Jay improve. A year is already enough for him to advance a few levels more than a normal person.

But because of his amazing bloodlines, it was multiplied by multiple times also. Making his talent the most unparalleled in the whole continent, or the whole cosmos rather.


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