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Coiling Dragon: Tale of the Qilin Warrior
Author :Rahers
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23 Sparring

As Jay and Morgiana are having their lunch, some boys from the institute came to their table and directly approached Morgiana.

"Hey there pretty girl! What are you doing hanging out with this lame boy? Come with big brother and I'll show how to have a good time." A brown-haired boy said with a smile on his face. The other three behind him were also wearing the same irritating smile on his face.

If it were any other day, Jay would have just let them do as they pleased and patiently wait for them to leave on their own. But now that he is in the middle of a lunch date with Morgiana, he was infuriated by their arrogant attitude that he didn't even warn them.

Lightning - style magic - Thunder Shock

A rank 3 spell he had created, a much more better version of the Electric Shock he had used for the trio. This spell have an additional effect, which is they will be always electrocuted whenever they touch metal.

A spark of violet lightning struck the four of them, when it hit them, they all trembled crazily. After the spell was finished, their bodies turn black and smoke was coming out of their mouths.

Although their lunch date was interrupted, Jay just shrugged it off like it was nothing while Morgiana was not disturbed the slightest bit.

The staff in the pavilion were a bit startled, but they all looked away acting like it has nothing to do with them. They were all used to it by now as this was an every day occurrence in their job. Their will always be trouble makers out there.

"Jay, where will we go later?" Morgiana asked Jay as she eat.

Jay was also eating and was still chewing his food when Morgiana asked him so he still have to swallow it before answering.

"You'll know eventually." He said mysteriously.


Several minutes later, Jay and Morgiana can be seen at the forest near the institute. It was several kilometers away from the institute but with Morgiana and Jay's speed, they were able to traverse here within minutes.

"So this what you mean?" Morgiana asked. She looked around her surroundings, they were in an open field Jay had randomly found and the reason that they are her is for a fight.

And she eager to try to since it has been a while since they have sparred with each other, and she had also improved a lot and wants to try some of her theories about spells. So having a good sparring partner really helps the two of them.

"Yeah. I mean, I also want to test how much you have grown. Don't worry though, I won't be using any spells, I will only be using my fighting techniques." Jay said to Morgiana.

This month, he had created a new fighting technique but never get the chance to used them, and he wants to test it in Morgiana since it will cause no trouble if it was her since she had such a sturdy body.

"Ouch. Saying something like that, kinda hurts my feelings you know." Morgiana said to Jay with a teasing smile. She then began to cover her body with battle qi, and a silver colored light covered her body. From the amount of battle qi she had accumulated, it is clear that she is already at the middle phase of a rank 2 warrior.

"So already going all out eh? Can't wait to beat me." Jay also used his fighting technique that he had recently created.

The techniques or manual that Jay are creating are quite different from the ones used in this world, it is because this manuals can be instantly used and the results will be quite noticeable even for a short time of cultivating.

The fighting techniques that he creates and the battle qi manuals in this world are the same with only different terms. The only difference is that fighting techniques are better than battle qi manuals as it can only help in gathering battle qi unlike fighting techniques that can also be useful in battles.

Covering his body was a black battle qi, which means that it was using yin elemental essence. Yin and Ice are slightly similar to each other, both are cold, but yin is different from ice. As yin is the element that brings forth the chilling aura in the night and balance the world together with yang. The yin element also signifies destruction while yang represents creation which is the reason that the two of them balanced each other.

The temperature around Jay immediately decreased by a large degree as the white battle qi covered his body. The fighting technique that he had created is a fist technique and it has five forms.

Mountain Shattering Fist, Sea Splitting Fist, Tree Uprooting Fist, Metal Scraping Fist, and Sun Destroying Fist.

Each of this form represented an element which all came from the yin element, he also have the opposite fighting technique of it which uses the yang element, the name of this technique is the Five Yin Fist.

They looked at each other's eyes for a second, trying to figure out what would be the next move of their opponent. Morgiana was having a hard time figuring out since she cannot guess what will be Jay's next movement while Jay already figured out over ten possible actions that Morgiana would take.

In the next moment, Jay dashed towards Morgiana in an amazing speed. Morgiana immediately backed away with a use of a rank 2 lightning spell.

Lightning - style magic - Lightning Movements

She increased the distance between her and Jay since Jay's speed was fast. She then casted two more spells into her body.

Fire - style magic - Flaming Chains

Lightning - style magic - Lightning Chains

Using two the same techniques together, Morgiana fused the two spells to create an even stronger spell.

Dual Element - style magic - Thunder Flame Chains

What was once a rank 2 spell was now a rank 3 spell, even though she was still a rank 2 magus, she was already able to cast a rank 3 spell without a problem and it was also a fused spell which makes it more stronger.

A red-violet arc appeared on her feet forming a familiar leg chains, it was the same as the one as she have from the first time she and Jay meet.

Jay was also surprised to see that she was able to combine to elements at the same time even though she did not have a mutated soul, he guess that only applies to the inhabitants of this world since he and Morgiana normally don't belong here.

Morgiana strike her leg towards Jay who was rushing towards her, following her leg was the chains which brought along a intense wave of hot and destructive force.

Jay only smirk upon seeing the incoming attack but he dare not to underestimate it, he immediately gathered the black battle qi to his fist and initiated the fourth form of the Five Yin Fist - Metal Scraping Fist.

He sent his fist towards Morgiana's attack, upon contact it produced an explosion which sent their bodies away together. Morgiana was slightly better since she was only sent back by five steps while Jay was sent flying by three meters.

He was only using the same power as Morgiana, Jay suppressed his strength making it into a similar level as a third rank warrior. And since Morgiana was not only using her rank 3 warrior strength but also a rank 3 spell. His newly created technique was no match for this double strength, but nevertheless, it only shows that there are still some room for improvements.

What surprised him is that the fourth was able to barely counter Morgiana's attack so if he had used the fifth form, he must have only been sent less farther.

Thinking about it he immediately regretted his action of not using it. But regretting it now will not change anything so he prepared himself to received more attacks from Morgiana.

Morgiana used her other leg this time to strike Jay again, this time she intends to injure him so she used almost all of her strength. Just by the sound of the wind, Jay can tell that it was going to be a powerful one.

Gathering the black battle qi in his right arm, pecks of red essence can be seen mixed in his battle qi. He stayed in his place and waited for Morgiana's attack to arrive.

When it was about 5 inches away from him, he instantly executed the Fifth form of his Five Yin Fist - Sun Destroying Fist.

Behind Jay, a mirage of what seems to be a sun appeared, barely noticeable. With a strike of his fist, his attack and Morgiana's hit each other.

But unlike the explosion earlier, nothing happened aside from the large area of effect airwave. Trees around them were all uprooted, some of the grass on the field were all cut by the sharp-like airwave and birds were all flying because of the disturbance.

Jay and Morgiana looked at each other with a smile, Jay was happy since he was able to comprehend something deeper about his technique while Morgiana was happy since she now knows how powerful her attack was.

"I guess that's enough for today huh?" Jay said with a smile. He then patted the dust in his shirt until he looks clean again.

"Yes. We better head back now. I think we might have caused quite a disturbance." Morgiana smiled awkwardly as she looked around her.

The elders in the institute will definitely investigate what happened in this area so it was better for them to leave immediately to avoid getting their secret from finding out so soon.


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