Dark Hearts
1 Chapter 1 the Locke
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Dark Hearts
Author :shailynwolf
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1 Chapter 1 the Locke

I try to see my mother up at the hospital every time I get a chance. She have been in the hospital for over a mounth. I sometimes go with Davied. He is one of my big brothers. He is also a goth. He has brown straight hair with dark blue tips and he has dark skin like are dad and blue eyes like mom. He is always wherring shirts with skulls on them and black jeans that are torn. We love the same music and love to watch anime and marvels together. Like also I have another person I hang out with all the time and his name is James my mother and his farther have been friends for years and that is how I know James for we knew each other since birth. If it is not Daveid im hanging out with it will be him, or the three if us together. I finnaly make it to St Johans hospital and go up to the 5th flore to room 5005. I walk on in to find mother waching a preacher on the tv. Hey sweet heart how are you? she askes. Im good. And you? I ask. oh im good just sitting here waching tv. She than grabs the remote off of the table that mothers uneaten meal was on. I see you haven't eatin agine. you need to eat mom, I want to see you get better so you can come home for my birthday. she just smiles at me. I will, just give me a chance ok. I just stair back and sigh while puting my right hand on my chubby waist. Fine you better. I than smile back at her and sit the chair at the cross of the room at the window. so what did the doctor say? She just keep on smilling. so how is school? She asked. Oh its good I said back. even so im doing horble. But I dont want to worry her to much. I than here Micheal come in the room. he is my oldest brother. He is 25 years old. he is presdand of James farthers company. He has dirty blond hair comed back and he is in his dark gray bisness clothes and he has gray eye like dad. He walks over to me and rufels my hair and than he walks over to mother and gives her a hug. So you got to leve work early mother said. Yea and I get to drive my little sister home. but i shall viset for a bit. he than sits down on mothers bed. so whats new mother. Are you doing any better? Well im the same, but how is work for you, do you have a girlfriend yet? Mother! he said witha suprise. oh big brother finnaly got a girl, I than fell out laughing. he than ternd verry red with ambersment. Yes I do have one, her name is Maranda. I than froze with excitment. No way! I was just jocking. and I ran over to him with stars in my eyes, what is she like, what does she do for fun amd when will I get meet her. He than stood up. I will just have her come and meet you and mother tommorw, till than ill just take my leve I got to get back. Also do not take the bus home. I know you rid here on thay dame thing and I will not tolerate you rideing that horbel thing agine. Shot, how did he know tho, He really doesen't like me taking the bus at my age because he is so worried ill get kidnapped or killed and etc. He is such a worry house. I will come get you after work, till than don't you dear leave. Got that! He also had that stearn look that said if I did not listen I would be killed by him. Ok ok. I won't. ok I will know. He said. He than gave me and mother a hug and left. I than sat next to mom. So sweetheart I have something as and early birthday present, She than handed me a small raped red box with a blue ribben on top. I took it with excitment. Can I open it now? Ok go on a head she said. I than riped the riben off and tore the red raping off. and a black small box was the reveld. I opened it to find a locket inside. It had a golden cross with a unique desine on the front of it. I open it to find a picture of me and my mother smilling on the inside and I had my brown short thick currly hair tucked behind my ears and my big blue eyes sinning and I had mothers thick black eyelishes and pail skin. She had her beautiful long blond curly hair waveing back and forth in the low wind and smilling with her beautiful white teath. And her blue eyes where gleaming in the sunlight. I hold the locket to my heart amd huged her. I love it so much mom. thankyou. Happy early 12 birthday. And I just talked with her till big brother got done with his job. And I whent out to the lobby when he texted me he was there. He came inside to get me and we walked out to his black car. It was an older black car for he was saving for a new mustaing. I did not know what brand this car was. I dont really know much about cars paried. But it was geyting dark as he starded the car and I buckled up and we where off. I looked at the hospital one last time till i fell asleep.

End of Chapter One. See you next time.
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    《Dark Hearts》